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“Nisse!” Salomon shouted. “Haven’t you seen the true faces of these three yet? Bebe didn’t have any good intentions when he made friends with you!”

Nisse couldn’t help but to turn and look towards Bebe.

Bebe’s gaze was as ice, and he stared coldly at Salomon. “Salomon, I hate being slandered by others. Not only do you slander me, you want to kill my Boss and Delia. Then you…” Bebe glanced at the nearby Nisse. “Nisse, don’t blame me for what I am going to do.”

“Bebe, what are you going to do?” Linley could sense that Bebe was behaving differently.

Bebe’s face was like ice. From within his hands appeared that black dagger, the dagger which Beirut had given him.

“This is…” Elquin’s eyes lit up, and he glanced at Bebe in surprise.

Bebe then opened his lips wide, and a round black pearl floated out from within his lips. This pitch black pearl actually flew into the handle of the dagger, fitting itself into an opening there which it was perfectly fitted for. And then, the surface of the dagger began to be covered with a blue aura.

“Crackle…” Space trembled.

Even though the dagger hadn’t moved, the blue aura was powerful enough to cause space to tremble.

“What is this?” Salomon, Nisse, and the other surviving Highgods including Sperry all were shocked. They could clearly sense the threat which this dagger posed to them. Not a single one of them dared to take on that dagger head on.

Linley and Delia were both puzzled as well. Even they hadn’t known that Bebe had been hiding this trump card, but the terrifying aura which emanated out from the dagger after the pearl entered it could be sensed clearly. “Too terrifying. That aura…most likely not even a Highgod can take it.”

Linley had believed all along that given how much Beirut cared about Bebe, he definitely would have given Bebe a trump card for preserving his life.

And now, it seemed as though this was it.

“Bebe, don’t.” Nisse said hurriedly.

Bebe just stared coldly at Salomon. In an icy voice, he said, “Salomon, die.” The dagger in his hand suddenly flew out…


A black light flashed, and a hole was easily torn in space, as though the space of the Infernal Realm was just a piece of paper. The power of this attack was simply astonishing and unheard of. Salomon’s face changed as well, but the speed of that black light was simply too fast. He wasn’t able to dodge!

Suddenly, an enormous scarlet blood-red hand appeared, and space began to twist into a vortex.


The black light and the scarlet blood-red hand collided.

The black light immediately flew back into Bebe’s hand. Bebe’s face had turned somewhat pale, and he stared in astonishment at Elquin.

Elquin was sent moving backwards by dozens of meters as well, and he stared in astonishment at the dagger in Bebe’s hands. He said to himself in shock, “As I thought. I didn’t expect that Beirut would actually give a treasure as precious as this to him. This little fellow and Beirut definitely have an extraordinary relationship.”

Elquin was secretly shocked.

Elquin knew exactly how terrifyingly powerful Beirut was. Immediately, his thoughts turned, and Elquin made up his mind. “Since this treasure is in this little fellow’s hands, I cannot kill this little fellow. Otherwise…Beirut will definitely learn of it, and once he has me on his mind, I’ll be in for trouble.”

Linley and the others, including the Highgod Fiends and Salomon, were all greatly shocked. They all knew exactly how terrifyingly powerful Elquin was; the three Edward brothers weren’t able to resist at all when they had fought. But that queer dagger of Bebe’s had actually forced him backwards.

But how could they have known…

“Bebe, that technique of yours…?” Linley was greatly surprised.

Bebe sent through divine sense, “I’m not that powerful. The person who forced that fellow to retreat was the power of Grandpa Beirut, which had been contained within that spirit-pearl. It can be said that it was Grandpa Beirut who defeated him.” Bebe, in truth, just followed the instructions in activating it.

Elquin glanced at Bebe, then turned to look at Salomon. “Salomon, in order to protect you, I lost a Highgod artifact which I have been using for a trillion years.”

Only now did Linley and the others realize…

That the translucent glove which had been on Elquin’s right hand had been torn apart!

“Beirut really lives up to his reputation.” Elquin’s heart shuddered. Although he was a reclusive expert, there was still a great gap when compared to the legendary and mighty figure, Beirut, who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere to prominence.

Elquin’s heart was filled with anger, and he stared at Salomon.

A Highgod artifact which he had been nurturing for over a trillion years was incredibly precious to its user. After all, how could a purchased Highgod artifact compare to a Highgod artifact which you had been personally nurturing?

“I told you. That Delia and that Bebe all have to die!” Salomon growled.

“I cannot kill that Bebe. The others can die! Salomon, don’t test my patience further.” Elquin said calmly.

“Fine.” Salomon nodded. “That little rascal can be spared.” In his heart, Salomon still hated Linley the most.

“Phusro, handle it.” Elquin said calmly.

“Meow.” The golden kitten meowed gently.

It was extremely strange. The stone walls of the entire cavern suddenly came pressing down, and the space within the cave immediately shrank in size. The faces of Linley and the others changed dramatically. They saw the stone walls constantly press down towards them, and the other Highgod Fiends immediately began to bellow with rage and strike at the stone walls.

“Bang!” “Bang!”

Explosions could be heard nonstop, but their full strength blows could at most chop out a half-meter long hole which would immediately heal.

In but a few moments, the space of this cavern had shrunk to less than 30%. The mountain walls continued to press them towards that golden magma pool. In other words…every person within the cave no longer had enough space to stand. They had to hover in the air, hover above that golden magma pool.

Even Elquin and Salomon were hovering there.

“Delia. Hurry up and use your Deathgod Golem to block below you.” Linley was worried that Delia would be dragged into the golden magma pool.

“Right.” Delia nodded gently, and then glanced at Linley.

“Lord Elquin, Salomon, we didn’t interfere. Release us.” Sperry and the other five Highods said hurriedly.

Salomon, his heart currently filled with fury, glanced at them coldly. “Hmph. All of you can die.”

“Phusro.” Elquin said calmly.

“Meow…” The golden kitten purred, a hint of joy seemingly contained within his voice.


The previously calm and quiet golden magma pool beneath them suddenly transformed into a large number of giant liquid golden hands which snatched at the Fiends above. Dozens of enormous hands had erupted forth from this golden magma pool.


All of the Fiends immediately tried to rely on their speed to dodge. The air above the golden magma pool was filled with countless figures as everyone frantically tried to dodge.

Only Elquin, Salomon, Nisse, and Bebe weren’t being attacked by any of the giant liquid golden hands.

“Bebe, you and Delia, stay together.” Linley shouted mentally. “Got it, Boss.” Bebe immediately drew closer to Delia. Indeed, those giant liquid golden hands tried to avoid Bebe and moved away from him.

However, those giant liquid golden hands would still move in an arcing route to try and snatch Delia.

By being next to Bebe, though, Delia was in less danger now.

“If this continues, it won’t end well.” Linley had a terrible feeling, because he knew…that there were no corridors nearby. They could dodge for a time, but they couldn’t dodge forever. Eventually, they would be caught.

“Aaaah!” Suddenly, a Highgod was seized by one of the giant liquid golden hands.

Upon one giant liquid golden hand grabbing the Highgod, immediately, the many other giant liquid golden hands surrounded him, then dragged him directly into the golden magma pool. This scene caused the faces of Linley and the others to change.

“Boss!” Bebe’s frantic voice rang out in Linley’s mind.

Linley turned to look. It was Delia who was now surrounded by the giant liquid golden hands. Although Delia had Bebe helping out, her own power was simply too weak. In the end, she was still caught by that giant liquid golden hand, and once she was caught, there was no way she could break free.

“Crackle!” Delia was dragged directly into the golden magma pool. Her feet first entered the pool, and Delia continued to stare upwards towards Linley.

Linley seemed to have been gone dumb.

“Linley. Take care of yourself.” Delia’s divine sense echoed in Linley’s mind.

“Delia!” Linley’s eyes instantly turned scarlet red. He shot down like an arrow, ignoring all else as he charged towards Delia. Linley stared at Delia, and Delia stared at Linley! In this moment, only Delia’s head remained above the surface of the magma pool.

The two were only ten meters apart from each other. Given Linley’s speed, that distance could be traversed in but the blink of an eye.

But in that instant, one scene after another of the two being together flashed through Linley’s mind, as fast as lightning.

In his youth, the two had been class together at the Institute.

Ten years of parting, then their reunion.

The Anarchic Lands, their marriage, their child.

Their arrival in the Infernal Realm. Delia had followed him here without reservations, and they had adventured through the Infernal Realm. Silently, noiselessly, Delia had become the other half of his life. Neither of them could be without the other.

In the instant she was dragged down into the magma pool, seeing how Linley ignored everything else and immediately charged down, Delia’s tears began to fall.

“Boom!” Magma sprayed everywhere!

Linley burrowed into the magma, clutching Delia’s already-submerging body. The earthen aura surrounding Linley immediately covered Delia as well, as a ‘Pulseguard Armor’ formed on Delia’s body. Only, the corrosive power of that golden magma was simply too great. The Pulseguard Armor couldn’t help but begin to tremble and melt.

Linley frantically used the divine power of his divine earth clone to maintain the Pulseguard Armor.

Within the magma pool.

The yellow earthen aura covered Linley and Delia, and a strange type of spiritual energy slowly circled around Linley and Delia’s consciousness. That strange energy was actually able to locate the flaw in Linley’s damaged soul-protecting Sovereign artifact and easily slip through.

Linley and Delia both begin to grow woozy.

“Linley. You are such a fool.” Delia’s eyes were filled with tears.

“We roamed the Infernal Realm together. Even if we die, we die together.”

Delia was on the verge of losing consciousness, but she still managed to smile. “Linley. I feel very satisfied with the life I have lived.” And then, she struggled hard to raise her head and kiss Linley on the lips, and Linley kissed Delia back. In the last moment before Linley lost all consciousness, one scene after another from his youth until now flashed through his mind like lightning.

His meeting with Grandpa Doehring.

Killing the king of the Kingdom of Fenlai.

His fame shaking the world in the O’Brien Empire.

The founding of the Baruch Empire.

The adventure in the Necropolis of the Gods.

The destruction of the Radiant Church.

And then their adventuring in the Infernal Realm, where his wife had accompanied him until death. When they had arrived in the Infernal Realm, Linley had been mentally prepared to die. After all, in the constant slaughterfield that was the Infernal Realm, anybody could die. Even if he died…he would die happy.

He was dying alongside his beloved!

“Me too. I am very satisfied with my life!”

And then…

His consciousness was gone. Book 15, Priceless Treasure – Chapter 20, Talisman

“Drip, drip.” The golden magma pool continued to bubble and boil. Those giant liquid golden hands now tried to snatch the three remaining Highgods.

Only three lucky survivors were left!

“Salomon, that bastard. Even if we die, we need to make him die with us.” Sperry sent a message with divine sense to the other two. They could already feel that dodging was very difficult.

“Right. Make him die with us!”

The Fiends of the Infernal Realm were all mentally prepared for death. Only, they didn’t want to die, and even if they were to die, they wouldn’t let their enemies get off lightly!

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