Ye Zichen really wished to curse when he saw the technique notification.

What specifically does this guy want? It looks like he is nurturing me, nevertheless, he is merciless towards me as properly.

I stole Diting’s legs, but what should I do now?

A long lasting life like a doll was not the sort of lifestyle Ye Zichen wanted.

“Are you ready to hear my phrases? I just want to inquire, who exactly are you?”

Ye Zichen stared straight at the phone’s screen but there was no reply.

“Critically…” Ye Zichen clenched his fist.

At that second, Liu Qing also walked in.

“How did you go? Did you full the mission?”


Ye Zichen stretched lazily, then replied, “Diting is risk-free exactly where he is, correct? Guarantee that he does not get into any danger. The fact that we stole his legs is previously a horrible factor for him.”

“Do not fret, he is absolutely secure.”

“Then which is very good.”

Ye Zichen allow out a soft sigh, then stretched lazily, “I am a bit tired, so I am going to rest.”

“Are we not going to leave right away?”

“How could we possibly depart? If we depart now, then the crime of stealing his legs will certainly land on us. We’ll wait here a bit a lot more, then talk about it after seeing the situation tomorrow.”


Nothing at all else was said that night.

Early up coming morning, Ye Zichen, who was nevertheless dreaming, was all of a sudden awoken by the commotion outside. He scratched his hair and looked out the window, and noticed tons of ghost servants investigating every household one particular by one.

It appears like Diting has presently woken up and identified out that his qilin legs had been lost.

Ye Zichen licked his lips, then received up from the bed. Following a straightforward wash up, he walked out from their space.

It was fortunate that I passed the small beggar along to Xie Lei to be taken care of.

Otherwise, that little beggar might have observed us stealing the legs. Although Ye Zichen was not confident no matter whether the little beggar would expose them or not, it was nonetheless a attainable trouble.

“Quit appropriate there!”

Several ghost servants all of a sudden stopped him just as Ye Zichen and Liu Qing had been about to leave the courtyard residence.

“What is it?”

“Lord Diting’s legs were stolen. The complete Underworld has to be searched. You… place up your hands!” The ghost servant answered strongly.

Ye Zichen instantly put up his hands to enable himself to be searched with no hesitation.

“Okay, you can leave now.”

Considering that the ghost servant did not locate any qilin legs on him, the ghost servants did not bother him any longer, and immediately stroll passed him and continued to search each and every single home.

It would seem like the difficulty is rather huge. I did not consider that Diting dropping his legs would lead to so much difficulties.

At King Ksitigarbha’s Palace.

Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva squinted his eyes as he scolded Diting. If it was not for Diting acquiring drunk, then Diting wouldn’t have lost his qilin legs. Meanwhile, the Ten Yama Kings also stood inside of the hall and gulped as they did not dare to interrupt.

“Diting, do you know your wrongs?”

“Diting understands his wrongs.”

Diting floated in midair searching downwards with a troubled expression, while lacking any of his legs.

He clearly paid interest to the volume when he was drinking last evening, but for some reason, he nonetheless ended up acquiring drunk and falling asleep.

“Heh, it would be fine if we can find your qilin legs. If not, then minimize your personal cultivation by a thousand years in buy to regrow them! This is how you misplaced your legs back then. Why did not you discover from it!” King Ksitigarbha sighed helplessly.

At that moment, Ye Zichen and Liu Qing also walked in.

“What happened? I heard Diting lost his legs?”

“Child, did you steal my legs final evening?” Diting turned around and looked at Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen instantaneously put on a confused expression, “… Are you kidding? I fell dead asleep after you left. How can I steal your legs? How did you get rid of your legs? Did somebody saw them off?”

“Haha, I knew it wouldn’t be you,” Diting out of the blue chuckled. “Lemme inform you. My legs will fall off by themselves if I drink as well a lot. I may well have gotten too drunk, and so my legs instantly fell off, then acquired picked up by somebody.”

“… Are you an assembled holy beast? You can truly have pieces fall off!” Ye Zichen place on a speechless expression.

At that minute, King Ksitigarbha finally spoke up, “What did you come right here for? Though you are an essential guest of our Underworld, there are some places that you can’t casually enter.”

This King Ksitigarbha actually has a poor temper.

Ye Zichen licked his lips, then indicated in the direction of King Chujiang and the other Yama Kings, “I came to find them.”

“What is master coming to discover us for?” King Chujiang speedily bowed. Actually, everybody in the hall understood quite nicely that Ye Zichen was the amount one particular suspect of being the leg thief.

Nonetheless, they had all cautiously searched him after he entered the hall. Nevertheless, they had been unable to uncover the qilin legs on him.

They could not probe deeper both since they couldn’t beat the mistress beside him.

Neither Diting nor King Ksitigarbha spoke up, so they, mere personnel members, naturally did not dare to say something.

“I still have loads of things to deal with in the Modern Planet. I’ve pretty much witnessed all my outdated close friends here in the Underworld, so I was considering about asking you to open the gate so I could return.”

“About this…” King Chujiang subconsciously looked in the direction of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva. Then, he smiled with a nod right after seeing Ksitigarbha’s gaze of confirmation. “No problem!”


A large spatial rift appeared in the hall.

King Chujiang also spoke up, “It may possibly be the middle of the day in the Contemporary Realm proper now, so the location I linked the gate to is a rather rural spot.”

“Mhmm,” Ye Zichen nodded with a smile. “Come above and perform when you have time!”

When Ye Zichen and Liu Qing disappeared by way of the rift, King Ksitigarbha also shook his head with a sigh, “Tell them all to return. They won’t be capable to locate the qilin legs. Diting… Mahoutokoro: The Next Go and increase them out once yet again!”

“Bodhisattva, you suggest…”

“I didn’t say that the qilin legs are on that young man. It truly is just that there are way as well many places in the Underworld. Finding them is like locating a needle in the middle of an ocean without having a precise target or spot. So that is that!”

When Ksitigarbha departed from the throne area indifferently, King Chujiang and co. looked at each and every other, prior to taking out their phones and sent a message in the group chats. “Come back!”


A large spatial crack abruptly appeared in a rural grassland, which Ye Zichen and Liu Qing walked out of.

“We lastly came back, but exactly where is this area?”

King Chujiang undoubtedly would not chuck him as well far away. Nonetheless, even Ye Zichen, somebody who grew up in Bingcheng, did not know exactly where they were either.


At that moment, the entire body of Liu Qing, who had only just walked out of the spatial rift, lit up with a rainbow-colored light. That light shot into the sky, whilst she also rose up as if she had lost her consciousness.

“Liu Qing,” Ye Zichen raised his hand to grab her, but that light totally repelled him…

“Liu Qing!”

When Ye Zichen observe Liu Qing rise to ten-odd meters over the ground, Ye Zichen’s wings popped out of his back, as he followed along beside her although shouting her name.

What is going on?

Was she ascending?

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