Hearing that, Chu Feng felt much better.

But Chen Guang and Yue Yang had looks of grievances on their faces.

What the hell was this?

They’d clearly won the confrontation without even having to fight. They had scared Chu Feng so much that he didn’t even dare face them.

Why then did the two of them not only not obtain Long Xiaoxiao’s acknowledgement, but were instead deemed to be the inferior and weaker ones?

In terms of feeling the most displeased, it would be none other than Long Nanxun.

He was looking at Chu Feng with eyes like he was itching to tear him to shreds.

He was truly unable to understand. To him Chu Feng was clearly a swindler. Why would Long Xiaoxiao trust him so much?

After bidding farewell to Chu Feng, Long Xiaoxiao looked to Fumo Xin’er.

“Well then, girl, it’s time to say goodbye.”

“You don’t have to be so hostile towards me. After all, I’ve never thought about fighting over Chu Feng with you.”

After saying those words that were meant well, Long Xiaoxiao suddenly revealed a mischievous smile. She added, “Of course, if I wanted to fight over him with you, you’d simply have no chance against me.”

The girl was very mischievous. She was extremely fond of teasing Fumo Xin’er. Even though her words were clearly a joke, she was trying to anger Fumo Xin’er.

However, to her surprise, Fumo Xin’er was not only not angered by her words, she instead smiled with contempt. She said, “Did you really think that you possess absolute superiority just because you’re the princess of a mere Dragon Clan?”

“You are nothing more than frogs at the bottom of a well.”

Whilst Fumo Xin’er’s words didn’t affect Long Xiaoxiao, as she had grown accustomed to her behavior, Long Nanxun and that Elder Ruiyun were unable to tolerate such a comment.

Especially Elder Ruiyun, who directly released her oppressive might to attack Fumo Xin’er. It would be one thing if oppressive might was all there was to it. But, her oppressive might contained killing intent.

She wanted to directly execute Fumo Xin’er!

Her oppressive might was extremely powerful. Chu Feng’s heart immediately tensed up the moment he felt it.

Her oppressive might was very powerful. It was the oppressive might of a peak Utmost Exalted!

However, right after her oppressive might approached Fumo Xin’er, it disappeared.

It was Long Shengbu. He had neutralized her oppressive might.

Long Shengbu’s oppressive might was very hidden. However, once he used it to neutralize Elder Ruiyun’s oppressive might, Chu Feng’s eyes shone.

That was not the first time that Long Shengbu had used his oppressive might.

After all, he had revealed his strength when he’d taken care of Long Tonghe.

In fact, his oppressive might previously had been even more tyrannical. It had been much more intense.

But, strength was something that could only be manifested when being contrasted with something else.

Elder Ruiyun did not conceal her strength at all when she unleashed her oppressive might. Because of that, Chu Feng could be certain that her terrifying powers belonged to peak Utmost Exalted.

But, Long Shengbu had still been able to easily suppress even the oppressive might of a peak Utmost Exalted.

Chu Feng suspected that there could only be two possible reasons for that.

The first possibility was that Long Shengbu possessed extremely powerful battle power. Even though they were both peak Utmost Exalteds, Long Shengbu was still able to easily suppress Elder Ruiyun.

As for the second possibility, it was even more frightening.

That was… Long Shengbu’s cultivation had surpassed the Utmost Exalted realm!

Unfortunately, as Chu Feng’s spirit power had been been devoured by the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk, and Chu Feng’s own cultivation was simply too weak by comparison, Chu Feng was unable to be certain of which possibility it might be.

But, regardless of what it might be, they both proved how powerful Long Shengbu was.

Even if he was only a peak Utmost Exalted, he would most definitely not be someone that ordinary peak Utmost Exalteds could compare to.

“Long Shengbu, why did you stop me?”

“That damn whore not only disrespected Princess Xiaoxiao, she even insulted our Dragon Clan.”

“Trash like that should be beheaded!”

Elder Ruiyun had been truly enraged. She, a grand expert of the Dragon Clan, a peak Utmost Exalted-level expert, was actually spouting profanity.

“Damn whore?”

“Are you courting death here?”

Fumo Xin’er revealed a look of anger towards the comment made by Elder Ruiyun.

Killing intent circulated through her beautiful eyes.

Seeing that, Chu Feng immediately grabbed Fumo Xin’er’s wrist and sent her a voice transmission.

He urged her to not be so stubborn as to fight force with force.

Even though Chu Feng also disliked Elder Ruiyun, they were simply too weak right at the moment, and had no way to argue with her.

Besides, both Long Shengbu and Long Xiaoxiao were shielding them.

If they insisted on arguing at such a time, they would instead make things difficult for them.

Being dissuaded by Chu Feng, Fumo Xin’er’s killing intent began to ebb. But, she still said, “Old bitch, allow me to offer you a bit of advice. A loose tongue can cause a lot of trouble.”

“Damn whore, you dare threaten me?! I’ll tear up your mouth right now!”

Elder Ruiyun was so furious that she raised her hand with the intention to attack Fumo Xin’er.

However, when she attempted to do so, she was shocked to discover that she was unable to move.

Naturally, it was because of Long Shengbu’s oppressive might restricting her.

“Long Shengbu, release me!”

“This whore insulted our Dragon Clan! Instead of taking care of her, you’re helping her?! What is the meaning of this?!” shouted Elder Ruiyun.

Furious, she turned her anger to Long Shengbu.

Right at that moment, Long Xiaoxiao shouted angrily. “Impudent!”

Her furious shout caused heaven and earth to tremble, and the forest to sway back and forth violently.

The surrounding temperature also began to rapidly decrease. It seemed as if they’d entered a frosty winter.

Like sharp blades, her eyes stared at Elder Ruiyun.

“Long Ruiyun, don’t you forget your status.”

“Grandpa Bu is a Supreme Elder! As for you… you’re only a Law Enforcement Elder!”

“How are you qualified to address Grandpa Bu by name?!”

“Who gave you the nerve to shout at him?!” Long Xiaoxiao asked sternly.

Elder Ruiyun was left speechless. Her eyes that had been overflowing with killing intent turned evasive.

She was afraid.

Even though it was very unimaginable, Chu Feng saw fear in her eyes.

The reason for her fear was naturally Long Xiaoxiao.

It was only at that moment that Chu Feng learned that Elder Ruiyun was not on the same level as Long Shengbu.

It was only because of their close relation that she dared to act so unrestrained before him.

Earlier, Long Xiaoxiao hadn’t minded.

But, if she ended up minding it, then Elder Ruiyun would be in the wrong. As such, it was normal for her to be afraid.

“And you, Long Nanxun!”

“Chu Feng has shown grace towards me! He is my benefactor!”

“Even if I am to disregard him being my benefactor, it remains that he is an honored guest invited here by me!”

“Ever since he came here, you’ve been provoking him and making cutting remarks at him nonstop!”

“Your disrespect towards my guest is equivalent to disrespecting me!”

“No matter what, I, Long Xiaoxiao, am the Dragon Clan’s princess!”

“Have I been impoverished to a state where even you all dare to disrespect me?!” Long Xiaoxiao pointed at Long Nanxun and shouted angrily.

After that, her anger-filled gaze swept towards Chen Guang and Yue Yang.

“I wouldn’t dare,” Sensing that the situation had turned bad, Long Nanxun immediately half-knelt on the ground.

Even the two genius world spiritists were so scared that they immediately knelt.

Although their masters possessed extraordinary identities, they still didn’t dare make an enemy of the Dragon Clan.

At that moment, Chu Feng and Fumo Xin’er were unable to keep themselves from looking at each other.

Even though they’d already witnessed Long Xiaoxiao’s tyrannical side, Chu Feng still ended up having a whole new level of respect for her after witnessing her current behavior.

Even though she was someone who would always laugh and joke around, she was truly quite scary when she was mad. “Girl, that’s enough. We’re all on the same side, there’s no need to be this angry,” Long Shengbu smiled and spoke to diffuse Long Xiaoxiao’s anger.

He did not wish for things to become too tense.

“I, Long Xiaoxiao, will not bicker with them today.”

“However, they cannot forget their status. They cannot forget what a superior and subordinate relationship is,” said Long Xiaoxiao.

“This subordinate is guilty,” Elder Ruiyun and Long Nanxun spoke at the same time.

However, Long Xiaoxiao completely ignored them. She turned around and looked at Chu Feng.

When she looked to Chu Feng, the look of anger and her aggressive gaze disappeared, and were replaced with a mischievous adorableness.

Especially her eyes which had narrowed into two crescents. She looked truly charming.

“Little benefactor, my apologies. I’ve failed to discipline them properly and have incurred ridicule through my poor performance,” Long Xiaoxiao said with a smile.

“What happened today cannot be blamed on you, princess. It is I who let down princess’s expectations.”

“If the opportunity presents itself again, I will definitely make up for today,” Chu Feng said very apologetically.

“That’s a deal. You better keep it.”

“I’ll be waiting for you to make up for this.”

As Long Xiaoxiao spoke, she deliberately took a step forward. The distance between her and Chu Feng was very close.

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