Felio didn’t say anything and just grabbed his sword, he stood up and waited for the attack in a calm way.

“DIE!” ยด

Deferio throw himself with his spear.

However, before the spear could meet its target.


Something blocked the way of the spear, it was a cane.

“Deferio, did I give you the order to attack?” Said Alfonso


“I won’t repeat myself Deferio.”


“I said that we are here to talk not to fight, are you defying my orders?”

“I wouldn’t dare!”

“Then sit down”

Deferio looked at Alfonso while feeling regret for acting so hasty, he took a deep breath and sat down.

Alfonso, however, didn’t. He stood there while looking at Felio, who was one head taller than Alfonso, despite this, Alfonso didn’t feel intimidate at all.

“If we go to war, we both lose, tell me, what do you propose?” Said Felio while taking a step forward.

“I need resources” Said Alfonso while also taking a step forward.

“I need a strong ally” Said Felio who took another step.

They were just a few inches away from each other.

“He…” Said Alfonso while making a smirk.

“Do we have a deal, loser prince?” Said Felio while extending his hand.

“I really hate you, you know?” Said Alfonso while extending his hand.

“What a coincidence, the feeling is mutual” Said Felio.

After that they both shake hands.

“Loser” Said Alfonso.

“Look who is talking” Said Felio.

“If you lose to a loser that makes worse than loser, how can you look at yourself in the mirror”



After some awkward seconds…



After that, the both of them went outside, leaving the other ones.

“… Can someone explain to me what has just happened?” Said Artemis. “”Master, welcome back”” Reported two little girls dressed in white.

“Ahh, I am back, how was the hunting?”

“”No problem as usual””

“Where are the other ones?”

“They are punting the food on the refrigerator”

“Good, you can go now, remember, the commoners still have classes today”

“”As you order””

These little girls were the assistants of Artemis, the children of Okeanos, they didn’t participate in the hunt because was worry of a surprise attack, so he left them to protect the city; their job was basically to be Artemis’s secretary, however, they also did a lot of jobs in the manor, furthermore, they are the ones who receive the commoners when Tailor dictated his classes, they also when hunting on their own and bring the food to the mansion.

Suddenly, someone opened the door.

“Oh, mister Artemis , you are back, have you seen your majesty?”

It was Ribeiro.

“Ribeiro, Alfonso has just go out a few minutes ago, do you need something?”

“Well…. I wanted to discus with his majesty about an issue…”

“What is it?”

“…..” Ribeiro was a little hesitant.

“Just tell me”

“..okay…. the issue is like this, I heard a few people talking on my way home, it seems that is some displeasure in the way his majesty is managing the economic issue” Said Ribeiro.

“Hmm? What do you mean”

“Well… you see, the problem is like this, the commoners go for hunting, and then they give it to us, in exchange we give them money and food, correct?”


“Well, that’s the issue, there is no point in having money in wasteland valley because we don’t own any shops that requires money, if someone wants something they usually made them themselves or exchange with someone else for something, so the people are complaining and thinking that they should just keep the hunt for themselves instead of giving it to us” Said Ribeiro

“….. Well, its true that money is useless on Wasteland Valley, at least for now, however, is also true that we are too nice to the commoners, and they are actually complaining?, humph, this is why I tell Alfonso that he is too much of a soft-heart” Said Artemis with an irritated voice.

“What…. What do you mean?”

“Tell me something…. Do you work for free?” Asked Artemis to Ribeiro.


“You get your money plus food, then tell me something, where does that food comes from if you don’t hunt?”


“Tell me, Tailor works for free? And little Pit? That he works for free? The soldiers, do they work for free?”


“We give them their food, that food comes from the manor, Alfonso, as the leader of this place should have a better food than everyone else as so as we, however, we eat almost the same as the commoners, if they can even think of these facts, then the education program is useless because they will forever be idiots” Said Artemis obviously annoyed.

“Well…. That’s true”

“Let them complain all they want, however, if there is someone who hides their hunt them report it to me, I will deal with the problem….no, you know what? Lets took the initiative ourselves” Said Artemis.

“Shouldn’t… shouldn’t I tell his majesty….”

“No, Alfonso is too busy to deal with this stupid problem, I will take care of it, GIRLS!”

“”Did you call master?”” Suddenly, ten little girls appeared and bowed to Artemis.

“Go with Ribeiro and inspect house after house if some family is keeping more food than normal, bring them to me”


“Ribeiro, go with the girls”

“…yes…” Said Ribeiro helplessly.

“Sir Artemis is too radical…. Next time I will wait for his majesty” Thought Ribeiro while was being dragged by the little girls.


“Why are you yelling all the time Artemis~” Asked a voice behind Artemis.

“Demeter, how is the wolf?”

“He is going to live….. but he lost the vision in one eye and one of his legs is almost cripple, he will be a like Alfonso” Said Demeter with sadness.

“…..Damnit” Cursed Artemis

“…Its not your fault”

“….I know that” Said Artemis.

“Lie” Said Demeter with a kind smile.

Artemis just made a small smile before going back to her room.

“Sigh~ , you are too hard on yourself Artemis, you are just like little Al in that aspect” Said Demeter while looking outside.

She closed her eyes and feel the air blowing on her face, She suddenly feel…. something.

“I have a really bad feeling…..” Said Demeter while looking through the window.


[Arcadia Town]

Arcadia was one of the most prosperous towns in the north of Leitol, they had the blessing of the goddess Yurit, who was known as the goddess of metallurgy, they were blessed with a mine of gold and mine of silver, it was not a surprise that even the price and princess of the Lockheart monarchy had eyes on them, eventually, the princess of Leitol, Diana, became the “protector” of this land, and acquire the tittle of “Town”

There was a huge difference between Valley, town and city on Leitol; On earth, the tittle of town was given to a group of people without a correct political structure that live together and have some kind of arrangement between and the economy its not managed by the “government” instead, its managed by the business on town, and the demography its different, towns tend to be less densely populated, the geography is similar to a city but in a smaller size, However, in Leitol was totally different.

Lets compare Wasteland Valley and Tulip Town, why did Tulip had the title of “Town”? because they were blessed by a god, it didn’t matter what kind of government they had or even if they had a government, just by having the blessing of a god, they receive that tittle, of course, with the tittle came benefits as well as responsibilities, for example, with the tittle of “Town”, Tulip had the right to ask for help to the royal army if they were under attack of foreign enemy or to interfere in a diplomatic issue with another town, furthermore, they could send their children to the “Dragon Academia” in Dragon City to aim for a position in the militia or the government, of course, all of these didn’t come for free, they had to pay their taxes to the royal family, and , if a royal prince or princess wanted, they could become “protector” of that town, this also implies that the town will have to pay a fee to the protector.

On the other hand, we have Wasteland Valley; The tittle Valley just imply one thing, that you don’t exist for the royal family, in other words, nobody gives a shit if you live or die, in fact, if a town decides to take position of your land, you only have two options, surrender or die.

Human rights? What are those? Can you eat them? “Father, I am back” Said a Young man with black long hair

“Felipe, how was the negotiations?” Asked an old-fat man with a bold hair.

This man was the lord of Arcadia Titio Grego, next to him were two men, one of them was tall and muscular with a tanned skin, he was the oldest son of the Grego family, Excelio, the other man was as tall as Felipe, in contrast with his older brother, Rodof had a skinned texture, however, he was the most similar in appearance to their father

“It was as one would expect; the king of Tulip didn’t want to accept the alliance” Reported Felipe.

“Hmph! That idiot always makes things difficult!” Said Titio.

“Father, we don’t have to worry, the opportunity is here, with the incoming attack of the horde, Tulip will have to face an enemy from the back and the from” Said Excelio.

“Yeah! It will be too easy maybe we don’t even have to send Alberto” Said Rodof.

Ttio looked at his sons and made small chuckle.

“That’s right…. Why I am so upset? It just a matter of time before I take Tulip, I must be thankfull to Wasteland Valley, the fact that they lose to the horde and give them food was my blessing” Said Titio.

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