Grimacing, Chu Yang took another step forward, intending to plead with him again. When sword light flashed immediately, Chu Yang let out a squawk and turned to leave.

With another flash of sword light, the cloth baggage on Chu Yang’s back was slashed open.

Thud thud thud…

More than ten objects enveloped in glowing purple aura fell onto the ground. All at once, the spiritual energy around them became rich and dense.

Chu Yang yelped in surprise and hastily retrieved them, holding them in his arms. Wan Renjie hurriedly picked them up as well, his actions quick and nimble. Then, the two of them adopted an extremely subservient attitude. “Our apologies… for bothering you. We’re going back now… going back now.”

Flustered, they hurriedly turned to leave.

However, it was too late!

Someone’s eyes were already widened in shock as he exclaimed, “Purple Crystal Jade Essence! High-grade Purple Crystal Jade Essence!”

Following this exclamation, all of the Li Clan men’s eyes became big and round with astonishment.

Everyone here was an expert; most of them knew good stuff when they saw one. Who wouldn’t be able to recognize Purple Crystal Jade Essence? This… was a rarely seen treasure.

Disregarding everything else and just focusing on the Li Clan alone, even though they had been mining such a huge Purple Crystal mine for over ten thousand years, they hadn’t managed to extract even a single piece of Purple Crystal Jade Essence from it!

And now, this fellow was actually carrying an entire cloth baggage’s worth on his back? Err, no, more like two cloth baggages’ worth! Didn’t they see the fierce-looking one at the side carrying an even bigger cloth baggage on his back?

This was practically… a surprise windfall!

No wonder you could just give out Purple Crystals so goddamn casually! So you have so many pieces of Jade Essence on you!

Now that they’ve been exposed, you actually still think you can leave? Where do you think you’re going!

The higher-ups ordered us to stand guard here but didn’t say that we couldn’t strike a fortune. If we were to let go of such fresh and juicy prey that delivered themselves to our mouths… wouldn’t we be letting our ancestors down?

Although the cultivation levels of these two aren’t low, there are more than ten Supreme Martial Artists here… What’s there to be afraid of? Striking a fortune here won’t get in our way of lying in wait anyway.

And there’s even a legitimate reason for doing this – These two wanted to go past the gate! So we killed them…

“Stand right there!” Greed flashed in the eyes of the white-robed man as he barked sharply. How could Chu Yang and Wan Renjie possibly be willing to ‘stand right there’? The moment they heard him, they ran even faster instead.

At once, someone at the side grumbled. “Keep your goddamn voice down. Don’t let others hear you… There are only so many pieces of Jade Essence. If people from the other two sides come over to demand a share… Damn it, even my share’s going to be gone at this rate…”

Yes, this was exactly what Chu Yang wanted -‘Keep it down; if the other two groups of people, within 15 kilometers left and right of where they were, were to overhear…’

With a few whooshes, the eight Supreme Martial Artists pretending to be tree branches at the top of the ‘man-made trees’ flew into the air and blocked Chu Yang and Wan Renjie’s retreat immediately.

Then, whoosh whoosh whoosh…

The trees were also temporarily thrown aside. With avaricious grins, the few Supreme Martial Artists disguised as tree trunks came forward and surrounded them too.

A total of 30 to 40 men formed a large circle around them. They surrounded the two ‘fat and juicy lambs’ who had delivered themselves right up to their doorstep in the middle of the circle.

Chu Yang took a headcount.

Yup, exactly 36 experts! All of them have come out of hiding.

Thinking about it, this was perfectly understandable. This was such a rare windfall; if they didn’t come out of hiding, what were they to do if the others didn’t give them a share? This… was Purple Crystal Jade Essence, you know.

Chu Yang hugged the cloth baggage tightly, his face full of fear and his expression pitiful. “Good sirs, good sirs… Please have mercy on us. Us brothers have never once skipped out on paying tribute to the Li Clan in the northwest… We risked our lives to get our hands on these and we still need to bring them to the mercenary hall… This concerns our lives…”

One of the white-robed men let out a bark of sinister laughter. He kept his voice low and replied, “Do you still have any life to speak of? After meeting us, do you actually think that you can get away in one piece? If you know what’s good for you, hand them over at once!”

Another man frowned as he urged him, “What are you saying so much for? Hurry up and kill them and get back to lying in ambush! Don’t hold up what’s important.”

With much grief and indignation, Chu Yang spoke, “Are you robbers? We’ve always given much respect to the Li Clan, so don’t force us to make a move! It won’t be pleasant for us all!” “I see… Master Zhi Zhang.” Feiyun cupped his fist to show respect, almost saying the common next line, I’ve admired you for a long time.

Meanwhile, he didn’t know what to think because this title was so strange. Who could understand the mind of a master?

On the other hand, Liu Ruixin and Mu Xirou became frightened after hearing this. A Temple Sovereign from Grand Dragon Temple? They’ve messed up now.

Grand Dragon was a faction in Long but also famous across the five dynasties. It had a supreme status in their own dynasty. Even the emperor there needed permission from them before his coronation.

In short, even the current Senluo Temple couldn’t compare. A full unification of the heretical faction might still not be enough to fight them.

The abbot of Grand Dragon had the title of Grand Sovereign and Nirvana Sovereign. He has been the imperial tutor in Long for three generations so far. His years indicated an unfathomable cultivation.

Below him were five Temple Sovereigns controlling five separate branches.

Right now, they have just messed up one of these Temple Sovereigns. Even the bold Liu Ruixin felt her legs shaking.

The two girls immediately loosened their grip and the monk along with the statue fell to the ground, looking quite sad. His head might have another welt now.

Feiyun didn’t expect that this monk was such a big shot. Of course, he wasn’t afraid either.

He came up and helped the monk up then loosened the chains before putting the naked Bodhisattva away.

“I apologize for my maids’ foolish conduct, to do something so damaging to your reputation. What if someone were to see this? What if this news were to spread to Grand Dragon Temple? Sigh, please excuse me for not teaching my subordinates correctly.”

The monk had lived for more than a thousand years and could read between the lines. He knew that Feiyun was giving him a carrot and a stick at the same time. This was nothing short of a threat and he shouldn’t take the guy seriously.

“Ask already. You don’t have much time.” He coughed out blood and said.

Now this is a smart monk. Feiyun thought before sitting down on the Bodhisattva statue.

“Master, you came so far to this place and hid your face and identity. What is your grand goal?” He asked.

The monk has calmed down by this point. Normally, given his status, Feiyun wouldn’t be qualified to sit face to face with him. Alas, his current dilemma right now forced him to concede.

“Master, you must be afraid of your own people knowing about your trip? The Grand Sovereign, right? It’s understandable, everyone has their own pursuits. If I know about a great treasury, I wouldn’t tell anyone else either and would sneak there by myself. Don’t worry, I, Yi Zhenfeng, know the code of brotherhood and loyalty more than anyone else. I don’t take everything, we can share this treasury.”

Feiyun watched the monk carefully in order to figure out some clues. Alas, the monk looked like the water inside a well – not a single ripple of emotion could be seen.

After a while, the monk finally sighed and said: “It’s useless. The danger in the great hall is beyond your imagination. Plus, I’m not here for wealth but rather to find a world that has been forgotten for millennia.”

“A world?”

“It is called Heavenly Kingdom.” The monk nodded.

“You actually believe this kind of crap that can only trick little kids?” Feiyun laughed.

“Heavenly Kingdom truly existed back during the golden age of Buddhism. This is recorded in many ancient scrolls. I nearly made it there but just lacked one thing. All my planning and calculation were for naught… I nearly died there too.” The monk’s eyes became serious.

“What did you lack?” Feiyun felt that this monk was telling the truth.

The three girls were interested too, especially Liu Ruixin. Her curious soul made her clench her fists tightly while her imagination run wild.

Heavenly Kingdom was the holy ground of Buddhism. All Buddhists wanted to go there.

Was this place actually real?

“The key.” The monk revealed.

“A key to open a world?” Feiyun asked.

The monk nodded; his eyes filled with longing and desires: “Only a truly enlightened monk can enter Heavenly Kingdom in the past. During its strongest point, it had three thousand enlightened Buddhas. Their chants in unison could make lotus flowers bloom.”

“No way, given the resources in Jin, it can’t produce three thousand Enlightened Beings in one generation.” Feiyun didn’t buy it.

Each Enlightened Being required a massive amount of resources, which the land had a limited amount of.

How many Enlightened Beings did Jin have right now? This number could be counted on one’s hand.

Feiyun could believe twenty or thirty of them appearing in one generation but three thousand? Even a dynasty one hundred times the size of Jin might not have that number.

The monk shook his head and explained: “The territory during the golden age of Buddhism didn’t only consist of Jin but all five dynasties and Endless Land to the south, the ghost realm to the west of Long, the dragon source to the west of Qian among many others. Any place with humans around here was considered part of this Buddhist era. There’s a reason why the five dynasties are so close together. Ten thousand years ago, they were actually under one power around twenty times bigger than the current Jin.”

“Unfortunately, a disaster came and many places turned into uninhabitable lands for men and beasts took over. Human cultivators had no choice but to retreat into five separate domains. Chaos and darkness ravaged for several thousand years, men against men, men against beasts, resulting in countless casualties and pain.”

“It ended around six thousand years ago with the sudden appearance of Sacred Spirit Palace. With its help, the five domains eventually turned into five dynasties, hence the current situation.”

This tale wasn’t well-known, not even by the top powers right now. Only the ancient scrolls from the golden age of Buddhism contained this information.

The three girls naturally enjoyed the tale, unlike Feng Feiyun. He said: “No, it’s still impossible for three thousand Enlightened Beings to come out regardless of how prosperous and vast the land used to be.”

“Perhaps this has something to do with the legendary Heavenly Kingdom.” The monk felt the same way but he believed in the existence of the kingdom. Perhaps there was a power there that could boost worshippers’ cultivation.

Feiyun contemplated and thought about the mythical Fo Canzi, the number one expert in these parts, rumored to have surpassed Nirvana and reached Heaven’s Emergence.

Similarly, the resources of Jin couldn’t produce a Heaven’s Emergence cultivator, but this might not be the case if this Heavenly Kingdom was real.

“Boom!” Feiyun finally felt the incoming danger. Many have entered the ruins just now.

“Monk Zhi Zhang, I don’t have time to negotiate with you, there are two options. The first option, offer a strand of your soul and I can heal you within two hours. You will work for me for a year then I will return your soul. It’s up to you whether to believe me or not. The second option, I will strip you naked and tie you up with that statue again so that others will see you. Then I will kill you.”

Only Feiyun was bold enough to threaten a Temple Sovereign.

Alas, the monk was hesitating. One wrong move and it wouldn’t just end with his death.

“Moreover, I might be able to take you to Heavenly Kingdom.” Feiyun added.

“Fine, one year.” The monk agreed, albeit begrudgingly. A master like him hated being controlled by others the most. Moreover, this youth might not be that reliable.

Unfortunately, the circumstances dictated his action!

“Perfect!” Feiyun used his Ascension Platform to take a strand of soul from the monk before creating a golden pill with his energy.

Due to his study of the second diagram, the pill became purer with a medicinal effect potentially higher than a fourth-ranked pill.

1. The official definition of Zhi Zhang is: learning difficulties (handicap); retarded

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Next Chapter Chapter 114 – Before Leaving (2)

He was so frightened he died?

He really was a complete trash.

Seeing this, Ye Qingyu could neither laugh nor cry.

He did not expect that Sun Yuhu would act so arrogant and despotic, but was in reality so cowardly. But dying like that was fine too, it saved him the trouble of acting himself.

This time, it could be considered that Sun Yuhu’s death ended all trouble. Originally, Ye Qingyu was slightly worried that after he left, Sun Yuhu would act against Qin Lan and the others in the Ye residence. But at that moment, he did not have a good method to handle him. Who would have thought that this guy would come and look for his death himself, presenting himself on Ye Qingyu’s doorsteps? Tonight, he had completely severed this calamity and he would not leave any concerns behind in Deer City. As for the other miscellaneous matters, there should not be any major problems with the newly appointed big player Hon Kong looking after the situation.

With a will of his heart, Ye Qingyu beckoned his hand to the corner twenty meters away.

Faint light flickered.

A pole of the [Sentry Guard] flew through the air and returned to his hand.

In the page of the Bronze book [Fiendgod Titled Chart], as long as enough inner yuan was inserted, then four poles of [Sentry Guards] could be created. The [Sentry Guard] that had returned to Ye Qingyu’s hands had already been placed here for over twenty days.

Only by utilizing this [Sentry Guard], could Ye Qingyu be well acquainted with the comings and goings of this place.

According to his previous surveillance, he knew that tonight Sun Yuhu and the others would definitely come and meet up with Tao Mocheng and the others to discuss their strategy after this. Therefore, Ye Qingyu had attacked this evening. As the saying goes, to shoot the horse before the man and to capture the leader before the underlings. After he had killed Tao Mocheng and Sun Yuhu with a thunder-like method, the beggars and ruffians surrounding the Ye residence were only a directionless mob. They would slowly disperse on their own.

The moment he turned around, Ye Qingyu thought of something.

His gaze fell on the two unconscious young girls.

If he left them here, these two pitiful girls would definitely be brought away by the Registrar office or perhaps the [Capture Barracks]. They would be tortured and interrogated. Losing two sons consecutively, one could easily imagine how crazy a state Liu Yuancheng would be. He would absolutely not let go of the two girls.

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