It seems like they had changed quite a lot within those 7 years.

“Well. It’s not that bad. There isn’t as many as I thought there would be.”


“I thought there would be many more people who hated me than this.”

“I don’t think you understand what kind of a situation you’re in. The outside should be in a chaotic situation.”

One of the women who had been standing next to the man walked out and smirked.

“But mister is it true that you don’t kill anyone? Is that for real? After researching for a bit it seems that you hadn’t killed anyone. Why did you come alone then?”

Hansoo spoke towards the woman.

“I trust in myself. And that policy changed a bit.”


“I changed my policy a few days ago you see. I feel like I should be a bit more direct.”




“It’s a sneak attack!”

The moment Hansoo was caught in the formation, countless explosions occurred from all around.



The adventurers who had trusted the Akadus were swept off at the sudden attack of the high-level adventurers.

The Akadus would’ve acted if the adventurers tried to attack the Akaron but they didn’t when they attacked other humans.

Since Hansoo had locked them in case of excessive repression on the people.

The man who had the mask on him made an extremely content expression as he saw this scene from above.

‘I see my orders aren’t transmitted that well inside the formation.’

“Heheh. Play with them for a bit in there.”

The man who had abducted Gwanje’s wife laughed as he looked at the black marble who was made of tens of formation layers in the distance.

‘Quite greedy fellows.’

People rushed and fought each other and got into the formation after finding out that Hansoo had the king’s power.

It wasn’t that weird since the one who finished Hansoo off would likely receive it.

‘Well. It doesn’t matter who wins.’

The masked man looked next to him and spoke.

“Everything going according to plan right?”

The tens of formation users all nodded.

No matter what happened inside, he couldn’t come out.

The man spoke with relief.

“Good, good. Then we will now kill all those pretty ones who came up from below. Resistance means death.”

Cut off the arms and legs after trapping the head.

Since they trapped the one who could order the Akadus, the Akadus would be useless for quite a while.

The man sent a message to the formation users.

The formation users all nodded.

The power of the formation wasn’t doubled just because two formations were layered.

Only when the formations are mixed well and synergize would the power increase by numerous times.

They had tens of these people.

They could trap anybody they wanted.


As everything went to his plan, the man made a very content expression.

At that moment.


The core of the formation the man was looking at, the black marble, suddenly vibrated while making trembling noises.

The man frowned as he saw this.

“I said not to activate it yet. Use it when he weakens a bit more.”

If it’s activated too early then the people inside might all resist together.

At that moment the formation users made confused expressions.

“We didn’t do it.”


Kudududk. Uududuk.

During the moment the man was shocked, the vibration of the black marble intensified.

“Motherfucker! Just blow it apart!”

The moment the man shouted.


A crack appeared on the surface of the madly trembling marble.

And a golden light came out from the cracks.

And then a huge explosion.



The man covered his head with his arms as he cursed out.

And Hansoo walked out from the exploded marble.

No, he wasn’t the only one who had come out from the marble.


One of the formation users screamed as he looked at the thousands of pieces of body parts.

The man grinded his teeth as he looked at that.

“You crazy bastard… Did you really kill that many people…”

The man mumbled as he looked at Hansoo walking out.

“I didn’t come unprepared you see.”

Hansoo calmed down as he looked around.

A sea of flames.

The casualties were increasing due to the sudden attacks.

Hansoo stared at the man in front of him who was looking at him in confusion.

A fly.

Just a fly.

These guys were just flies as Gwanje said and worried about.

Things which would land upon a normal piece of meat, lay eggs and make it rot so others wouldn’t be able to eat it.

‘Infinite possibilities of humans. I don’t know about that shit.’

The important thing was that he would be able to unify everyone much faster once he dealt with these guys.

And the fact that the people for which he would have needed to spend a huge amount of time to filter out had all come out like this.

‘Everything will be done very quickly huh.’

The man looked at Hansoo with a fearful expression but then laughed confidently as if he had thought of something.

“There are quite a bit of your friends who we have caught while you were in there. You should think of your friends. Can I kill them all then?”

Hansoo had raised them carefully below.

And he was quite friendly with the woman in front of him.

He should at least have a bit of feelings about them.

‘Can you really throw away that many people’s lives?’

Hansoo laughed maniacally as he looked at the man.

“Don’t decide things too quickly.”


“You can decide after you see what happened to the others.”



“Look carefully and decide.”

Hansoo grasped the neck of one of the formation users next to the man in an instant, looked at the man and mumbled.

1. This is the first time the are mentioned in the novel. Chapter 135: Infection (3)

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