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Dragon roars rang out from his body unceasingly. Powerful true dragons rushed out of his body like sharp swords, heading towards every elder. It was already almost certain that the moment Jiang Chen send out his Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal within the Five Elemental Spheres, all of these elders would surely die. None of them would live.

Many of them were holding their breaths, and didn’t dare to look at the murderous scene before them. If so many elders were killed, it would surely be a great blow to Skycloud Pavilion. No one could imagine the consequences of it.


Just at this time, a loud yell rang out from the Law Enforcement Hall all of a sudden. Subsequently, three incomparably powerful silhouettes emerged. In the middle was Yang Shu, the Hall Master of Law Enforcement Hall, while the other two were the Vice Hall Masters. They all had unparalleled positions in Skycloud Pavilion, totally incomparable to any ordinary expert.

“Jiang Chen, you sure have the audacity to cause trouble in the Law Enforcement Hall and slaughter the elders here, absolutely unscrupulous!”

When Yang Shu saw Jiang Chen, he chided immediately, not hiding his killing intent from Jiang Chen. Back when the Pavilion Master sent Jiang Chen to Evil Abyss, he initially thought that Jiang Chen would die for sure, but unexpectedly, the young genius was standing before him, very much alive and had gotten even stronger. Such an outcome was unacceptable to him. Looking at the present Jiang Chen, he couldn’t help thinking about his dead disciple, Qu Yuan. This was a grudge that he couldn’t let go.

“Old dog, let my master go.” Jiang Chen looked at Yang Shu maliciously. He had never wanted to kill someone so much that he gritted his teeth.

“Jiang Chen, I suggest you to release all the elders immediately. If you dare to kill one more elder, I will immediately kill Tianji Zi, then bring you back for interrogation,” Yang Shu said.


However, just after Yang Shu’s words faded, a real dragon came out roaring, biting off an elder’s head with a “Ka Cha’ sound, causing the elder to die on the spot, making the scene extremely bloody. The other elders were already frightened to death because at this moment, there was a frenzied dragon swinging its tail suspended before their face. Which meant that these dragons only needed to bite to end their lives.

“Old dog, I don’t want to waste time talking crap with you. Release my master immediately. Or else, I will kill all of them. Don’t doubt my decisiveness. I can show you right away if you still don’t comply.”

Jiang Chen was enshrouded by combat dragons, making him look like a majestic war god. No one could threaten him, not even Yang Shu.

Upon seeing what just happened, the elders that were restrained by Jiang Chen were staring at Yang Shu with pitiful looks. By this time, they didn’t have any doubts about Jiang Chen’s audacity anymore. Their lives were now in his hands. All of them would die unless Yang Shu released Tianji Zi.

“Good… Jiang Chen. You dare to threaten me?!”

Yang Shu was about to cough up blood. As the master of the Law Enforcement Hall and given his noble status, no disciple had ever dared to threaten him in such a way.


However, right after Yang Shu voiced another word, the frenzied dragon attacked once again, biting off the head of another elder.

Violent, ferocious and tyrannical, totally not giving the opponent a chance to retort. These were the true essence of the dragon transformation skill, and they had all been displayed by Jiang Chen perfectly.

“Jiang Chen, stop!”

Another elder next to Yang Shu couldn’t take it anymore and shouted.


It was a pity that after saying such a remark, it immediately led to the tragic death of another elder. These elders were the most pitiful of all. They had become the meat on Jiang Chen’s cutting board, completely helpless. They could only wait for Jiang Chen to kill them.

“I’ll go and get Tianji Zi now.”

Another late Golden Immortal elder couldn’t bear Jiang Chen’s ruthlessness anymore, immediately, he turned and headed towards the interior of the hall. In just a few breaths of time, the elder returned with an old man.

This old man wasn’t a stranger. He is Tianji Zi.

Seeing Jiang Chen, he felt warm in his eyes, and almost cried. Was this still the arrogant and proud Great Master Tianji like before?

There was no Immortal Qi surrounding his body. His cultivation had already been completely crippled. His Qi Sea and meridians had all been broken, turning him into a real old man with grey hair and wrinkled face. Only his eyes still seemed bright. That was the essence of a person. Even if one’s cultivation was crippled, the essence would still remain in one’s body.


Jiang Chen’s throat became dry. His voice quavered. The moment he saw Tianji Zi, the anger in his chest no longer could be controlled.

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“Tu Er.”

Seeing that Jiang Chen was really here, Tianji Zi’s dried and cracked lips trembled and weakly sounded two words. His eyes were filled with relief, but most of it was concern. He was relieved that he didn’t misread this young man. Jiang Chen was truly a man with righteousness and sentiments. It was worth it even if he was turned into such a distressed state.

What worried him was that this was simply a trap. By showing himself today, Jiang Chen would face more misfortune than fortune, while at the same time, Tianji Zi also felt extremely proud, because his disciple had grown rapidly. In such a short period, Jiang Chen had already reached the half-step Golden Immortal realm, making him capable enough to strut inside the Law Enforcement Hall.

“Old bastard, you will die today. No one will be able to save you!”

Two flames shot out from Jiang Chen’s eyes. The current Jiang Chen had already been pushed to the boiling point. Everything that happened to Tianji Zi was the work of Yang Shu. He must avenge his master and he must take it today.

“Humph! Jiang Chen, Tianji Zi deserves to have such punishment. He’s already considered very lucky to be able to stay alive until now. Jiang Chen, I suggest you to stop what you are doing immediately. Stop making these senseless resistance. Or else, you will be sentenced to eternal damnation.” Yang Shu snorted and threatened.

“Eternal damnation… very well… I will send the lot of you here to eternal damnation today!”

The fury and killing intent inside Jiang Chen could no longer be suppressed. It was a must for him to end the existence of the Law Enforcement Hall right now.

*Roar…* *Roar…*

Dragon roars rumbled furiously. Under Jiang Chen’s control, the frenzied dragons that evolved out of the Five Elemental Combat Dragons lunged forward, opening their big maws at the elders of Law Enforcement Hall.

“Argh…” “Argh…” “Argh…” “Argh…”

Mournful cries reverberated in the sky above Skycloud Pavilion, giving creeps to everyone and sending tingling sensation through their scalps. Under the fury of the dragons, all the elders who were restrained by Jiang Chen had their heads bitten off and died instantly.

For a moment, the entire square was full of corpses and blood that made the whole scene extremely violent.

It was too ferocious. Everybody was dumbfounded, gawking at the bloody ground. No one had ever thought that Jiang Chen would dare to do such a thing – killing almost all of the elders of Law Enforcement Hall in an instant. One should know that those elders were Golden Immortals, the strength of Skycloud Pavilion. Every one of them was an honorary existence and had an incomparably noble status in the pavilion.

However, these highly respected elders were killed by Jiang Chen as easy as cutting watermelons and slicing vegetables.

Jiang Chen’s action changed even Tianji Zi’s countenance, however, he could clearly see that Jiang Chen was being so ruthless because of him. This indicated that he had an extremely high position in Jiang Chen’s heart, but after killing so many people, it made him worried once more. He even began to regret sending the compressed message to his disciple. By killing so many experts, it would be virtually impossible for Jiang Chen to walk out of Skycloud Pavilion alive.


Just as this moment, Tianji Zi suddenly noticed a mysterious young man in black robe standing at one side. He was folding his arms and had an indifferent look on his face, it was like the bloody scene was merely some common situation to him.

That composure and indifference that was deep in his eyes was astounding.

“This man isn’t simple”

Tianji Zi felt shocked in his heart. Although his cultivation base had already been crippled, he still had the knowledge of the Great Divination Art. He could clearly tell that Yang Bufan was not ordinary with just a glance. After noticing this mysterious ‘helper’, the concern in Tianji Zi’s heart vanished completely. He knew that his disciple was a wise and farsighted person, and that his disciple would never do something that would lead to his death.

“Hahaha…” Tianji Zi burst into laughter all of a sudden.

“Tianji Zi, don’t you get conceited. You’re already a useless man. Do you think Jiang Chen could walk out of this pavilion today? After I kill Jiang Chen, it will be your turn to die, so that the master and apprentice can reunite.” Yang Shu said maliciously.

He was feeling incomparably angry when Jiang Chen had killed so many of his elders in front of everyone. How else could he show his arrogant face in the future?

“Jiang Chen, you are too bold. It seems like you can’t even see the current situation clearly, which makes you a mere madman.”

Incredible killing intent rushed out of Yang Shu’s body along with the terrifying combat aura of a peak late Golden Immortal.

“Kill him.” Yang Shu ordered coldly.

A late Golden Immortal elder next to Yang Shu charged forward at Jiang Chen with powerful Qi. He was the Vice Hall Master of the Law Enforcement Hall, a loyal servant of Yang Shu and Tian Muyun. Presently, he was also infuriated, Jiang Chen had killed too many of their people. This was a direct challenge to the authority of Law Enforcement Hall. As the Vice Hall Master, he had the responsibility to defend the dignity of the hall.


Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly. The true Dragon Palm struck out fiercely. An enormous blood-red dragon claw pressed down like a small hill, pushing the elder downwards.

“Not good.”

The elder’s facial expression changed, he could feel an irresistible power that’s causing him to suffocate.


Under the domineering force of True Dragon Palm, the elder uttered a cry before he was smashed, creating a crater in the ground.


All elders and disciples were dumbfounded, including Yang Shu. Jiang Chen had created another miracle. One should know that Jiang Chen’s opponent was a late Golden Immortal expert instead of an intermediate Golden Immortal, moreover, Jiang Chen was merely a half-step Golden Immortal. Isn’t Jiang Chen’s strength a little too much? Not even a late Golden Immortal could withstand a strike from him. If they didn’t see this with their own eyes, they would never believe it. This scene was too unbelievable.

“My God! Is he still human? That’s a late Golden Immortal elder, however, he was still smashed to the ground just like how we swat a fly.”

“Brother Jiang is too powerful. And his speed of growth is amazingly fast, always catching people off guard. No wonder he had the confidence to break into the Law Enforcement Hall. He is now powerful to a certain extent.”

“Not even a late Golden Immortal expert is a match for him. It seems like besides Pavilion Master and Elder Daoist, no one else in this entire Skycloud Pavilion can suppress him.”


No one wasn’t astonished by Jiang Chen’s power.

“This brat… I have certainly found a treasure…”

Tianji Zi’s eyes lit up, seeming to be so exhilarated that he had forgotten his own condition.

When the elder that was smashed to the ground was about to get to his feet, Jiang Chen struck once more.

“Go to hell.”

Jiang Chen appeared before the elder in a flash, raised his big foot and stepped downwards violently.

Tu Er (Disciple)

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Inside the pavilion, Ye Chen shook his body, reappearing hundreds of steps in front of Mo Xiang like a phantom.

“If you think that you could win against me with that power from before, it will be impossible. You will lose.” Mo Xiang was not sure what Ye Chen was thinking, so he said it to test him.

Ye Chen said lightly, “You just have to use all of your power.”


Mo Xiang did not know where Ye Chen’s confidence had come from, but he secretly knew that this battle would not be easy, since his opponent looked like he was still hiding some power away.

However, even if he did, so what?

Only if one had trained a profound sense martial art to at least fifty percent, then one might be able to compete with him. Unfortunately, fifty percent of profound sense martial arts would basically be drawing the line; anything above would need profound sense enlightenment to push forward. In other words, without learning the right profound sense, it would be impossible to train any profound sense martial arts to more than fifty percent, which would be the true powerful realm.

‘Whether I need to use all my power to compete with him, I will decide later.’

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