Even Keer’s mother had returned? She heard that Madam Zhuang’s work was highly confidential and that she would only come home a few times a year!

“Actually you really didn’t have to go through all the trouble. I was just helping out. We’re friends. Do you still have to thank me for helping you? Besides, you’ve helped me out before too!”

“Xiao Xi, those things I helped you with were nothing. It wasn’t even anything… Whatever it is, this is a must and if you don’t come, my family won’t feel good!” Zhuang Keer insisted with a serious tone.

Since Zhuang Keer had put it as such and Madam Zhuang had applied for leave, Ning Xi thought about it and decided it was not good to reject, so she could only say, “Okay, got it, I’ll go over!”

“Mmm, that’s it then! I’ll wait for you!” Zhuang Keer hung up happily.

After they hung up, Ning Xi quickly ran to the kitchen and found a washboard. Then, she decided it was not enough and suddenly dug up a durian before appearing before the devil.

Ning Xi held the washboard in one hand and the durian in the other as she stood before Lu Tingxiao and looked up to him. Her expression was as flattering as she could be. “My dear, choose one! As long as you won’t be angry!”

Lu Tingxiao remained expressionless. His eyes skimmed the washboard and the durian in her hand, then the space between his brows tripped as if he was about to collapse. “You think this is enough?”

This…was this not enough…!?

Ning Xi instantly felt like a bolt from the blue had just struck her. She looked hopeless and threw the things in her hands away, then whipped out her fatal weapon.

“Oh!!!” She wailed as she hugged the little bun’s leg. “Little bun, save me!”

“Mommy?” Little Treasure tilted his head in confusion. Even though he did not know why Mommy wanted him to save her, he hugged his mother with determination as he shot a mean look at his father with a protective pose.

“You know that she did something wrong, don’t you?” Lu Tingxiao looked at his son and said coldly.

The little bun looked at Mommy first, then continued to look vengefully at Father without hesitation. Basically, his attitude shouted, “My Mommy is right! Even if she’s wrong, she’s right!”

Ning Xi continued to pretend to cry and hug the little bun.

Lu Tingxiao was speechless.

As he watched the mother and son duo, the ice on Lu Tingxiao broke and he pinched the space between his brows. “Enough, I already know about it.”

When Ning Xi heard him, she was stunned.

Huh? What did the devil mean?

“You…you already knew?” Ning Xi’s eyes widened.

“Did you really think you hid it very well?” Lu Tingxiao looked at her disdainfully from the corner of his eye.

Ning Xi swiftly went with the flow and brownnosed him, “My dear, you really do love me! My acting is so good, yet you saw through me immediately!”

Lu Tingxiao shot her a look from the side again. “Practice makes perfect.”

Ning Xi was speechless.

How many times had she done this for him to be so polished? Chapter 1168: Calling You Handsome

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ning Xi thought about it and suddenly remembered something. “I just heard the news that a hidden illegal casino has been destroyed and that all the punks present were arrested. The police station almost couldn’t fit them all…so…was it you?”

The more she thought about it, the more she felt it must have been Lu Tingxiao…

Lu Tingxiao did not say anything. He remained in his cool and elegant posture.

Ning Xi instantly let go of the little bun and snuggled into the big bun’s embrace. She hopped up to kiss the man’s chin. “Big Boss, thank you!”

She had used a lot of energy to console both the big bun and the small bun. After she promised to make up for it in the future, Ning Xi made her way to the Zhuang family’s residence.

The moment she reached the military district yard, there were men ready to bring her to the Zhuang residence.

At the residence gate, a graceful and subdued woman waited. When she saw the girl beside the security guard, the woman looked suspicious and did not walk over to greet her.

“Xiao Xi! You’re here!” Behind her, Zhuang Keer ran out from inside the house and greeted the girl beside the guard.

Ning Xi smiled. “Keer!”

When she confirmed that this girl in a light pink dress with waist-length hair was Ning Xi, Meng Linlang gaped in disbelief. “Keer, this…this is the Xiao Xi you guys talked about?”

Ning Xi was prepared to accompany Lu Tingxiao and the little bun today, so she looked very domesticated like a true well-behaved maiden. She was probably poles apart from what Meng Linlang had imagined her to look like.

“Yes, Mother!” Zhuang Keer led Ning Xi to Meng Linlang and introduced her to Ning Xi, “Xiao Xi, this is my mother!”

“Madam Zhuang, nice to meet you,” Ning Xi greeted her. The woman before her was probably in her thirties, at most. She had an oval-shaped face with red phoenix eyes and her aura was a classic beauty. She practically looked like sisters with Zhuang Keer and Ning Xi could not hide the marvel in her eyes.

“Nice to meet you. Good girl, I finally meet you! I’ve heard them describe you and I thought you…I didn’t think you would be such a beautiful, well-mannered girl. Quickly, come in and we’ll continue!” Meng Linlang intimately pulled Ning Xi by the hand and led her into the house.

Meng Linlang had never met Ning Xi before and had only heard the description of her from her husband and children. They said that her marksmanship was more amazing than Rongguang’s and that her combat was remarkable, and how she did not flinch when killing the drug lords. From all of that, she had always thought Ning Xi was an especially…um, especially tough girl. She did not think she would be this obedient and sweet.

In the living room, Zhuang Rongguang was holding onto an English dictionary with a long-standing resentment but when he saw Ning Xi, his eyes lit up the way a fan would when meeting their idol. “Sis Xi, you’re here! Have a seat!”

Then, he served her tea and brought her some dessert.

Today, Zhuang Rongguang had worn a simple white tee and jeans. This 18-year-old was in the spring of his lifetime and oozing with youthfulness.

Ning Xi sized him up and could not help but tease, “If you looked like this before, would your girlfriend have run off with someone else?”

Zhuang Rongguang was embarrassed from the teasing. “Sis Xi, don’t expose my dark past!”

“Did I? I’m calling you handsome!”

“Hahaha, really?”

When she saw how her spoilt child had become the way he was now, Meng Linlang felt a mix of emotions and her gaze at Ning Xi filled with gratitude. “You guys continue to chat here. I still have two dishes to finish!”

When Zhuang Rongguang heard her, he immediately extended his hand and insisted, “Mother! Mother, don’t go! Let the nanny do it!” Chapter 1169: Have To Trouble You

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Meng Linlang replied unhappily, “We have a guest, so of course, I must cook a few dishes to show my sincerity!”

“Yes, we have a guest. At least, she knows that you want to thank her, or else, she’d think you want to repay with revenge!” Zhuang Rongguang mumbled.

Meng Linlang immediately shot him a look. Even though she was angry, there was still love in her eyes. “You brat!”

Keer leaned into Ning Xi’s ears and laughed as she explained, “My mother’s not great at cooking…”

“Ahh…” There was indistinct envy in Ning Xi’s eyes as she watched at the interaction between Madam Zhuang and her children.

“Xiao Xi, have fun with Keer and Rongguang for a while. Dinner will be ready soon!”

“Okay, don’t worry about me!”

Moments later, dinner was ready.

On the roundtable, the Zhuang family was gathered at an unusual occasion.

Zhuang Liaoyuan picked up his wine glass and stood up first. “Xiao Xi, a toast to you!”

Ning Xi was overwhelmed by this and quickly stood up with her glass too.

“Sis Xi, I want to drink to you too. Bottoms up for me but you can do as you wish! You’re a girl, don’t drink too much!” Then, Zhuang Rongguang downed his drink.

Ning Xi laughed as she shook her head. He finally remembered that she was a girl.

Then, Zhuang Keer and Meng Linlang all offered her a toast too.

Finally, it was Elder Chief Zhuang’s turn. Before he got up, Ning Xi quickly stood up and said, “Elder, if you do that, I really don’t deserve this!”

The entire meal was very cheerful, probably because the woman of the house was back, so the entire atmosphere was much warmer.

During dinner, Men Linglang liked Ning Xi the more she talked to her. She even pushed her own children away and forced Ning Xi to take home all the gifts she had brought home. She almost gave her the jade bangle on her wrist too, but it was turned down gracefully by Ning Xi. She only took home gifts like local specialties which impressed her enough.

It was already very late. At last, Zhuang Liaoyuan delegated his security guards to send her home.

After Ning Xi left, in the master bedroom, Meng Linlang looked to her husband and muttered, “Is Xiao Xi really Lingyu’s daughter?”

“Mmm, I’ve investigated it thoroughly. I can’t be wrong,” Zhuang Liaoyuan lit a cigarette and said confidently.

Meng Linlang’s gaze was cold. “Who would have thought that that isolated sister could give birth to such a wonderful daughter!? Thankfully, because she grew up in the village, she’s so obedient! If she had been left beside her to be raised, I’m not sure how she would’ve turned out!”

“It’s best to speak less about it!” Zhuang Liaoyuan sighed.

“I still think there’s something fishy about Ning Xi being shunned out of the Ning family. In fact, it might be related to that adopted daughter…” Meng Linlang muttered, then she asked, “What’s the elder planning to do? Are we going to accept her as kin? Then, the Ning family made a poor judgment and can’t differentiate good from the bad. It’s fine if we don’t know, but we can’t just sit back and not care even we do!”

“The elder said that he’s still not over the incident from years before, but he loves Ning Xi and told me to take good care of her!” Zhuang Liaoyuan said.

“Of course, we must! The Zhuang family isn’t watching Ning Xi because she was born from her womb, but because we really like this child, there are no qualms about it!”

Once his wife put it like that, Zhuang Liaoyuan felt light-hearted and everything became clear at once. “You’re right.”

Meng Linlang was still worried. “You old man, what do you know about taking care of people? You even wanted to recruit such a delicate girl into the military! The report I submitted should be done soon. Wait for me to return, then I’ll handle this!”

Zhuang Liaoyuan laughed, “I’ll have to trouble you then, my wife!” Chapter 14: Immortal and Devil Pool

Inside the field, Chen Tianhu arrived at the side of the injured Chen Haohai and Chen Yihan. Facing them he said “You and I were all competing for the Patriarch’s position. I did not hope to end it such a way! We are Chen Family members and we should all be united. If you refuse to accept me as your Patriarch, you can take your followers and leave the Chen Family.

Chen Haohai and Chen Yihan both glanced at each other before looking towards Chen Xiang and heaving heavy sighs.

Chen Haohai firmly grasped Chen Tianhus arm. With a heavy tone he said, “I hope you can lead the Chen Family. I, Chen Haohai, have lived as a Chen Family member and even after death I will become a Chen Family ghost! I, Chen Haohai, am sincerely convinced by the new Patriarch!”

Chen Haohai and Chen Yihan were not fools. They had gained insight on how frightening Chen Xiangs potential is. If he is cultivated well, soon he will have very good chances to become a fierce alchemist. If you could build a good relation now, you can reap the benefits later. It is not wise to offend a top-level alchemist, plus, Chen Tianhu was now letting go of all the past enmities, which is good thing for them.

“Two seniors, for the previous offences please forgive me. For our Chen Family to survive in these lands for many years, we must not have internal strife.” Chen Xiang gave his apologies after arriving in front of Chen Haohai and Chen Yihan.

Chen Xiangs statements and actions caused many Chen Family children and elders to secretly nod in approval. Although at such a young age he had already defeated a formidable Elder, he was not proud, but actually very modest. This kind of subtlety is quite rare among many of the Chen Family juniors.

The Chen brothers were also somewhat ashamed.

“My dear nephew, first go and recuperate! Dragging the injuries for a long time can be detrimental to future cultivation.” Chen Yihan said, while passing some of his healing dans.

For the the Elder Competition to reach such a conclusion, made the other Elders quite satisfied.

An Elder with a clear and resonant voice said “Ladies and Gentlemen, the banquet will take place after ten days, but I also request for everyone to stay after as well. By that time, many other families will have sent someone to participate. At that point, it would be a good opportunity for you to make friends with the other families.”



Chen Xian returned to his room. While looking at his scarred body, he could not help but let loose a deep breath. Just before, his fight with Chen Yihan was very dangerous. Yet at this moment, his mind was excited because at the 5th Level of the Mortal Martial Realm, he has the strength to defeat someone at the 7th Level of the Mortal Martial Realm!

After giving his all in the previous fight, he also felt like his power level had somewhat increased. He had gained a lot of experience in utilizing Qi. No wonder he had heard that in order to become a powerful martial artist, one needed to go through numerous battles.

Just as Chen Xiang was about to take the healing pills, two auras reflected onto his eyes. He blinked, only to see Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao with straight faces standing right in front of him.

“You brat! Just a moment ago, you were too rash, what would we do if you had died? We have poured too much effort into your body!” shouted Bai Youyou with a cold expression. Chen Xiang felt a cold chill running down his spine.

Su Meiyao stuck her tongue out and said “After considering the circumstance, devilish brat, you were somewhat courageous. This time, we will let you off the hook! However, next time you must be cautious! Take off your clothes, I will help you apply the ointments.

During Chen Xiang and Chen Yihans battle, his body was covered in many cuts due to the Icy True Aura. His body was covered in numerous bloodstains. If it was not specially treated, it would be harder to heal.

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