It wasn’t broad, it could even be considered narrow in a way, and there was a tall wall at the end of it.

No one would go there if they had any sense.

If it had not been for the drunkard’s accidental discovery, the body would have rotted away before anyone could have found it.

Kieran inspected the ground carefully.

He entered the alleyway and turned on his [Tracking].

He could clearly see a set of messy footprints and the remaining blood stains.

It was not much use though. The messy footprints overlapped too many times, so he was unable to differentiate between them.

The blood stains revealed the location of the body, but did not help much either.

Kieran could not help but frown.

This was not what he had been looking for.

He observed both sides of the alley. There was a red stain on the wall on his left side.

A blood stain.

Kieran walked over and inspected it.

His brain started to function as he speculated about the situation.

“There are no dragging marks on the ground. The killer must have carried the body to the scene. The blood from the body might have seeped through a little, hence the blood on the wall. It should not have been that much though, or there would have been drops of blood on the ground. That means that the place where the killer killed the woman is not far from here! The killer must have purposely destroyed the woman’s face beyond recognition to hide her identity.”

Kieran measured the height of the blood stain.

“The killer was not very tall, but he must have been very strong. Otherwise, he would not have been able to carry the body all the way here! Besides, he scraped the left side of the wall, which means that he was carrying the body on his left shoulder, so he must have been left-handed! He also ripped the woman apart, so he must have hated her and been very familiar with butchering. Why would he have chosen not to bury or burn the body, if not to show off?” Kieran asked himself.

The body had been dumped there, even though the alley was secluded.

It would have been much safer to just bury or burn it.


Unless this was more convenient for the killer.

It would never raise any questions.

Kieran turned his eyes outside the alleyway. Even from deep within the alley, he could clearly see a coolie carrying goods.

It seemed like the people making a living there only confirmed his speculations.

“Carl, I think I might have gotten something here!” Kieran told the young police officer.

“What did you find?”

The young officer looked surprised. Despite the rumours about Kieran’s skills, it still seemed unbelievable that he had discovered something so fast.

“The killer had to be shorter than you, but very strong and also left-handed. Go ask around who had been mingling with a redhead. He also might have been a butcher or something along that line. You might get something!” Kieran pointed at the coolie further away from them.

As a policeman, Carl might have a better chance if he asked questions around.

Even better with a sense of authority. Which was what Kieran wanted.

If the killer was really a coolie, that would be enough to scare him and force some kind of clue out of him.

“Oh… Okay.” The young policeman was a little hesitant, but he still fulfilled his request.

Once again, Kieran’s identity had proven useful.

Everything was going according to his expectations.

After a while, he heard a commotion from the place where the coolies gathered.

An average-height, strong-looking fellow had pulled out a dagger and was holding a skinny guy hostage.

The crowd quickly dispersed.

The young policeman was trying to handle the situation, but he did not have it under control.

Quite the opposite, as the man became more agitated, he used the dagger in his hand to slice the neck of his hostage.

A line of fresh blood spilled out, shocking the crowd.

Kieran had to do something.

Using Carl’s identity to lure the killer out had worked, but he did not want to cause any more casualties.

Suddenly, Kieran noticed something and frowned a little.

A hand had been inching towards Kieran’s pocket during the confrontation. Chapter 42: St. Paolo School

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Before the hand could reach Kieran’s coat pocket, Kieran grabbed it hard and twisted it.

The sound of bones dislocating was heard.

[Grasping: Overpowered Target by 2 Levels, Inflicted 20 Damage to Target HP, Dislocated Target’s arm…]

“Let go! Let go! MY HAND!” the thief screamed in agony.

In the face of sheer pain, the thief did not remember to hide his face. He just shouted with all his might, his body kneeling down due to the immense pain, snot and tears covering his face in an instant.

The sudden shouts and change of events attracted the crowd’s attention.

They even attracted the killer with the hostage and Carl, who had been confronting him.

The killer was quicker than Carl though.

He pushed the hostage straight into Carl’s face, preventing him from moving forward, and then swung his dagger around madly, pushing through the crowd.

The crowd saw the crazy killer with the swinging dagger, and quickly moved out of his way.

In an instant, a safe path was carved out through the crowd.

At the end of that path, stood Kieran.

“F*ck off!” The killer lunged towards Kieran with the dagger.

He was the only person blocking his escape, so he had no intention of sparing his life.

The dagger was moving fast toward its target, but it was not precise. It lacked the necessary technique.

With his [Sharp Weapon (Dagger)] skill at Master Level, Kieran could tell that the killer’s stabbing technique was flawed.

Other than the sheer force of the killer, there was nothing to be afraid of.

The driving force of the stab was no stronger than an average man’s.

Kieran stood right there, calculating the attack, with no intention of dodging or ducking.

The scene was too much for the crowd to handle. It looked like Kieran had been stunned by the incoming attack and could not move at all.

The poor guy.

The crowd felt pity for him.

Of course that was all their merciful heart could do at that particular moment.

They couldn’t save Kieran from the attack.

They stayed away from the killer, scared of spilling blood onto their clothes. That was the only reason that could explain the choice they made.

However, not all of them were cowards.

“Careful!” Carl could not help but shouted at Kieran.

He pushed the hostage away while he struggled to get up and dash towards Kieran.

Just as the young policeman stood up, the crazy killer that was rushing forward was sent flying backwards. The man fell to the ground, blood flowing out of his mouth.

What had just happened?

Carl stood there with a puzzled look on his face.

The crowd shared the same expression with him.

Everything had happened in a flash. No one had seen what had really happened.

The only person who knew what had transpired was Kieran.

While the killer had been approaching him, Kieran had moved slightly and launched a straightforward kick. The killer’s dagger had slashed through Kieran’s coat, but Kieran’s kick had landed hard on the man’s abdomen.

Kieran’s [Strength] Level was currently at E-, but when he struck using his legs, the [Hand-to-hand Combat] special effect was triggered, boosting his Strength up to E Level momentarily.

Such power definitely exceeded a normal person’s.

According to Lawless, and using [Strength] as an example, this was how levels were categorized.

F-: Less than a grown man’s strength; a woman’s strength.

F: An average fully-grown man’s strength.

F+: A strong, buff body, like a coolie’s working at a station or at the docks.

E-: An amateur weightlifter.

E: Professional Weightlifting Level.

E+: Weightlifting World Champion

For one’s rank to reach D or higher, they had to have superhuman strength.

Kieran’s strength level could not be considered superhuman, or even E+ Rank Weightlifting World Champion. As a matter of fact, he could only reach E Rank Professional Weightlifting Level because of the triggered special effect from [Hand-to-hand Combat], but still no one could deny that Kieran was stronger than the average person.

The blood-vomitting killer was proof enough.

[Straight Kick: Inflicts 70 Damage to Target HP, (Hand-to-hand Combat (Master))…]

“Carl, I think this fellow here is the killer that your Chief has been looking for. Take him to John, it will relieve some of his anxiety. Oh, and I think this guy here belongs to a gang. You could probably arrest an extra pickpocketing gang!”

Tit for tat. It was only fair.

As for the thieves, Kieran had chosen to stay out of it, because he knew that thieves around the station were like wild grass. You picked one off, and another took his place. Not even a prairie fire could destroy wild grass. It would grow right back once the spring breeze blew.

However, the thief had struck Kieran and almost ruined his original plan.

Kieran was not going to stay calm while being treated like that.

He was not one to tolerate things.

He was more of the aggressive type who liked to solve the problem at hand.

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