On the peak of a mountain near the Barbarian Bull Clan, Long Yi was lying on a huge rock which protruded from the edge of a cliff. He was biting on a strand of grass as he stared blankly at the starry sky. With his eyes hazy, he seemed to be deep in thoughts. Sitting there alone, he looked as though he was isolated from the world.

He seemed to have already forgotten everything… He forgot that he came from another world, and he also forgot everything which happened in the other world. Yes, money, power and beauties. Long Yi had everything he had ever wanted at the moment. The things he possessed could be said that it would invoke the jealousy of the gods, however, there were still times where Long Yi would like to be alone. He actually enjoyed solitude once in a while.

“The sky sure is pretty, however, it can’t be touched……” Long Yi mumbled as he reached out his hand. Reaching out towards the night sky, it was as though Long Yi was trying to reach towards an unattainable dream.

From the ground beside him, Long Yi picked up a piece of leaf. Spitting out the blade of grass in his mouth, Long Yi blew at the leaf, producing a sad melody. A sad song slowly drifted out into the night.

In the end, Long Yi’s body suddenly became stiff and the music ceased abruptly. A familiar, yet unfamiliar face suddenly appeared in his mind.

“Little Qi……” Long Yi lost his grip on the leaf as it was blown away by the mountain breeze. It was swirling and fluttering as it floated down the cliff.

Long Yi’s handsome face was distorted with agony as the past events he had deliberately forgotten were replayed in his brain like a motion picture.


“Little Qi, this is an extremely pleasant melody. Why haven’t I heard it before?” Under the starry sky, a man with a scarred face looked at the woman who was sitting opposite him as he asked in a tender voice.

“That is because it was composed by me. I can teach it to you if you want.” Little Qi smiled as she looked at the scarred-face man with a warm look on her face.

“Of course I would like to learn it. I have nothing much left to do anyway. What is the title of this melody?” That scarred faced man smiled and asked. With a long scar on his face, the scarred-face man looked even more terrifying when he smiled. The scar was due to a knife wound which extended from his eye to his chin, covering half his face.

“Well, let’s call it starry sky. Currently, only the both of us knows how to play this song. From now on, whenever you play this melody, you must think of me!” Little Qi didn’t mind that terrifying smile as she looked at him shyly.


Coming back to his senses, Long Yi felt as though his face was wet. He raised his hand to clean his face, but before he touched his face, sparkling crystal clear water droplets rolled into his palm.

“Tears?” Long Yi sighed. Long Yi thought that he had already forgotten everything about his past world a long time ago. However, he realized that he had only buried his memories at the bottom of his heart. Although those memories were covered with a thick layer of dust, he had never forgotten anything.

When Long Yi was still thinking about his past life, he heard light footsteps. The teardrops at the corner of his eyes instantly evaporated as a calm expression appeared onto his face.

Nika was the person who was wandering about in the middle of the night. The moment she saw Long Yi standing at the top of the cliff, she jumped like a startled rabbit. She hesitated for a moment as she didn’t know if she should stay or run away. She was about to turn around and run down the moment when Long Yi called out to her.

“The starry sky is very beautiful tonight. How about looking at it together?” Long Yi smiled and asked.

Even though she didn’t answer him, Nika eventually started walking towards Long Yi. Her body responded more honestly compared to her consciousness.

“The only reason I came up here was because I heard someone playing music. I’m here to find out who it is.” Nika sat down and as she explained to Long Yi the reason she was wondering about in the middle of the night.

Nodding his head, Long Yi caught a whiff of Nika’s natural fragrance. His state of mind calmed down greatly.

“Was… Was that you?” Nika asked hesitantly.

As he heard Nika’s question, Long Yi nodded his head. Seeing Nika’s surprised expression, Long Yi chided with a cheeky smile on his face, “What? You don’t believe that I was the one who played the nice melody?”

“I believe you. However, it sounded really sad. Only people who have experienced extreme sadness would be able to play that melody. You don’t seem to be the type of person who experienced extreme grief before.” Nika said softly.

“You don’t need to show that you are sad. Neither do you need to show that you are happy. Happiness and sadness exist in your heart……” Long Yi looked into the distance as he quietly explained to Nika.

Nika was shocked when she heard Long Yi’s explanation. It had been a long time since Nika had known Long Yi, however, it seemed like she had never truly understood him.

“Can you play it again?” Nika asked as she looked at Long Yi with a hopeful gaze.

Shaking his head, Long Yi laughed as he said, “Nope! It’s enough to be sad once, why would you want to feel sad another time? I can play a happy tune for you if you like.”

Nika was a like a chicken pecking grains as she nodded her head up and down.

Picking up another piece of leaf on the floor, a melodious melody drifted into the night. Instead of a sad melody, a happy song played out. It was a song which could make others feel happy as well. Nika’s spirits lifted the moment she immersed herself into the song.

Nika held her chin in her palm and a smile appeared on her face. The song made her remember the happy times in the Elven Forest. She recalled her childhood where she and Princess Lu Xiya would often wander around Elven Forest picking up wild fruits as they chased after butterflies. She also recalled the time when she sneaked into the elven royal family’s wine warehouse with Princess Lu Xiya. They stole and drunk the Hundred Flowers Wine till they were both dead drunk. In the end, both of them were found by the elders dead drunk in the wine warehouse. The only thing Nika remembered was the expression on the elders’ face when they said that they hated iron for not becoming steel. When she thought about the things she did in the past, everything appeared funny.

Even though the song ended, Nika was still immersed in her happy memories. Her smile grew bigger and bigger and she eventually chuckled.

Her chuckle broke her train of thoughts as she came back to her senses. When she saw Long Yi staring at her with an amused expression, Nika felt her rage bubble up inside her. With a face red with both rage and embarrassment, she snapped at Long Yi, “What are you looking at! Haven’t you seen people laugh before?”

“Of course I have seen people laugh before. However, none of them were as beautiful as you when you laughed.” Long Yi said with a smile.

Rolling her eyes, Nika knew that Long Yi was only using sweet words and honeyed phrases to make her happy. However, she couldn’t help herself as she was delighted when Long Yi praised her.

“Let’s hear it, what did you think about just now?” Long Yi teased as he questioned Nika.

“Why do I have to tell you?” Nika snorted and turned her head away.

“As the saying goes, don’t forget the person who dug the well after drinking water. It was me who made you happy, as such, sharing your memories with me isn’t too bad.” Long Yi smiled as he subtly moved closer to Nika.

“You… don’t sit so close to me! I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you!” Nika suddenly felt Long Yi’s hand scrape past hers as her maiden heart started to beat wildly. She had no choice but to surrender as she volunteered to tell Long Yi everything she thought of.

Under the starry sky and gentle breeze, Nika began to tell amusing incidents of her childhood to Long Yi. Long Yi listened intently as his head leaned onto Nika’s shoulder all of a sudden.

Nika who was in the middle of telling her story shouted angrily when she felt Long Yi’s head on her shoulders. Instead of getting a reply from Long Yi, all she heard was Long Yi’s soft even breaths.

“Is he asleep?” Nika didn’t know if she should laugh or cry. Her stiff body slowly relaxed as she realized that Long Yi didn’t lean onto her on purpose. In her head, she thought of kicking Long Yi down the cliff while he slept. However, even though she tried to kick Long Yi off the cliff several times, she was unable to follow through with her thoughts. On the contrary, she felt a strange burst of warmth as she looked at Long Yi’s sleeping face.

Silently, Long Yi opened his eyes a little to stare at Nika’s cute and pretty face. It seemed as though his little scheme had succeeded. When he smelled her delicate fragrance, Long Yi felt extremely comfortable and he never wanted to get up.

“Ai, only this time, only this time……” Nika sighed softly and she tilted her body towards Long Yi in order to make him more comfortable.

Gradually, Long Yi’s head slid downwards, towards Nika’s legs. As his head slid past Nika’s soft mounds, he eventually reached her soft thighs.

“The profit of this time is big.” Long Yi who was pretending to asleep had wicked thoughts running through his mind.

When Nika saw that Long Yi was sleeping on her thighs, a tender look flashed through her eyes. She couldn’t help but to reach out her hand in order to lift the hair covering his face. Just as her fingertips touched the surface of Long Yi’s skin, she felt as though she was electrocuted. In an instant, she retracted her hands in fright as she had never felt something like this before.

Long Yi who had planned an elaborate scheme unexpectedly fell asleep in the beauty’s lap. All his plans were laid to waste as he couldn’t resist the urge to fall asleep.

When the eastern sky had a trace of grey, Nika sighed softly. Time flew as the warmth of yesterday was firmly engraved in her heart. However, Nika was still Nika no matter what warmth she experienced. She was the guard captain of the Elven Forest and she was also the guard who would watch over Princess Lu Xiya from the shadows. Apart from being a guard, she was nothing else.

With a gentle lift, Nika removed Long Yi’s head from her thighs. As she grabbed the elven bow at her side, she left. Just after taking two steps, Nika turned back in order to look at Long Yi for one last time. When she saw that Long Yi was still sleeping soundly, she rushed down the mountain like a gust of wind.

The moment Nika disappeared, Long Yi woke up as he climbed up the rock with a stiff neck. He stared into the distance with a pensive expression on his face as thoughts ran through his mind.

“This is such good weather. I wonder when the ice and snow in the Proud Moon Empire would melt.” Long Yi muttered while stretching his body.

When Long Yi arrived at the foot of the mountain, he managed to sense a wisp of aura which seemed to be intentionally let out.

“Come out.” Long Yi said with indifference.

A shadow quickly rushed over. He was covered with a layer of black cloth, which covered even his eyes. Legends Never Die Long Yi couldn’t help but think about how this fellow looked at stuff.

“Skynet number 8094 pays respect to Young Master. Captain Yin Jian has sent an urgent secret letter. Please take a look at it.” The shadow handed over a sealed letter disappeared after giving Long Yi a formal salute.

Dispersing the magic seal on the letter, Long Yi straightened out the letter as he read its contents. A frown formed on his face as he read the letter.

“The secret emissary of the Proud Moon Empire secretly met and discussed something with the chief of the Bimeng Clan.” Long Yi mulled over a single sentence in the letter. He smelled a conspiracy brewing.

This was a secret letter personally sent by Yin Jian, and he had stated that although there wasn’t concrete evidence, there was definitely something going on. The situation seemed to be pretty serious and Yin Jian had said that he would send out more information as soon as possible.

Conspiracy? What conspiracy? Long Yi pondered as he dashed into the forest. He had made the decision to rush towards the Elven Forest with the rest of the girls the moment he got back. As for Barbarian Bull who had just become a father, Long Yi decided to let him accompany his wife and child. Chapter 548: Worthy of a member of the Chu Family

Bastard Xiao Bai! What did you do to me? What kind of medicine did you use? When will I be able to move? Where did you take me?

She opened her mouth and shouted out, wanting to ask him, but she could not even understand her own words.

Her eyes widened and she looked at Chu Shao Bai like an angry little beast.

He smiled and misunderstood her meaning.

“You’re that hungry? Looking at how wide your eyes are, alright, alright, alright, I’ll feed you now.”

He leaned her against the head of the bed, putting a pillow behind her back, before sitting down on the bed. It was a simple green leaf soup made by farmers with a few green onions sprinkled on top. Although it was simple, it was also very fragrant.

After not eating for so long, this fragrance made her stomach grumble even more.

Her face turned slightly red and she felt this was embarrassing.

Chu Shao Bai suppressed the urge to laugh at her. Using a spoon to scoop up some soup, he placed it in front of her mouth.

“Have a bite.” He said in a warm voice.

She closed her lips and looked to the side.

No! She wouldn’t eat even if she died of hunger!

He had taken her away against her wishes, so she wouldn’t eat anything he gave no matter what!

The smile on Chu Shao Bai’s lips slowly became wider. This was his first time seeing this childish appearance on her face, it really was an indescribable kind of cute.

It made him want to tease her even more.

He gently rubbed the spoon against her lips a few times before saying to her with a smile, “If you don’t open your mouth, I will feed you mouth to mouth.” He deliberately leaned in, trying to scare her.

Her heart skipped a beat and her face flushed as she immediately glared at him.

You dare!

She used her eyes to tell him.

He immediately understood and said with a smile, “If you don’t eat, I will use this method to feed you. You think I don’t dare?” He pretended to bring the soup to his mouth to drink.

Alright, she admitted defeat!

He really was a member of the Chu Family! He acted like a rogue just like Mo Chuan! They were all extreme rogues!

Chen Ning grinded her teeth and could only open her mouth. Drinking a spoonful of soup, a warm feeling slipped into her stomach, feeling an indescribable kind of comfort.

“Is it tasty?” His eyes revealed a look of joy.

“Humph!” Chen Ning closed her eyes, ignoring him.

Chu Shao Bai smiled, not feeling angry at all. He brought another spoonful to feed her with.

Only he was used to being a highness and only had others feed him, where would he ever feed others. After feeding her a few spoonfuls, he was too careless and his wrist trembled, causing soup to spill onto her.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” He was afraid it would burn her, so his hands quickly went to rub it off.

Who would have thought that in his panic, he was more prone to cause accidents. The soup bowl in his hand trembled and most of it spilled onto her clothes.

“Ah!” He was at a loss, not knowing what to do.

It was a good thing this soup was not too warm and didn’t burn her. The greasy soup just clung to her body, making her feel very uncomfortable.

She wrinkled her brows and angrily glared at him.

“I…..I’ll help you dry it immediately!”

Chu Shao Bai’s head was covered in sweat. He used his sleeves to help her wipe the soup, but after rubbing twice, he felt something was wrong. His face suddenly turned red to the tip of his ears an his heart began to beat fast in his chest.

Her wet clothes clung tightly to her body, revealing her exquisite curves. It gave him a wet, soft, and warm feeling. He stared at her body with his eyes, not moving his gaze at all. Chapter 704: It’ll Be A Great Experience To Die In My Beloved’s Arms

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The smile on Di Fuyi’s face has gone, he said coldly, “I’m not joking with you!”

“But why her? Di Fuyi, you can just pick any girl in the world, why must you force her right now?

You know it, she doesn’t love you and you don’t love her, why must you make life difficult?” Long Siye grabbed his fists!

“Overlord Long, this is none of your business whether I love her or not! And the reason why I pick her…” Di Fuyi’s gaze on Gu Xijiu and smiled, “Perhaps, I like her?”

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