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“Then you rest well today. I need to get to work.”

The call ended.

He has been moved?

Zhang Ye smile slightly, thinking about how there was finally some progress, at last.

He wasn’t at all thinking of becoming some Go celebrity. Although it was good to have another title, and would contribute to the course of his career as well as add some shine to his résumé, the intensity of the tournaments was too high with too much competition and spanned too long a duration. Every day for the entire year, they would be required to train and compete against one another. All those professional and world rankings were actually earned by sacrificing one’s time. Zhang Ye did not have such time to do something like that. If it were not for the matter with Wu Zeqing, and his differences with Wu Changhe, he would probably not have touched Go and Xiangqi at all in his lifetime. These sports celebrities might look very glorious and positive, and also gain the respect of many, but it was simply too high of a price to pay. Besides, Zhang Ye had always thought that his Go skill was mediocre. He couldn’t even beat a retired pro who couldn’t play in professional games and had even nearly lost to him too, so why would he want to join any pro tournaments? Wouldn’t he be looking to get abused then? Even if he got matched against a pro 5th or 6th dan Go player, he probably still couldn’t win!

Suddenly, the door opened.

His mother came into the room. “Oh, you’re not playing Go today?”

Zhang Ye laughed and said, “No, I’m not playing anymore. I won so much that I got bored.”

“Keep bragging, kid!” His mother naturally did not take his words seriously. She said, “If you have nothing to do, get changed quickly. Come with me and your dad and do some grocery shopping. Your three sisters will be coming over this afternoon to have fun.”

“Bring me to the market with you?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“What if I get surrounded by people at the market?”

“If you get surrounded, then so be it.”

“Whoa, you’re really throwing me out there huh?”

“It wasn’t easy for me to have such a famous son. Why aren’t you allowing me to flaunt you?”

“Alright then!”

“Hurry up, we’re leaving!”


At China Qiyuan.

Exceptionally more people came here today.

President Dan Donghe, Xiang Rong 9-dan, Li Yi 9-dan. It was especially crowded here at the Go association. Basically, all those who were called celebrity professional Go players were here. The remaining professional players who were not that highly ranked also gathered around. Everyone had looks of incredulity on their faces!

Chen Ying said in shock, “Is the news true?”

“Yeah, th-that can’t be impossible!” Xu Han said in a stunned manner.

Dan Donghe said sternly, “I’ve just received the news. It’s true, the news is indeed true. This will be reported on the news very soon!”

No one cared about YE anymore!

They also stopped caring about the dispute between YE and Changhe 9-dan!

That was because at this moment, the world of Go was facing a battle of life and death. Everyone was unable to react to the news. They were even completely unprepared for it because this news had come about too suddenly!

“Chen Chi 9-dan lost?”

“How could he have lost!”

“That’s impossible!”

“How could that thing possibly win against Chen Chi 9-dan?”

“Could it have been a one-off?”

“It definitely did not get lucky. It won two games in a best of three. Chen Chi lost two games in a row.”


“I just called Chen Chi and asked him what was going on. He didn’t say much except to warn us to be careful! I could hear that he sounded very defeated!”

Wu Changhe just arrived, walking rapidly. “Is it true?”

Li Yi 9-dan sighed and said, “Yes.”

Wu Changhe’s expression darkened. “Old Dan, I want to look at that game.”

Xiang Rong 9-dan spoke, “I would like to see it too.”

Dan Donghe nodded. “I’ve already requested for it. They’ll be sending it over soon.”

Soon after, the game record was sent.

Chen Ying volunteered, “I’ll recreate the match.”

She operated the computer and recreated the match from the first move on the big screen.

Everyone’s face turned sullen the longer they watched. The atmosphere in the entire Qiyuan fell into a very oppressive tension!

At home.

His three sisters arrived.

Zhang Ye was unaware of these developments in the outside world.

Zhang Ye smiled and said, “What made you girls want to come over today?”

His eldest younger sister smiled. “We came to look for you to play of course.”

“Brother, aren’t you on break now? The three of us are on our summer break, and we’re bored to tears,” his second sister said with a giggle. “How boring!”

Zhang Ye was amused by them. He pointed at the cabinet behind him and said, “You all came at the right time. I have nothing to do today either. That’s right! After the show’s recording ended a few days ago, Beijing TV handed out a lot of freebies to us. I also received some gifts from other people. Things like VR headsets and perfumes, just take whatever you like. Since you’re here today, there’s no need to be a stranger. Just tell me whatever you want. As long as it’s something that I have, you can take it if you like it. There’s no need to be polite-” Before he finished speaking, Zhang Ye looked back and was stunned.

His third sister was already holding a pile of boxes in her arms. “These are all mine!”

His second sister was panicking. “Damn, leave some for me! And leave some for Big Sis as well.”

His eldest younger sister said, “I want the perfume. Don’t take it from me!”

Zhang Ye said, “Can you guys be a little more polite? Can you?”

In the end, his three sisters stared at him in confusion. “Didn’t you insist for us to not hold back?”

“But you should still have listened to me and let me finish. Oh, look at this. Even before I finish speaking, everything is already gone?” Zhang Ye didn’t know how to react. “Are you bandits raiding a village?”

His parents laughed at that.

His mother said, “Take as much as you want. Little Ye doesn’t have any use for them anyway.”

“Yes, ma’am! Thank you, Auntie!” His third sister playfully gave a military salute to her.

Zhang Ye couldn’t do anything about them and just shook his head. He turned on the television with the remote control as he wanted to watch the news. Although he was taking a break from work, he still saw the need to keep up with the entertainment industry and society’s news and affairs.

However, when the television turned on, the news that was currently being reported on TV stunned Zhang Ye!

On Central TV News Channel.

The anchor: “An artificial intelligence named Peter that was developed by an American company has shockingly made its debut by defeating the American-born Chinese Go player, Chen Chi 9-dan, two to zero in a match that ended at 5:10 AM Beijing Time. At the same time, the artificial intelligence Peter officially issued a challenge to humanity. According to information our reporters gathered from China Qiyuan, Peter’s development company has already sent out official letters of challenge to the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean professional Go players. The reason they chose Go was that it was acknowledged as the most difficult and complicated board game. It is also a game that represents humanity’s wisdom. Could a machine’s intelligence soon surpass the wisdom of humans? This is destined to be an unprecedented battle!”

Zhang Ye was stunned!


An AI?

A challenge to all humanity?



Wasn’t this that famous AlphaGo 1 from his previous world?

1. Chapter 1113: Xiang Rong? I think I’ve heard of him before!

Translator: Legge Editor: Legge

When the news was released!

It created quite the stir throughout Asia!

On Weibo.

“Challenging all of humanity?”

“Holy shit!”

“The Americans are way too arrogant!”

“Didn’t they only beat one person? What’s that to brag about!”

“The issue here is that the AI defeated Chen Chi 9-dan. Old Chen is an American-born Chinese, and although he has never represented China as a participant in international tournaments, he has caused many problems for our national team at that level. He is one of the best Go players in the world and is ranked in the top 10 of the world rankings. Do you understand what this means? Don’t tell me you guys don’t know. It would be fine if it was just an ordinary amateur or pro Go player who lost to the artificial intelligence. But here, it’s Chen Chi 9-dan who lost and got crushed by a score of zero to two! This news is really hard to believe!”

“It’s only a machine. How can it be that strong?”

“Yeah, Go is too complicated. How can an AI possibly handle it?”

“The Americans claim that the machine can consider its moves.”

“No way, right? Wouldn’t that be really troublesome?”

“Yeah, the entire world of Go is faced with a huge crisis!”

“No, it’s not only the world of Go. This is a calamity for all humanity!”

“Intelligence is humanity’s most powerful and last line of defense. If humanity were to lose to a machine in the domain of intelligence, then…the consequences would be disastrous! This would subvert all that we have previously known!”

“Humans will become inferior to machines? Damn!”

“Fuck! What bullshit is this Peter!”

“Right, show them how powerful we humans are!”


These netizens were also making a netizen!

” Nani? 1 “

“A letter of challenge?”

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