In an instant, Hyder seemed to have seen a deep, crimson sea surging towards him.

In an instant, the blood coloured sea converged into the figure of a gorgeous woman that strangely had no face.

Her ethereal body floated ever so beautifully in midair.

“….!” Hyder chanted the final stream of the incantation, which was extremely tongue twisting. The accent was extremely difficult to understand as well; it was filled with a primordial and barbaric aura.

“Chikchik…” After listening to Hyder, the woman finally spoke. Her voice sounded like the chirps of a little bird, yet, at the same time, it strangely sounded like the flapping of insect wings.

“Hurry! Bring it forward!” Hyder said to the old lady behind him.

The old lady clapped her hands, and two black robed servants entered with a dozen feeble, trembling humans who had their heads covered by a black sack.

“Chikchik!” The woman in midair chirped in excitement as she immediately began to stretch her body forward.

*Pu!* *Pu!**Pu!*

Countless large wounds split open on the bodies of these captives, from which blood gushed out like a fountain.

As if seeing the plague, the two servants quickly retreated.


The blood formed a tiny tendril of steam as it floated through the air towards the woman.

A moment later, there were no longer any traces of blood on the ground. As for the woman, the colour red was even more vibrant on her body now.

After accepting the sacrifices, the woman nodded her faceless head and transformed into the shape of a flask.


A tiny droplet of crimson liquid dripped from the flask directly into the beaker.


After the liquid entered the beaker, a flame emerged from within the beaker and engulfed it. As the flames blazed, the sound of wailing spirits occasionally sounded from within.

As the flames continued to burn, the woman disappeared without a trace.

Whether it was Hyder or the old lady, no one knew how she had left.

“How is it?” The old lady’s gaze was fixed on the flame, which was spreading, and she put on an expression that could make one feel anxious.

Beneath the gleam of the flames, which reflected off of the old lady’s face, there was an intimidating look.

“This is the most feasible method that I could come up with after many experiments. Moreover through a sacrificial rite, I borrowed the power of a trace of blood from an evil spirit… Towards this curse, it should be the best remedy!”

Hyder looked at the subsiding flames, and his expression was extremely calm, his eyes showing signs of wisdom.

“I hope that is so! Jenna’s curse is nearing complete activation, so time is pressing…” The old lady muttered.

Hearing this, a peculiar expression could be seen in Hyder’s eyes.

Although Jenna was the one who had inherited the innate talent of prophecy, Manla was also a relative of theirs. From the perspective of a light Magus, this was somewhat going overboard.

However, Hyder concealed his opinion well, not letting the old lady discover it.


Several minutes later, the red flames completely died out, revealing a strange, congealed item in the beaker.

It was an amorphous item, like a large lump of jelly, and was even squirming.

“It’s a success!” A smile surfaced on Hyder’s face.

Following which, his expression turned solemn as he said the old lady, “Madame, although this method of removal has a very high success rate, the curse is an extremely troublesome thing. Some dark Magi also like to add various disgusting and poisonous elements inside, and if they are not treated properly, things could very well become disastrous. Hence, if… what I’m saying is that if there is a possibility, it would still be better to have a chat with the Magus who laid this curse…”

“No need for that! My family will never be threatened by someone else! Fate is watching over us!” The old lady vehemently rejected the notion, and Hyder could only smile wryly in return.

Due to the possibility of a chain reaction from the activation of the curse, during treatment, Jenna and Manla were held very far apart in their locations.

Hyder wore white robes with many runes occasionally blinking on it.

At this moment, he held onto a container with one hand, which contained the soft body within.

Hyder looked at Manla, who was lying unconscious on the experiment table,and finally gave one last glance at the old lady.

She nodded expressionlessly.

Seeing this, Hyder sighed on the inside, and his face turned serious, “Then, I will begin…” “So were the talks of marriage between the two of you fixed back then?”

Yu Xixuan was puzzled for a moment before she shook her head and said, “I don’t know.”

“Let’s go. Why don’t we come back to my place to take a look?” Yu Xixuan smiled and proposed.

Qing Shui rubbed his head, “Let’s do so then. We’ll go to your place to find out more about it.”

Qing Shui felt a little awkward. He didn’t really like to visit other people’s places, especially if they were clans which were strong. Most people would feel uneasy whenever they go there as most people from great clans would look down on other people.

Yu Clan!

The Yu Clan was located in the southwest corner of the Azure Rainbow City and was considered a famous clan in the city. It was a great clan that had continued for several generations. The Yu Clan had many assets, including restaurants, medicinal herbs, cloth shops, weapon shops, and trading companies.

There were many people in the Yu Clan. Although there were probably not that many clans which could compare to their size, a great clan wasn’t solely dependent on the number of people they had. Therefore, it didn’t matter if there were a lot of people, as long as there were any in the first place. Ordinary people who came from wealthy families would have a greater family size, perhaps over 100 to even 1,000 people in the family.

After all, as one got stronger, their fertility would weaken in return. The same didn’t apply for ordinary people since their fertility wouldn’t be affected. Moreover, they would have more women, with many of them having several tens of wives. If each wife were to give birth to two children, that would already be over 100 people. Across several generations, it was natural to have a family of over 1,000 people.

The assets of a great clan were different from that of ordinary people. Powerful clans would be involved in businesses at a higher level. Their transactions would rarely involve money, as money would be earned and managed by ordinary people in the clan, as well as those people who were associated with the clan.

With powerful martial prowess as a backing, great clans would be involved in businesses which had higher risks and value.

Although they weren’t that near to the Yu Clan, Qing Shui didn’t feel that they were that far off. It didn’t take them long to enter the Yu Clan’s territory. This area fell under the Yu Clan’s influence and they were the ones to call the shots. The Yu Clan managed the security in the area while people would pay them money. It would be like how taxes were collected in Qing Shui’s previous life.

The Yu Clan’s manor was southward facing and was very large and extravagant. The Yu Clan was also an existence that was like the Immortal Palaces, which were further differentiated by grades and ranks. However, given how even Yu Xixuan had to run away with her abilities, it went to show that the people here were still very strong.

Previously, Yu Xixuan’s strength was at 500 million Dao force, but she had also said that she was ranked third amongst the younger generation in the Yu Clan. This made Qing Shui even more astonished. Yu Xixuan was very young, but just in the Yu Clan alone, there were two other younger members who were even stronger than her. How much stronger could they be? The resources of such a great clan were extraordinary and thinking of how there were still the Liu Clan and Yu Clan[1], which should be above the Yu Clan, how much more resources did those two clans had?

Qing Shui had always been a top-notch existence amongst the younger generation. Of course, he still was. Although his attacking prowess was a lot weaker compared to Yu Xixuan at the moment, putting aside the fact that the Nine Continents Mountain’s strength was slightly stronger, Qing Shui could easily defeat Yu Xixuan, using just his own physical strength alone.

Right now, Qing Shui felt that the resources of this great influence which had a long legacy was too great. It could also be said to be too terrifying. There were numerous clans that were stronger than these three clans in the True Nine Continents World. They could be anywhere, but how strong were those influences?

“You don’t have to be this tense. They were stronger than me, but now, they most likely won’t be as strong as I am. It’s all thanks to you.” Yu Xixuan saw Qing Shui’s expression and said, reassuring him.

Currently, Yu Xixuan’s abilities should be at 1.5 billion Dao force. It seemed that the two other younger members in the Yu Clan had only been stronger than her by around one billion Dao force.

The moment Yu Xixuan went through the doors, the people from the Yu Clan all knew that she was back. This Young Miss was very well-known in the Yu Clan and many people in the clan viewed her in high regards. However, there were some things which couldn’t be avoided. For example, marriage. Getting married to a good family-a clan that could bring about tremendous benefits to their clan.

“Xuan`er’s back!” A married lady smiled and said.

“Hello 2nd Aunt!”

“Hello 7th Aunt!”

Qing Shui looked at how Yu Xixuan was dealing with everyone with great ease. Many of them were very polite toward Yu Xixuan, giving off a comfortable feeling. However, Qing Shui had also heard from her earlier that there were also quite a number of people in the clan whom she had detested. For example, one of the married ladies from earlier, her 1st Aunt.

Yu Xixuan’s father was the sixth son in the family and the clan’s head was the eldest son, Yu Dingshan. That married lady was Yu Dingshan’s wife and since Yu Dingshan was the one managing the clan, this woman kept thinking of ways they could make the clan stronger. The marriage talks with the Liu Clan had been decided by this woman.

Yu Xixuan was averse to that married woman, but nonetheless, she still greeted her happily. The more she did this, the more that married woman would feel unhappy.

“Xuan`er’s back!” The person who spoke up was a graceful man who also seemed to be middle-aged. Yu Xixuan bore a resemblance to this man and there was also a beautiful married lady standing next to the man. At one glance, Qing Shui knew that Yu Xixuan was that lady’s daughter. They looked too much alike.

The man beside her was Yu Xixuan’s father-Yu Dinghe.

“Father! Mother!”

Yu Xixuan hugged the man happily and then hugged the married woman.

“Lass, you’re already so old and yet you aren’t afraid that people would make fun of you? Why aren’t you introducing your friend?” The married woman said gently, her gaze full of love as she looked at Yu Xixuan.

Qing Shui was also looking at the middle-aged married couple and was taken aback. Yu Dinghe was even stronger than the current Yu Xixuan, and the same also went for that married woman. They were a lot stronger than her.

What had astonished Qing Shui the most was that the two of them had concealed their abilities well, especially the married woman. If it wasn’t because of Qing Shui’s extremely strong senses, he wouldn’t have been able to tell what her true cultivation level was. Yu Dinghe’s cultivation was also hidden well. Although the 1st Aunt, the 2nd Aunt, and the 7th Aunt were also not bad, they weren’t as presentable and were only Martial Emperors. This was why Qing Shui was curious about Yu Xixuan’s mother.

“He’s a good friend of mine. He’s Qing Shui. We’re going to become partners to set up a medical hall cum restaurant. Mother, don’t look down on him. His medical skills are very, very strong.” Yu Xixuan proudly said.

Yu Dinghe and the married woman were also observing Qing Shui previously. However, Qing Shui was only a False God, and it was also what others would see him as. Although it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t much in a great clan like this. Every great clan had geniuses and putting them aside, Qing Shui would also be considered a great talent. After all, he had become a False God cultivator at such a young age.

However, neither of Yu Dinghe or the married woman were ordinary. In fact, they were stronger than Qing Shui. Therefore, they kept having the feeling that Qing Shui’s abilities weren’t exactly what they had sensed. It was a very strange feeling, but they trusted in their own senses more.

“Hello, Uncle, Aunt.” Qing Shui addressed them as such as he could tell that they weren’t normal. Qing Shui wasn’t intentionally trying to foster a closer relationship with them.

“Haha, hello young man. Are your medical skills really that great?” The man smiled and asked.

“At least, compared to the alchemists and physicians I’ve come across, they aren’t comparable to me.”

“Compared to those you’ve met? Hah! How many have you really met? To think that an immature and inexperienced young man like you would dare to act so arrogantly and speak so blatantly in the Yu Clan.” Qing Shui had just finished his words when a voice spoke out in a disdainful tone.

[1] Not referring to the Yu(Jade) Clan. The other instances of the Yu Clan in this chapter refers to the Yu(Jade) Clan.

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Qing Shui wasn’t angered. It was as if his expression didn’t change at all as he looked at the person who had spoken. It was a young man who gave off strong Qi, but that was all he had. This young man was a little taller than Qing Shui and had handsome looks with bright eyes. However, the shape of his face was slightly sharp, giving off a cold feeling that would stop all living things from getting close.

Qing Shui reckoned that this should be one of the proud geniuses in the Yu Clan. He was even stronger than Yu Xixuan and had a strength at about a billion Dao force.

There were several people of varying ages next to him. He walked up to Yu Dinghe and his wife, smiling, “Hello 6th Uncle, 6th Aunt!”

“Jianming, you’ve come.” Yu Dinghe smiled in return and said with a calm tone.

Yu Xixuan looked at Yu Jianming with a displeased expression, “If you put up a strong front, you’ll end up crying later on.”

Yu Xixuan’s words were very vague. No one knew whom she was talking about. It felt as if she was talking about Qing Shui, but yet also seemed like she was talking about Yu Jianming.

Yu Jianming looked at Yu Xixuan, “Xixuan, you’ve come back.”

“Mmm. Qing Shui, let me introduce him to you. This is my Eldest Uncle’s son, Yu Jianming.” Yu Xixuan said to Qing Shui.

Yu Jianming felt uncomfortable. People with discerning eyes would be able to tell that Yu Xixuan and Qing Shui were on good terms with each other and she did not pay her cousin any heed. Yu Xixuan was also feeling displeased. Not showing her friend any respects was equivalent to not showing herself any respect. So why would she still show the other party any respect?

Moreover, Yu Jianming had also appeared nonchalantly toward Yu Dinghe and his wife. Although he appeared very polite, Yu Dinghe was still in a conversation with Qing Shui. For Yu Jianming to interrupt and his choice of words wasn’t very pleasant either, this actually showed that he didn’t care about his 6th Uncle and Aunt.

Yu Dinghe was an indifferent person and seldom interfered in the matters of the Yu Clan. He was a kind person and never mistreated even the people under him nor did he carry any weight. If the people working for him had any problems and went to look for him, he would always help them out.

Yu Dinghe didn’t fight for anything in the Yu Clan, and there wasn’t anyone who viewed him as an enemy. He didn’t participate in anything either, unless something major were to happen to the Yu Clan. He would never get involved in the internal strifes in the clan. He was not interested in who would become the clan’s head, nor was he interested in becoming the clan’s head in the least.

“Hello. I’m Qing Shui, a physician.” Qing Shui calmly introduced himself.

“I believe that you’ve said that you were very confident in your medical skills?” Yu Jianming revealed a smile. However, anyone could tell that Yu Jianming’s smile was mocking him. His look of disdain when looking at Qing Shui was like how a millionaire was looking at a beggar, as if the beggar was saying that he was rich just because he had ten dollars on him.

It was contempt, a feeling of superiority, believing that he was above others.

“Yeah, it’s good. It’s very good, actually.” Qing Shui replied.

Qing Shui’s reply took Yu Jianming by surprise. Who would reply like this? Even if a person’s medical skills were great, they should remain humble. However, Yu Jianming didn’t think about his own tone when he had spoken earlier. This was a display of superiority, where one could only see others being disrespectful toward himself, but was blind to how he had treated others.

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