The real translation is something like „Konoha, it seems for sure you don?t/won?t understand

[why this is happening]…? . By god, that sounded clunky.

Bungaku Shoujo: Volume1 Chapter5 Chapter 5 – The Reasoning of the Literature Girl

What do I need to do to find S’s weakness?

If I can rattle S’s heart, I must be able to dig out all of S’s secrets!

In all of my waking and sleeping time, my mind couldn’t stop scheming this. Finally, from

an unexpected incident, I got the key to S’s destruction.

◇ ◇ ◇

For the entire last weekend of May, I was melancholic.

When I was playing video games in my room, when I was watching DVDs, when I was playing

games with my little sister, and when I was dining with my family, Takeda?s desolate expression

would appear in my mind. The one sentence that she said „for a person like Konoha Senpai…you

won?t understand ….?, combined with her expression would, in my mind, overlap another

person?s expression and voice. I couldn?t get this out of my head and stopped dwelling on this.

Before it was time for dinner, I was playing Sevens with my little sister Maika, who just entered

elementary school the last spring. My mother, who was preparing tea for us, asked me-

“Older brother [TL note: Referring to Maika?s older brother ie. Konoha . It?s a way of referring

in many Asian languages], you don?t look very energetic. Did something happened in school?

“No, nothing. Everything is normal.”


“Really. Nothing really happened.”

My mother smiled lightly and said-

“I see. After you got into senior high, older brother has reverted back to his former energetic self.

Your school life must be very pleasant. I am relieved.”

“…Yeah, I am happy everyday.”

Even though I am for now a bit disturbed, but starting from tomorrow, my normal life would

come back.

No arguments, no standoffs, no larger than necessary hopes and dreams; I just to live a common

school life everyday; then after school, I would go to the Literature Club and stay there till the

sunset dyed the entire room gold. I would write snacks for Tooko Senpai, listen to her outlandish

comments, and then give her snarky comebacks…

“Then, It?s time to eat. Mai chan, tell father that it?s time to eat.”


Maika, with a loud *patapata*, ran off. Mom then said to me gently-

“Hey, Konoha. Both your father and mother believe it is enough for Konoha to live his life safe

and energetic. We are not seeking anything more. [TL note: „, so don?t push yourself too hard.?]”

“Thanks mom.”

The me two years ago worried my family greatly.

The price of that unworthy glory cost me the single thing I treasured most in my entire life.

I do not want the same thing to ever happen again.

After dinner, I laid on my bed and listened to my favorite music with my earbuds. The music

were lively- ones that would cheer up their listeners.

Suddenly, I thought of Tooko Senpai.

“What did Tooko Senpai eat today?”

I have not been writing snacks for Tooko Senpai these days.

When I told her about Takeda san?s boyfriend, she appeared very sad.

She even stripped in front of a male Kouhai just to gather info, and then she found out she had

been tricked all along. It was a very tragic thing indeed, worthy of crying I think.

“I am begging you, don?t make that long face. You will at least get her written report, right?

From what I saw, she was very lovey-dovey with that boyfriend of her. She will for sure write

the sweetest love report Tooko Senpai has ever tasted!”

I said it jokingly, but Tooko Senpai?s face became even more downcast. She slowly shook her

head and answered-

“No.The person who should look sad right now is Konoha kun.”

With such an answer, I couldn?t talk back to her; so I remained silent.

Both my mother and Tooko are worried about me.

When I thought of this, I felt very ashamed and regretful.

“Let?s write something sweet for Tooko Senpai tomorrow…”

◇ ◇ ◇

As if bit by bit I slowly injected poison into S- S became more and more crazy. All these

gradually happened under my calm eyes.

I know S’s attitude is not as tranquil as it once was.

S would constantly look around; S’s voice would shake.

When S is alone, there would be endless sighs. Sometimes S would even grab one’s hair,

and then S would, as if frightened, turn around and look behind.

The time is near.

Everything is ready.

What’s left is to open the door with the key.

I wrote a letter to S.

I will be waiting for you on the roof.

Let us talk truthfully to each other!

◇ ◇ ◇

The following day also had good weather.

From the classroom windows the sky outside looked very blue, very clear. The tender leaves of

trees sparkled underneath it.

During lunchbreak, when I was sticking my head out of the window to catch some early summer

breeze, Akutagawa kun came to me. The silent Akutagawa kun actually came and talked to methat

was rare.

“…On the last Friday the graduates came again. They asked things about you.”

“What? About what?”

“They asked what year and class you are in, and what kind of person you are.”

Maybe because I look like Shuuji Kataoka they are curious what I am like? Now that I know

Shuuji Senpai suicided, I can finally understand why they seemed reluctant to answer my

question when I look back at when I questioned them about Shuuji Senpai.

“…I just thought it would be better I tell you this.”

“Yeah, thanks Akutagawa kun.”

Akutagawa kun nodded lightly at me, then returned to his seat.

I suddenly remembered that I still owe Kotobuki san 10 yen. I hurriedly took out my wallet-

(Good, I have the money with me today.)

“Here. This is the change you wanted.”

I walked to Kotobuki san and handed her the 10 yen coin. Kotobuki san only moved her eyes

away and softly bit her lips.


“Thanks for paying for me.”

“Ah, that…”

“Yes? Anything else?”


She puffed her cheeks and went quiet again.

Is she embarrassed because she was the one who told me Takeda san already had a boyfriend? I

wanted to say something to ease her mind; but at the same time I was afraid that I may say

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