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Belo suddenly made a hand sign.

They immediately stopped their chattering, stayed still, and even controlled their breathings.


After about half a minute, Belo made another hand sign and led the way again.

In a spot not far away, four arcane masters stopped for a while in a colorful bush, then continued their patrol.

The four arcane masters wore snow white tight leather armor and carried materialized weapons like swords on their backs. They were all riding on mounts many times bigger than themselves.

Two of those mounts were pure black demonic leopards. Their entire body of fur seemed to be oozing black oil, even their teeth were pure black.

On the other hand, the mounts of the other two arcane masters were fiery mounting flowers which were very rare.

It was a strange red plant with extraordinary moving speed. It could also gather decent fire type arcane energy. In the Kingdom of Eiche, Three-Headed Dragon Academy was breeding such fiery mounting flowers. The Three-Headed Dragon Academy had a special fiery flower festival, which was to let students compete in taming fiery mounting flowers and riding them to participate in some fighting competitions.

However, the fiery mounting flowers Three-Headed Dragon Academy bred was only the size of two adult men. The fiery mounting flowers those two arcane masters rode were at least twice the size of Three-Headed Dragon Academy’s instead.

“The fiery mounting flower seemed to react just now…… It felt that this zone has a vibration similar to arcane master’s footsteps……”

“It might be some beast’s footstep coincidentally reaching the human footstep’s frequency. Otherwise, the fiery mounting flower would not stop sensing it…… and the black demonic leopard also didn’t smell anything……”

“Hmm, it’s impossible for any arcane team to infiltrate into here anyway. They would have been discovered by lord Lewis before that……”

The conversation between the four arcane masters could be vaguely heard.

They did not believe that any enemy could infiltrate into their zone. Hence, although they still patrolled carefully, they were not concerned with their conversation.


“This is the nest of the ex-House Roland’s guardian dragon, the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon? Belo, you have only looked at the map once in Eclipse Moon’s camp before setting off until now. Is it possible that you took us to the wrong place?”

Stingham watched the front with a big bush of flowers on his head as he spoke.

“Idiot!” The rest of the Holy Dawn Academy team rebuked at the same time.

Before them was a mountain.

That mountain was a sculpture!

The entire mountain was carved into an enormous sculpture.

That sculpture was an integration of House Roland’s ancestor and a dragon. The body was humanoid in shape and wielded two swords. However, dragon scales covered the entire body, and a pair of dragon wings sprouted at the back.

There was an obvious huge cave between the feet of the sculpture.

The entrance of the cave showed clear signs of corrosion. The ground was corroded into a layer of sand. The sandy ground also showed signs of clawing, with a few clear huge claw prints of dragon.

However, Stingham actually asked if it was really the nest of the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon.

“Is it really the one? Why don’t we go back instead?” Stingham was used to others scolding him idiot. He did not mind at all and suggested that instead.

“Shut up! Or we will throw you in alone first!” Rinloran lost the motivation to continue scolding Stingham, he just made a chilling warning.

“Don’t worry. The Eclipse Moon chief shaman clearly told us that the dragon has become too weak, so House Roland took great efforts to keep that Emperor Evil Eye, making it into their new guardian beast.” Ayrin tapped on Stingham’s shoulder to encourage him, “Also, didn’t chief shaman give you a bottle of good stuff with wonderful effect? I have also learned Red Alkalic Volcano, so there won’t be much danger.”

“Oh yeah! Let’s go!”

Stingham immediately became motivated.

A big patch of suspicious flower bush sneaked into the cave between the feet of the sculpture.

The interior of the cave was strangely dry. The ground was soft fiery-colored sand.

“That old shaman told me to drink it once we are inside. Then I will drink it now. Too bad there’s only one bottle.” Stingham immediately took out the small blue crystal bottle. He licked the content and felt that it was a little cold and sweet. Then he gulped it down in one go.

A wave of chilling sensation instantly filled his body.

Then, a layer of bluish glow covered him. Other than that, Stingham did not feel any discomfort.

“What a unique arcane power! It seems to be an anti-arcane layer formed by some sort of arcane energy.”

Ayrin opened his eyes wide in surprise. He stretched out his finger to touch the glow outside Stingham’s body. His finger immediately felt a shocking elasticity, and the fingertip also felt a little numb.

“Incredible! Haha, it’s good stuff as expected. I feel like gaining a layer of powerful anti-arcane skin!” Stingham could also feel it himself. He became greatly elated and a sense of security filled him.

Belo still walked in front of everyone.

The dragon nest seemed to be very deep. They had already advanced at least several hundred meters through the curves and turns, but they still seemed far away from the actual living quarter of the dragon. That was because they could feel gusts of wind blowing towards them from far away, as if there was an even bigger space inside.

Suddenly, Belo came to a halt again.


He suddenly turned around and looked at Stingham’s feet. His impulsive expression showed confusion.

“What’s weird?” Stingham saw Belo’s expression and could not help but looked at his own feet.

At that moment, he lost his balance.

The sand beneath his feet became a huge sand wave sprouting upwards just like when the three sandworms manifested.

“What!? Why are there so many huge lobsters!?”

Stingham opened his eyes to the widest and shouted in disbelief as he was thrown upwards.

Countless red ‘lobsters’ the size of two to three men wildly surged out from the sandy ground, just like volcano eruption.

“Idiot! They are Poisonous Fiery Scorpions!” Rinloran had the urge to end that idiot’s life as he leapt back.

“What!? Not lobsters! Ah!”

Stingham immediately turned green in fear.

A few huge pliers instantly clamped Stingham, his arms and legs were tightly clamped.

“Let go of me! I’m here to slay the dragon!”

“Aren’t you scorpions? Why are you clamping me like lobsters even though you are not!?”

Stingham cried out.


Ayrin, Chris and the rest were surprised by the scene unfolding before them.

That was because all the poisonous fiery scorpions had ignored them and snatched Stingham away like snatching a bride.

Countless poisonous fiery scorpions held Stingham and quickly moved further into the cave like a crimson tide.

“Could it be……”

Ayrin, Chris and Rinloran suddenly realized what happened, their face immediately changed into a sly look.

“I’m here to slay the dragon!”

“Let go of me! I’m here to help you slay the dragon, why are you clamping me……”

“I’m here to slay……”

Stingham was pushed into a huge valley-like space by the swarming scorpions. There seemed to be two huge glowing gems and two wind holes.

Waves of wind blew out from the wind holes.

Suddenly, his shouting ceased.

That was because he saw the two huge glowing gems blinked and a wave of even fiercer wind blew onto him. Then he saw the enormous body clearly…… shiny scales.

“I’m here to slay…… Ah! No, it’s a misunderstanding!”

The instant all those scorpions scattered away, he cried out as if he just woke up from a nightmare. “So big……”

“Can we really penetrate those dragon scales?”

After rushing in behind Ayrin and the others, Moss’s gaze instantly froze.

It was an enormous being of over thirty meters long, a real dragon.

The scales on its body were like chunks of huge crimson bronze. However, a layer of pale-yellow arcane energy lingered on its surface, just like translucent flame.

Even the eyes, which were supposed to be the most fragile area, had four layers of eyelids. Apart from a layer of crimson bronze-like eyelid, the other three layers were transparent. They were like three layers of transparent gem shields.

The gales they felt were actually caused by the breathings of the dragon.

The dragon was still lying calmly now. However, along with its breathings, the arcane energy in the air before it continued to gather into floating arcane particles, releasing a terrifying aura.

“Belo, Chris, you two handle the Scythe-tailed Crimson Scorpions, we will handle his Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon.” Seeing such a dragon, Ayrin’s fighting spirit was burning even fiercer.

The gaze of the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon before them was powerful, crafty and cruel. It looked at them as if looking at prey.

As Ayrin was giving out instructions, its yellow gem-like eyes suddenly became chilling. It felt that it was taken as a fool.


Nobody could keep up with its casting speed. Countless crimson bronze particles suddenly gathered in front of Stingham, violently slamming onto him.


Stingham cried out.


On the ceiling of the dragon nest behind everyone, a human-shaped hole was created.

Stingham was embedded into the hole, literally became a putty on the wall.

“It actually started the fight straightaway! What a fast casting speed, it’s much faster than those Goat Horn team members!”

“Domain of Time!”

Ayrin did not even check on Stingham. Taking the chance when it was attacking Stingham, he used the Abel Academy’s Treasured Book of Time.

A unique domain power suddenly filled the entire space.

A loud and mysterious draconic incantation suddenly chanted.


A new domain power erupted inside the nest.

“What domain power is this!?”

“Domain of Time just got crushed like that…… There’s actually a specialized domain against it!”

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