Binding a rookie like you to my side is simple.

For starters, after establishing a relationship where your body is no longer able to deny me, then slowly, with one bite at a time, it’ll be over after I chew away at you ever so slowly. Then at one point, all of your flesh will be torn off and only your bones will remain.

My name is Barbatos.

The Demon Lord of all the dead.

Anything that has become a skeleton will have no choice but to follow my command.

I sent my heated breath into Dantalian’s ear.

“Since long ago, I’ve wanted to be pounded by a son of a bitch like you and pant like a dog…… do you want to try?”

And with that, it was over.










Oh clever child.

Ride on my hips and dance to your heart’s content.

Until the moment you fall weakened, and finally perish.







TL note: The true finale of volume 2. I hope you guys aren’t too put off by Barbatos, because I honestly find it as a nice twist. Dantalian can’t be too conceited.

After this I’ll be writing the afterword, then once I’m done with that I’ll begin reading volume 3. According to the Korean people on the forums, they were mostly baffled by the fact of how amazing the writing is in volume 3. So I have high expectations.

Please be patient as I finish the afterword and read volume 3!

I’ll begin translating once I’ve finished reading! Afterword

To an author, the afterword is like the afterlife for atheists.

While being at ease and closing their eyes thinking their life is finally over, all of a sudden, an angel appears out of nowhere and mocks you while saying ‘It’s not over yet, punk’. And the atheist desperately tries to resist by pleading ‘But my life is already complete!’, but our beautiful angel smiles gently and responds, ‘That’s your problem, kid?’. Then the atheist will be at a lost for words. For that reason, the body text may be over, but now it’s time for the afterword.


First things first, a thank you to the illustrator of , cocorip. Thank you for the amazing cover and illustrations you drew this time as well. There’s always something admirable about the artwork that cocorip draws. Such as the killer illustration of volume 2-Dantalian, Lapis, and Laura sitting on chairs next to one another- for example. In my initial illustration plans I drew up for this, there was no background. And there, cocorip drew a ‘black flag’. Although you’ll be able to understand if you look at the illustration yourself, but the thing that gives the overall life to the artwork with a ‘Bam!’, is the flag on the left side that stretches out over to the right.

In the movie , Salieri pointed towards the yet to be finished score and asked Mozart, “Is this everything?”. In that moment, Mozart responded, “No, the true flame remains.” and added another melody. Then the score came out to be imperishable throughout history. No matter what the piece of work is, an element that’s capable of blowing life into it is required, and without that you won’t be able to feel any vigor or atmosphere. I’d like to once again show appreciation to cocorip, who is always able to find ‘a melody’ through a beautiful method.


I’d like to give my thanks to the person who is always patiently waiting for the manuscript from the author, my mother…… is not the person, my editor is. This manuscript was especially late. The longer I take, the more hardship my editor goes through, so I can only apologize. The next manuscript…… in order to give you the next manuscript a bit faster……I’ll do my best……!


The last person I wish to give my appreciation to is, of course, my readers.

Though it may be the beautiful angel who brings the verdict down on life, the verdict for volume 2 is completely in the hands of you readers. This establishes a metaphor that you readers are no different from angels to me. That is so. In truth, this afterword, from start to finish, is completely a figure of speech. Not only the body text, but the afterword is a story within a story as well. How profound this is! How baroque this is! While shedding tears, I can only plea to the angel to at least spare me from a burning hell……

I hope that everyone was able to enjoy volume 2.




In a room where the ground is still chilly

Yoo Heun Hwa Prologue


The saying that life is a gamble was credible.

A person was good at war if they handled people like they did wagers. If people’s lives were not treated as stakes, then a war where hundreds and thousands of lives were cut down would become hell. Barbatos stated that people cannot cross this living hell while sober.

“Above a diligent bastard is an insensitive bastard, and above an insensitive bastard is an insane bastard. That’s why, if you want to win at war then you need to first become a crazy bastard.”

There was a mixture of laughter in Barbatos’ words.

The laughter and cruelty on her face were indistinguishable. I could not tell if she was behaving like that in order to show me her amusement, or if it was because she wanted to broadcast her brutality to me. Although, personally, it felt like that indistinguishability was Barbatos’ own madness.

I had sex with Barbatos frequently. Despite that, we did not share our feelings. I understood her deeply, but I was unable to fathom the very bottom. Barbatos was merely a diligent bitch, an insensitive bitch, and an insane bitch. And even to Barbatos, I was merely a lazy bastard, a keen bastard, and a psychotic bastard. Our preferences in bed matched. Since an insane bitch and a psychotic bastard had met, then they should be able to get along fine for the moment.


-Please spare us.

-If not this humble one, then at least this one’s daughter.

-I will work as a hound for the rest of my life, so please forgive me.


Even to the group of humans captured as prisoners before us, Barbatos smiled. She had prepared for war since before the start of autumn. Since people were wagers in war, Barbatos had many reasons to be cruel. Only the prisoners did not know of the upcoming war. To them, Barbatos’ smile only shone as unprovoked violence.

“Do whatever you guys want. Why are you asking me about your life and death? If you’re going to live then live, if you’re going to die then die.”


I nodded. The language spoken by the humans and the language spoken by Barbatos were different, so I had to stand as an intermediate to interpret. The only person proficient at the human language while also being a Demon Lord was myself.

“She says to die obediently.”

The prisoners all lowered their heads to the ground at once.


-Because we are foolish, it is difficult to understand.

-Please decide what we must do.


“Oi, would you look at that?”

Barbatos snickered. The demon soldiers around her laughed as well.

“Dantalian. What are they babbling about?”

“They said your words are too damn vague, and want you to break it down for them so they can understand easier.”

“Iyaa, what an abundance of bullshit. If they live then that’s their life, and if they croak then that’s their death. Why should I care?”

I nodded my head.

I then translated her words exactly to the prisoners.

“This lady here said that you guys are quite full of shit.”


-Oh lord, forgive us!

-Please spare us from your anger!


The prisoners sobbed and the demons laughed once more. The weeping from the humans settled down low and fluttered, while the sound of laughter from the demons echoed upwards and dispersed. The sound of sobbing and laughter was boisterous, causing the pronunciation of words to be difficult and tremble. Words were enveloped by laughter and eaten away by laughter. Since it was difficult to handle the words on my own, I did what I could as it came and improvised.

If Barbatos asked.

“Is the provisioning situation in the empire decent?”

I would translate it as.

“She asked what you guys ate on average for all of your mugs to look so dirty like bums.”

And to the question.

“I heard that in your neighborhood the crown prince and the 3rd imperial princess are having a big fight over who’ll be the next emperor. Does their lively confrontation have any effect on you citizens?”

I translated it as.

“They say the crown prince, after having scored two of his little sisters and then killing them off, is now trying to score his third little sister. What do you all think about this?”

Despite that, there were no problems in regard to communication.

It wasn’t a joke.

In the first place, Barbatos was planning to execute all of the prisoners anyway. She was merely poking at the captives here and there half as a jest. It would be more honest to tell them to hastily prepare for their demise than providing them a false hope.

If you completely got rid of the laughter and sobbing that was like grime attached to the words.



-We wish to live.

-Die anyway.

-We wish to live anyway.


Would remain cleanly.

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