He was grateful to Fang Yuan for creating obstacles for him, for giving him suffering and hardships. These were all wealth that helped Fang Zheng grow to what he was now. If it were not for the hardships during the continental war in Lang Ya blessed land, how could Fang Zheng have merged the various cultivation experiences of the past Demon Judgment Board Lords and created the killer move blood-kin heart revenge?

Fang Zheng had once dreamed of a day where he could fight Fang Yuan and take revenge with his own hands.

But now that the moment really came, Fang Zheng felt a lot different from what he had imagined; he neither felt the pleasure of taking revenge nor felt satisfaction.

His thoughts were complicated, very complicated.

“Duke Long, Cang Xuan Zi, Fang Zheng, and Qin Ding Ling, besides them, there is also Fairy Zi Wei.” Fang Yuan’s expression turned increasingly serious as he received attacks from all sides.

As Duke Long continued to grow stronger and the coordination of Heavenly Court’s Gu Immortals became more tight, Fang Yuan’s thoughts were almost fully used to maintain this battle.

His ability to analyze the whole situation was continuously falling.

Be it activating killer moves or controlling Myriad Year Flying Warship, both expended a lot of energy. Fang Yuan also needed to be aware of the overall situation, to keep an eye on all the battlefields, and secretly influence the Gu Immortals of other regions.

In fact, Duke Long’s group was also in the same state. The battle was becoming more intense, powerful and complicated killer moves involving many Gu worms were activated more frequently, which demanded more attention and control.

The Enchantress: Rebirth of the Malicious Poison Empress “If Fairy Zi Wei recovers, I will be at a disadvantage whether she joins the battle or takes charge of the overall situation.” Fang Yuan’s eyes shined with coldness.

“Hahaha!” Duke Long suddenly laughed as he got the latest report of the battle in Hairy Foot Mountain, “Fang Yuan, no matter how many times you are reborn, it is useless. Use all your abilities, otherwise it will be too late.”

Fang Yuan’s expression was grim as he also learned of the recent battle situation.

In the Emperor City battlefield, his clone Fang Di Chang was lost and Divine Bean Palace had defected to the enemy’s side. In the Hairy Foot Mountain battlefield, Feng Jiu Ge appeared and used the extremely powerful destiny song, which even made Di Zang Sheng fall into a disadvantage!

Heavenly Court’s foundation was truly too deep.

Fang Yuan was not only fighting against Duke Long’s group, he was also contending against Heavenly Court’s millions of years of accumulation!

The situation in the outside world was not dependable, as such, all the pressure was on Fang Yuan’s shoulders.

Fang Yuan’s gaze suddenly turned sharp like lightning: “Indeed, I cannot hold back anymore.”

He was not able to find Duke Long’s weakness, but with the situation forcing him, even if there was no weakness, Fang Yuan had to use his full strength.

Myriad Year Flying Warship rose to the air, rapidly creating distance as Fang Yuan began preparing a killer move.

Duke Long did not give chase, he remained standing in the air, looking above with concentration. His expression looked like he was facing a great enemy, he no longer looked down on Fang Yuan.

Cang Xuan Zi took a deep breath and was extremely vigilant.

Qin Ding Ling, Fang Zheng, as well as Fairy Zi Wei who was recuperating at the edge of the battlefield fixed their gazes on Fang Yuan.

Even Bing Sai Chuan, who was crazily attacking the refinement path formation and bombarding Heaven Overseeing Tower, split a portion of his attention towards Fang Yuan’s every move.

Everyone was aware the victory or defeat in the following battle could very likely determine the outcome of the whole situation.

Immortal killer move – Twelve Zodiac battle formation.

Fang Yuan first summoned twelve immemorial year beasts, this method had already been revealed before.

But different from before, the Twelve Zodiac battle formation did not condense into a giant monster but transformed into a golden helm.

The helm was like a carriage wheel, it had six spokes and twelve handles; each handle had a carving of a year beast.

The Twelve Zodiac battle helm flew towards Myriad Year Flying Warship and merged into it rapidly. The dazzling silver Myriad Year Flying Warship suddenly had a large golden image that looked like flying sand, transforming at every moment. The golden image transformed into a coiling dragon at one time, a giant tiger at other time, a crowing rooster, or a ramming ox…

The twelve immemorial year beasts combined perfectly with Myriad Year Flying Warship.

Fang Yuan’s previous concept was fully displayed to the world at this moment.

“He actually merged an ancient battle formation into an Immortal Gu House perfectly!” Qin Ding Ling’s eyes opened wide.

Fang Zheng looked on, dumbfounded.

“Such amazing talent!” Even Duke Long could not help but praise.

He had never seen this sight, Fang Yuan was the first to achieve this in history!

Although it was said that ancient battle formations and Immortal Gu Houses were immortal killer moves in essence, no one had succeeded in combining these two killer moves prior to Fang Yuan!

“Careful, it is attacking!” Cang Xuan Zi shouted with a trace of panic. Myriad Year Flying Warship was letting out a frightening aura that even shook her.

Immortal killer move – Daybreak Torrent!

Myriad Year Flying Warship swooped down, leaving behind a trail of sonic booms.

It was already an outstanding rank eight Immortal Gu House, the Twelve Zodiac battle formation that merged with it even possessed a mighty strength that could match Duke Long’s. After they merged, their strength combined to a horrifying level!

Duke Long roared as he unleashed a qi wall.

Myriad Year Flying Warship’s momentum was slightly slowed before it broke through Duke Long’s qi wall.

Duke Long frowned as he activated qi wall again.

Myriad Year Flying Warship broke the qi wall again.

Duke Long erected the qi wall again while Myriad Year Flying Warship broke it again. After five times, Myriad Year Flying Warship’s momentum finally fell sharply.

Fang Yuan sneered, immortal killer move – Myriad Year Hunting!

At the next moment, the River of Time phantom under Myriad Year Flying Warship enlarged suddenly, countless year beasts surged out like a huge tide!

The sky-covering year beast army began attacking the immortal graveyard like a giant tsunami that engulfed everything.

The large army had countless year beasts, with large numbers of ancient year beasts, and even immemorial year beasts were not in a small quantity.

What was even more terrifying was that this year beast army moved to Fang Yuan’s will!

“Terrifying! Just this move alone can let Fang Yuan attack any super force in the world by himself!”

“Does he want to summon all the year beasts in the River of Time?”

“This is almost like a copy of call of the ancient! It is just that while Red Lotus’s method summons past Gu Immortal experts, Fang Yuan is summoning the year beasts in the River of Time!”

“But didn’t myriad year hunting only attract year beasts and had no ability to control them?”

“This is probably the qualitative change caused by the merging of Twelve Zodiac battle formation!”

Heavenly Court’s side was shaken.

Fang Yuan’s trump cards were truly peerless, he just used one and it showed towering might. Duke Long, Cang Xuan Zi and the rest immediately felt troubled.

The scale of this year beast army was too large, moreover, Fang Yuan was still summoning them with no end in sight.

The year beast army scattered and spread everywhere like a blossoming flower, attacking every corner of Heavenly Court; Heavenly Court’s side, which lacked manpower, was unable to defend properly.

Cang Xuan Zi clenched her teeth as she continuously activated space path killer moves to kill as many year beasts as possible in an attempt to ease the current pressure.

“Be careful!!” Duke Long suddenly shouted.

“Huh?” Cang Xuan Zi seemingly saw the image of a small knife, her pupils shrunk to the size of pins as she reacted but it was too late, she was already struck!

“How is this possible… so fast? I clearly arranged…”

Cang Xuan Zi gazed at Fang Yuan in incredulity. Her body stiffened, a bloody hole appeared on her forehead, piercing through the back of her head. The injury was filled with dense time path dao marks that even a legendary immemorial beast’s self-recovery could not regenerate.

Immortal killer move – Time Cutting Edge!

This was the supreme method of Central Continent’s Bo clan, once this knife was shot out, it would not miss, anyone hit by it would die. It had once shaken the whole Central Continent with terror.

The killer move’s contents were extremely complex and its steps were ever-changing. Among Fang Yuan’s methods, it was no doubt the number one in terms of complexity.

The more absurd thing was its activation conditions, its activation time could not cross three breaths. For this, Fang Yuan had to use the supplementary killer move shrink time every time he activated this move.

Its side-effect was also terrifying, every time it was used, a portion of the memories related to it would disappear. It was like an eraser, erasing the enemy while consuming itself.

After Cang Xuan Zi was struck, Fang Yuan’s mind immediately turned blank, most of the memories of time cutting edge turned vague.

“At this rate, after I attack Duke Long with it, I will completely lose this move.” Fang Yuan’s mind was as calm as the snowy plains.

He glanced at Duke Long.

Without realizing, Duke Long retreated several steps.


A loud sound resounded as Cang Xuan Zi fell to the ground. Her body returned to its original form in mid-air, turning into a giant green vine.

This green vine once held the sky and was like an extremely eye-catching heavenly pillar, but now it collapsed in the immortal graveyard without moving and had no life force.

The damage to the immortal graveyard from this crash was much more than the sum of all previous damage, but Duke Long did not care about this. His gaze was fixed on Fang Yuan.

He needed to concentrate fully to have a chance at blocking the time cutting edge that was amplified by at least fifteen hundred times!

In Demon Judgment Board, Fang Zheng’s mouth was opened wide and his head was soaked with sweat as he looked at the vast heaven vine that had collapsed on the ground.

Qin Ding Ling who was behind him was rigid like a statue.

“If this move had struck Demon Judgment Board, could we block it?” The same doubt flashed in the two’s minds but neither had the confidence to say they could defend against it!

This move was too horrifying, one move and it was unknown whether Cang Xuan Zi was still alive, her aura could not be detected.

“Don’t be terrified, he used myriad year hunting’s aura to conceal this move. If he used this move alone, its aura would be too grand and would not be hidden.” At the crucial moment, Fairy Zi Wei’s words spread throughout the battlefield.

“As expected of a wisdom path great expert.” Fang Yuan snorted coldly as the flaw was exposed.

Duke Long’s expression eased a little.

But at the next moment, Fang Yuan left Myriad Year Flying Warship and charged forward alone.

“He is going all out!” Duke Long’s heart shook.

Immortal killer move – Myriad Beings Assimilation Transformation.

Immortal killer move–Immemorial Sword Dragon!


Fang Yuan immediately transformed into a giant dragon.

Immemorial sword dragon!

The dragon was over three hundred meters in length, its two horns were long and sharp, its eyes were silver-white, its scales were pure-white and emitted dense sword intent.

All of Fang Yuan’s dao marks were transformed into sword path dao marks.

And everyone knew that sword path’s superiority lied in offense!

At this moment, Fang Yuan finally showed his strongest attacking form. When Shen Yanxiao woke up again, it was already the next morning. She was in a daze from being unconscious, and she felt a burst of pain from her head.

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