In the middle of her greeting, her voice suddenly became very quiet.

Completely taken by surprise with the Madame’s remark, Yuri and Liliana

simultaneously went “Eh?” quietly.

“Aisha-san, I hope you can stop misunderstanding. Whether Erica,

Seishuuin or these two here, they’re all my friends, not that kind of bizarre

relationship — “

“H-Here you go talking like that again! 1-1 know everything already!”

The Madame shouted at Godou for his interruption.

“Since Kusanagi-san represents the pinnacle of popularity, you not only

took turns enjoying love adventures with two girls, but not satisfied with

that, you also established a residence in the city no different from a harem,

intending to indulge yourself in a life of depraved lust.”

“P-Please don’t be ridiculous.”

“So, aren’t you having love adventures right now? Aren’t you cohabiting

with them?”

“…Indeed that is true. So even more girls will be added to that residence…”

“H-Hold on, Aisha-san, you’re also one of the freeloaders living there.

Aren’t you part of the reason why the female ratio went up?”

Listening to their conversation, Liliana and Yuri both frowned.

Godou could feel the pressure coming from them while he was raising his

objections. The Madame clapped.

“Oh right, I have something else to say about that. Since I have decided to

assume my post as the new chieftain, I shall be moving over there.”

Before the goddess’s threat passed, she was going to live near the

outpost, the Madame told them.

This was an important stronghold where the Frankish warriors and leaders

gathered. Moving the chieftain’s residence nearby was only natural.

However, Godou said:

“I think it’s better if you quit being chieftain straight away…”

“What are you talking about? Someone needs to take on the job of

protecting the Frankish warriors from the gods.”

“No, just leave the fighting to me. Also, could you please stop the reversal

of your authority.”

Earlier, when they were using Liliana’s flight magic to approach Colonia


Godou noticed that the air was gradually growing cold. Even though it was

clearly spring right now, the air felt like midautumn’s. Also, he had also

experienced the same phenomenon before.

That was before the duel against Uldin when the Madame had reversed

her healing authority.

According to Madame Aisha, reversing the power she had usurped from

the spring goddess Persephone would produce [Winter’s Authority] — the

ability to bring a freezing calamity to a vast region in the surroundings.

Deciding she must be prevented from using this power, Godou spoke up.

“No, I can’t keep relying on your care and consideration, Kusanagi-san,

this will be my fight next!”

Madame Aisha declared with great spirit. Furthermore, she even clenched

her fist tightly with a solemn expression. This was a display of her fighting


“And in fighting for my protection, your body is already in this state,

Kusanagi-san! To repay your kindness, I will dedicate my all to do my very


“With this body—”

“Don’t forget that I am a user of healing skills after all. Even without any

visible, external signs, I can still sense vaguely whether a person is


The Madame spoke softly in a devout tone of voice.

In addition, she was staring at Godou’s chest intently as though seeing

inside. Godou originally thought that she would not discover he was injured

if he pretended to be lively and energetic — He had misjudged greatly,


“You suffered an internal injury from the last battle… My authority is

ineffective against another godslayer, hence I cannot cure you,

Kusanagi-san. But conversely, I shall meet the goddess in your stead. With

my honor at stake here, I must resolve the matter!”

Madame Aisha’s words were filled with sincerity and determination.

Furthermore, her declaration exuded solemnity as befitting someone

known as queen. Chapter 6 – Queen of Turmoil

Part 1

Erica Blandelli and Seishuuin Ena.

All news of the two had disappeared from Colonia Agrippina. Naturally,

they had not left without reason. There were compelling reasons why it

was necessary.

After the battle where the “King of the End” had descended —

Helping Madame Aisha mount a horse in her dazed state, Erica and Ena

had brought her with them back to the city of Colonia Agrippina. However,

Doni’s body had been stolen by the goddess Artio.

More serious of all, their king, Kusanagi Godou, had gone missing…

“But I can still sense Godou’s direction.”

The next day after the hero’s descent, Erica raised the issue in “Kusanagi

Godou’s residence.”

In her hand was the pocket watch she often used, attached to a chain.

Given the hair of someone she wanted to find, it could seek out their

position — That was the magic she was using.

“Isn’t that to the north of here… Approximately fifty kilometers northeast.”

“That’s quite far a place he went.”

Hearing the results of the search, Ena remarked with deep feeling.

“But as expected of His Majesty. To think he managed to survive so


“As much as I’d like to hurry over to find out exactly what sort of miracle it

was, this distance is a little far.”

In the modern world, this distance would not have posed any issue at all.

However, covering this on foot or horseback would take a few days. Also,

Godou’s area was already outside of the Roman Empire’s road network.

Searching along routes without paved roads would be even more time


“Our most pressing problem is still the Franks’ situation after all.”

“Those misters are in disagreement and they’re all impulsive people. So


Erica frowned and remarked. Ena nodded with a bitter expression.

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