Zhao Feng took in a long breath as his eyes became sharp.

Under the flame of anger, he returned back to his room and started to train the 4 Wind Stances and Star Finger. Since Zhao Feng wouldn’t be able to breakthrough in Silver Wall Technique any time soon, the only way he would gain strength quickly would be through Star Finger and the 4 Wind Stances.

From the anger in his heart, he was able to gain a few more insights into the 4th stance “Burning Wind Stance” because to train this, one needed to have the urge of destruction and Zhao Feng’s anger pushed him to this. Apart from this, his Star Finger had crept forwards towards the 7th level even though it hadn’t broken through yet.

On the same night, Chen Feng once again appeared.

“New brat, our feud earlier hasn’t settled yet.” An arrogant voice appeared from outside the door.

The hearts of Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan next door both shook.


Under Chen Feng’s exclamation, Zhao Feng opened his door and slowly walked out.

At this time, the nearby newly entered disciples such as Xiao Sun, Yun Mengxiang, Liu Yue’er and co. came out.

“A foolish little clown.”

Zhao Feng closed in one step at a time towards Chen Feng as his eyes became colder and colder. As the killing intent and anger appeared, an aura of destruction was spread.

This was the insights gained from the ‘Burning Wind Stance’, but Zhao Feng hadn’t fully controlled it yet.

Chen Feng’s heart skipped a beat but then he felt that something was off. How could a brat of the 8th rank of the Consolidated Realm give him pressure?

“Mountain Opening Stance!”

Chen Feng raised his hands and used a Low Class Mortal Skill, which was equivalent to a Holy martial art. As his hand lifted, an aura of splitting the heavens appeared from Chen Feng’s body.

Star Finger! Tornado Stance!

Zhao Feng stabbed out with his finger and beams of azure light swept through the air.


A loud “boom” appeared as the two moves clashed.

After the first exchange, both Zhao Feng and Chen Feng moved back.

Chen Feng was shocked, he couldn’t imagine that a youth of the 8th rank was able to fight with him.

The nearby disciples were all surprised.

One Line Star Finger!

Zhao Feng immediately stabbed out once more as rays of azure light sliced through the air like fireworks.

His Star Finger was almost at the 7th level, which was the highest and under the merging of the Tornado Stance, its speed and damage reached an entire new height.

Tok! Tok! Tok!

Explosions sounded in the air as their moves clashed. Even someone as strong as Chen Feng, who had reached the peak 9th rank, was pushed back. In just a moment’s time, miniature holes appeared in his clothes and he was lightly injured.

“Mountain Opening Earth Splitting!”

Chen Feng exclaimed and then he used his most powerful move that even caused the ground the tremble. This was inside the Clans, thus the material making the ground had surpassed metal. If this move was used outside, the ground would’ve crumbled.

Star Finger! Partial Wind Stance!

A thin layer of sharpness appeared on the azure light.

Partial Wind Slice, the 3rd of the 4 Wind Stances whose forte was offense!


The Inner Strength around Chen Feng had been pierced through and a bloody mark appeared on his chest. If it was another inch deeper, it would have pierced his heart.


He fell onto the ground, face white.

Zhao Feng’s move just then was too sharp, just a bit more and his life would have ended there.


The nearby disciples all took in cold breaths.

“I can’t believe that the power of the Partial Wind Stance is so strong, after merging with Star Finger, it could almost surpass a Low Class Mortal skill.”

Even Zhao Feng himself was surprised.

“The insights in the Partial Wind Stance is cruelness, sharpness like the chilling wind in Winter. This causes Star Finger to reach an entire new level.”

If the 3rd Stance ‘Partial Wind Stance’ was already so strong, then how powerful would the 4th Stance, ‘Burning Wind Stance’ be?

“F*** off!”

Zhao Feng sent Chen Feng flying with his foot. He looked disdainfully at this dog who bullied the weak and sucked up to the strong

“Yes yes!”

Chen Feng’s face was white as he quickly retreated.

After this battle, the nearby disciples were all wary of Zhao Feng while the newly entered disciples were all joyful.

Xiao Sun and Yun Mengxiang both looked at each other and they saw the stunned look in each other’s eyes.

“Brother Zhao, thank you.” Yang Qingshan said gratefully.

“Brother Zhao, be careful. I heard that the top 20 outer disciples all have cultivation reaching the half step-Ascended Realm.” Nan Gongfan warned.

Half-Step Ascended Realm was half step Holy martial realm that First Guard was at.

Zhao Feng nodded his head, under this pressure, more of his potential would be ignited. As long as the opponent didn’t reach the Ascended Realm, he at least had the power to fight back.

It was extremely quiet for the next two days, Zhao Feng and the others didn’t even get disturbed and using this chance, Zhao Feng immediately started cultivating and his Star Finger reached the 7th level!

At the same time, the ‘Partial Wind Stance’ had almost been fully learnt. Chapter 112 – Tasks

After this breakthrough, Zhao Feng was confident that he could take care of any problems amongst the outer disciples. Star Finger was a peak class skill in the mortal world and he had trained it to the 7th level, which meant that even those of the 9th ranks wouldn’t be his opponent.

Partial Wind Stance was the single target offensive skill in the 4 Wind Stances and it would be a half-Holy martial art even when used alone. And when merged with Star Finger, the power was so great that it almost reached the Middle Class Mortal rank.

One had to know that Zhao Feng’s Silver Wall Technique was at the Low Class Mortal rank and according to what he knew, there were only a few disciples who had trained Low Class Mortal skills to the high level.

Only inner disciples could train Middle Class Mortal skills and if one didn’t reach the Ascended Realm, they wouldn’t be able to even learn a Middle Class Mortal skill even if they had one.

“There’s still the Burning Wind Stance which I’ve just barely gained insight into.” Zhao Feng murmured

“The last move of the 4 Wind Stances, ‘Burning Wind Stance’ is the most complex of all. If I’m able to understand 60-70% of it, I might even have the chance to challenge those of the Ascended Realm.”

He yawned as he walked out his room to find Yang Qingshan and Nan Gongfan. Ever since Zhao Feng had beat Chen Feng, the three didn’t get disturbed in any way but at this moment, Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan were all slightly worried.

“The tasks allocated to the disciples by the Clan is tomorrow.” Yang Qingshan said.

The three knew that there were good and bad tasks.

“We’re only outer disciples. If we can’t even solve these miniature problems, how will we fight Bei Moi? There’s also Hai Yun Master Elder.”

Zhao Feng didn’t fear anything at all, his goal right now was to become an inner disciple because the true geniuses were all inner disciples.

Those as talented and strong as Bei Moi and Sun Yuanhao had all become inner disciples and they had Elders as their Master.

“That’s right, if we can’t even solve stuff like this, we won’t even have the right to pick up Bei Moi’s shoes.”

Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan nodded their heads as confidence and battle intent returned to them.

Just as the three were speaking, the area where the outer disciples lived suddenly turned quiet.

“He’s here!”

Low whispers of fear and wary were heard.

Who’s here?

Zhao Feng and the other two realised that something was wrong.

“Doesn’t Hou Yuan, the 4th rank of the outer disciples, have his own courtyard? What’s he doing here?”

A few of the older outer disciples were full of respect and wary.

At this time, three people walked in from the entrance of where they lived. The middle person was a bare chested figure who was full of muscle and although he didn’t release his aura on purpose, it still shocked the others.

Every step that tower figure took the ground would tremble and the hearts of the nearby outer disciples would shake.

He was ranked 4th amongst the outer disciples, Hou Yuan.

“What strength! He can demolish normal 9th ranks with just his body alone.”

Zhao Feng’s left eye caught the bone and muscle structure in his body and he couldn’t help but be shocked.

In terms of body strength, Hou Yuan’s was even stronger than his. Zhao Feng was certain the he had trained in a technique that was not any weaker than Silver Wall Technique.

What was more terrifying was that this person’s cultivation had also reached the half-Ascended Realm. Apparently, the top 20 outer disciples had all reached the half-Ascended Realm, which meant that they were on the same level as First Guard .

Half step – Ascended Realm and strong physical strength. It was hard to imagine how terrifying this person was.

Tah! Tah!

As Hou Yuan drew closer, the people close to him would feel their heads tingle.

“What power! There’s no one apart from Master can give me such pressure.”

Yang Qingshan took a deep breath and he glanced at Nan Gongfan with shock. They were certain that Hou Yuan’s strength was even stronger than First Guard’s and much more powerful than normal half step -Ascended Realm’s.


Zhao Feng scanned the two next to Hou Yuan and realised that one of them was Chen Feng, who had been beaten by him. On Hou Yuan’s right side was a short haired youth whose cultivation had also reached the half step – Ascended Realm.

“Why is Ji Fengyun, ranked 13th of the outer disciples, also here? Don’t all the top 20 outer disciples all have their own courtyards since they’re “substitute inner disciples”?

The gazes of the crowd moved onto the short haired youth.

The three were led by Hou Yuan, 4th of the outer disciples. Apart from him there was also Ji Fengyuan, ranked 13th. The weakest was Chen Feng, ranked 28th who had reached the peak 9th rank of the Consolidated Realm.

Chen Feng laughed coldly as he looked in Zhao Feng’s direction, then he whispered something to Ji Fengyun and Hou Yuan.

Hou Yuan and Ji Fengyun then turned their sights to Zhao Feng, Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan. Yang Qingshan and Nan Gongfan only felt their body stiffen and their breaths grow short.

That unseeable pressure made them puff for air, only Zhao Feng expression was normal.

“Chen Feng, you’re so useless. You can’t even defeat these three little brats.”

Ji Fengyun shook his head. Chen Feng gave a smile and he was extremely respectful towards these two.

In the Broken Moon Clan, the top 20 outer disciples were seen as ‘substitutes for inner disciples’ and the treatment they received far surpassed normal outer disciples.

He knew clearly how terrifying the two in front of him were, just Ji Fengyun alone was able to defeat him in 2 moves.

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