Well, now, Han stuffed the egg directly into Kunlun’s body, and Kunlun couldn’t get rid of it even if he wanted to.


The mysterious life inside the black egg, its greed towards the dark energy had no limit and it certainly wouldn’t miss a chance to absorb energy.

Kunlun just uttered out a loud shrill scream, his body quickly withered like a deflated balloon. From beginning to end, it was only a few seconds of time, and the half-human half-beast monster Kunlun collapsed onto the floor, like a bunch of spoiled meat.



Han’s brain became all blurry. Too much dark energy flooded into his body and it was simply out of control. And outside of the building, it was already surrounded by countless amounts of dark beasts. Maybe they already noticed Kunlun’s death and they were desperately trying to get in.

Han struggled as he walked towards Kunlun and took off a piece of meat from him. Then, thinking about it, he picked up the strange black egg too, using his left hand which didn’t have any dark energy.

Stumbling to the door that was as hard as a safe, Han used Kunlun’s meat and aligned it to the scanner, unlocked the DNA lock, and then manually opened the line segment lock before opening the door. After living here for 20 days, Han, with an extraordinary memory, obviously remembered the line segment lock that was protecting that door.


That thick alloy door closed and Han collapsed onto the floor. At that moment he realized, the room that Kunlun had been resolutely defending was a downward channel.

Han would really like to see what was down there, but excessive shock forces of the dark energy had made him gradually lose consciousness.


Han fainted in the secret room, his left hand still holding onto that mysterious black egg.

If Han was hypothetically using his right hand, then the life inside the egg can quickly suck empty all the dark energy inside of Han, and yet Han’s using his left hand, and the little guy inside the egg was really desperately trying to absorb the dark energy which was out of its reach.

Then how to do it?



The little guy inside the egg tried really hard to absorb, and gradually his effort yielded results. Some strange black cloud slowly emerged from Han’s right half of body and it slowly approached that black egg.

When the black smoke was only a few centimeters near the shell, it quickly disappeared as if it was sucked in by something.

Shua~ Chapter 106: Second Generation Starship

Looking back, Han’s trip to the A-19 Ruins was composed of a series of strange circumstances. Firstly, after leaving the dark hall, he took a different way than everyone else which then led to a level 7 trial which caused the united towers to fall from the sky.

After the floating towers landed “graciously” into the ground, a rift broke open that led deep into the underground extinction domain. Then, Han entered and met the monster Kunlun, got into the core management sector of the relic, and then a fight broke out.

And now, another strange combination of circumstances occurred. Han somehow decided to bring the egg with him and due to the close proximity, the egg began to absorb the power of darkness through the air.


The little guy inside the egg tried really hard to absorb the dark energy and Han, who was in a coma began to slowly recover. The cause of Han’s collapse was no other reason than how the other half of the Heart of Darkness brought too much foreign energy at once, causing his body to not be able to withstand it.

Now, the egg sucked out a part of the dark energy from Han and he began rebalancing himself again. The strong pressured feeling became weaker and weaker. Han’s awareness began to recover, so technically, the little guy saved Han’s life.

Finally, Han opened his eyes and looked around.

This was the room where Kunlun hid the egg. The four sides were surrounded by alloy walls as thick as a safe. Don’t know if it was the walls or some other reason, the dark raptors outside didn’t rush inside.

“Wow, because of this little shit, I actually didn’t die.”

Han mumbled to himself. He placed the spherical egg onto his hand, and his body miraculously almost completely recovered. Although the injured area was still slightly hurting, there was only external wounds which could be cured after a little treatment.

Han felt as if his whole body was filled with strength. It was probably because of the other half of the Heart of Darkness. Now, he had completely accepted the complete Heart of Darkness, so his combat strength was naturally enhanced by a significant level.

As for that strange egg, it was as if it fell asleep already and didn’t hatch.


Han automatically opened the drug kit and took a few pills that healed the body and improved source energy. He then stood up and put the egg into Lunar Mark.

Han’s body was not born dark in nature, he just had the power of the dark king stored in his body which could be readily used when needed.

So, under normal conditions, the egg didn’t pose a threat to Han. It was only when Han began using dark energy, then the creature inside the egg will begin absorbing Han’s power.

“Just what kind of life is it?” Han asked himself curiously as he walked down the spiralling stairs in the room.

He saw that there was a showroom below that room and there was another door attached to the base of a long underground corridor.

At the center of the showcase room, there was a glass case. The inside was covered by a thick layer of red velvet, that must be where Kunlun stored the egg. Now that the egg was in Han’s handc, the glass case was empty.

In addition, there were a few smaller sized glass cases, and there laid three blueprints in one of them.

These blueprints were very strange. On them all was an universal Milky Way annotation “II”.

Han picked up one of the data storage discs for the blueprint in his hand.

“Assault class Spaceship, Hurricane.”

“Heavy Assault class Spaceship, Lunar Goddess.”

“Battlefield Reconnaissance class Spaceship, Witch.”

Han was wondering, as a soldier and a man, Han really loved studying the various types of galactic warships, but for these assault, heavy assault, and battlefield reconnaissance ships, Han had never even heard of their names.

Coupled with the clearly written symbol for two, Han suddenly realized that this was perhaps the second-generation warship blueprints Kunlun had mentioned.

Han got really excited. Frigates, cruisers, battlecruisers, these were all the best of the first generation of Starfleet science and technology. Now in his hands, Han possessed the three precious blueprints of second generation technology!

Second generation!

Taking frigates, which were the most common type of starship for example, the civilian version had the weakest combat skills and it could be bought easily with money.

Some of the more advanced versions were enhanced frigates. These warships basically added many improvements on the civilian version, exclusively provided for the use of all countries’ government police, securities and these types of organizations.

The ones stronger than the enhanced frigates were military grade frigate, which were the typical military warship, made to fight. Maybe it was not that comfortable on the inside, but its firepower could definitely annihilate any similar class starships within seconds.

Aside from those, there are also more special versions, like the Enhanced military version, Military Meritorious version. These ships were rare in number and very expensive, not capable of employing them to the military on a large scale and their presence was more of a symbol.

But regardless of it being the civilian version, enhanced version, or military grade, these starships were all developed on the foundations of First Generation technology. In Han’s hands laid three legitimate second generation technology. There existed a huge gap between first and second, just like father and son, it was totally incomparable.

Han’s hands began to slightly tremble. Oh baby, these were definitely a rare treasure!

Kunlun stored about 10 thousand blueprints of first generation technology, but only 3 second generation, it was definitely clear how valuable these three blueprints were.

Speaking of price, it was simply an insult to these second generation blueprints, because this kind of stuff couldn’t be bought no matter how much one was willing to pay. If Han could actually make these ships from the blueprints, no one will dare to look down on Earth anymore because these guardians of Earth will be the biggest killing machine in the entire Milky Way.

Han forgot the pain in his body, and took those three pieces of second generation blueprints into his Lunar Mark. The Lunar Mark was such a good thing, it was a magical invisible dimension storage tool. Han obviously wouldn’t be handing these second generation blueprints to the Milky Way Alliance, and maybe not even some or most of the first generation blueprints.

The other cases stored some unknown seeds and genetic blueprints. Its value could not be compared to those three second generation starships but Han stored them up in the Lunar Mark anyways.

After “cleaning up” Kunlun’s precious showcase room, Han pushed open the door and walked into that corridor that was constructed at the basement level.

This was probably where the prehistoric civilization monitored everything. There were lots of screens on both sides of the corridor displaying all kinds of data and status reports of genetic engineering.

The data displayed, as the Extinction Domain Exploration event was coming to the end, this fully automated base entered insane production mode. The number of daily output of dark beast broke through ten thousand, and these powerful synthesized beasts will be sent to the ground to kill the human warriors who were still alive.

Presumably, all the espers still alive inside the relic must be living a very tough life. It was unknown whether Lance and Lan Feng are still alive.

Han casually walked along the underground passage. He didn’t really care how many dark beasts there were outside. What he cared most about was to take ownership of all the treasures here.

Han’s trip to A-19 this time, it was not really an exaggeration to say that he really stripped the whole place clean and looted all the valuables.

A complete set of first generation technology blueprints! There are more than 10 thousand copies and not even the strongest 12 permanent management countries in Milky Way Alliance had seen such a complete set, and not to mention the other 3 second generation starship blueprints.

Aside from that, Han also got the Lunar Mark that was worth billions of GC, condensed crystals that were also worth billions, several millions of Aeon Blood Seeps, a set of Warlord grade battle suit, and a quasi Warlord grade weapon.

According to the rules of Milky Way, Han could keep these personal weapons, but the blueprints must be handed to the higher-up. After all, the so-called Exploration was just something to motivate soldiers to discover blueprints.

Blood seep or star crystal could benefit a few people, but blueprints could benefit an entire country or even more.

So, if the rules were followed, then Han couldn’t even think about leaving one blueprint for himself.

And what was more troublesome was that the Alliance mainly used blueprints to estimate the contribution value, so if Han wanted to let Earth avoid being colonized, then he must give enough blueprints to the Alliance in order to exchange for the freedom of Earth over the next decade.

“If nothing else works then I guess I will just give them some blueprints, after all it’s more important to save Earth.” Han mumbled to himself, but inside his heart he was not willing to give up even one blueprint… These things were all money. A full set of blueprints! Even one less will make Han sad.

There were only a few hours left. According to the rules, after 30 days, the system will automatically send out all the soldiers that survived, so Han must prepare some things before that to hand in to the Alliance, and store everything else in the invisible Lunar Mark.

Just when Han still felt undecided, suddenly, this underground passage suddenly became wider, and a black cylindrical object appeared in front of Han, spookily stood in the centre.

Han saw clearly the black cylinder, his eyes suddenly lit up and he mumbled to himself, “Ah, now problem solved.” Chapter 107: Champion!

Miracle System, Star #3.

Today, the eyes of the entire Milky Way were focused here because it was time for the soldiers to return.

The A-19 relic was equipped with advanced optical particle transfer devices. All soldiers that were still alive will be returned to their starting point after the countdown, which was that strange mountain entrance with four God of War sculptures.

Extinction Domain Exploration events only happened once every decade, but this one garnered this much attention and it was nothing else but because of the tragedy that took place inside the relic. Out of those 10 thousand young talented espers, only a few survived.

All the residents in the Milky Way were curious about who survived and what they encountered inside the relic.

On the huge open ground facing the mountain, the temporary podium was built, and the scene was filled with all kinds of Medal of Honor. Although everyone knew that only a few survivors would walk out of there, the ceremony still needed to be carried out.

Firstly, it was to boost morale, and secondly, even the idiots knew that the soldiers that managed to survive in such a grim situation could only be the first-rate talents in the Milky Way who needed to be treated seriously. These young people will most likely be the future pillars of the Milky Way.

The live broadcast was open for the entire Milky Way, and among the people that were waiting for the final result, the most anxious ones were no doubt the citizens of Earth from the 57th Sector, because the result will affect the fate of the planet.

Suppose Han didn’t come out alive, Earth will inevitably become a colony of the Sally Empire, and that was a result no one on Earth wanted to see.

The time counted down second by second. The people standing on the podium were the representatives of the 12 Permanent Management country representatives as well as a few highly respected elites of the Milky Way. Earth Federation’s prime minister Pan Yulin and the representatives of other small countries were all pushed to the corner.

Di, Di, Di~

It was finally over. Teleport beams began to appear one after another, but the digital life tracking device had its number fixed at 93.

10 thousand young talents participated in this event, and not even 100 people made it back.

“Dilly Griffith Federation, Chen Yaoyan.”

“Mang Republic, Zuo Qingfeng.”

“Ganges Republic, Leiden.”

Suddenly, 92 soldiers were teleported out of the relic, they all looked extremely exhausted. Some even carried very serious injuries and collapsed right after coming out. But these survivors were still all lucky, at least they made it out alive.

After 92 light beams appeared, the transferring process paused for a little. There was still another solider that wasn’t teleported back. Everyone held their breath and wanted to know who the last lucky man.


The beam flashed and disappeared right after. Han got thrown onto the ground. He looked around and saw so many people and the awards scene and was finally able to feel relieved.

“Earth Federation, Han is the last solider that successfully made it out of the Extinction Domain!” The host read the name on the system and shouted.


Far away from the scene, an unprecedented intensity of cheers came out from the fellows of Earth.

Han made it out alive, he did it!

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