"Denial only makes things more painful in the end, trust me."-Shengyn punched the hero in the gut causing the hero to spit out blood.

"You bastard…Don’t you even care for the lives you have ruined, the hearts you have hurt, the souls you have injured?"-said hero, trying to cling on to his sword with all his strength.

"Then let me ask you this, hero. When I lost the ones I cherished the most, did the killers feel sorry for me? No, they tried to kill me as well. This world has not justice, it only has chaos. And I am here to kill all hypocrites who proclaim to be in servitude of holy while they are anything but."-Shengyn said with extreme viciousness.

"Regardless of how your life turned out, you must have seen the light to make it this far"-hero’s voice was almost begging.

"No, only darkness. But to be fair there is no true light in this world. Even if there once was, it is already dead. That is why I will kill this world to regain it!"-Shengyn loudly declared his intent.

"You madman! You can’t possibly hope to win against the world!"-Hero now saw just how insane his opponent was.

"This world is just a stepping stone, I will definitely turn it upside down. I will start with likes of you"-Shengyn’s hand pierced the body of the hero.

"You will not succeed…you are not on the side of good…"-Hero mumbled weakly.

"Neither are you. There are no good human beings in this world if you go by your standards, just liars immersed deeply in their self-created delusions."

"I wouldn’t forgive you, I wouldn’t forgive how you wounded her heart!"

"Again with this!" Shengyn punched the hero again and again, until the hero was a bloody mess. "If you think she has it hard, then think of all your victims, then see if you can actually stand for your views without being a hypocrite!"-Shengyn.

"You…you"-hero was gasping for breath.

"You are a person who had a predefined fate to be hero, a life of success. This is the taste of how it feels to be predefined to fail. This is the fate everyone less fortunate than lives every single day! Unlike many you were blessed with powers beyond the imagination, what do you think those who are set up to fail and die due to fate feel like? Your life was guaranteed to be golden one ever since your birth as a nobleman, but did you ever sit down and think what the other unfortunate souls feel like seeing you, a born winner, realizing their fate had cursed them for life, blessing you unconditionally?"-Shengyn stated his true disgust for the pre destined winner in front of him.

"That is not …"

"It is true. My fate was to be dead, but my Master had changed that. Now I am going to get my revenge."-Shengyn said with serious tone.

"I will cut down those meant to shine due to the flow of fate, I will show them the true terror of being destined to fail." -Shengyn smiled, then he as a flicker of light, he vanished, leaving the injured hero, Michael, lying there, completely humiliated and his beliefs completely shattered.

The hero Michael did survive, as did the young lady of the Aksha mansion, though she now had a long scar that stretched from her left cheek to her body. Ever since that day, Shengyn had a bounty placed on him, under the name Death Hand, a name Hero Michael called him when he described how Shengyn injured him. Because Shengyn was wearing a mask, they couldn’t tell his face, so they placed a faceless bounty on his head. After hearing the rumors, Shengyn began using Death Hand as his alias among Divine Overlords.

Not long afterwards, the news of the other assassinations has spread. All dead with the same type of wounds. The culprit definitely was the same in all cases.

The bounty on Death Hand increased along with the mistaken identity that led to the wrong person’s picture to be placed on the bounty. After visiting Kalkan kingdom, Shengyn found out one crucial fact-his twin brother Sabgyn is alive. This however didn’t change any of Shengyn’s plans, his desire for revenge still burned brighter than hot embers. The only change was that he would have to keep an eye on developments inside Kalkan kingdom.

Sabgyn is Shengyn’s younger twin brother; as such it would make sense why he is in Kalkan kingdom among demons, for he is a demon as well. If Shengyn encountered him in the future, he would have to recruit him to his cause, after all Sabgyn would share his hatred for this rotten world and therefore desire to destroy it.

Of course, Shengyn had to resort to long distance teleportation using his demon eye. After Shengyn let himself get defeated and captured, he was shackled and put in a cell. However, Shengyn did it in order to get a few minutes’ worth of talk with his brother. Apparently he was going by an alias Ren Karatengu, and he was also calling the elderly demon his grandfather. Shengyn never met his grandparents so he wasn’t sure if that was his real grandfather.

Using his demon eye Shengyn is able to teleport to locations he has been in or within his line of sight. The longer the distance teleported the more the energy his body would use up. So, teleporting from prison cell in Kalkan kingdom to a bar in Tazak kingdom took a lot out of him. When he landed on the ground, his mouth was full of blood. He was so dizzy that he collapsed on the ground and somebody in the bar had to help him up.

When he woke up, Shengyn saw someone who he never expected to see there- Sabgyn. Sabgyn apparently was the one who put a pack of ice on his head and gave him some water to drink, then he nonchalantly left the bar without saying anything other than ‘Get well soon, buddy!’

Shengyn shook his head. ‘It’s impossible, he cannot be in this kingdom, I teleported out of the Kalkan kingdom while he still was there, unless…’ Shengyn made a huge realization ‘he has a demon eye as well!’

Being Shengyn’s twin brother, it would make sense that Sabgyn would possess a demon eye of his own as well. Shengyn possessed only a single demon eye instead of usual two, and he suspected it was because Sabgyn has the other half of the pair. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch if Sabgyn possessed the same power of teleportation as Shengyn, but Shengyn wasn’t too sure.

After feeling better, Shengyn spent the next few days stalking the streets, trying to catch a glimpse of Sabgyn walking by. Luckily for him, on the second day he found Sabgyn accompanied by some royalty. Sabgyn didn’t even notice him. Yet, this was definitely Sabgyn, his younger brother. About a week passed after that incident.

"There is no mistaking it, it is definitely him! Does that mean he can teleport as well? Did he chase me all the way from the Kalkan kingdom?" Shengyn couldn’t exclude the possibility that Sabgyn could have the same abilities Shengyn possessed. It would make sense, but considering Sabgyn was always frail and sickly since youth, it was rather surprising.

Considering Sabgyn knew of his location, Shengyn chose to not to do anything considering Sabgyn would have spoken to him if he wanted to continue their conversation. Considering there was no sign of that happening any time soon, Shengyn just proceeded with his current mission.

He went to a bar named, Red Pegasus, there, inside the bar, was the person he needed to meet, Sheya, the Soul Eater.

The scenery could be best described as a beautiful woman alone in the bar. Well, not quiet alone, she was surrounded by bodies of people who were most likely the unlucky customers who were in proximity when she entered.

Sheya as a soul eater drained life force of her victims and if someone made a body contact with her, it would be fatal. The people in the bar were unconscious but still breathing; they most likely passed out when she entered. She projected an aura of gloom that completely contrasted the beauty she possessed. Shengyn had to admit if it wasn’t for the fact that exposure to her is fatal, she would be quiet a stunning beauty. The blue dress she wore only made her seem more alluring. Diverting his thoughts on how attractive she looked, Shengyn focused on the task at hand. He was told she knows some important information about the deities in the kingdom who was gathering followers.

When she saw him, Sheya looked at Shengyn with wide open eyes. Usually she starts talking to him by slight flirtation, but this time it was different. Because she knows she is deadly she likes to tease her fellow Divine Overlords, especially Shengyn by slight flirtation. But now, there wasn’t a trace of sadness in her eyes that he saw when she was by herself in the room, no, it was changed by a look of expectation. A look of genuine excitement. Such was the case when Sheya jumped at him with open arms.

"Death Hand! I missed you!" she jumped at Shengyn who was horrified when she pounced upon him like a lion pounces on its prey. ‘She is going to kill me like this!’ granted, Shengyn had an amulet that prevented his soul being sucked out unless she sucks it out of his mouth, but still, knowing just what she is capable of made him stiff from fear. Her body weight as she was hugging him proved to be too much and he ended up falling on his back, with her on top of him.

Shengyn wasn’t sure how old Sheya was, her appearance suggested she was in her early twenties, but she looked the same for all the years he has known her. She could easily pass for someone below twenty if she acted less flirtatious.

‘Oh boy, am I going to meet my end by being used as a couch?’ this was ridiculous. She was lying on top of him, snuggling against him. Shengyn wasn’t sure what the heck just happened but he knew one false movement could be fatal.

"Say, why don’t we go on another date? I have been dying to have some more fun!" Sheya asked Shengyn who was lost in terror. She was one of the existences he could not beat.

"Eh? A date? What do you mean?" Shengyn was genuinely confused.

"Oh, don’t be silly. We went on a date just two days ago, and…" she paused and whispered in his ear "it was the most fun I have had in years."

Then, a realization hit him. ‘I am sure I did not go on a date with this death personified, but she seems to think I went with her two days ago. Wait! It can’t be! I have tried to keep track of him within this city, but don’t tell me! He didn’t!’

As Shengyn saw Sheya bending down for a kiss on the lips, his mind was screaming "Nope, he totally did! Sabgyn!!! Brother, what the heck have you done?"

As she tried to kiss him, Shengyn covered her mouth with his palm preventing her lips from touching his. Immediately he felt energy drain from his palm. "I don’t think that’s a good idea, it might kill me."

"No it wouldn’t. It didn’t hurt you the last time we kissed." Sheya said while looking at Shengyn with a gaze that seemed to say ‘Take me.’

‘Oh, I am not even sure what to say to that. Did Sabgyn really kiss her? Did he survive it?’

"Was I really ok after you kissed me?" Shengyn had to know if she accidentally killed Sabgyn.

"Yes. And it was you who kissed me. I was really surprised; it was so bold of you. Most surprising however is that you were hiding that you were immune to me!" She pinched Shengyn’s cheeks with her fingers. "Why didn’t you tell me sooner? Were you keeping it as a surprise? I sure was surprised! You even told me my lips tasted like apples."

Shengyn just had his mouth open from shock. It seems Sabgyn truly is ok, if he had enough energy to tell her that after being kissed by her, then it is positive that he is alive. But kissing someone who can suck your soul out by touch is beyond reckless, if not suicidal. ‘Sabgyn, have you completely lost it?’

"Um, Sheya, how about we have a date some other time. Today I came for you to ask intel on deities." Shengyn said that in order to avoid being kissed. Sabgyn may have found a way to survive her ability, but the same could not be said about Shengyn.

"Oh, how disappointing. Ok, as you wish." She said I a rather gloomy tone, not hiding the fact that she expected something more. "I suppose the next time is better" she pecked Shengyn’s left cheek teasingly and stood off of him.

Shengyn stood up after he got over the shock of being kissed on the cheek by her. Even such a small body contact felt like his soul might be sucked away any second. She truly was terrifying. Any being with a soul is a prey to her. The most likely reason that Lord Morphus does not fear her is because as an angel he possessed no soul. So there was no danger of losing anything. Others weren’t so lucky.

"Well then, what did ya want to know?"

"I would like to know where I can find them, but the problem is I can’t see them while they are in disguise. Kolek mentioned something about seeing deities in their true forms, but I am not so sure I understand. Lord Morphus also mentioned you have the means to capture a deity, so I would like to request it from you."

"Why every man I meet always has to be all about duty, why is it never…never mind." She paused and with an air of seriousness "The deities are everywhere in the kingdom, closer than you realize. In fact, on your way here you might have passed by one or two without realizing it. They are going to have a meeting, a banquet of sorts, where only gods and their most trusted servants are invited, no mortals are allowed. Banquet will be held on the Peak of the Great Mountain."

"I see. Is there any means for me to sneak in?"

"There is, simplest way is to conceal your face, a mask should do the trick. You might want to act like you are a powerful and immortal deity so that they can’t tell anything is off."

"Wouldn’t it be obvious to them that I am a mortal?"

"If you manage to conceal your face, not even the strongest deity would be able to tell at first glance whether you are mortal or not. However, be warned, if they see through your disguise or touch you for extend amount of time, they will find out. If they do, then they will most certainly kill you. They are no joke, even among the Divine Overlords, at most two can handle fighting a deity, and I am not one of them."

She was right, her ability to suck mortal souls away had absolutely no effect on deities that possessed no soul.

"I see. Can you tell me more about the deities?"

"Well, as I mentioned before, they are outrageously powerful. Each one embodies something in an immortal form."

"Are they humanoid?"

"Some are, some not so much, unless they take on humanoid forms that is. However, they will most likely be in their true forms at the meeting for deities only. Also…they absolutely hate demons. Not meaning to upset you, but they are pro-humanity, and anti-everything else, so finding a demon attending their banquet is a big no-no."

"Yeah, that might cause some havoc. What about something to capture a deity?"

"I’ve got it right here" she took her cloak off her back. "It might look like an ordinary cloak, but it is made of material that is completely immune to magic of deities."

"That sure sounds convenient." Shengyn had to admit, he thought that reddish black cloak was just a fashion choice of hers, not realizing how practical it actually was.

"It is, but it does have its own weakness. While it is immune to a single deity’s power output, two or more deity’s power will damage it. So, one deity is the limit. Here." She gave her cloak to Shengyn.

"Are you sure you want to leave it with me?" Shengyn asked, curious as to why she would entrust him with something so important.

"Well, you are going by Lord Morphus’s orders. And, it would make you try to find me when you return it."

"Who says I will return it?"

"Then in that case I will find you." A hint of iciness could be heard in her tone. Shengyn gulped ‘Having a Soul Eater chasing me is too scary, I would rather just get it over with.’

"Ok, I will definitely return it then."

Shengyn thanked her and started to turn to exit the bar, he was eager to get out of that scary place as fast as he could.

"Take your time; you know where to find me." She was thinking in her head ‘Why is he reacting like this, almost as if he is afraid of me, he wasn’t like this the last time, in fact he looked like a wolf looking at a sheep, but now he reminds me of sheep instead.’

Cold sweat ran across Shengyn’s face. ‘My problem is that you know where to find me as well.’

Dealing with other Divine Overlords…why is it never easy?

One wrong word in that conversation could have ended with his soul sucked away, she was like an embodiment of end, beautiful yet terrifying. Lord Morphus had told me to sneak in to the banquet and kidnap a deity, any deity while keeping my identity a secret. Apparently in order to beat them we needed to use the power of deities against them or something of sorts, I wasn’t completely sure but orders are orders.

Wearing a white half mask that concealed my right eye and only showed my left demon eye, I proceeded to teleport to the location of the banquet. The Great Mountains range, there was so much snow there despite the fact that it was summer on the land underneath it. When I tried to teleport directly to the top of the mountain, a force field stopped me, forcing me to walk up to the peak.

Curiously, I wasn’t the only one who was heading towards the mountain. I saw some strange robed people climbing up as well. There were also many footsteps on the mountain, but none in front to leave the footsteps. It felt strange, I could feel that there were more living beings in the area travelling right next to me but I couldn’t see them, I could only vaguely sense them. Strange sensation on my hair told me that there must be at least one invisible creature floating in the air.

Once I climbed to a certain point, the rough terrain was replaced by golden plants, there was no longer a trace of a mountain which I climbed, and somehow I have entered the covenant of the deities. And it was party time.

There were as many as two hundred individuals having the fun time of their lives, indulging in dancing, singing, eating, and of course wine, lots and lots of wine. If it wasn’t for the fact that they were glowing with strange light or the fact that some of them didn’t look remotely humanoid, I could have mistaken them for human beings. I ended up seeing a deity with head of a bird with two wings on his shoulders and clawed feet, a woman whose entire body seemed to be made of red liquid, and something out of my deepest nightmares-a man made of hundreds of snakes composing his body. It was safe to say none of them were human.

I did get warning from Sheya that only deities are allowed here, and the fact that I have to pretend I am one of them to not draw any suspicion.

"Greetings! I haven’t seen you around before, are you perhaps new around here?" a strange looking creature, lower body of a crab, with tentacles coming from his back, wearing a suit, and with upper body of a fish, wearing a monocle on his left eye. A gentleman from the sea? Looking at him, I lost all the appetite I ever had for sea food.

"Why, hello, indeed, I am new around here. It is my first time being invited."

"Splendid! Allow me to introduce myself, I am Su Bal, the Deity of Lost Sea. What about you?" Apparently there are deities as ridiculous as this.

"I am Norlo, Deity of Confusion." That was the best I could come up with. Inwardly, I was praying he would buy my lie that I came up in split second.

"Confusion? Huh, I dare say I never heard of you before. But I suppose unlike primary Deities, we secondary deities don’t have much of a say, do we?"

"True enough." From Kolek I have learned that Deities have at least two classes, primary and secondary, with primary deities being the more authoritative and powerful of the two. In a sense the primary deities wielded the true power of nature while secondary deities were their subordinates, capable of only wielding a fraction of primary deity’s power. The primary deities were in a sense the bosses with secondary deities as loyal employees.

"Well then, enjoy the festivity. I know that I am going to have some fun with some beautiful goddesses tonight!" Su Bal said excitedly.

"Likewise." I cringed on the inside. ‘What kind of a woman would be interested in someone like this? Maybe Deities have other standards or this guy is the definition of depravity? Either way it doesn’t matter. Now I must find a Deity to trap’

The problem was there were very many of them, everywhere, drunk. While it should have made it easy to snatch one while none was looking, it actually made it much harder to separate them from the crowds.

Among the crazy dancers were humanoid looking Deities with upper bodies of lizards, frogs, and even one that resembled a miniature Dragon. Even the most humanoid Deities looked flamboyant to say the least. One wore a headwear made entirely of pink feathers that were about twice as long as his head. There were some bedazzling beauties among the Deities as well. I was told not to focus too much on a single Deity due to the danger of them charming me, but I don’t think there is any danger of that while looking from far away.

The strange thing is how some of those lady Deities looked inhumanely magnificent, but that is not what caught my attention. One of the deities had a hair that literally was made of rainbow. Not rainbow colored hair, but an actual rainbow that traveled through the air and accidentally touched my nose, and yep it was made of moisture.

It was a little too much to take in even with one eye, my demon eye squinting from looking at the flock of so many Deities. I didn’t even notice I walked in on someone.

Apparently he was carrying a drink with him, which ended up spilling on the floor. Not good, my cover might be blown.

"I am very sorry" I made sure to put my hand on my mask so that the Deity in front of me wouldn’t recognize I am a mortal in disguise. But it turns out I was not the only one impersonating a Deity.

The person in front of me ended up dropping his mask to the ground, and for a brief moment I could see his face. That face, the face that looked undeniably identical to the one I have under the mask. It was Sabgyn, my brother was here.

I was shocked to say the least. I just stood there and let the reality sink in while he quickly bent over and put on a ridiculous-looking lizard mask, complete with a snout, green ears, and fake teeth. If I didn’t catch a glimpse of his face I would never have guessed it was him.

‘What in the world is he doing here? No, he must have been tracking me, bumping into him here can’t be coincidence. Maybe that is why he met Sheya while pretending to be me, in order to foil my mission.’

"Oh, don’t worry about it, I am a very clumsy by nature, ha ha ha" Sabgyn replied after putting on his mask.

"Is that so, are you by any chance looking for someone?" I was trying my best in order to not cause a scene. It was hard considering my brother was here, seemingly intent on jeopardizing my mission.

"Well, not exactly, I just lost track of my Master, did you by any chance see her, a pale lady, about two meters tall, goes by the name Desolai, and may sometimes resemble a giant skeleton?"

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