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Luoluo stretched out her little hands and assumed a pouncing posture. “If he really has gotten so bold and insists on marrying me, I’ll bite him to death.”

After saying this, she opened her mouth and growled. She didn’t seem like a tiger, but a little cat, almost impossibly adorable.

Guardian Li could not resist, embracing Luoluo into her bosom and saying with a beaming face, “Who wouldn’t like a little baby like my princess?”

Then she remembered something and huffed, “It’s only the Pope that is not blessed with this happiness.”

Luoluo couldn’t help but giggle at this grumbling, then she blinked and whispered a few words into her ear.

Guardian Li froze at these words, then asked, “So this is what Your Highness was thinking?”

Luoluo opened her eyes wide and innocently returned, “I’m not thinking about anything.”



Beyond the cliff, clouds lingered.

Tang Thirty-Six stared at Zhexiu’s pale cheeks, his own complexion somewhat pale as he said, “Don’t scare me like that.”

Zhexiu realized that his joke had not been effective, so he had returned to his habitual silence.

Tang Thirty-Six turned to Chen Changsheng and asked, “Just what’s going on here?”

Chen Changsheng replied, “Just as you saw.”

Tang Thirty-Six was quite incensed, shooting back, “He was still brimming with energy yesterday; how was it possible to tell that he’s at death’s door?”

Yesterday, on the plateau, Chen Changsheng and Zhexiu had worked together to kill the White Tiger Divine General.

Although Chen Changsheng’s swordplay was admittedly extremely powerful, Zhexiu had been the one who really determined the outcome.

Everyone who had witnessed that sight would probably find it impossible to forget.

Zhexiu had silently approached the White Tiger Divine General’s back like he was a real ghost.

The White Tiger Divine General had been the second-ranked Divine General of the Great Zhou and he had been at the peak of Star Condensation. He could have been numbered among the top ten individuals beneath the Divine Domain.

Yet even when Zhexiu was at his back, he was still completely oblivious!

This matter itself was incredibly bizarre and terrifying.

And that wasn’t even considering how Zhexiu’s claws had torn a hole in the White Tiger Divine General’s almost perfect Star Domain.

The level of strength Zhexiu had displayed on the plateau was far greater and more terrifying than what he had shown several years ago in the capital.

Tang Thirty-Six had been deeply shocked and thought that Zhexiu had had some sort of lucky encounter on the plains of the north, or perhaps had advanced by leaps and bounds through fighting demon experts. As for the illness, he thought it had been cured.

He had no idea that not only had Zhexiu’s illness not been cured, it had even gotten worse.

The Tide Rush of Blood was a strange illness that Zhexiu had brought out from the womb. As he aged, the illness grew more serious, breaking out with increasing frequency.

Accompanied by unimaginable pain, his meridians would be broadened, his sea of consciousness widened, his strength climbing at shocking speeds.

This was not necessarily a good thing. It was just like a great river gradually rising, about to run over the dikes. While it seemed fierce and unstoppable, once the dikes collapsed, would any of the water remain?

The increase in the speed at which he strengthened signified that his body was getting closer and closer to collapse.

Based on his current status, Zhexiu was currently getting stronger at unimaginable speeds, which was also proof that the day was getting closer and closer. On this day, a furious tide of true essence would burst out of his meridians while his rapidly rising star radiance would tear his body apart. The result would be his death.

Tang Thirty-Six stared into Chen Changsheng’s eyes and said, “Four years ago, you clearly said that you could cure his illness.”

Chen Changsheng fell quiet for a few moments, then said, “I didn’t think it would come so quickly, and also…”

He didn’t finish his sentence, because he couldn’t bear to finish it. In the last few years, Zhexiu had fought with the demon experts on the northern frontier far too often, placing a severe strain on his body. Moreover, he had not promptly taken his medicine. These factors led to Zhexiu’s current serious condition.

Tang Thirty-Six continued to stare at Chen Changsheng.

Chen Changsheng understood what he meant and shook his head. “I sent him one from the very first bottle, but it did nothing.”

Tang Thirty-Six asked, “Is there really no other method?”

Chen Changsheng replied, “Normal medicinal techniques don’t have much effect. In my view, the simplest and most effective method is the one the Divine Empress used at the summit of the Mausoleum of Books, breaking up my body and soul and reforging them.”

The Tianhai Divine Empress was dead, and it would be incredibly difficult to find a second expert of the Concealed Divinity Realm.

The reclusive Wang Zhice might have reached this legendary realm, but in the vastness of the world, where could one seek him out?

“Another method is to obtain a sufficient quantity of Sacred Light and insert it into his body.”

Chen Changsheng continued, “If we can find a way to reach the Sacred Light Continent, then there’s still hope.”

Tang Thirty-Six’s complexion slightly improved.

Although still elusive, hope was still hope.

And from Chen Changsheng’s words, he could tell that Zhexiu’s life was not as short as the ten days to half a month that Zhexiu had jokingly mentioned.

Tang Thirty-Six asked, “How long does he really have?”

Chen Changsheng thought it over but did not give a precise answer.

“I will think of a way to extend this period.”

He truly needed a longer period of time, as it was not easy to find a path or method to reach the Sacred Light Continent.

More importantly, before they did this, they had to first resolve the matters on this continent.

Zhexiu said, “I will strive to live a few more years.” Chapter 126 – Bone Devouring Ant

The reward for good people wasn’t very large, it could even be say to be small. However, for the evil people, the punishment was extremely harsh.

What does it means to not be able to enter the main city? It was equal to being exempt from obtaining supplies from the main city, or learn new skills and profession advancement to second job. Unless they could find a field station that was willing to receive them, it was hard for these people to survive.

Of course, god didn’t set it up this way to teach people how to be good and benevolent, but to avoid prevent the situation where ordinary people was unable to transfer to a profession or not being able to evolve because of their identity before the apocalypse.

On the day the apocalypse came, the voice said that god had transformed the world to allow all of humanity to evolve. The purpose of the main city was to meet the basic conditions that people need for this, such as profession change, evolution, and so on. In here, everyone was fair and equal. If there were certain individuals that wants to monopolize the main city to achieve their goal of ruling the county, then it would be impossible for them to get god’s approval.

To some extent, this rule was a restriction god created for those that wanted to rule over the main city. After all, in accordance with the rules of the public opinion list, ordinary people and profession were unlikely to affect more than one-third of the population in the main city. However, these rulers were different. Their every words and deeds could influence the fate of many others. If such a person commits atrocities, he would find himself quickly expelled from the main city.

With this restriction in placed, it became extremely difficult for all the leaders to exploit the profession of their power value or prevent ordinary people from transfering. Since trying to control the profession statues was tantamount to affecting all the ordinary people and profession, which was a very taboo thing to do. As for the exploitation of power value, this would also converge. Unless there was a fair system in place as well as proper justifications to take the power value, this would no doubt arouse the resentment of the majority of the people.

Regarding the changes happening in the main city, Cheng Yang was very clear. This was also one the reasons why he was so confident that Yuan Jianze wouldn’t be able to abuse his power in the main city.

Cheng Yang didn’t care too much about these things, because the so-called public opinion list was only aimed at the main city. As far as the field station was concerned, it had no such restriction. Now his main focus was on taking advantage of this wave of evolution to complete his special task.

Following this evolution, starting from a kilometer away from Luo Feng Village, the respawn rate of the enchanted beast would be reduced even further. In fact, it wasn’t just Luo Feng Village that would experience this situation. Even if it was an unoccupied field station, it would see to drop in the frequency at which the monsters spawned around it.

This change would certainly further reduced the amount of power value the territory received each day. For other field stations, this was the only source of income the territory had to earn territory power value before upgrading to a level 3 village. It was obvious that after the professions of other main cities poured out of the channel and occupied a field station how slow the rate of their upgrade would be.

The newly spawned enchanted beasts in this region wouldn’t appear a first medium-order monster, therefore Cheng Yang simply ignored the monsters in this area. For the enchanted beasts in this area, he would leave them to the territory guards to resolve.

Once he was out of the one kilometer range, he entered the scope where the territory’s professions hunted for monsters. Now this area has reached more than 10 kilometers in depth, even a large portion of the area around Xiangcheng City’s main city was within the scope of activities of Luo Feng Village’s professions.

In this 300 square kilometers land, barely a thousand professions were active. It was clearly impossible to kill the enchanted beasts the moment they spawned with this number. Even if the brigade was divided into many smaller squads, with each squad responsible for a direction, there was no guarantee to kill all of these enchanted beast even at maximum efficiency.

As a result, Cheng Yang unavoidably encountered a few communities that had gathered around hundreds of monsters along the way. Naturally, they became the opening appetizer for Cheng Yang. After several rounds of Ice Thorn, these enchanted beasts were thoroughly eliminated.

Now that Cheng Yang’s Ice Thorn skill has been upgraded to level 2., it not only increased the lethality by 5%, even the coverage circumference has increased by one meter. After using Ice Thorn, an area of more than 10 square meters would be densely covered in sharp ice thorn. Even though Cheng Yang’s Ice Thorn wasn’t yet able to kill first medium-order enchanted beasts, but after two rounds of the same skill, their health could still be completely emptied.

Such a battle was very easy for Cheng Yang. With a defense that was as high as 12 points, combined with the Ice Shield’s blessing, it was difficult for even a large group of first medium-order enchanted beasts to inflict harm on him.

After nearly three hours of such carefree battles, Cheng Yang left the area where the elite members of the territory was active and reached a part of the wilderness where no one had visited.

If Cheng Yang wants to kill 1000 first medium-order enchanted beasts, only by opening up the unclaimed land would his requirement be met.

Cheng Yang had no clue what this place used to be. Perhaps, it was a village before the end. It might even be a factory. However, these information weren’t important, because everything that used to be here has disappeared, leaving behind only a dense forest where various enchanted beasts roamed.

This place was a forbidden zone for humans. Unless one possessed enough strength, the only outcome was death. Moreover, as the distance further increase away from the main city, the chances of first late-order enchanted beast showing up in herds gets higher and higher.

Previously, only the enchanted beast groups that had more or close to 1,000 monsters would the possibility of a first late-order enchanted beast emerged. However, after crossing through this area, once a group has more than 300 enchanted beasts, a first late-order monster might showed up. Fortunately, Cheng Yang has not encountered any first peak-order enchanted beast apart from the Whitehead Eagle’s leader that had been killed before and the giant rat he encountered after passing through the Random Gate. Otherwise, these battles towards here wouldn’t had been so relaxing for Cheng Yang.

Since no one had set foot in this forest, the forest has the style of a primitive forest. Thorns the size of arms were winding between the humongous trees, while extremely thick layer of leaves covered the ground. This sight made Cheng Yang wants to vomit. From the beginning of the apocalypse till now, he has still yet to experience autumn. So where did these dead leaves came from?

The rules of god wouldn’t change because of Cheng Yang’s criticism. The only thing he could do was accept the current situation.

“Hiss …” A strange noise came from atop of his head. Cheng Yang didn’t choose to look up and immediately moved his body forward, while one of his hand shot backward. An Ice Puck was released. Suddenly, a bang could be heard, followed by a heavy object falling to the ground.

This object was a large snake about the size of a python. This monster tends to lurks in the forest, concealed beneath the thorns. Professions that walked in this forest would have a hard time spotting this guy. If it wasn’t for snake type enchanted beasts having the tendency to play with their food, perhaps Cheng Yang would not had notice this monster so quickly.

This monster was also in the first-medium order. As a result, the killing quantity in Cheng Yang’s task bar has been changed from 189 to 190. However, the goal of 1,000 was still far away.

“A little monster like you dares to attack me, not exactly the brightest of moves was it?” Cheng Yang snorted coldly and spit a mouthful of spit onto the floor. After that, he continued to proceed forward.

Cheng Yang felt that it was time he get a better sharp weapon. Presently, he was relying on an ordinary iron sword to chop down these thorns that was covering his path. However, its durability was being reduced too rapidly. Even though the repair of these ordinary equipment wouldn’t cost a lot of power value, but he couldn’t just come out with dozens of weapons each time he went out.

Suddenly, Cheng Yang’s ears twitched. Rustlings sound could be heard coming from his front-left position. It was clearly not the sound of the rushing wind or an enchanted beast that was alone.

Cheng Yang muttered softly to himself within his heart, “I hope this time it’s a large group of enchanted beasts.” As his voice fell, Cheng Yang has already traveled 10 meters from his previous location to a wall of thorns. Afterwards, he hacked a path open and then continued moving forward.

After running for just 300 meters, Cheng Yang has encountered as many as ten enchanted beasts that was alone, which he quickly wiped out.

All of a sudden, Cheng Yang stopped. He had clearly heard the sound in front of him. It should be a group of enchanted beasts that was no further than 50 meters away from him.

Cheng Yang quietly walked up, finally he saw the true colors of this group of enchanted beasts.

However, at the sight of this group of enchanted beasts, Cheng Yang didn’t dare to stick his head out again. These monsters before his eyes weren’t very scary, on the contrary, they were quite cute. Because this was a group of ants.

However, theses ants weren’t those normal ants. They were also a type of enchanted beast called Bone Devouring Ant. Its head was multiple time larger than the common ant, it was almost as large as an adult fist.

If these ants were to appear alone, it was undoubtedly a weak enchanted beast.

Cheng Yang remembered their properties very well, 2 points of attack power and only 10 health points. A physically fit adult could easily kill one of these little monsters. They were possibly one of the weakest enchanted beast to exist.

But when so many of these ants gathered together, it was truly a mighty force to be reckoned with. So much that calling them the strongest enchanted beast group wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

The reason for this high appraisal was due to their racial talent. Generally speaking, only a few first order monsters would possess a talent. Of course, some first order enchanted beasts might get one after experiencing an abnormal strengthening. However, racial talent was different. Since it was called racial talent, it means all the members of this particular race would have such a talent.

The Bone Devouring Ant’s racial talent was called Armor Break. It was a relatively common talent. However, when this talent becomes a racial talent and put into a monster that was so suited for it like a small ant, it turns especially bone-eating ant’s racially gifted name is armour-breaking, a relatively common gift, but when it becomes a natural talent, especially a natural fit for a very small ant, it becomes a freak.

Armor Break: Disregard the defense gap between both sides. Each attack deal a mandatory damage of 1 points to the enemy’s health. Each time the rank was raised a minor order,, increase the mandatory health reduction by 1 point.

If this was a contest between two powerhouses, this talent was indeed tasteless.

But when a person faces against a herd of Bone Devouring Ants, one must think about the amount of attack they would faced at the same time. Looking at this number, this figure shouldn’t be less than 100. Therefore, if Cheng Yang wants to destroy this herd of Bone Devouring Ants, he must bear the risk of suffering 100 points of health loss per second.

Now Cheng Yang has less than 200 health points, two seconds was all it would take to end his life. This risk was too high, it’s no wonder Cheng Yang didn’t dare to look at these monsters again. Chapter 127 – Outflank

Cheng Yang scanned the surrounding area,, the herd of Bone Devouring Ants doesn’t seemed to be migrating in a certain direction, rather they were nesting in place. At this moment, their nest has already begun to take shape.

Seeing this scene caused Cheng Yang’s frown to tighten. For enchanted beasts without a nest, they must rely on the daily respawns if they want to increase the quantity of their racial group. Once the number of enchanted beasts in the group increases to a certain extent, the respawn rate would become extremely low.

However, once the nest has been built, the speed at which the enchanted beast’s population expands wasn’t much related to the respawn rate, and to a greater extent by reproduction rate of the type of enchanted beast. It was clear that the reproduction rate of the Bone Devouring Ants were absolutely terrifying.

Cheng Yang doesn’t wish to face the attack of millions of Bone Devouring Ants in his own territory one day. At that time, the so-called walls under the attack of the Bone Devouring Ants was like free-range chicken roof tiles stopping dogs. Once touched, its breaks. Luo Feng Village has no resistance against this kind of offensive force.

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