The goblin princess’ heart instantly filled with dread and quickly nodded.

The Pitiful Creature almost fainted from anger!

Not only did she stop believing in natural justice after this hillbilly took advantage of her, now this bastard actually started to act as if he was the one who was violated!

After such a side-show, both of them turned their heads and started to ignore each other.

Pulling out a piece of cloth, Shaar started to bind his wound and sat down while holding his head in worry.

Where did Shaar’s worries come from?

Stupid question, how could he not be worried?

When he calmed down, he indignantly discovered the fact that …… Uncle Shaar turned into a poor wretch again.

In order to escape a moment ago, Shaar had to throw away all his belongings to save them! Which meant he could not bring the heavy luggage that he had carried around all the time!

God dammit! There were still a dozen gold coins inside!!

Both his waraxe and his shield were destroyed.

Even the wolf skin of that Bloodthirsty Great wolf was left behind!!

Right now, Shaar had returned to the same situation as when he left Primal Wildfire town. No, compared to that time, he at least also had a rotten axe in his hand. Now his only remaining weapon was the pitchfork.

Ah ……ah?!!

The pitchfork!!

Quickly picking up the pitchfork that the pitiful creature left beneath his foot, Shaar carefully held it in his hands and observed it.

This rotten pitchfork was fully covered in a layer of black ash after using it to transport black coal for countless years. I am afraid that the thick layer could not be cleaned even if someone tried to scratch it off. It did not even have one shiny spot on it left.

Shaar did not even know where this tool came from and was already using it before he could remember. Most likely, the old man threw it into the furnace a long time ago. Shaar had never discovered its magical usefulness and usually only used it to stab a coal briquette or to flip some charcoals and so on.

As for its sharpness ……Would you ever take your family pitchfork and start to use it as a kitchen knife to chop stuff when you had nothing to do?

After being busy for a while, the anger in Shaar’s heart slowly disappeared. He looked at the Pitiful Creature and suddenly remembered some doubts that he wanted to clarify and coughed: “Hey, ehm, you, I need to ask you something.”

The Pitiful Creature put on a serious face and turned around: “What?!”

Shaar sighed and made somewhat of a contemplating expression: “Hey ……If I’m not mistaken, those guys who wanted to kill us are related to you! That fellow riding the horse asked me if I met another human being, and ……I noticed that when you saw them, you looked like as if you’d seen a ghost!”

The color instantly drained from the Pitiful Creature’s face and she knew that she could not hide it any longer. Moreover, when they escaped a moment ago, the opposite party already saw her and therefore, it was inevitable that they would never give up. Realizing that there was no way out, she nodded with a sullen face: “Yes……Those people are looking for me and should have been sent by my uncle.”

“Your uncle?” Shaar frowned and stared at Pitiful Creature: “Are those people there to rescue you?” He quickly shook his head after his own question: “Doesn’t seem like it! You seemed afraid of being found by them.”

The Pitiful Creature pursed her lips and finally said in a low voice: “You don’t need to guess anymore. Their order should be…… to kill me!!”

Staring at her with his widened eyes, Shaar carefully examined the Pitiful Creature from head to toe for a while. His intense stare made the Pitiful Creature uneasy, and she secretly sighed while hesitating for a while. If this hillbilly questioned her more closely, should she actually tell him about the truth or not. Looking at the situation, she could only depend upon his protection right now……

With a sad look, she said: “This affair originated from a secret scandal in my family ……”

Before she could continue, Shaar suddenly started laughing and stopped her conversation while forcefully patting her shoulder. He almost dislocated the Pitiful Creature’s shoulder with one pat: “Haha! Then, doesn’t it mean that I’ve saved you again just now?! Hey, Pitiful Creature, it looks like your family’s very rich, since they could hire such fierce assassins. If we make it back alive, you should pay me a big protection reward!”

The Pitiful Creature opened her mouth and stared at Shaar, somewhat surprised. She finally could not bear it anymore and whispered: “You, do you not want to ask me ……”

“No need to ask.” Shaar waved his hand while his face showed a calm expression: “What’s the point of knowing more, would it improve our current predicament? We can talk if we manage to get back alive!”

Just when he relaxed a bit, in less than a moment, he suddenly noticed that his own hand was still on the Pitiful Creature’s shoulder. He instantly felt a chill in his heart and quickly pulled back his hand while his body shuddered.

Not daring to look at the Pitiful Creature again for fear of recalling his “tragedy” a moment ago, Shaar averted his eyes and looked at the surrounding: “First, we need to find a way to leave here, those guys didn’t look like they’d give up easily, ehm, we ……”

“Even with our current situation, you still want to look for that dragon?” The Pitiful Creature frowned and had a somewhat concerned expression: “Even if you find that buried dragon treasure, while we are being chased by those people, there is no way to bring back the treasure.”

Venting out his anger, Shaar snorted and replied: “No other choice. Those guys are in the south, if we turn back now, we’ll walk into a trap. Therefore, our only option is to walk towards the north.”

Taking his pitchfork, Shaar started to look at the opposite cliff and made some gesture with his hand. Taking a few steps backwards, he suddenly jumped in the air towards the cliff.

His strength was quite scary, with only a few steps, he unexpectedly jumped several meters high and threw himself on the cliff. With a roar, the pitchfork stabbed maliciously into the cliff! This weapon cut stones as if they were made out of tofu!

Using the pitchfork as a foothold, Shaar used his free hand to throw them a rope that was twined on his waist: “Grab this rope, I will pull you up.”

This guy’s body was similar to a monster. Even when he suffered several injuries, he still had so much energy.

After using the rope to pull up the Pitiful Creature and goblin, he wrapped the rope around his waist again and used his pitchfork to cut into the cliff a few times in order to make a gap. Placing his hand firmly in the newly created gap, he pulled up the pitchfork again and used this method to climb upwards.

While repeating this method several times, he finally managed to pull the Pitiful Creature and the goblin princess up the cliff.

Finally arriving at the top, Shaar fell on the ground gasping for air. The wound on his shoulder reopened and blood was flowing out, staining his clothes.

Seeing this, the Pitiful Creature began to worry: “Your wound is bleeding again……”

Shaar grunted and replied in a bad mood: “Of course it’ll start bleeding. Just can’t find some medicine here, damn……”

When he mentioned the medicine, the Pitiful Creature eyes lit up and immediately sat down to take off her boot, while exposing her feet.

This morning, she had applied fresh medicine to her wounded feet. Since they were in a bad position right now, they had to manage with what they have. She started to scrap the remnant medicine from her own wound with her hand.

Looking at her, Shaar became enraged: “Hey! You expect me to put this on my wound after you had it on your smelly feet?”

Tearing up from anger, the Pitiful Creature bit her lip and yelled: “Do not use it if you do not wish to. I hope you suffer from the pain!”

Being accustomed to survival in the wild, Shaar knew that this kind of wound could kill someone just from the blood loss, if it did not get treated. Even if he had a tough body, they were in a crisis right now, and he could not be picky about such small stuff.

While continuing their journey, Shaar, who had been injured on his shoulder, could not carry the Pitiful Creature anymore and therefore ……Oaks began to suffer.

He was forced to carry the Pitiful Creature, who was twice as tall as him, on his back while hobbling behind Shaar.

Our trio did not dare to walk along the river bank and went east for a while until they changed their direction toward the north during the evening.

Knowing that their pursuers could catch up to them at any moment, they naturally did not dare to set camp and traveled throughout the night.

Not having any food or sleep, those three were tired and hungry. They feared that a fire would expose their positions at night and did not dare to light one. After being on the road for the greater part of the night, except Shaar who still had some strength left, both the Pitiful Creature and Oaks were out of energy.

Especially the Pitiful Creature, who was soaked in water yesterday, was freezing in the evening because of the cold winter breeze. When the morning arrived, this young lady’s face was pale and her teeth were chattering while sitting on the Oaks’ back.

Seeing her in this kind of state, Shaar started to worry. At daybreak, they finally sat down to rest. The goblin princess’ small thin legs were already shaking unstoppable like leaves, and he fell to the ground like a rock, unable to stand up again.

Barely keeping up his spirit, Shaar started to search in the surrounding for a while and started to cheer loudly after he flipped a stone. He instantly pulled out his pitchfork and started to dig furiously into the soil.

Moments later, Shaar ran back with a hand full of red thin stuffs that looked like fish eggs.

Weakened from the cold, the Pitiful Creature saw Shaar’s hand in front of her and looked down at the weird things in his hand: “What?”

“Eat it!” Shaar ordered her without explanation and started to pull her chin in order to forcibly open her mouth and stuff those things inside her mouth.

In her mouth, those things felt thin and crispy, while giving off a sour taste. The texture was actually not bad and with some food in her stomach, the Pitiful Creature immediately felt her body warming up. While warm feeling spread from her belly, she looked at this hillbilly, and her eyes expressed a bit of gratitude: “What are those things?”

Licking his lips, Shaar looked at his hand – there was only a small amount, and the Pitiful Creature already ate all of it.

“Red ant eggs.” Shaar answered: “These things are quite amazing. They can fill you up, and those red ant eggs will cure your cold. You’ll soon start sweating and feel more comfortable.”

Before the Pitiful Creature could say anything, she suddenly saw Shaar gulping down his saliva. Seeing that this hillbilly’s hand was empty, she immediately became aware of the situation. It was said that every person would have a soft heart during their weakest moment. For some unknown reason, the warm feeling coming from the red ant eggs in her belly were also warming up her heart right now. Staring at this hillbilly, she could no longer utter a word anymore.

When the sun came out, our trio started to set off again. Like Shaar said, the Pitiful Creature started sweating and had her spirit restored. However, for some unknown reason, she stayed silent and no longer spoke with Shaar. Her usual squabble with him also stopped, and she only occasionally turned her eyes and stared at this hillbilly.

In the morning, this hillbilly walked in front with his head held high. The chilly morning breeze mixed with Shaar’s hot breath in the cold air, and while the Pitiful Creature watched this, especially his magnificent broad back, she could not help but to unconsciously become enchanted by it… Chapter 31 A dead person’s head

Translator: Tchu

Editor: ArKain

After crossing the wildness in an alert state for an entire day, maybe because of Shaar’s massive luck, those pursuers were not able to catch up.

The further they walked, the farther away they got from the danger, and the sense of uneasiness in their heart gradually dispersed.

Taking advantage of the daylight, Shaar picked up some dry herbs and burned it into plant ash to apply on his wound. People who were experienced in surviving in the wild would use this kind of ash to stop the bleeding if they lacked medicine after getting injured. Not only could this ash stop bleeding, it could also prevent infections.

During the second day, Shaar’s luck jumped to its peak when they actually met a jackal that tried to attack them at midnight.

This animal died a very tragic death under Shaar’s pitchfork and was made into a tasty barbecue. The remaining meat turned into dried rations for their journey – Only the pitiful goblin princess’ burden suddenly increased a lot.

TL: We all know how pitiful they die… poor animals…

Without any sympathy, Shaar treated Oaks as a slave.

The goblin princess actually did not have any complaints. For goblins, once their status turned into a “soso”, human law did not apply to them anymore – oh, that’s right a goblin did not know anything about human law in the first place.

After walking in the wilderness for almost five days, they finally saw a continuous panorama of green and black in the distant horizon……

Mountains! They finally saw the mountains!

The trio immediately started cheering and Shaar even started to beat his chest while roaring furiously.

Those few days had put tremendous pressure on him. Even as a seasoned hunter, he was a little worried that he was lost.

In order to escape their pursuers, they stayed far away from the river, but the river was the best method to identify their location.

Moreover, according to the information of Mr. Princess, they should have seen the mountains after three days. However, they actually walked for five days.

If they had walked for two more days and were still unable to find the mountains, perhaps the pitiful goblin would have to suffer Shaar’s wrath for giving him false information.

Although they saw the mountains from afar, there was a saying “Seeing a mountain from afar, would kill the horse to reach it”. Our trio spent half a day walking until they arrived in the forest at the foot of the mountain.

Finally seeing the green woods, Shaar was so excited that he performed a somersault and yelled a few times.

For someone like Shaar who grew up in the mountain forest, as soon as he saw the scenery, it instantly gave him a familiar feeling that was impossible to describe. For him, there was food everywhere, every animal transformed into his prey and there were resources all around him that he could take advantage off.

When Shaar continuously yelled in excitement, the Pitiful Creature could not help but pour a little cold water over him.

“Hey, Shaar.” The Pitiful Creature sighed – ever since that day Shaar let her eat the red ant eggs, which was the only food they had, the Pitiful Creature did not quarrel with Shaar anymore. She also no longer called him “hillbilly”. Looking more closely, she even spoke a few words in a very cheerful manner with him.

“What?” Shaar turned his head and threw out his chest. The wound on his shoulder was already healed – this anomaly made the Pitiful Creature and the goblin awestruck.

This guy’s body was made from a monster…… It made people wonder, perhaps his real father raped a magical beast and it gave birth to him.At least it would be hard to find someone with the same kind of monstrous physique as his in the world!

Looking at the several wounds on his body, the claw marks left behind by the Bloodthirsty Great Wolf were already completely healed and even the scars were already gone. The arrow wound on his shoulder was also almost healed. There was only a small cut that bled left, and it was surrounded by newly grown flesh. It had a slightly deeper color, but besides that there was nothing unusual anymore.

Talking about it really made normal people angry. The Pitiful Creature’s feet that were injured by the beast traps ages ago were still not fully healed. Right now, she still needed someone’s support in order to walk and this hillbilly was already able to jump around wildly.

Hesitating for a moment, the Pitiful Creature could not help it and reminded Shaar: “You see, how are we going to look for the dragon in such a large mountain?”

Shaar was shocked.

Lifting his head, he looked in front of him……

The forest at the foot of the mountain already seemed limitless and it covered everything all the way to the top. An ocean full of green and the mountain itself stretched vertically so that he was unable to see the top. One mountain attached to another…… If they searched one mountain after another, they would probably need several years just to cross it by foot!

Shaar was not someone who kept being stubborn in a dead-end and sighed: “Looking for a buried treasure was always a matter of luck. Don’t worry if we can’t find it. We’ll wander around the mountains for several days, if we can find it, the better. If not, we probably moved further away from those knights and when the time comes, we can just turn around.”

Pausing for a moment, Shaar smiled: “Or we just simply cross this mountain range altogether. I’d like to embark on a long journey for a month and it would be enough time to arrive at the other side of the mountain. I heard that at the other side of the mountain was the territory of the Odin Empire. Anyway, I’m a person who eats alone and have no family members, therefore it doesn’t matter where I go. In worst case, we can just simply drift along towards the Odin Empire.”

When the Pitiful Creature heard this, she gently smiled: “Ha, when I first met you, you initially said that you had signed a contract with a guy to deliver some magical beasts to Primal Wildfire Town. You said that you got a credit and that it was a man’s honour to deliver it no matter what.”

Shaar smiled somewhat embarrassed: “Of course the credit needs to be repaid, but ……Then, if, you stupidly risk your life for five copper plates, it wouldn’t be called heroism, but brain damaged. If you talk about heroism, you have to be clear about the occasion and the situation.”

Ah, this hillbilly was not some kind of honest person.

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