Xiao Chen remained calm and felt disdain in his heart, disinclined to explain himself. Only the weak would make trouble for no reason like this, trying to win the dispute with their tongues.

“If you think the results are inappropriate, you can always ring the combat bell anytime.”

Xiao Chen just replied indifferently and looked coldly at these people. These disciples from the various sects cursing and shouting earlier promptly shut up, no longer daring to say anything.

After seeing Qiu Yi’s miserable state, how could they dare to go up and humiliate themselves?

A cold light flickered in the eyes of the Thousand Mystery Sect’s Zhuo Ping. As she looked at Xiao Chen on the arena, she hated that she would not ring the combat bell and cut him into tiny pieces.

However, when Zhuo Ping thought of Qiu Yi’s fate, she gritted her teeth. She simply stood there not moving at all.

Xiao Chen frowned slightly and shook his head. He felt that this was just a waste of time. These were people who talked big but could not perform. It was too boring.

“Since no one is going to ring the bell, I will be taking my leave.”

Xiao Chen nodded towards the blue-robed old man and turned around, preparing to leave. The Savage Battlefield would officially open at the end of the month; he did not have time to waste here.

“Dang! Dang!”

Just at this moment, the ancient combat bell suddenly rang twice. As the ringing echoed around the mountain peaks, it stirred up strong winds that would not die down for years.

The ringing echoed in everyone’s ears. After hearing the combat bell ring at such a close distance, everyone’s blood surged, evoking an intense battle intent.

“You truly deserve to be the Sky Dome Realm’s King Grade True Dragon. In a mere three months, you have already grown this much.”

A cold voice came from a distance. The people on the summit immediately looked towards the origin of the voice and saw two figures in the air flying over quickly together on a cold wind.

With a casual wave of his pale white hands, the person who spoke fired out icy Quintessence and rang the ancient combat bell continuously. The cold Quintessence propagated on the sound of the bell. The ambient temperature immediately plummeted, and a layer of frost rapidly spread across the ground.

Several cultivators felt a bone-chilling cold, as if the frigid air had infiltrated their blood vessels, which startled them into quickly circulating their Quintessence to resist.

As the bell rang, the cold air attacked them in waves. The Supreme Sky Sect inner sect disciples with lower cultivations turned as pale as snow. They revealed horror in their eyes as they slowly retreated, not daring to stand too close to that combat bell.

“What a horrifying state of ice! They are people from the Extreme Yin Sect!”

With the challenger’s casual move, everyone who guessed the newcomers’ identity looked shocked.

The Extreme Yin Sect was very strong. It had two Martial Emperors among their number and stood at the peak of the Rank 9 sects. In terms of strength, it was significantly stronger than the Supreme Sky Sect or the Full Moon Pavilion.

“The bell has been rung. Xiao Chen, you can’t leave yet!”

Xiao Chen stopped walking and revealed a somewhat grave expression as he said, “Wan Feng!”

The challenger was the Extreme Yin Sect’s Wan Feng. However, the reason for the change in Xiao Chen’s expression was not him but the youth standing beside him.

That youth wore plain attire and had a faint smile on his face. However, his face looked like millennial glacial ice; his smile did not have the least bit of sunshine to it, which was even stranger.

Xiao Chen could not discern this person’s cultivation; apparently, it was much higher than Hu Hai’s.

“It’s the Extreme Yin Sect’s top true inheritor! One of the seven giants, Bai Wuxue! Unexpectedly, he is here as well.”

Finally, someone recognized that youth. His gaze filled with shock. This youth stood equal to their First Senior Sister.

The previously calm blue-robed old man also reacted. He asked, “Bai Wuxue, are you here to ring the bell as well?”

A corner of Bai Wuxue’s lips curled up as he replied indifferently, “No, I’m not entirely sure that I can defeat Shui Lingling. I am only here to see the person that managed to make my Youngest Junior Brother work so hard.”

“I recall now. The person who rang the bell is called Wan Feng. Like Bai Wuxue, he is one of the Extreme Yin Old Man’s disciples. Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen has offended him as well.”

“This is going to be problematic. Our Supreme Sky Sect’s prestige is destined to take a hit today.”

“That Wan Feng is already a peak early-stage Superior Grade Martial Monarch. Furthermore, he is under the tutelage of the Extreme Yin Old Man. In our Supreme Sky Sect, probably only the true inheritors can defeat him.”

As the people below whispered among themselves, they could not help but worry for Xiao Chen as they looked at him.

At first, when Xiao Chen faced Qiu Yi, the Supreme Sky Sect disciples had not been that worried. After all, given what they knew of Xiao Chen’s strength, they imagined he still had a fifty-fifty chance.

However, Xiao Chen’s opponent was now Wan Feng, the final disciple of the Extreme Yin Old Man. All the onlookers believed that Xiao Chen did not stand much of a chance.

Worry also appeared on Yue Chenxi’s and Gong Yangyu’s faces. Back then, the both of them had personally experienced Wan Feng’s might.


Wan Feng leaped up and landed on the arena. Then he smiled at Xiao Chen and said in a frosty voice, “Xiao Chen, I really have to thank you. Without the pressure from you, I would not have been able to improve so fast in such a short time.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and retorted, “There is no need to thank me. I will help you out again today.”

The exchange of sharp words quickly escalated to a competition in auras. Wan Feng’s expression turned sinister and cold as he tried to suppress Xiao Chen with his aura.

A cold wind howled behind Wan Feng. His aura was like a snowstorm as it surged towards Xiao Chen. Indistinct snowflakes were visible in the air.

The air in the arena immediately dropped by a hundred Celsius degrees. A hard layer of frost formed on the ground below Xiao Chen and spread upwards.

Xiao Chen raised his right leg and stomped down. “Ka ca! Ka ca!” The hard layer of frost instantly shattered.

Then, the frost turned into pieces of ice filling the air. When the sun shone on them, they flickered with an icy glow, looking like resplendent pearls.

Xiao Chen activated the ancient sovereign’s bloodline in his body, and a vast, drawn-out, boundless, and ancient aura surged out, turning into a strong wind.

That wind seemed to have crossed space and time, coming from that ancient period. When the strong wind blew, the ice shards in the air spun around.

With a ‘whoosh,’ ice pierced through ice. These beautiful objects transformed completely into sharp killing weapons as they headed for Wan Feng like rain.

Wan Feng felt astonished. He had not expected to lose to Xiao Chen in aura.

When he saw the rain of ice shards coming, he took a step back and sent out a palm strike.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Shattering sounds reverberated in the air without pause. With this palm strike, Wan Feng shattered all the ice shards into powder, as well as negated Xiao Chen’s sovereign aura.

Xiao Chen had burned half his Vital Qi in the fight with Qiu Yi earlier, so he had no intention of using Burning the Heavens.

Standing on an Azure Dragon image moving up and down, he swept through the ice dust in the air and sent a tyrannical Berserk Dragon Fist at Wan Feng.

Wan Feng smiled coldly to himself. He did not rush as he tilted his body to the side slightly. Then, he used his palm as a saber, chopping down on the Azure Dragon roaring ferociously.

A smooth hole appeared on the Azure Dragon image made of Quintessence, which immediately shattered.

After gaining the upper hand with this move, Wan Feng circulated his icy Quintessence and sent out three palm strikes, pushing Xiao Chen back and taking back the initiative.

“Xiao Chen, it looks like your physical body is only so strong. Draw your saber. I have already become extraordinary. It is not something you can imagine,” Wan Feng said arrogantly as he forced Xiao Chen back.

Xiao Chen landed firmly on the ground. He had burned half his Vital Qi earlier, lowering the might of his physical body. Furthermore, he did not want to expose too much of his abilities to Bai Wuxue, so he had held back.

Smiling indifferently, he flipped his left hand, summoning the Lunar Shadow Saber. “You are not the only person who improved in this world. Well, let’s see what makes you extraordinary.”

Wan Feng flashed an evil grin as he watched Xiao Chen take out the Lunar Shadow Saber. He said, “Don’t disappoint me, White Robed Bladesman.”

“Flower Prison!”

Wan Feng spread his fingers apart and pushed towards Xiao Chen. An image of a flower embedded on the floor appeared.

Xiao Chen felt some strange energy moving through the stones. His expression changed slightly as he leaped up.

Wan Feng smiled faintly and pulled his right hand back. The ice flower on the floor blossomed into a humongous ice flower.

The layers of ice petals stretched out for a hundred meters. It looked like a huge mouth as it rose off the floor and tried to bite Xiao Chen.

This Wan Feng had apparently learned new Martial Techniques in the Extreme Yin Sect. Xiao Chen had not seen him use such a strange Martial Technique in their previous battle.

As the flower soared into the air, it was connected to the arena by a root. Seen from a distance, it looked like a real flower swaying in the wind.

The surrounding cold Qi gathered, and the root grew longer. The flower chased after Xiao Chen continuously, trying to bite him.

No matter how Xiao Chen dodged, he could not shake off the flower. Wan Feng smiled faintly and pushed off the ground. He turned into a white flash as he attacked Xiao Chen.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Wan Feng’s palms turned transparent like ice and flickered with a faint cold light. He sent out three palm strikes, trying to seal off Xiao Chen’s paths of escape.

Each palm wind formed an icy storm in the air. As each storm howled, it seemed like it could shatter mountains.

“What powerful icy Quintessence! He is truly deserving of being the Extreme Yin Old Man’s disciple.”

The surrounding Supreme Sky Sect disciples were dumbfounded by Wan Feng’s three palm strikes. Even the peak inner sect disciples of the Extreme Yin Sect would not be able to refine their icy Quintessence to this level. Only the disciples of the Extreme Yin Old Man could do so.

Although others would not be able to dodge the icy storms, they did not give Xiao Chen too much pressure. He was a bladesman. With the support of saber intent, he had never been afraid of this kind of head-on clash.

In the past, when Xiao Chen still had only the perfect sixty-percent-comprehended saber intent, he already did not fear a Quintessence storm of this level. Now that his saber intent had reached Great Perfection, he did not care about it at all.


An electric light flashed. Xiao Chen only used a sixty-percent-comprehended saber intent and swung his saber three times. Three strands of purple saber Qi, which seemed like they could cut open the sky, directly hacked the three Quintessence storms in half.

The storms dissipated into countless snowflakes drifting away.

Wan Feng revealed mild astonishment. He had not expected Xiao Chen’s saber intent to have improved so fast. It was completely different from when they were in the Sky Dome Realm.

However, this result was still within his margin of error. After he saw Xiao Chen break his three storms, his body flashed backwards, and he sent out a palm strike.

“Cold Yin Palm!”

The drifting ice-attributed Spiritual Qi in the air gathered into a huge palm. Then, it slammed towards Xiao Chen.

The special state of ice of the Extreme Yin Sect gathered in the middle of the palm, upsetting the balance of Yin and Yang and driving out the Yang-attributed energy continuously.

The Yang-attributed energy formed clumps of Yang-attributed fire that flew out like arrows. When they landed on the ground, they blasted out deep pits.

Some of the clumps struck nearby Supreme Sky Sect disciples. These unfortunate people immediately vomited a mouthful of blood, astonishing the rest.

Xiao Chen’s expression turned slightly grave. This was Wan Feng’s best move. It looked like Wan Feng had steeled himself to force him into the ice flower on his tail.

However, this palm strike was still too weak. “Four Season Saber Technique: Cycle of Seasons!”

Various mysterious phenomena of spring, summer, autumn, and winter appeared around Xiao Chen-the flowing waters of spring, the blazing sun of summer, the rustling autumn wind, and the emotionless winter snow.

The scenes materialized the cycle of the four seasons, vast and unending.


The saber light clashed with the ice hand in the air. Thunderous shock waves exploded out in all directions.

The boundless power of Cycle of Seasons reduced the Cold Yin Palm, which Wan Feng had placed his hopes on, to pieces of ice, scattering everywhere.

When Wan Feng saw Xiao Chen doing all this in such a relaxed manner, he could not understand it. His own cultivation had increased considerably, and he had even learned new secret techniques, yet he still could not do anything to Xiao Chen.

Furthermore, the gap between them seemed even larger than when they were in the Sky Dome Realm. In the past, Xiao Chen still had to be very focused. Now, he executed his moves so casually, even leisurely.

The intense battle in the air exceeded the crowd’s expectations.

Wan Feng, who came with surging momentum and used all his moves, executing all sorts of strong Martial Techniques continuously, failed to do anything to Xiao Chen.

The white-robed bladesman in the air stood on an Azure Dragon image, breaking all of Wan Feng’s killing moves as it moved up and down. Furthermore, he still seemed to be holding back some of his strength. Xiao Chen smiled faintly and said, “Wan Feng, is this what you mean by extraordinary? It’s not very strong. In fact, aside from your cultivation, I don’t see how you have improved.”

“Damn it!”

Xiao Chen’s mockery frustrated Wan Feng even more. He shouted loudly and circulated all his Quintessence. The ambient temperature dropped, kicking up a terrifyingly frigid wind.

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