At both sides of the Heaven-Worshipping Ground, thirty giant bells that were all Emperor Weapons were struck, resulting in blasting chimes that echoed in the air for a prolonged period, startling the crowd.

Following this, a parade made of a few hundred people entered the venue from the entrance in an orderly fashion.

The Third Prince led the parade while riding a silver horse, followed by ten golden heavenly dragons formed by the golden rays emitting from his back. The dragons uttered continuous roars, resulting in a majestic sight.

Under the crowd’s gaze, the parade arrived before the altar. The Third Prince dismounted and knelt down on one knee facing the Sky-Scorching Emperor, before uttering a loud yell, “I, Song Feifan, a servant of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, am willing to take the role of the crown prince, and I swear to serve and protect the kingdom with all my heart!”

The words were not only a declaration, but an oath sworn to the Heavens.

If the Third Prince eventually became the emperor and failed to fulfill his duty, he would face the wrath of the Heavens.

“I now summon the ninety-ninth batch disciples of the three platoons to the altar!”

The white-robed master of ceremonies yelled out.

Qin Nan was stunned hearing the words. Why were they involved in the ascension of the crown prince?

Elder Wang gave himself a facepalm and immediately transmitted his voice, “I forgot to mention, during the ascension of the crown prince, the new generation of disciples are required to stand beside him, representing a new start for the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom. Besides that, the emperor will unleash the the Emperor’s Seal, allowing you to absorb some Emperor’s Qi, granting you great benefits…”

“The Emperor’s Seal?”

Qin Nan was utterly confused, but he had no choice for the time being. He immediately rose from the seat and headed to the center with Mu Chengye, Xue Meng, and the others.

Meanwhile, Longhu-as the representative of the Black Tortoise Platoon-led the disciples to the altar.

As for the White Tiger Platoon, the representative was a young man whom Qin Nan had never seen before, and there were only over ten disciples from their platoon.

The disciples of the three platoons approached the prince.

At that instant, Qin Nan could instantly sense countless gazes landing onto his figure, filled with jealousy, envy, murderous intent, and even pride.

Duan Qing!

The limelight among the younger generation, whom even Di Fengyun and the Skyhowl White Tiger failed to eliminate.

Besides, among the Platoon Leaders of the ninety-ninth batch disciples, Yao Ji from the White Tiger Platoon had been slain by ‘Qin Nan’ in the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground, while Long Tian from the Black Tortoise Platoon was quite close to Duan Qing according to the rumors.

In other words, Duan Qing was the most formidable presence within the new generation!

That being said, everyone knew that the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom had the lowest number of geniuses among the Four Great Factions. Even though Duan Qing was considered powerful in the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, his presence was still not worth mentioning in the entire Eastern Continent.

Even Di Fengyun was nothing fascinating in the Eastern Continent.

“The emperor shall now unleash the Emperor’s Seal!”

The master of ceremonies declared.

The Sky-Scorching Emperor rose from his seat while his eyes vaguely glanced at Qin Nan among the crowd, leaving a grin on his face.

Let’s see how much Emperor’s Qi you will be able to absorb when the Emperor’s Seal is unleashed?


In the midst of his thought, the Sky-Scorching Emperor rapidly made his move, causing a blinding golden glow to be fired into the sky and float above the Third Prince.

The golden glow resembled a giant seal, which was half a zhang long, with a square shape. It was thoroughly illuminated in golden rays, surrounded by dragons and phoenixes. Furthermore, its aura was exceedingly mysterious, as if it had merged with the Heavens and Earth.


Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with astonishment.

As he tried to inspect the Emperor’s Seal with his left eye of the Divine God of Battle, he discovered that it possessed an immeasurable power, similar to White Tiger City!

Did that mean the seal was also a half-Monarch Weapon?

Mu Chengye, who seemed to be aware of Qin Nan’s doubts, immediately transmitted his voice and explained, “Platoon Leader, this Emperor’s Seal was a heritage from the Deceased Emperor. As a matter of fact, the Emperor’s Seal is not considered a Mystical Weapon, but just an extraordinary artifact. The Third Prince will officially become the crown prince after acquiring the approval of the Emperor’s Seal and being enhanced by the Emperor’s Qi…”

Qin Nan immediately came to a realization.

The ascension of the crown prince for the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom was completely different than other kingdoms.

He could only be considered the crown prince after being approved by the Emperor’s Seal, granting him the Emperor’s Qi. Once he fully inherited the Emperor’s Seal, he would then be crowned the emperor.

Meanwhile, for the disciples of the new generation, by gathering beside the crown prince, if they too were approved by the Emperor’s Seal, they would have the chance of being enhanced too. That would not be the case if they failed to acquire its approval.

“Who would have thought that the ascension of the third prince as the crown prince would bring such a great benefit. Let’s see what the Emperor’s Qi is…”

Qin Nan’s eyes showed a hint of anticipation.

Meanwhile, the Emperor’s Seal floating in mid-air shuddered softly, before a blinding golden light curtain descended upon them and engulfed their figures, warming their bodies.


The Emperor’s Seal let out a roar as it fired invisible streams of Qi filled with a tremendous energy downward.

The force of the Heavens and Earth surrounding the place became restless.

The emperor was known as the Son of Heaven, thus it was normal for the Emperor’s Qi to be able to resonate with the force of the Heavens and Earth.

At that instant, over one thousand three hundred streams of Emperor’s Qi landed onto the Third Prince’s figure in a continuous manner.

The experts and the ministers were used to seeing the sight of it, as the crown prince would normally receive most of the Emperor’s Qi.

They were only concerned about the number of the streams of Emperor’s Qi that the rest of the disciples would receive.

Following this, the remaining Emperor’s Qi floated toward Qin Nan and the others.

Ninety-eight streams landed onto Longhu’s figure. Mu Chengye received seventy-three streams, while Xue Meng had sixty-two streams. Meanwhile, the representative of the White Tiger Platoon had sixty-five streams.

As for the others, they all had less than fifty streams.

However, the crowd was stunned seeing the Emperor’s Qi floating above Qin Nan.

Five hundred…

Five hundred and eighty?

There were five hundred and eighty streams?

No one had ever received five hundred and eighty streams of Emperor’s Qi in history!

That was almost half of the amount given to the Third Prince!

In the meantime, Qin Nan was immersed in joy after being enhanced by the Emperor’s Qi.

This Emperor’s Qi was able to improve his cultivation! Chapter 760: Mrs. Luo or Mrs. Gu?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Mrs. Luo greeted Celestial Master Zuo and Overlord Long first and then thanked Gu Canmo for his invitation. Finally, she looked at “Gu Xijiu.”

Her eyes were getting teary at this point. Although she was smiling, her eyes were all red. She looked at “Gu Xijiu,” and then walked over and said, “My daughter… I am your mother…” She was trembling and seemed like she was ecstatic and sad at the same time.

Di Fuyi developed a mighty headache when he saw her walking towards him. He tried to take a glance at Gu Xijiu to see what to do. Gu Xijiu was smiling at him, and she looked like she was happy for him. Indeed, Gu Xijiu was very excited! She could not wait to see how Di Fuyi would handle the situation.

It was very rare to see him embarrassed. Thus Gu Xijiu was pleased with this arrangement. Of course, she also took a few glances at Mrs. Luo. After all, she was the mother of the original Gu Xijiu. She was a legend as well as a tragic character who committed suicide. Gu Xijiu still had high respects for her.

However, she had no other feeling towards her. She was not the real Miss Gu who used to get bullied in the house of General Gu. She only borrowed this body. Besides, even if the original Miss Gu was here, she might not have much feeling towards Mrs. Luo too. After all, they were separated when she was still an infant. Moreover, deep inside the heart of the original Gu Xijiu, her mother was the main culprit who caused her misfortune.

Even if the lady in red were Gu Xijiu’s actual mother, it required daily interaction to deepen the relationship between them. Although they had the same blood in their body, they were not close to each other. Gu Xijiu tried to figure out how the original Gu Xijiu would feel but she found that she was not able to dig out any feelings since she was now occupying a different body. She suddenly realized that it was not too bad to have her body swapped. At least she did not have to face such an embarrassing scene.

Gu Xijiu stared at Di Fuyi and was interested to see how he would deal with it. Would he stand up and hug the lady? Or would he accuse her, “Who are you? You are not my mother! If you are my mother, why did you let me get bullied in General Gu’s house for so many years!?” Gu Xijiu had thought of all the possible responses that the original Gu Xijiu would have in her mind. She waited to see which one Di Fuyi would use to respond to the mother.

The story of Mrs. Luo tragic death was very well-known in this continent. Almost everyone knew about it. Now that she suddenly appeared in public, everyone was also very interested to see how Gu Xijiu would react. Therefore, all attention in the hall had fallen on the two of them.

To Gu Xijiu’s surprise, Di Fuyi did not use any of the possibilities that Gu Xijiu had in her mind. He just laughed and raised a wine glass. He asked calmly, “Should I call you Mrs. Luo or Mrs. Gu?”

Luo Xinglan was stunned, “Little Xijiu…”

Di Fuyi smiled, “When you decided to jump down from the hill, I guess you decided to separate with General Gu. I guess you might not want to have any connections with General Gu anymore so it would be better to call you Mrs. Luo.”

Luo Xinglan looked at her “daughter” in front of her. Her lips were trembling when she replied, “Alright…”

Di Fuyi poured wine into his glass and toasted to her, “Let’s have a drink and cheers.” He was calm and treated her like a friend.

Luo Xinglan’s tears had burst out from her eyes. She tried to calm down and quietly raised her glass. She replied, “Alright.” She finished the entire drink in one go! Chapter 921: Laughing Stock

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Xinghe was a master in the art of speech as well. She too was snidely commenting on Tong Liang’s proclivity to stick her hands into business that did not concern her.

Tong Liang brushed off the sarcasm and smiled. “As Miss Xia said, desperate times call for desperate measures. However, you are completely inexperienced at this job, so you have to be careful lest you bring shame to our country.”

“I had no idea Miss Tong loves our country so much, that is surprising,” Xinghe said with a light smile, but Tong Liang’s face shifted.

“Xia Xinghe, what do you mean by that? What’s so surprising about my love for this country?” Tong Liang demanded in a voice loud enough for the both of them.

Xinghe ignored her and turned to address others. “The time is almost upon us, we can go out now.”

“Okay. Little Xia, I will sit beside you, so don’t worry, you can leave the questions that are too hard to me,” the eldest Ambassador Zhou told her kindly.

“Thank you, senior Zhou,” Xinghe said with appreciation before they moved outside. She had completely ignored Tong Liang’s presence. Tong Liang laughed coldly to herself before moving to catch up to them.

She wanted to see for herself how Xinghe juggled that many reporters. She was ready to see Xinghe make a fool of herself!

As the group of ambassadors came out, numerous reporters seemed to wake up from their slumber as the cameras pointed at them. To be more accurate, all the cameras pointed at Xinghe. She was the main character, the one with all the newsworthiness.

However, Xinghe was not responsible for the opening speech, she left that to Ambassador Zhou. She was only going to speak during the press Q&A.

After they were all seated, Ambassador Zhou started his speech. He first thanked the attendance of everyone there before launching into the topic of the virus outbreak. He ended with Xinghe’s appointment and how she was appointed to smooth over international relations that had gotten rocky recently.

“I know you all are surprised by Miss Xia’s sudden appointment and have many questions for her. The floor is open now and you can ask her any question you like, and she will represent Hwa Xia to answer some important questions.” The moment Ambassador Zhou said that, almost the whole room of reporters raised their hands.

The reporters had media tags before them and were seated according to their affiliation. The area was clearly marked, showing clearly which country they were representing. Xinghe had a clear view of this from her seat.

If she was clever, she would avoid questions from Country W and Country C’s reporters. These two countries were hounding after Hwa Xia recently and thus their questions would be incredibly sharp.

However, Xinghe’s first choice was a reporter from Country W. When she extended her hand to point at the reporter, everyone was shocked. Isn’t she afraid this will make things difficult for her?

The reporter stood up excitedly and purposely posed the question in Country W’s language. “Miss Xia, I wish to know whether this virus outbreak is related to you and your country or not? After all, it is because of your academic competition that this tragedy happened. Therefore, has it not crossed your mind that it is because of you and the fact that you have harmed so many innocent people that Hwa Xia’s relationship with other countries has become so precarious?”

The question was indeed sharp! He was basically openly slandering Xinghe. Chapter 922: Wonderful Answer

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Country W’s reporter went after Xinghe so harshly when she had only just been appointed; this was way too fishy. Ambassador Zhou and the rest all frowned unconsciously. Smugness flashed across Tong Liang’s eyes.

This Xia Xinghe really thinks being an ambassador is so easy? She will soon find out this identity will not only not bring her any benefits but will also smear her name. An ambassador’s image is related to a country’s image. If Xinghe answers this question unsatisfactorily, she will make a fool of herself and the entirety of Hwa Xia.

The reporter’s question was unusually caustic and was purposely designed to trip Xinghe who had no prior experience in this field. He wanted to shame Hwa Xia.

Tong Liang was satisfied and excited as she waited for Xinghe’s reply. Before the translator did her work, Xinghe answered directly in Country W’s language with a perfect accent, “Thank you for the question. This virus outbreak did happen during the academic competition held by my academy, and I am deeply shocked, sorry, and saddened by it. Saddened because the sudden outbreak has taken so many lives and has brought so much pain to the citizens of this country and friends from other countries.

“I felt deeply disappointed with myself because I was unable to give them any relief from the illness’ torment. Therefore, the reason I accepted this ambassador’s role is because I wish to step out to tell everyone that, while Hwa Xia and myself personally are saddened by this development, we will also do our best to fight this illness with everything we’ve got.

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