Song Shuhang, Doudou, Guoguo, and Chu Chu’s faces were pale… the speed Venerable White’s flying sword was going at was rather fast.

Apart from them, there was also a palm-sized Yu Jiaojiao nestled in Doudou’s fur… speaking of which, why did Yu Jiaojiao follow them here? She had already successfully advanced to the Fourth Stage, shouldn’t she go back to the sea?

But it wasn’t the time for such questions!

Song Shuhang’s eyes were wide open, staring at the white ball of fire that was approaching them. If it landed on the missile, it would definitely cause a huge explosion!

“Senior White, be careful of that ball of fire!” he called out. Even though he knew that Senior White could definitely see it, due to the fact that he was very nervous, he could not help but reiterate it; shouting could help release his pent-up anxiety.

Facing the white ball of fire, Venerable White displayed no reaction.

The speed of the flying sword did not decrease in the slightest, and it was going to crash into the flames head-on!

It was merely a flame technique, and Venerable White could not care less about it.

He was executing a flight technique, and there was the thick layer of a defensive formation surrounding the flying sword and the missile, as well as that overbearing sword qi.

The flying sword and the white flames collided, and the ball of white flames got directly shattered to smithereens!


“Sword qi? Is that a person who is riding a flying sword?” asked the middle-aged Spiritual Emperor of the Illusory Sword School.

Similarly, the white-haired but healthy Spiritual Emperor responded, “Could it be that a fellow daoist created a missile-shaped flying sword?”

Along with the technological advancement, some unconventional cultivators changed the shape of their flying swords as well.

Life-bound flying swords couldn’t be altered carelessly, but the shape of flying swords used as means of transportation could be changed according to one’s preferences.

A year ago, the white-haired but healthy Spiritual Emperor saw a cultivator standing on top of a flying laptop, shuttling back and forth in the sky at high speed. Together with him was flying another cultivator who was standing on top of a flying keyboard…

Hence, it would not be surprising if someone were to change the appearance of his flying sword into a missile.

The only problem was that making it look like a missile would frighten lots of people.

As he was thinking, the missile flying sword was already approaching them at a super-high speed!

The middle-aged Spiritual Emperor snorted coldly and his qi sunk within his dantian. He shouted in a low voice, “Fellow Daoist on the missile flying sword, stop the flying sword! Or else, don’t blame me for taking action!”

His voice was akin to rolling thunder, extremely majestic and impressive. However, his speech was rather fast, and his entire sentence only took a second to utter.

However, the middle-aged Spiritual Emperor was not done acting cool when the missile flying sword was already ten meters away, right before his eyes! It clearly looked as though it was going to knock him out in one go!

F*ck, did the speed of the missile flying sword increase?

Getting hit by the missile was not a child’s play; the helpless middle-aged Spiritual Emperor could only clench his teeth and try to evade…

Next to him, the white-haired but healthy Spiritual Emperor also dodged.

However, when he was dodging it, he calculated the trajectory of the ‘missile flying sword’ in his mind and decided to exert a little bit of strength to the missile flying sword and change the area of its impact. This was the attack predicting technique-the place where the flying sword was going to land was precisely the location of the Illusory Sword School camp.

Hence, the white-haired but healthy Spiritual Emperor wanted to push the flying sword to one side!


Whoosh! The missile flying sword flew past the two Spiritual Emperors in the blink of an eye.

The white-haired but healthy Spiritual Emperor used his attack predicting technique and tried to gently push on a side of the missile flying sword.

But even so, it could not move the missile flying sword at all!

Instead, after the sword qi of the ‘missile flying sword’ got hit by the soft strength, it counter-attacked!

In the next moment, the counter-attacking sword qi was like a storm, rolling towards the white-haired but healthy Spiritual Emperor and the other middle-aged Spiritual Emperor.

Such an intimidating sword qi?

The two Spiritual Emperors could feel a chill go down their spines.

If that storm of sword qi enveloped them… perhaps they would have to use their life-saving trump cards.

They struggled to support the defensive formation and activated the defensive magical treasures on their bodies!

Heavens, what is the rank of this senior cultivator on top of the missile flying sword? The white-haired but healthy Spiritual Emperor was alarmed.

Just the power of the counter-attacking sword qi’s was this scary.

“Bang,” the storming sword qi struck their defensive formation.

Their defensive formation was like paper, and it got torn to pieces.

Just as they saw the sword qi heading towards their body… a gentle voice called out, and the scary storm of sword qi stopped immediately, an inch away from the two Spiritual Emperors… the strong wind that came with the sword qi deeply cut their cheeks.

We… we survived?

The two Spiritual Emperors swallowed their saliva; they couldn’t help but look where the missile flying sword was heading to.

Just what was the background of this person?


“Senior White, we’re about to craaaash…!!!” Song Shuhang felt his entire leg muscles tense up-if brakes appeared underneath his feet at this time, he would definitely step on them as hard as he could.

It was clearly not the first time, but he still wasn’t quite able to get used to Senior White’s emergency landings.

At this moment, the missile flying sword was only five meters away from the ground!


On the ground, all the people stared at the missile flying sword-at such a fast speed, if it crashed to the ground, it definitely would create a huge pit.

Also, more importantly, the area below the flying sword was filled with people.

The faces of disciples of the Illusory Sword School below went pale… it was not that they did not want to escape, but they had no time to make a run for it! They were not Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperors!

From the appearance of the missile to the Spiritual Emperors leaping into the air, and then to the missile flying above their heads… the whole process only took a few seconds. Several Illusory Sword School disciples that had fast reflex had already escaped, but most of them were ordinary disciples whose capabilities were not that great yet, and hence they could not escape even if they wanted to.

This was true despair!


The two Spiritual Emperors of the Eternal Sword Sect on the Grievance Settling Platform had a gloomy expression. As expected, this battle of Grievance Settling Platform became chaotic, after all.

What were they going to write in their report about this battle on the ‘Grievance Settling Platform’?

They couldn’t possibly write that a missile flying sword suddenly landed from the sky, crushing most of the disciples from the Illusory Sword School, and since the casualties were too high, there was no way they could continue with the battle on the ‘Grievance Settling Platform’…


Below the missile, there were several kinds of people. The disciples of the Illusory Sword School felt as though doomsday was coming.

The members of the Chu Family had bloodshot eyes and were hoping to see the disciples of the Illusory Sword School crushed to death by the missile.

However, the scene of the missile landing and crushing everyone on site did not occur.

The enormous ‘missile flying sword’ instantly stopped when it was commanded to. Such a sudden change made it hard for people to adapt.

Just like that, the enormous missile flew a meter above the heads of the disciples of the Illusory Sword School.

The legs of the disciples below, who could not escape in time, lost their strength.

The faces of the people from the Chu Family were filled with regret.


“We have arrived!” On top of the missile, Venerable White showed a satisfied smile… yeah, it was indeed more exciting when bringing a couple of other people to speed on the flying sword. He had a great time during this flight.

Doudou leapt down from the missile and mumbled, “Woof woof… even today, I managed to survive.”

On his back, Chu Chu sat slightly upright with a joyful look on her face as well. During the journey around the earth over the past couple of days, she had substantially recovered from her injuries and was able to slightly straighten her body.

After the members of the Chu Family saw Chu Chu, they immediately cheered. “Chu Chu!”

“Senior Song, Senior White!” Soft Feather called out after seeing them.

Chu Chu waved weakly at the members of the Chu Family.

Song Shuhang also waved at Soft Feather, except that the smile on his face was somewhat agonizing… Soft Feather still looks very happy, that’s good. It’s just that… I don’t know if she received the gift Senior White sent?


In the sky, the two Spiritual Emperors the Illusory Sword School invited started descending.

The school head of the Illusory Sword School, Xu Zheng, rushed up to them and asked, “Seniors, what is the realm of the cultivator on the missile flying sword? Are they the Chu Family’s reinforcements?”

As he was speaking, he secretly glanced at Chu Chu, who was still alive… Dammit, Wolf One and company claimed to be an elite organization, yet they could not even kill off a girl, a bunch of useless fools!

The two Spiritual Emperors laughed hollowly, but for the sake of their face, they put up a front and said, “We can’t tell his realm and strength; after all, we only had a short contact.”

The school head of the Illusory Sword School pondered for a bit and suggested, “Given the background of the Chu Family, I doubt they would be able to invite a real expert. Seniors, shall we test the ability of the cultivator on the missile flying sword while taking advantage of this opportunity to scare the Chu Family?

The two Spiritual Emperor’s felt their scalps go numb. The middle-aged Spiritual Emperor said profoundly, “Don’t panic, wait for me to get to know more about him before discussing the next step.”

Xu Zheng lightly nodded his head. “Our Illusory Sword School is depending on you two then!”


Just as everybody was talking amongst themselves, Venerable White raised his hand.

“Clang!” The missile was unloaded by Venerable White from the flying sword, then thrown onto the empty space next to Doudou.

The clanging sound immediately attracted everybody’s attention as they looked blankly at the huge missile-that thing did not seem like a flying sword?

Subconsciously, everybody lifted their heads and looked towards the sky… thereafter, they saw a flying sword underneath Venerable White and Song Shuhang’s feet.

Everybody’s hearts skipped a beat, and they turned their heads around again, staring at the missile… F*ck, that thing isn’t a missile-shaped flying sword, but a real missile! The kind that could explode!

All the people moved back instinctively, in a bid to get further away from the missile. After all, most of the people here were either First or Second Stage cultivators. If the missile exploded, they would die!


On the Grievance Settling Platform, the two Spiritual Emperors of the Eternal Sword Sect looked at each other.

Thereafter, the Spiritual Emperor on the left who tied his hair into a bun stepped forward and bowed towards Venerable White. “Supervisor of the Grievance Settling Platform, Peng Shenghai of the Eternal Sword Sect. Pleasure to meet you, Senior.”

The short-haired Spiritual Emperor on the right bowed as well. “Supervisor of the Grievance Settling Platform, Peng Qianyin of the Eternal Sword Sect. Pleasure to meet you, Senior.”

Venerable White glanced at them and guessed that the two were worried that he was going to spread chaos on the Grievance Settling Platform. He smiled and said, “Haha, don’t be so solemn. I am only here to bring a participant, and since I was at it, I decided to spectate the matches as well.”

After the two Spiritual Emperors of the Eternal Sword Sect heard these words, they secretly heaved a sigh of relief… they could not tell what was the realm and strength of this senior, but as long as he was not there to spread mayhem, all was good.

“Right, I prepared a gift for the Grievance Settling Platform. Originally, I was going to present it during the opening, so even though it’s a tad late… I hope you’ll appreciate my kind feelings!” Venerable White smiled.

“A gift?” The two supervisors of the platform were puzzled.

Then, Venerable White happily reached out his hands, just like the conductor of an orchestra.

In the next moment, Venerable White’s both hands started dancing in the air.

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