Running all the way, Yang Chen’s figure had already rushed to the vicinity of the pool. The urgency made the following few monsters not notice this detail.

Suddenly, Yang Chen’s figure made an emergency stop. This time, the four masters who chased after him all had their guards up and readied themselves to make their moves. Everyone had to give a hand, but if the attack of four people was hit at the same time, Yang Chen will definitely lose his ability to act directly.

In the face of the attack, Yang Chen did not evade, turned and rushed directly to one closest to himself.

Ping! Ping! Almost simultaneously, the attack of all four fell on Yang Chen’s body. His face showed a painful look, and the blood in his mouth was sprayed on the opposite master’s face. Under the circumstance, Yang Chen’s blood was sprayed, he leopard monster’s spirit power on the opposite side shook. Yang Chen then actually hugged him. He wondered how Yang Chen would be like this, suddenly discovering that Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness was wide open and stimulating the surroundings in madness. He was still worried about the surrounding environment; his heart was terror-stricken. It turned out to be a restricted area for spiritual awareness, and Yang Chen was so crazy to unexpectedly use it here. A huge force pulled Yang Chen away towards the water pool, and his hands held the unlucky leopard monster. The two hugging men were pulled into the pool. The other three leopards watched them helplessly being pulled. With a splash, Yang Chen and the leopard head monster’s body fell into the water, only a small piece of ripples arose, even the pool did not make any ripples and they disappeared without a trace. The three companions of the Leopard monster did not dare to use their spiritual awareness to explore the situation of their companion. The Yuanying realm masters swallowed here were not one or two. Everyone understood that if Yang Chen and his companion fell in, there was no possibility of them coming out. Although Yang Chen was now dead and seemed that he was only in the early Jiedan stage. He had already abolished the cultivation base of a Yuanying and a late Jiedan stage master, seriously injured an early Yuanying stage master, still lightly Injured another Yuanying stage master, now he had also pulled a Yuanying realm master to the same end as him. Anyway. Yang Chen was indeed worthy of the word monstrously strong. Their battles were not small, and countless people had seen this scene. Many people were shaking their heads and sighing, such a powerful and promising seedling was ruined by offending these overbearing guys. And more people were secretly pondering in their hearts about the fate of the leopard clan and how Yang Chen had decimated them. The power of the Leopard Race did not seem to be so powerful like their performance. Some of it seemed that there were other benefits that could be squandered. When Yang Chen entered the water, he let go of the monster. A leopard monster in the Yuanying realm was not worthy of his desperation. He even did not even open his Golden Bell body protection. These guys could not hurt him. The so-called injury and blood vomiting were simply made up by him. The key was that there was now an excuse for him entering the waterhole. Although this was a dangerous area in the eyes of many Monster Race cultivators, Yang Chen believed that this place was definitely the most likely to hold the First Wood True Essence. In this dangerous place, Yang Chen certainly must concentrate on cautious exploration. The Golden Bell had been pushed to the extreme by him. Even for an old tree demon, it was estimated to be impossible to hurt him. Unexpectedly, the terrifying attack in Yang Chen’s expectation did not come. Instead, his body continued sinking. Although his spiritual awareness threads have already searched around but it had not seen the bottom. In the water, the exploration range of the spiritual awareness had shrunk many times. The huge gravity pulled Yang Chen’s body and kept it pulling down. After a while, he discovered that his body was still immersed in that liquid, but it was not water. The water in the pool was just an illusion of this strange liquid. Now Yang Chen could confirm this. Not far away, the leopard monster’s body was still struggling, trying to escape the huge attraction that came from below, but all his struggles were futile. Yang Chen didn’t even think about struggling, so he didn’t get any harm on his body. On the contrary, the leopard monster was constantly splashing around, his body was also strangely bleeding. Yang Chen could clearly feel this phenomenon with his spiritual awareness threads. This liquid was able to isolate spiritual awareness better than pure water. Even Yang Chen could only know about movements in about a dozen feet of himself, distant places could no longer be explored by his spiritual awareness. This huge amount of attraction from the bottom was entirely aimed at the spiritual awareness. But, the Three Purities Secret Art of Yang Chen’s cultivation was too strong. Although the spiritual exploration of the water pool, attracted this force but there was no such sense of restraint for Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness threads. If Yang Chen didn’t need this attraction to lead the way, he could break away at any time. The leopard monster was very different. After entering the water, his uncontrollable spiritual awareness was wide open, even the recovery of it was impossible. Yang Chen silently calculated the depth, in a short period of time he had sunk hundreds of feet. What surprised him was that, whenever he happened to hit the surrounding walls of this deep underground cavern, he occasionally felt that he was instead surrounded by a vast root system. The Earth Escape Technique could only result in courting death here, it would be locked firmly by the roots of these strong plants. In the same way, the Wood Escape method would also result in the same predicament. Among the surroundings, there was a placid metal attribute force. Using it here was only seeking his own death. Five elements escapĀ­ing techniques couldn’t reach this depth at all, the only way seemed to be through the bottom of the pool. However, because people had never come down here before and instead died while saving themselves from it, this pool had become a forbidden place. So far, Yang Chen hadn’t noticed any killings moves. Even some of the unknown attacks caused by the leopard’s struggle were limited, far from being a life-threatening issue. The other Yuanying realm master had blood gushing out from an otherwise flesh wound. In normal circumstances it wouldn’t pose any difficulty for him. It may be that the spiritual awareness was too stimulated. The leopard monster was also aware of Yang Chen’s situation. Yang Chen did not move, as the gravitational sinking continued. He was completely unharmed and coping with the flow. The two kept sinking fast for a long time, thousands of feet deep. Suddenly, Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness threads found that he had reached the bottom. However, the bottom was not the ground. Yang Chen and Leopard monster had just touched the bottom that, suddenly, their body was untied of the gravity force. However, both involuntarily fell on in one of the huge spaces. Ping! The two were like stones, falling into a lake. Immediately, a pure and unrelenting force of the First Wood attribute madly drilled into their bodies like a beast. Chapter 197 : Experiment (2)


Karioram, one of the Akalachias walking through the long tunnel, wondered for a bit and then spoke towards Pektoril.

“What is this place?”

They had enjoyed their time for quite a while above but they had never heard of a place like this before.

Light didn’t come through but the tunnel was filled with the strange and intricate machinery similar to the insides of the Satellite Fortress.

And the Rebeloong’s teeth marks and claw marks of the Akalachias and Arukons.

‘There’s no traces of weapons… This is not recent.’

Karioram mumbled quietly.

Their claws and bodies were strong but it wasn’t comparable to their weapons.

Which meant that they didn’t have anything else to use.

Traces of war where desperation could be felt from.

It was something that was hard to imagine since they were the Higher Race.

Karioram made a confused expression and mumbled quietly.

‘Did the war against the Sages not proceed peacefully?’

The way Karioram had learnt their history.

That the four races had revolted against the Sages.

And they had used their powerful bodies against the Sages to kill them off.

But it seemed like that wasn’t the case.

Pektoril frowned at Karioram’s question and then spoke out.

“This was a place where we were experimented on in the past.”


Pektoril cut him off.

“Don’t ask. Just look over here.”

And Karioram cursed out loud as he saw where Pektoril was pointing towards.


Countless rooms were connected to the tunnel in front of them.

The countless rooms with transparent walls seemed to have been disconnected from power as they were dark but the Akalachia’s enhanced vision allowed them to see through the darkness.


Glass containers filled with liquids.

In the 28 glass containers, there were numerous types of animals in there.

There was a monster-shaped one like the black leopards of the jungle as well as beasts which resembled gorillas.

Tens of these glass containers were in each room and in every container there were different animals in it surrounded by the strange liquid.

But there were a few glass containers that caught their eyes specifically.


Karioram freaked out as he saw the glass container.

A bird that was 10m large, had golden feathers and huge wings.

Of course this bird was completely different from the Akalachias.

They didn’t have the thick arms or thighs, they didn’t even have the pectoral muscles that resembled humans.

It looked exactly liked the birds that lived in the jungles.

They were much more different than the Akalachias who had a humanoid shape.

But Karioram couldn’t stop staring.

When he was finally able to look away, other glass containers came into his view.

Monkey, mouse and dog.

Bride of the Dragon Emperor These guys also looked much more different than the Arukons or Rebeloongs.

Karioram made a discontent expression as he looked at Pektoril.

“What the hell are these? Why aren’t we breaking them and leaving them?”

Pektoril replied softly as he looked at Karioram who was growling in anger while pointing towards the glass containers.

“How could we, they’re still our ancestors.”

The animals who were in those containers were what they had come from.

Since only 4 animals who had passed the experiments out of the 1489 different kinds which lived in the jungle.

Only four of them had been able to withstand the mana furnace the Sages had within their bodies to create the pond which created the mana crystals, the .

And it was impossible to do so with the original method so they had to go through a lot of bodily experiments and surgeries to become similar to the sages first.

And Karioram shouted out in rage at Pektoril’s mumbles.

“…Are you saying we were mere experimental beasts?”

They had always been in awe about their majestic civilization and the Satellite Fortresses.

A power that even their powerful bodies could not have.

A single beam could twist rivers and turn mountains into lakes overnight, this kind of power left everyone in awe.

But at the same time this power was a symbol of their pride.

Since it proved that they were the victors.

The symbol of them winning against the Higher Races who used these Satellite Fortresses.

These were mere loots.

So shouldn’t they have been existences standing even higher than the ones who created such things?

But for them to just be experiments.

‘That… We are even lower than pets…’

It was a treatment worse than pets and bugs.

Pektoril chuckled towards Karioram.

“Let me ask you one thing. Do you think we beat the Sages with a normal method? The Sages who had the spear of wrath, Akion, and rode on Satellite Fortresses?”


“The Sages had technology that could erase the earth and split the heavens, do you think our muscles, golden spears and golden armors worked against them? Do you really think we can win against them in a fight with our strength?”

Karioram fell into silence.

It was all true.

No matter how many of them there were, no matter how they had ambushed them, it was logically impossible for them to win against the people with such technology.

A single Satellite Fortress was enough to erase tens of thousands of them.

Even if they could fly up in the skies or a sixth sense or destruction beams, they were mere fireflies against a lamp.

And even more so if their strength was something the Sages had given them in the first place.

“Then how did we win? Aren’t we the ones standing on our two legs in the end?”

Pektoril mumbled as he looked at Karioram who was on the verge of tears with anger.

“Well. We were lucky.”

‘Very fucking lucky.’

Pektoril thought of the days when he first gained a consciousness.


Exactly 790 years ago.

Pektoril remembered this moment perfectly.

Since this was the moment Pektoril gained his consciousness and started to remember everything else upto this date.

So he had gained his consciousness.

Within the glass containers of the research labs and by the hands of the Sages.

And there were already other organisms which had been successful next to him.

Mouse, wolf and monkey.

The beasts, whom still remembered of their days in the jungle, were walking around the research labs under the guidance of the Sages with humanoid bodies.

And after they got used to their new body and consciousness, they had been released to the current Birdcage and had been able to live.

Maybe it was to stop them from escaping but the Birdcage, which was made of a strange material, limited their flight, Rebeloong’s communication abilities and the Arukon’s sixth sense but he remembered freely roaming around this place.

And he remembered the conversations of the Sages who was observing him and the others.

Anyways, the Akalachias weren’t really discontent from this lifestyle.

Though they went through a few experiments, it was pain they could handle with their powerful bodies and experimenting around with their the newly gained strength was exciting.

Pektoril, who had struggled for survival day by day in the jungle and longed for strength, a power like this and the ability to control mana was too good.

Days flew past extremely fast as he practiced controlling mana day by day and thought of things he couldn’t when he had been living in the Jungle.

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