Just like this and she would be sentenced to death penalty? Shen Yanxiao did not anticipate that this matter would have unexpectedly developed into such from the direction of the joyful feelings of hers. However, thinking about it, at this moment, it was related to the Vermillion Bird clan’s reputation. If they were to miss this chance, they wouldn’t be sure as to when or how long they’ll have to wait for the Vermillion Bird Clan’s capability to be recovered. What’s more was that she was an orphaned, foolish crippled idiot. Using her to suppress everyone’s fury was a choice that could not be better.

On top of that, in eliminating a child of the third generation that is precisely a trash would also be somewhat beneficial for the children of the third generation and what could they have against it?

Without having any patron and anyone to depend on to, Shen Yanxiao who had just recently arrived onto this new world was suffering from the malice which was all around and was thrown at her.

Concealed within her sleeve was the little hands of hers that was clenching tightly while Shen Yanxiao was secretly grinding her teeth.

They had better hope that she wouldn’t make a comeback from this or else what these people had given her, she would absolutely pay back to them by ten times or hundred times. Vermillion Bird? Clan head of the Vermillion Bird? So long as she was able to live through this today, she would be determined to have the entire Vermillion Bird clan thoroughly change their clan head!

“Second uncle and fourth uncle, there is such a huge grievance from you two! What grandfather unknowingly needed was indeed this bastard!” Accompanying that gentle and sweet sounding voice that came through from outside of the door was the tightly secured entrance of the main room being slowly opened. That juvenile with that slender body appearance was wearing onto a white cloth and that gentleness like jade seemed as if the god had descended down to the world. That smiling expression was as if the juvenile was given a joyful news. The juvenile then dignifiedly stepped into the main room.

Behind the juvenile’s back was 4 robust men lifting up a huge iron cage as they sluggishly entered into the main room.

Within that iron cage was a white snow fox with half the height of a human quietly leaning onto the metal cage. It had a pair of dark green pupil of the eyes were slightly bent upwards and that lustre of that snow white fur which generally captivated person.

“Shen Siyu……”

That juvenile that had came trippingly had drawn uproar from everyone within the main room.

The juvenile wasn’t really the kin of the Vermillion Bird clan but rather an orphan that Shen Feng had brought back to the Vermillion Bird clan ten years ago to be fostered. There wasn’t anyone that had knew about his ancestry and they had only knew that Shen Feng had named him as Shen Siyu. His seniority in this clan was similar to the children of the third generation.

Shen Siyu was just 18 years old and that handsome complexion of his would have overshadowed Shen Yifeng’s elegance. If it was to be said that Shen Yifeng’s handsomeness was like the stars in the night sky then Shen Siyu would precisely be that moon in the night sky.

How could the brightness of a star could be a contestant to the moon’s splendor?

The appearance of Shen Siyu had went beyond everyone’s expectation for he would often emphatically not be at the Vermillion Bird clan for most of the time he would be dispatched by Shen Feng to elsewhere and his whereabouts were erratic. With regards to every movement of Shen Siyu, all of the movements were following the personal arrangement of Shen Feng. There was no need to say about Shen Siyu’s whereabouts, even the depth of his strength itself within the Vermillion Bird clan was an enigma.

If it was really not due to the fact that Shen Siyu was not the descendant of the Vermillion Bird clan, it was very likely that Shen Duan and Shen Yue, the children of the second generation would long ago joined hands in eliminating this godson that Shen Feng had valued the most.

It had to be said that these past years, Shen Siyu had matured and became more handsome with that air of elegance. The loftiness that was emitted from every one of his movement had made Shen Duan not daring to be acting rashly.

“Before this grandson had returned to the city, I have heard about the matters from the God’s domain and have learnt that the sage needed a Snow Spiritual Fox as a gift. On my journey in returning back, this grandson has fortunately meet this little thing and easily brought back to give to grandfather. I still hope that grandfather will please kindly accept this.”

Within Shen Siyu’s canthus was a smile that was contained and that handsome complexion of his was like the most perfect work of an art from the Heavens. Chapter 18 Death Penalty Exemption Golden Medallion Part 3

The moment when Shen Jiayi who was standing behind Shen Yue’s back had saw Shen Siyi’s arrival, a layer of blush had risen to the surface of her face. That pampered bully of the former days had no longer existed and there was only the existence of a young lady that was in infatuation.

“Great! Great!” After blanking for a moment, Shen Feng immediately laughed out.

Not taking everyone’s gaze into consideration, Shen Siyu walked with quick step up to Shen Yanxiao’s side. During the moment when Shen Yanxiao who had still been unable to react and respond, Shen Siyu spreaded both his arms and embraced her in his bosom.

“Yanxiao, I have returned. You can be relieved for as long as there is still me, there will be no one who can bully you.” Shen Siyu’s voice was very light and very tender.

However, those words which had transmitted to likes of Shen Duan’s ears was nevertheless like those ear-piercing thunder rolls.

Shen Yanxiao blinked her eyes. In sniffing in that fleeing cool and fresh breath, she was silently thinking of……

Wouldn’t this be considered as her being indecently assaulted!

Within her brain, the memories of Shen Siyu had subsequently sprang up. If it was to be said that Shen Yanxiao was the disgrace of the Vermillion Bird clan, then Shen Siyu would precisely be the pride of the Vermillion Bird clan. It was only a pity that he wasn’t the blood relation of the Vermillion Bird clan and would be incapable of in succeeding the position of the clan head.

However, this ‘pride’ had nevertheless treated this ‘shame’ especially well which was different from Shen Yifeng who had pretended righteousness where Shen Siyu was sincerely treating her well. Based on the initial memories of her, on every appearance of Shen Siyu, it would always be in protecting Shen Yanxiao from being framed by others. From Shen Siyu’s obstruction, only then, will other people like Shen Yue not make fierce moves on Shen Yanxiao. However, the well treatment from Shen Siyu to Shen Yanxiao had also cause Shen Jiayi to be sick of Shen Yanxiao.

That sense of crisis of a young lady had truly nevertheless filled her full with the fires of jealousy.

Perhaps it was due to the previous memories of the possessed body that had came about a trace of familiar feeling within Shen Yanxiao towards Shen Siyu. Towards this older brother, she was not particularly conflicted.

However, at this very moment, Xiu’s blurted out a sentence.

“Not bad.”

What was not bad? Shen Yanxiao was not very clear about it.

At the same time when he was pacifying this little bastard within his bosom, he warned those people that had conspired and had went against the law. Shen Siyu kneaded Shen Yanxiao’s little head, you can see it in his eyes that Shen Yanxiao is the apple of his eyes .

“Siyu, you have done quite well this time. What rewards do you want?” Shen Feng’s state of mind was pretty well with that Spiritual Snow Fox.

Looking back and froth at Shen Yanxiao who was in his bosom and that Spiritual Snow Fox, Shen Siyu faintly smiled as he said, “If it is so, then grandfather, please do pardon Yanxiao’s wrongdoing. Apart from this, this grandson has no other request.”

What’s with this attitude of ‘fiercely protecting one’s children’?! Shen Yue and Shen Duan stupefyingly looked at this strongest rival of their own sons. They did not dare to believe that after this guy had returned with a great merits, the rewards would have unexpectedly used onto the body of this trash!

Shen Feng smiled as he said, “If that can make you happy, so be it.”

No one dared to question what Shen Feng had said.

Speaking about it again, it was simply too worthwhile with the regards to the exchange between this one opportunity in rousing the Vermillion Bird with a life of an idiot. If Shen Siyu was to then say that he had wanted to become one of the agreed candidate of the Vermillion Bird clan, then it would be very likely that they would have to cry themselves to death within their own room.

Although Shen Yifeng had the grasp in instant killing Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei, Shen Yifeng would always feel that he would have been the one that would be insta-killed if he was to face Shen Siyu.

That one episode of dispute had thus came to an end. The death of the Spiritual Snow Fox along with the arrival of the new Spiritual Snow Fox was to be hidden and not be spoken openly. After Shen Feng had said some words, he then dismissed everyone. This time around, he had personally arranged his trusted aide in looking after the dungeon to prevent the occurrence of the misfortune once again.

As for Shen Yanxiao, she had felt that the event from the beginning up to the end had nothing to do with her.

Without a doubt, if it was not for Shen Siyu who had abruptly brought the ‘Death Penalty Exemption Golden Medallion’ which was like a god had descended, she would have possibly pleaded with the great master Xiu to make a move to save that tiny life of hers. Chapter 19 Eating One’s Own Bitter Fruit Part 1

This kind of experience had forced Shen Yanxiao to deeply think how insignificant she was as of now. Before the presence of Shen Duan and Shen Yue or the enormous presence of the Vermillion Bird clan, she was powerless in struggling and resisting against them.

She could only clenched tightly onto that trump card of hers which was to speed up the undoing of her seal which in turn would allow her to become more stronger and then returned all of the frights that she had received and pounded onto her today.

After a round of her treating the matter as if they were unrelated to her, Shen Yanxiao did not suffer from any loss and all of this were actually due to an older brother that had an extremely serious attitude in fiercely protecting ‘his children’.

On her previous life, Shen Yanxiao was an orphan. Since she was young, she had scattered and ran within the entire city. All of her foods and clothing that she had were all dependent on the skills of hers where she seized her chance in stealing other people’s stuff. [Literal meaning-Leading away a goat in passing] At the time when she was 15 years old, she was only picked up by the people from the organization to be nurtured. Within the organisation, it was certain that there was no one who had cared for her life or death. During that early moment when she was brought back, she was brought back with an ample amount of orphans amounting up to more than a hundred of them. However, after the course of the 3 years of time frame, ultimately, there was only 3 person left that had survived the training.

Never had her experience an affection that had gotten through to her but for the first time ever, she came across such a person who had incessantly protected her which was why it was one kind of a shocking scene to her.

There was no need to mention about those two brats, Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei for even in front of the presence of Shen Yue and Shen Duan, Shen Siyu’s loftiness was like one where he could hold the pass against ten thousand enemies by himself. And so, those two brats who had originally taken pleasure in bullying Shen Yanxiao could only somewhat cast their eyes onto Shen Siyu. After that, they immediately at once obediently rolled till the corner and constantly dawdle at there.

Shen Jiayi had originally wanted to take advantage on the time that Shen Siyu had returned by showing him that adoring intention of hers by nurturing some youngsters all of a sudden. However, Shen Siyu had lead Shen Yanxiao with one hand of his and had just walked past her without even glancing at her sideways. Even that voice of hers greeting Shen Siyu, ‘How are you Brother Shen Siyu’ had already been put aside to be broken into dust by the wind force.

In the eyes of Shen Siyu, apart from the clan head, Shen Feng, only Shen Yanxiao was the sole person capable of receiving his recognition.

As for those dregs, he doesn’t even want to grant them the luxury of a glance.

Accompanying Shen Siyu’s return were large quantities of culinary foods and gadgets that were sent to Shen Yanxiao’s tiny room which was not spacious at all. Shen Siyu was so busy to the point where he had no time to accompany Shen Yanxiao as Shen Feng had sent people right away to summon him.

Sitting cross legged on top of her bed, Shen Yanxiao’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch as she looked at the desserts and gadgets that had piled up like a mountain on top of the table.

As for those desserts, she could still somehow understand but those little things are clearly what a preschool child would have liked. Just what kind of a joke was this!

It was quite evident that all along, Shen Siyu had treated Shen Yanxiao and pampered her as if she was like a baby. However, as of now, Shen Yanxiao’s soul was indeed an adult. In confronting with this childish item, she did not know whether to laugh or cry and all she could was to silently ask the firmament.

If not gold and silver, even gifting her jewels and accessories would be good, at least one can sell them for money!

Just at that moment when Shen Yanxiao was inwardly wiping away her tears, in a rage, Shen Jiayi, who had been ignored by Shen Siyu had killed her way into the room.

The moment when she entered into the room, she immediately saw that pile of presents on top of the table and that pair of eyes of hers which filled with anger had momentarily became red in jealousy.

“You, idiot, on what basis had made Brother Siyu treat you that well! You are simple just a trash! Idiot! Even the most inferior servant within the mansion is one hundred times stronger than you! You simply do not deserve to have Brother Siyu’s items!” Gripping her fist tightly, Shen Jiayi tenaciously glared at Shen Yanxiao who was sitting on top of the bed where within the eyes of hers was the unwillingness that had practically burnt away all of her rationality.

In looking at face of Shen Yanxiao which was not special to look at, Shen Jiayi’s hatred at reached to the extreme.

She was obviously much more prettier and smarter compared to this idiot. Then, just why was it that the gaze of Shen Siyu had always nevertheless placed onto the body of a trash. She was unwilling and not resigned to the fact that she herself had unexpectedly would lose this kind of trash that had nothing at all! Chapter 20 Eating One’s Own Bitter Fruit Part 2

With quick steps, Shen Jiayi walked till to the front of the desk. She then lifted her hands and spread open her palms. A very small flame which was ignited at the hollow of her palm had gradually coagulated and inflated.

As for those people who had cultivated their magic before the rank 6, the amount of skills that they could master was simply not that much and the skill that Shen Jiayi was using as of now was precisely the fireball technique which was one of those few countable skills.

“You don’t deserve them!”

With jealousy, Shen Jiayi shot out that fireball that was at the hollow of her palm. In accompanying with that rumbling loud sound was a scarlet flame that was frantically engulfing that pile of fine gifts that were on the table. Within a blink of an eye, those sweet smelling desserts which had its smell scattered everywhere together with those fine gadgets were all combusted inside the raging flames and had instantly turned into ashes.

From the start till to the end, without any sort of reaction, Shen Yanxiao was sitting on top of the bed as she silently looked at Shen Jiayi who had became radical due to her jealousy.

In burning those things that did not belonged to her, the jealousy in Shen Jiayi’s heart had nevertheless declined the slightest bit. She knew that Shen Siyu was summoned by Shen Feng and within the whole Vermillion Bird clan, there was simply no one that would show up at Shen Yanxiao’s room at this moment. Therefore, no matter what she was to do to this idiot at this very moment, there would simply be no one to prevent it from happening at all!

The jealousy and the unwillingness had urged Shen Jiayi to approach Shen Yanxiao step by step. In relying on her being slightly taller to Shen Yanxiao, Shen Jiayi grabbed Shen Yanxiao’s neck firmly and roughly dragged her out of the bed in advancing towards that combusting flame.

“I actually really want to see whether Brother Siyu would have still pitied you, this ugly idiot after burning away your hairs and eyebrows!” Shen Jiayi fiercely said. With the outside of the room being guarded by Shen Jiawei, she simply did not have to worry about others finding out about the conduct of hers. Even if there was someone that had taken notice to what have happened during this whole event, it would have also be treated as Shen Yanxiao being careless and had overturned the candle flame which had resulted in creating a fire that had burnt away all of the presents as well as her own hairs!

There would be no one that would have suspected her for there was simply no one who would have cared about the life or death of this idiot!

Except for Shen Siyu.

Brats of nowadays were getting more and more savage. Shen Yanxiao still naively follow Shen Jiayi as Shen Jiayi dragged her nearer to the flame. However, inside the eyes of Shen Yanxiao, a vile smiling expression had nevertheless flashed past.

As it became more and more distinct that the heatwave could be felt brushing across the skin, Shen Yanxiao squinted her eyes and looked at the frenzied Shen Jiayi as well as the heap of raging and combusting flame in front of her. The corner of her rosy mouth curved up inadvertently into a sinister smile. A portion of formless qi flowed and condensed at Shen Yanxiao’s fingertips which had gradually formed into a tiny flame. That flame was concealed behind the back of hers whereas Shen Jiayi who was in front of her was simply did not discovered about it.

In seeing that she arrived in front of the combusted table, within Shen Yanxiao’s eyes, ‘a sinister flower bloomed out’. The very small flame was sent out flying like an arrow leaving the bow!

Just when Shen Jiayi wanted to drag Shen Yanxiao into the flame, Shen Jiayi felt a burst of piercing pain at her ankle. Without the slightest amount of guarding from her, the body of hers had momentarily lost balance and in a panic, the body of hers had directly fell facing onto that bonfire!!!

As the blazing flame had wrapped her up, that high temperature had invaded Shen Jiayi’s whole body. The burn wound that had spread onto her skin had her unable to contain herself from miserably shrieking. She simply did not know what happened to her and just how she mysteriously tripped and fell into the bonfire.

In the midst of those sharp pains, Shen Jiayi who was within that bonfire struggled as she rolled and the eyes of hers were unconsciously looking at the tiny silhouette which was standing outside of the flame.

Shen Yanxiao was still with that sort of slight built and still had that unprepossessing face. Chapter 21 Eating One’s Own Bitter Fruit Part 3

However, at this very moment, that Shen Yanxiao that she had ridiculed as well as bullied on for a long time was actually standing in front of her and was overlooking at her who was miserably shrieking inside that bonfire.

Within that pair of eyes of hers, that mudleheadedness of hers in the former days had long changed from that of ignorance and confusion all along into an unfamiliar yet dreadful look looking down onto Shen Jiayi.

Shen Yanxiao quietly stood in front of the bonfire and looked at the miserable look of Shen Jiayi being engulfed by the flame. Shen Yanxiao was very clear that this kind of a flame would simply be not enough burn Shen Jiayi who had cultivated magical powers to death and it would only made her suffer some superficial wounds. Therefore, Shen Yanxiao did not have to worry about whether Shen Jiayi would have died or not. Shen Yanxiao merely had to stand at her original place and quietly enjoy that face of Shen Jiayi twisting in pain.

The moment when Shen Jiawei who was guarding at the outside of the door had heard that miserable shrieks, he had somehow felt that it was fishy. After all along with that familiar voice that had produced out more and more miserable and mournful shrieks, he had only came to realise that there was some problem. With that bumping sound, he knocked open the door of the room.

In that split second when the door was opened, the scene that was drawn into the eyesight of hers as Shen Jiayi was struggling inside the flame. As for what that had made Shen Jiawei astonished was actually that one person who was standing beside that flame which was Shen Yanxiao where she was wearing a smile.

“Jiawei! Save me!” Shen Jiayi could only beg for help from her younger brother as she simply had no way in getting out of the jammed destroyed burnt wooden table where the flame was mercilessly burning and roasting her body.

Only then did Shen Jiawei’s soul returned back to his body in a flurry. He did not have the time to ponder on that unfamiliar and very sinister smile that was on Shen Yanxiao’s face as he hurriedly ran out of the room to call for help.

After a short period of time, Shen Yue had then brought a group people and hurried to Shen Yanxiao’s room. After a few buckets of clear water, the intensity of the fire had finally subsided.

As for Shen Jiayi who had been tormented by the flame for ages, she had already passed out long ago due to the fright as well as the lack of endurance of her physical strength.

Around a quarter of an hour before evening, those people that had came to be inquired as well as Shen Feng and Shen Siyu had looked at the room which was in a mess. After they had looked at the room, their complexion were unsightly.

Shen Feng who was standing in front of the door was frowning as he looked at Shen Yue’s face which was filled with anger as he held Shen Jiayi. Before, Shen Feng had yet had the time to open his mouth, Shen Siyu who was at his side had already first walked till Shen Yanxiao’s side. He then pulled her to one side and inspected on every part of her body to see whether she was injured or not.

“Shen Yanxiao. You have fairly done well!” Shen Yue distressingly looked at the daughter of his which was still at the bosom. If it was not for the fact that Shen Feng was here at this moment, it was very likely that he would have already long ago pounced Shen Yanxiao and ripped her apart into fragments.

As Shen Siyu had Shen Yanxiao protected behind his back, he looked at Shen Yue and said, “Second uncle, why do say such a thing? Just what had this matter got to do with Yanxiao?”

“How could it be that she is unrelated to this matter? Jiayi was injured in her room and it is very clear that it is this vile spawn that has harbour this evil intention tin wanting to injure Jiayi!” No matter how Shen Feng was to think about it, Shen Yue had always from the beginning just would not be convinced that Shen Yanxiao being this kind of trash would have been one of the blood relations of the Vermillion Bird clan.

Raising this kind of trash was precisely a disgrace to the Vermillion Bird clan and yet, nowadays she was rushing into disaster in quick succession. As of now, she had injured his daughter and how could he possibly tolerate her.

The usually gentle Shen Siyu squinted his eyes and a smear of dangerousness flashed past his eyes.

“All of you, just shut up!” Shen Feng shouted loudly in a low voice. In a glance, he glared at Shen Yue who was rambling.

“I will say it one more time. She is Shen Yu’s child. If there is anyone who had dared to carelessly reproach again, then that person had better rolled out!”

Shen Yue could only clenched his teeth and pushed down that anger in his heart as he said, “Dad, Jiayi is indeed your biological granddaughter and as of now, she was actually unexpectedly being injured by this trash. Could it be that you are not going to care about this matter!”

Family relationship. If Shen Jiayi was Shen Feng’s granddaughter, then how was Shen Yanxiao not one? Shen Yanxiao sneered in her heart as she stood behind Shen Siyu. “If I haven’t remembered it wrongly, Shen Jiayi had already cultivated her magic till rank 5. Second uncle, are you trying to say that Shen Jiayi who is rank 5 in magic is injured by Yanxiao who is completely lacking in magic and dou qi?” A trace of mild anger had floated up on the face of Shen Siyu which was previously gentle like jade. That trace of angry intention had nevertheless added another share of aloof and remote air to the cultured and refined gentleman in the former days.

Even if it was precisely Shen Yue, he too had finally perceived that share of powerful oppressing feel emitting out of Shen Siyu’s own body and was inwardly fearful.

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