Misuzu said.

「 I’m also special. Master always bangs me until I’m completely exhausted. I’m Master’s only sex toy 」

Michi puffs her non-existent chest.

「 Speaking of which, I’m also special. He loves me the most after all. He’s always eating the food I make delightfully, he even told me that he’ll work in my bakery 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 If we’re going with that then I’m also special! He accepted Mao-chan and me. Even when I asked for his baby, he didn’t look displeased and just said “Sure” right away 」


「 Oh my, could it be that Megumi-chan’s the only one not special? 」

Katsuko-nee tells Megu.

「 I 」

Megu falters.

「 Just being a person he loves already makes you special. Then, if you want to steal the march and become the special among specials, then don’t just rub your fingers over there and how about try and work hard for once, Megumi-san? 」

Katsuko-nee said. Megu

「 But, I’m not as pretty as everyone 」

「 Look, do you know why we didn’t call Nei-chan here? 」

Nagisa asks.

「 If it’s just sheer beauty then we’re all no match against Nei-chan 」

Misuzu sighs.

「 Her face is super-beautiful, and even her proportions are too 」

「 Seriously 」

Katsuko-nee said. Michi nods.

「 Michi-pon, do you know that you’re the next most beautiful after Nei-chan due to your molding? 」

「 M-Misuzu-oneesama! I-I don’t have breasts! 」

「 Should I give you some? 」

Nagisa smiles wryly.

「 If it’s in strength then we can’t win against Margo-chan. Then Margo-chan has someone stronger than her, Kyouko-san’s like a demon 」

「 When it comes to sinister designs and craftiness, Ojou-sama has no match 」

「 No matter how much history Kouzuki house has, there are high-class people we can’t rival 」

Nagisa, Katsuko-nee, and Misuzu connect with each other.

「 Insecurities don’t go away no matter what your position is. Even if you’re royalty or a homeless, everyone yearns for the happiness they don’t have. Humans never feel satisfied 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 Therefore, Megumi-chan, you need to make a compromise with your own insecurities 」

Megu fell silent.

「 Actually, your legs are so long and beautiful and yet, why do you think that you’re not beautiful? 」

Misuzu caresses Megu’s feet.

「 You’re right, if it’s him then he’ll always look at Megumi-chan’s legs and ass 」

Katsuko-nee pokes my cheek.

「 I think he likes Megumi-chan’s face, her long slit eyes look lovely 」

Nagisa said and laughed.

「 Do you like me? 」

Megu asks me.

「 I do, obviously 」

I replied.

「 U-Un 」

Megu blushes shyly.

「 But, even I don’t understand it well. Would loving Megu really benefit her or not? 」

「 Yoshi-kun? 」

Megu looks at me.

「 Earlier, Katsuko-nee said that Megu doesn’t really need to be in our family, it made me think 」

Megu has an option to go back to Yamamine house and become happy.

「 What were you thinking? 」

「 If Megu finds a man better than me, she might become happier 」

「 Yoshi-kun 」

「 Because I have no charm as a man, I think that there are more men suitable for Megu 」

「 Don’t be ridiculous! 」

「 Besides, I have other women, my family. It’s impossible for me to love only Megu 」

「 I know that 」

「 But, I thought of Megu’s future 」

Instead of living with a criminal organization, Kuromori, it might be better for her to obtain ordinary happiness?

Megu’s the only one who can return to her ordinary school life.

「 Okay, that’s enough 」

Katsuko-nee stops me, smiling wryly.

「 Your insecurity is also quite massive 」


「 But, I think you should be honest with your desires a bit more 」


「 Okay, look at Megumi-chan 」

I do as Katsuko-nee told. I look at Megu’s naked body on top of the bed.

「 Megumi-chan’s beautiful isn’t she? 」

「 Yeah 」

「 Then, try to imagine 」


「 Megumi-chan over there is having sex with a man you don’t know 」

Megu and another man.

「 How do you feel? 」

「 I don’t like it 」

Honest words come out of my mouth.

「 Another man ejaculates inside Megumi-chan’s womb, and she gets pregnant. Imagine it 」

「 I don’t want that 」


「 Then be more selfish, greedy. You don’t need to hold back from us 」

Katsuko-nee whispers to me.

「 You want Megumi-chan to be your wife for the rest of your life, don’t you? 」

Megu looks at me. Her eyes are earnest.

「 Yeah, that’s right. Megu’s mine. I’ll never let Megu show her naked body to any other man 」

「 That’s right, Yoshi-kun, I’m only for Yoshi-kun. Yoshi-kun’s the only man who can embrace me 」


「 I don’t want to have sex with anyone but Yoshi-kun! 」

Misuzu caresses Megu’s crotch.

「 Megumi-san, you’re dripping again 」

Ruriko caresses my penis with her fingers.

「 Onii-sama’s raging too 」

Katsuko-nee lets go of my hand.

「 Now, go 」

Nagisa also lets go of Megu’s body.

「 Megumi-chan, go meet him 」

Misuzu and Ruriko let go of Megu and me.

「 Yoshi-kun, come! 」

Megu spreads her legs and shows her pink slit dripping with love nectar.


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