Shi Xiaobai took a deep breath and climbed up the canopy based on his intuition.

The higher he went, the richer the aroma became.

He was approaching it. He was getting closer to the source of the aroma.

Shi Xiaobai gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

What was it that was so fragrant?

Suddenly, Shi Xiaobai saw a fruit the same color as the leafs in the foliage.

The fruit’s outline could not be easily seen, as though it was a chameleon camouflaging itself into the leaves.

If not for the fragrance leading him, Shi Xiaobai would not have noticed the fruit hidden in the leaves.

After he pushed the leaves away, the crystal fruit that was shaped like a heart revealed its contours.

Shi Xiaobai took a deep breath and immediately felt like he had ascended into heaven, moaning out a few times.

Shi Xiaobai was certain that the fragrance he caught a whiff of from several kilometers away and nearly made him lose control was a result of this crystalline fruit!

Transcendence capital, King Leonis’ Palace

A green-skinned dwarf with a lion head was lazily sitting on a throne. One of his hands held his cheek, while his other hand was putting grapes into his mouth.

Two Transcendent ‘beauties’ were massaging him.

There was only Leonis, his maidservants, and a green-skinned dwarf that was genuflecting in the palace.

The green-skinned dwarf said in hushed tones, “Your Majesty, according to the spy you planted beside Moya, Moya plans to mutiny during the finals tomorrow! It seems…the other eight Bravehearts have joined the ranks of the rebellion.”

When Leonis heard this, he lazily lifted his eyelids, as though he did not put this alarming matter to heart.

“Since they plan on courting death, This King does not mind letting them know what reality is. Take your leave. This King has plans of his own.”

Leonis waved his hand.


The green-skinned dwarf nodded and quickly left the palace.

Leonis turned to look at the Transcendent ‘beauties’ massaging him.

“Do you prefer being raped before being killed, or being killed before being raped?” Leonis asked with a chuckle.

The two Transcendent ‘beauties’ immediately knelt down in fear, claiming repeatedly that they did not hear a thing.

Leonis stood up from the throne and pushed a ‘beauty’ down beneath his crotch.

“I was planning on eating it only after it matured a bit more. It looks like it’s time to eat it now.”

Leonis’ gaze penetrated the palace as it landed on the Transcendence Holy Tree that ascended into the sky.

… Chapter 350: Some fruits no longer exist if you miss them

Leonis’s gaze penetrated the palace as it landed on the Transcendence Holy Tree that ascended into the sky. His eyes revealed a nostalgic look.

Leonis’s mother was an aristocrat in Transcendence, but for some baffling reason, she fell in love with a lion-headed man, to the point of giving birth to him, against all opposition.

The Transcendents’ racial discrimination was deeply rooted. In their minds, a Transcendent beggar was of even greater nobility than the kings of other races.

It was conceivable how terrible the repercussions Leonis’ mother had faced. She was expelled from her family, going from an aristocrat to a lowly civilian. Leonis’s father could not withstand the external pressure and left, abandoning the helpless mother and son to fend for themselves.

Therefore, Leonis’s life was divided into two parts. The second half was obviously the brilliant moment as king, while the first half was dark and bitter, unimaginable to the common person.

Leonis tried his best to forget his tragic childhood, but he could never forget the spring when he was ten years old.

It was a sunny and vibrant morning. His mother, who felt despair towards life and the future facing her, had cooked a pot of gruel.

Leonis’s mother drank a bowl with a deadpan expression before spitting out a black blood that soaked the ground before dying in pain.

The gruel was poisoned, and it was extremely poisonous.

Leonis had only taken a sip but did not immediately die from the poison. However, he was unlikely to live for long.

This was not murder but suicide.

His mother could not put up with the hardships of life and the cruel reality she faced, so she chose death.

Leonis still loved life, but no one would save him.

Leonis was filled with despair. He knew that he would die once the poison spread through his body.

However, before his death, what could he do in his young and powerless state?

Leonis came in front of the Transcendence Holy Tree and began climbing it. Since he was destined to die, he wanted to die somewhere closer to heaven.

Back then, the Transcendence Holy Tree was only surrounded by a wall, without any guards watching it. This was because the tree was laced with poison, it was equivalent to courting death if one attempted to approach it.

However, Leonis was facing certain death, so why couldn’t he achieve his childhood dream of climbing the tallest holy tree, hiding in its rainbow crown where no one could find him while looking down at the Transcendents that trampled him and his mother?

Could such a beautiful wish be fulfilled before he died?

People noticed him climbing the holy tree, but no one stopped him. Instead, they watched gleefully, waiting for him to be consumed by the poison before plummeting to the ground when his body was eroded by it.

It was a death for all to view, colder and crueler than an execution ground.

Leonis climbed upwards, unsure of how high he had climbed, but he knew that he had to climb higher.

Higher, just a bit higher, stay further away from the dwarves on the ground.

Ten meters, twenty meters, thirty meters…

Leonis was not poisoned to death by the holy tree’s poison because it conflicted with the poison in the bowl of gruel. Maybe it was divine mercy, or maybe it had not activated…

But the result was Leonis successfully climbing into the tree’s crown, disappearing from the crowd’s sight. He overlooked the capital of Transcendence, feeling like he had fulfilled his dying wish. In the dirty and dark country, this was the only holy ground that was clean.

If he could be buried here, it would be a silver lining.

But at that moment, Leonis saw two heart-shaped fruits.

The outline of the two fruits was nearly indiscernible as they camouflaged themselves within the leaves. If not for Leonis sitting on a branch just beneath the fruits, he would not have discovered them.

The two fruits were different in size. One of them appeared to be ripe while the other appeared somewhat nascent.

Leonis was curious over its taste and plucked the ripe fruit. He chewed on it before swallowing it.

And that was the moment his life and fate changed.

That was a mysterious and magical fruit. It allowed a hybrid child of Transcendents and a member of the lion-headed species to possess a physique that exceeded purebred Transcendents.

He went from a desperate child that was facing imminent death to the strongest Braveheart that ruled over Transcendence. Leonis’s life had a turning point because of this fruit!

Therefore, for the decades that followed, Leonis was waiting for the nascent fruit to ripen.

If it was possible, Leonis wished to send an army to guard the holy tree, but that would easily arouse the suspicion of others. In addition to him not dying after climbing the tree at the age of ten, and how he experienced a life-changing situation after coming down, it was easy to guess about the matter regarding the holy tree’s fruit.

Therefore, Leonis only assigned four guards. In fact, he was not too worried that others would have such heaven-defying luck like he had.

And at this moment, knowing that Moya, the head of the eight Bravehearts, was about to lead a rebellion, Leonis could not wait any longer.

The fruit was almost ripe, but Leonis wished to consume it only after it was fully ripened, but it was not a bad idea eating it at that moment either.

Leonis retracted his gaze from the holy tree and lowered his head to see the Transcendent ‘beauty’ that was working hard with her mouth to serve him, afraid that she would be silenced. Slowly, a male desire was ignited.

Before eating the fruit, he decided to eat the two ‘beauties’ first!

With this thought in mind, Leonis reached his hand out to rip the clothes of the ‘beauty’ beside him.

Soon, moans that sounded closer to screaming sounded in the palace in an endless fashion.

If Leonis had not chosen to succumb to his lust by eating the ‘beauties’, or if Leonis was not that everlasting by finishing the tussle in a minute or two, what he missed might not have been irredeemable.

But there were no ifs in this world.

As Leonis was engaging in sex, Shi Xiaobai had already plucked the heart-shaped fruit.

Shi Xiaobai swallowed his saliva and took a bite.

The fruit that melted in his mouth was like a delicious ice-cream, but its flavor was even more complex. It was as though sweetness, sourness, bitterness and spiciness were all mashed together. There was an ice-cold feeling that pervaded the entire mouth cavity, but after swallowing it, it suddenly turned hot. Instantly, his organs warmed up, as though he had drunk a mouthful of aged white wine.

What was this taste?

It seemed rather superficial to describe it as a delicacy because the flavor of the fruit could not be considered to be the most flavorful, but it was certainly the most unique.

Shi Xiaobai felt that his trip was worth it. This fruit seemed to be the most delicious item he had ever eaten. It was probably addictive if he ate more of it.

The coolness shot straight to his brain, while the warmth filled his blood. The complex blend of the four flavors felt like a microcosm of life.

Shi Xiaobai enjoyed every mouthful of the fruit. He did not even spare the fruit’s core. When the entire fruit was finished, he could not help but lick the juice off his fingers.


Shi Xiaobai could not help but burp after finishing the fruit.

Shi Xiaobai suddenly widened his eyes.

He was finally satiated?

Despite eating countless rocks, gigantic black scorpions and steel rhinoceroses that filled the desert, he had never been satiated.

But just eating a single fruit made his stomach feel bloated. It appeared as though he did not need to eat for a long period of time.

Shi Xiaobai immediately realized that the fruit…contained unimaginable power!

As he felt his body digesting this inexhaustible energy, his physique was being enhanced at an exaggerated speed, so much so that Shi Xiaobai nearly laughed out loud.

However, Shi Xiaobai quickly noticed that the fragrance that permeated the holy tree was vanishing. With the fruit eaten, the fragrance left behind on the leaves was dissipating. Soon, the fragrance would vanish completely.

“Time to run!”

Shi Xiaobai did not dare to stay in the holy tree for long. The fruit was clearly extraordinary. If the fragrance were to disappear, someone would likely discover that the fruit had been eaten.

Since the tree leaves were unpalatable, there was no more reason to stay in the tree!

Shi Xiaobai quickly left.

When Leonis was done with his tussling, with two of the Transcendent ‘beauties’ no longer looking normal, Shi Xiaobai was already sitting in the audience stands of the arena.

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