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Xiao Zhan, shocked with mouth wide open, took a deep breath of the surrounding ice-cold air, “This is truly a big business!” Chapter 76: Co-operation

In the silent hall, a crowd of red-hot gazes unwaveringly stared at the little jade bottles on the table which numbered over a thousand. Almost no one had ever personally seen such a large quantity of elixirs.

Her pink tongue licked her red lips subconsciously, Xiao Yu was equally dazed at the sight of so many elixirs. A moment later, she shook herself out of the daze and with a sparkle in her eyes, she turned her sight to watch the black cloaked person.

The green clothed maiden seated by the window shoot a glance at the table full of small jade bottles with an astonished look flashing within those beautiful autumn water eyes. Her vision once again swept across the black cloaked person. Unable to find anything suspicious, she continued to look at the simple book in her hand.

In the absolute silence of the hall, the black cloaked person coughed softly, bringing the person next to him: Xiao Zhan, back to reality.

“Eh……” Xiao Zhan blushed as he let out an embarrassed laughter. As he looked to the black cloaked alchemist, the respect in his gaze had gained another level. Not every alchemist would be able to effortlessly bring out over a thousand bottles of healing medicine at once.

“Sir, you should know about the Xiao Clan’s current situation, we need healing medication to pull back our lost popularity. To the Xiao Clan, your actions are undoubtedly providing help when we need it the most.” Xiao Zhan exclaimed gratefully. Slightly muttering to himself, Xiao Zhan hesitated before he finally spoke out again: “How about this, our Xiao Clan will take the responsibility of selling these healing medicine. As for the earnings, sir you will take 90% while the remaining 10% will go to us. Although I feel it is brazen of us to do so, after all, we still need some money to put things in order. Sir, what do you think about that?”

As he finished outlining his proposition, Xiao Zhan nervously gazed at the black cloaked man before him, afraid that he will not be satisfied with the terms. The current Xiao Clan could only completely depend on this mysterious alchemist.

“Haha.” The black cloaked alchemist laughed before shaking his head.

Seeing this action, the expression on Xiao Zhan’s face slightly changed. Just as he was about to forfeit the last 10%, an old voice interjected which left him dazed and at a complete loss.

“Clan Leader Xiao is too polite, although the elixir is refined by me, making sales is not an easy job. How can I possibly take advantage of you……let us split it evenly, 50-50, haha.”

At the black cloaked man’s words, the originally anxious three elders and the rest of the clansmen suddenly opened their mouths in shock. It was quite a while before they subconsciously touched their ears, skeptical if the words were genuine or not. 50-50? This……this sir, isn’t he too considerate to Xiao Clan? Given the current situation, even if he wanted all 100% of the profits, no one in the Xiao Clan would dare object.

“Meat pies have dropped from the skies……” This phrase resounded in everyone’s hearts as they looked towards each other.

After a long while more, Xiao Zhan gradually regained his wits. He let out a deep breath then laughed bitterly, saying: “Sir, your words have overwhelmed us, we are already truly grateful for your timely aid; how can we possibly take any further advantage of you?”

As if it was of little importance, the black cloaked man waved his hands about and smugly laughed: “This little bit of profits holds no interest for me; if it were not for the fact that you would never rest easy, truth to be told I would be too lazy to collect even 50%.”

Hearing this sort of arrogant explanation, Xiao Zhan could only shake his head as he smiled bitterly.

“I’ll leave these elixirs for you to sell. If I have some time in the future, I will come and check up on them.” The black cloaked man stood up and smiled as he said: “I still have other matters, so I won’t be staying. Clan Leader Xiao need not send me off; go and set up arrangements for the sales instead, haha.” With a tone of dismissal, he walked out of the hall under everyone’s stares.

Before completely exiting the room, the black cloaked alchemist’s steps suddenly stopped. Laughing faintly, he said: “Before I go, I’ll say a few words more. Xiao Yan really isn’t bad. Haha, goodbye.”

Hearing this statement, Xiao Zhan rubbed his head. He was about to say something but the black cloaked man had already breezed out of the hall, gradually fading out of sight around the corner.

Staring at the black cloaked man’s disappearing figure, Xiao Zhan let out a small sigh after a long while as he laughed bitterly, saying: “It seems that the relationship between Yan Er and this sir is a bit out of the ordinary. Or else, how could this person who isn’t even familiar with us help us like this?”

The three elders all shared a glance and also let out a sigh and nodded. From the way the old alchemist had been expressing praise about Xiao Yan, he clearly looked favorably on Xiao Yan and his help to Xiao Clan would definitely be tied to Xiao Yan.

Within the hall, all the members of the Xiao Clan who were of Xiao Yan’s age who had heard the black cloaked man’s passing words, showed undisguised envy on their faces.

The blue clothed maiden near the window slightly inclined her head, her vision gazing through the window as the figure turned around the corner. Her willow brows slightly knitting together, an expression of doubt flashed across her delicate face.


Outside of the Xiao Clan, the black cloaked man slowly continued forward until he reached a less crowded area. Only then did a young voice softly grumble from within the black gown: “Teacher, do you have nothing better to do than to point me out every single sentence. If they find out about this, I cannot guarantee that I will not offer you up.”

“Hehe, I was only expressing my feelings. If it were not for Xiao Zhan who treated you well since you were young, where would I find such a good disciple? Thus it is only appropriate for me to thank him.” The old voice bantered and laughed: “If I just gave them the pills, your cautious father would definitely believe that I had some ulterior motives.”

Helplessly shaking his head, Xiao Yan looked around before asking: “Where shall we go now?”

“Towards the auction house so we can pass the Qi Gathering Powder to them; so as to avoid owing them a debt, that is something that I hate the most…… Furthermore, you have burnt up all the medical ingredients for practice, it is time to purchase other medical ingredients.” Yao Lao muttered as he smiled.

Xiao Yan nodded to acknowledge these words. With some expectations, he smiled sweetly and asked: “Teacher, can the current me be counted as a first tier alchemist?”

“Tch, you think that just because you refined a few days worth of medicine you’ve become an alchemist? Healing medication is the simplest kind of elixir, refining that kind of stuff is nothing to be proud of.” Yao Lao sneered, ruthlessly dousing Xiao Yan with cold water.

Rolling his eyes, Xiao Yan was a bit gloomy: “Then when can I genuinely be considered as a first tier alchemist?”

“In the alchemy world, the minimum requirement for a first tier alchemist is to be able to refine a pellet type pill and not the simple kind where all you have to do is mix essences into a paste.”

“It seems that there’s quite a distance for me to go.” Hearing these requirements, Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head and strode forward, advancing towards the auction house in the city square. Chapter 77 Breaking the Supply of Ingredients

Primer Auction House, the reception lobby.

On top of a table, there was a small jade case, in which a medicine pill lay peacefully. Due to the smooth, round, and glossy pill, a strong, nice fragrance pervaded the room, causing everyone to feel attentative.

Watching the pills, the two managers of the Primer Auction House, Ya Fei and Gu Ni, couldn’t hide the glee on their faces.

Through the black gown, Xiao Yan could see that the two were forgetting themselves in front of him, which caused him to inwardly express disapproval and ridicule them: “If they knew that Yao Lao skimped on the materials when he made this Qi Gathering Powder, what would their expressions be like?”

The Qi Gathering Powder Xiao Yan brought was very much inferior to the product he himself used and yet this powder, half-heartedly created by Yao Lao, was able to surprise both Ya Fei and Gu Ni.

“My dear sir, your alchemy techniques are truly admirable. The Qi Gathering Powder you created can already be compared to that made by fifth tier alchemists.” Gu Ni wholeheartedly praised the light green pill.

Under the black cloak, an old voice lightly rang out: “Please receive this Qi Gathering Powder well. After receiving so much help, I just had to express my thanks or else my conscience would be deeply perturbed.”

“Haha, sir, you are too kind. You are a guest here and the favors between us are simply favors between friends.” Ya Fei smiled while lifting up the case with jade-like hands.

Yao Lao refrained from commenting. Not only did Yao Lao not believe those words, even Xiao Yan scoffed at them as well. If it were really as she said, the Primier Auction House would have been bankrupt already.

From inside his clothes, Xiao Yan produced a piece of paper and handed it to Ya Fei. The old voice rang out: “Please do me another favor by finding these materials for me.”

Eagerly accepting the paper, Ya Fei quickly glanced over it before complying with a smile. After the previous time, she dared not show any hesitation now.

Ya Fei called forth a serving girl with a wave and passed the paper to her, instructing her to prepare the ingredients as soon as possible.

Teacup in his hands, Xiao Yan lightly sipped. Suddenly, he thought of something and after a few seconds, Yao Lao’s voice could be heard: “Miss Ya Fei, I have a question.”

Hearing Yao Lao start to talk, Ya Fei smiled sweetly and gently replied: “Please go ahead sir.”

“The Jia Lie Clan has bought a lot of medicine ingredients from here right?” Yao Lao questioned in a monotonous voice.

At this question, Ya Fei’s heart slightly tightened and the expression on her lovely face slightly changed. Stealthily sharing a quick glance with Gu Ni, she silently hesitated for a moment before replying: “Previously the Jia Lie Clan had indeed purchased almost 100,000 gold worth of medicine ingredients and these medical ingredients…… also possess some healing properties.”

Slightly inclining his head, his old voice suddenly disappeared into silence.

This sudden change in atmosphere from the black cloaked man caused Ya Fei’s heart to feel somewhat nervous; she long ago knew that the former was preparing to help the Xiao Clan and yet the auction house kept selling large amounts of medicine ingredients to the Jia Lie Clan. Though she does not know his temperament, it is highly likely that this old gentleman would hold some grudge against the auction house.

The mood in the hall gradually became oppressive, looking towards the silent black cloaked man, Ya Fei started to feeling restless. If it were not for Gu Ni constantly stopping her with his looks, she would have opened her mouth long ago.

“Both of you should know what I intended to do by buying so much medicine ingredients last time right?” A good while later, the old voice finally broke the stifling silence.

Lightly nibbling on her red lips, Ya Fei slightly nodded her head and replied in a low tone: “Sir had intended to refine the ingredients into healing medication to aid the Xiao Clan, yes?”

“Just before I came, I handed over all of the refined healing medicine to the Xiao Clan.” Slightly nodding, Yao Lao said in a deep voice: “Perhaps in another two days, the Xiao Clan and the Jia Lie Clan will start to use healing medicine to battle for popularity in Wu Tan City.”

Faced with this kind of topic, Ya Fei did not know how to reply, thus she could only cleverly maintain her silence.

“The manufacturing of healing medication requires a large amount of low-grade medical ingredients. In Wu Tan City, besides Primer Auction House, no other medicine stall has the capabilities to provide such a large amount.” Seeing the wordless Ya Fei, Yao Lao continued to remark to himself.

“In the later stages of this healing medication battle, besides the price and quality, having a sufficient supply of medicine ingredients is a key factor.”

“Thus I hope that Primer Auction House will decline to provide the Jia Lie Clan with medicine ingredients from now on!”

Just as Yao Lao’s voice resounded out, Xiao Yan’s line of sight penetrated through the black mantle and focused upon the mature beauty who was as lovely as a fox spirit. He had less than two months left in Wu Tan City and thus, within this time, he had to help his father to defeat the Jia Lie Clan. Only then could he leave on the training journey with Yao Lao at ease.

Ya Fei’s charming face slightly changed as she heard Yao Lao’s words. In a difficult position, she said: “Sir, our Primer Auction House has a rule that forbids us from involving in any kind of conflicts between the clans. If we agree to your request, that would be tantamount to indirectly helping the Xiao Clan, this is not in accordance to our rules……”

“I can refine two Qi Gathering Pills for you free of costs.” Yao Lao said, undisturbed.

“Sir, it is not a problem of elixirs, truly……” The enticement of two Qi Gathering Pills caused Ya Fei’s smooth hands to tremble, however she continued to endure.

“Three pills……”

“Sir……” Ya Fei forced a smile, right beside her, Gu Ni’s face contorted, three Qi Gathering Pills? That would be worth at least 500,000 gold right?

“Five pills!” An aged voice armed with an indifferent tone relentlessly smashed against the baseline in Ya Fei’s heart.

“Hrrrr……” Ya Fei’s large eyes screwed shut as she lightly inhaled a breath of ice-cold air. After a long time, her eyes abruptly opened, Ya Fei let out a bitter laugh as she said: “Sir, you’ve won. From now on, Primer Auction House will never again provide the Jia Lie Clan with any medical ingredients!”

“Miss Ya Fei’s will is indeed somewhat beyond my expectations; one month later I will bring over the goods. Of course only if Primer Auction House does not let me down.” Yao Lao said as he let out a small laugh.

“Sir, be at ease, Ya Fei knows who is important and who is not very clearly.”

In any case, Ya Fei had already experienced many years in the auction house, thus she quickly calmed down. Between the Jia Lie Clan and an alchemist who was at the very least fourth tiered, there was absolutely no comparison. The choice was not hard to make, actually, the true difficulty laid in how to select the best moment to earn the greatest profits and Ya Fei was very satisfied with the current outcome. Chapter 78: Training and Training and then Breakthrough

Only after seeing the black clothed man walked out of the lounge, satisfied with the ingredients in his hand, could Ya Fei finally relax her shoulders. Her body was cuddled-up on top of the chair, making her look like a curled-up fox. This lethargic position of hers had a peculiar charm to it.

“This dear sir… is truly daring.” Said Ya Fei with her head stuck to the cool back of the chair.

Beside her, Gu Ni was rubbing his forehead, sighing: “Five pills of Gathering Qi Powder…It’s true that he’s a fourth tier alchemist, but still, isn’t his way of conducting business a bit grand?

Ya Fei nodded and pursed her red, small lips before proceeding to mock herself: “I thought I could last against his pressure, but who would’ve thought…”

Gu Ni laughed, replying: “If it were me in your shoes, I’m afraid I would’ve gave in by the time he mentioned the third pill. You were able to exceed my expectations and persevere until the fifth, so be proud of it.”

“What I showed was perseverance? Upon hearing his offer, my mind blanked out and so I wasn’t able to think straight. But who would’ve thought…that he would be so forward with his request and threw in two extra pills.” Said Ya Fei while rolling her eyes. She couldn’t refrain from laughing at the situation.

“Well facts are facts and your mind blanking out helped the Primer Auction House rake in an extra 400,000 income.” Expressed Gu Ni while laughing after he heard her explanation.

Ya Fei used her hand to cover up her mouth, letting out a few tender laughs. As she started to get up from her chair, she sighed: “Looks like the Jia Lie Clan is in for it now.”

Gu Ni agreed as well, nodding his head.

“But doesn’t it seem a bit suspicious? Isn’t our dear sir supposed to be a complete stranger to the Xiao Clan? Why is he helping them so much? He’s even willing to spare five pills of Qi Gathering Powder to cut off the Jia Lie Clan’s supply chain,” Ya Fei said while a hint of suspicion flashed across her eyes.

“Who knows… Our respected alchemist sure is mysterious, isn’t he? I didn’t know that the Jia Ma Empire had a figure like him,” Said Gu Ni helplessly.

Ya Fei nodded slightly, her eyes wandering. After muttering a bit, she replied: “Looks like having a phenomenal relationship with the Xiao Clan will be a must. With these pills, I’ve increased the profits of the auction house by four-fold. Let’s see if anyone can surpass me at the next employee assessment, shall we?”

After these words were said, the ends of her red lips formed a smile. With hands behind her back, she exited the lounge while humming a song to herself.


Walking out of the auction house, Xiao Yan let out a long sigh, in a low voice he said: “Teacher, thank you very much.”

“What’s there to thank, if the Jia Lie Clan is not stamped to the ground would you be able to concentrate when I bring you on the training journey?” Yao Lao helplessly replied.

“Hehe.” Xiao Yan grinned, without any further words he followed his usual twisting and turning about the streets routine before taking off the black mantle in an empty corner and carefully exiting the street, heading towards the Xiao Clan.

Back at the clan, when Xiao Yan occasionally met another clan member, he could feel that their gazes were filled with even more envy. Evidently, word of what had happened in the hall today had spread amongst the clan.

Xiao Yan ignored these looks as he continued his slow journey towards his room. As he turned a corner, a girl in red suddenly appeared in a head on collision course. Thankfully Xiao Yan braked to a halt in time, successfully avoiding the awkward crash that had threatened to unfold.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge? I’ve finally found you.” The girl in red retreated a step back and lifted her head. Her young and pure face contained its own type of charm. The combination was a bit contradictory, causing the girl to have a little more indescribable charm compared to other girls of the similar age; this kind of charm even made Xiao Yan glance a few more times.

This girl whose face was filled with joy was none other than Xiao Mei.

Xiao Yan’s gaze swept across Xiao Mei’s pretty face. Rubbing his nose, he asked in a monotonous voice: “Is there anything?”

As she heard this somewhat unfamiliar greeting, Xiao Mei’s radiant face slightly darkened, in a low voice she answered: “Clan Leader wants Xiao Yan ge-ge to make a trip to the study room.”

“Hmm?” Slightly startled, Xiao Yan nodded and smiled in reply: “Okay got it, thanks.” He waved goodbye before turning towards the study room located in the front courtyard.

“Xiao Yan biao-ge, thank you for before.” Xiao Mei softly said as she watched Xiao Yan’s straightforward and clearcut steps walking away. A flash of disappointment could be seen in her eyes as she bit her lip.

Xiao Yan paused his step as he elegantly waved towards Xiao Mei without turning, coolly replying: “No problem.”

Staring at Xiao Yan’s retreating figure, all of a sudden, Xiao Mei gathered her courage to ask: “Xiao Yan biao-ge, will you be participating in the enrollment test for Jia Nan Academy?”

“Maybe.” With both hands on the back of his head, Xiao Yao slowly and gradually left, leaving behind this word.

When Xiao Mei heard Xiao Yan’s reply, her overcast but pretty face finally brightened. Pinching her hands into a fist, she stood on the spot as she looked as Xiao Yan’s figure finally faded from sight before lightly and bitterly sighing and turning around to leave.

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