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“Although she was against me taking over Hai Rui, protection from the Mo Family forced her to turn a blind eye. So, all these years, my relationship with her has only been a superficial relationship between a mother and son.”

Tangning’s curiosity grew as she stared at Mo Ting, “Then…why does she dislike actors so much?”

“Actually, in the early days, although she didn’t like the idea of me taking over Hai Rui, she never hated actors to this extent. She even had a few arguments with me because of it. So, I was planning to get Lu Che to investigate when things began to change. There was just a slight delay today, so he didn’t get the chance to leave yet,” Mo Ting explained.

In other words, Mo Ting was quite clueless when it came to Hua Wenfeng.

“OK, as long as this matter hasn’t hurt you, then it’s all good. However, our current situation…”

“Don’t worry, leave it with me,” Mo Ting assured. “Just give me a bit of time.”

“I’ve said it before, it’s not that I’m worried you won’t be able to resolve it, I’m just worried that you won’t have the heart to make a move…” She was, after all, his mother, so Tangning could completely understand his predicament. After all, she had suffered many times in the past because of Xia Yuling; she could relate to being dragged down by family and the pain associated with it.

But, would Mo Ting really not have the heart to make a move?

Mo Ting had never felt that it would be an issue.

During this time, Elder Mo made a phone call to show his concern. Mo Ting was busy with PR, so Tangning answered the phone on his behalf.

As soon as Elder Mo heard Tangning’s voice, he said, “Ignore that crazy woman. No matter how evil a tiger is, it would never eat it’s own child. That woman is ridiculous.”

It was reasonable for Elder Mo to be angry. After all, Hua Wenfeng had completely destroyed the reputation of both the Mo Family and Tang Family.

“Grandfather, don’t worry, Mo Ting will know what to do…”

“But, your family was implicated for no reason.” Elder Mo sighed, “Wenfeng wasn’t like this in the past. I wonder when things began to change.”

After hearing that Mo Ting would handle the matter, Elder Mo decided to hang up the phone. However, Tangning noticed the meaning behind Elder Mo’s words and quickly held him back, “Grandfather, wait!”

“What is it?”

“Can you tell me a few things about mom’s past?” Tangning almost forgot that Elder Mo probably knew Hua Wenfeng the best.

“The past? She used to be very understanding. But now…she’s probably going through menopause!”

Tangning did not ask any further nor did she continue chatting to Elder Mo. She had figured by now that the doubts she had in her head were the same unsolved mysteries that Mo Ting had.

Another big piece of entertainment news was released in Beijing, and the person that revealed it was Mo Ting’s mother. The internet was filled with heated discussions; everyone wanted to know if Hua Wenfeng’s words were true.

An Zihao made a phone call to question Tangning, but Tangning reassured him not to worry. So, he returned to his search for the girl named Xiao Ye.

Perhaps it was because she felt guilty about hitting An Zihao, when An Zihao returned to the same spot where they had last met, the girl did not make an appearance at all.

Afterwards, An Zihao went to search under the bridge and did a bit of asking around, but he still had no way of meeting her again.

An Zihao assumed, since this girl was so smart, she must be watching his every move from a safe distance. So, he pretended to leave, but waited in his car for one hour. Afterwards, he returned to the girl’s stall and found her there as expected. However, the girl looked at An Zihao like he was a ghost and quickly ran away.

An Zihao responded by chasing after her. However, after a good few kilometers, when both parties were all puffed out, An Zihao suddenly questioned, “Why are you running?”

“I hit you before. If I don’t run, I’ll end up being chased. I’m not crazy,” the girl held onto her hip as she kept a 2 meter distance from An Zihao. “How about this, I’ll help you fix any dislocated bones and help you massage the spot where I hit you.”

“Fine. As long as you stop running,” An Zihao replied as he held his chest.

“Let’s find a place to sit down peacefully then,” the girl suggested cautiously.


So, the two came to a compromise and returned to the stall. However, just as An Zihao sat down, the girl hit him once again; not on the face this time, but on his neck…

As soon as An Zihao collapsed on the ground, the girl immediately pushed her cart and escaped.

Afterwards, the same passerby helped him up, “Rascal, I told you not to provoke Xiao Ye. Why didn’t you listen to me?”

“Would auntie happen to know where she lives?”

The old lady looked at An Zihao in shock as she responded with a stutter, “What are you planning to do?”

Of course, he was going to do what he should. He had been hit by the brat twice, so he wasn’t going to give up until he found her.

An Zihao did not waste his breath explaining himself, he simply handed the old lady some money.

As soon as the lady saw An Zihao’s ‘sincerity’, she immediately sold out Xiao Ye…

However, An Zihao had no idea that taking this step would change his entire life… Chapter 89 – Counterattack Preparations (1)

The construction of the fortification of the guild building started from that day only.

Apart from the adventurers inside the guild, the dwarfs called out by Guildmaster Bean had assembled and were already working on fortification.

It is not the work of Kurono to supervise small matters on the site, but due to the equipment being made, he himself gives out some demands.

The following are the demands given by him.

Reinforcement of Rhone River embankment.

They, from the get go, didn’t have enough time, manpower, and materials for making a completely new protective wall. This left them with no choice but to use the things they can get their hands on.

The embankment is a flood control structure made up by piling up sand and earth, therefore it’s sturdiness was far more than that of fence of wood.

So they will use some methods to change it into a protective wall.

But still, it is after all an embankment of a small village, so it’s forbidden to have high expectations of very high wall.

Furthermore, though the foundation is an embankment, on it’s top are the fence of wood. The trees covering Alsace were disassembled and then constructed a new fence of embankment.

The lack of time and materials is just as above mentioned. Though this is a little unreliable, but it couldn’t be helped as this was the most they had.

By the way, the reason for why defensive magic is not used to replace defensive walls, is due to their limited time of effect.

It is easy to make up a tall and solid defensive wall with defensive magic the moment it is activated, but it would start deteriorating in little time and it would be impossible to maintain it’s shape.

To create the 24×7 hours running barrier just like the one near Daedalus’s castle walls. It would need time, engineering skills, and equipment. The same things that Kurono and others were lacking.

And so, they have no choice to start making fence from scratch. Though it is classical but it ensures good defense.

Make an underground escape passage right beneath the Guild.

This will serve as an escape route and supply line too.

Kurono doesn’t has in the least intention to let other adventurers die as ‘sacrificial pieces’. He intends to return alive with everyone, so it is natural to secure an escape route.

This work will not take more than 3 days, it will be more better to call it trench rather than tunnel. This was also ascertained after the first look at plan.

And, with more than 100 adventurers stationed here, it is indispensable to secure a route for the supply of food and water.

Kurono alone can work for 1 whole week without sleeping, eating or drinking (Only if his magic doesn’t run out). But the same can’t be said for others.

If there are not enough replenishments, the morale of troops will only fall, this is furthermore important when there is only a cooperative relationship.

Remodelling of Guild’s interior for easier movement.

This is destroy the walls and ceilings which will be hindrance at the time of battle to resupply men and goods.

Those three are the demands he has given till now, but

“There isn’t much material for protective wall.”

this problem occurred almost really fast.

Bean was tracing the the line given by Kurono on the map. That line will be the position of protective wall.

“We are a very small village just as it looks. We don’t have enough timber, stone and other materials as such. And to make matters worse, we don’t have enough time, so we won’t able to cover a large area too.”

“Because of that problem, I would like you to make this.”

Kurono takes out a single wire from the shadow space.

It’s length is 30 centimetres, one could understand it is made from some sort of dark grey metal due to its lustre.

If it was just that much it won’t be much unusual, steel wire were used as bundling material, to create traps for animals and many other things. It can be found in any blacksmith’s workshop.

But the wire taken about by Kurono has a thorn like substance covering it. It is easily understandable that the wire is not any normal wire.

“What is that thing? A wire with a horn attached to it?”

“Yes, it is called as ‘barbed wire’. Just like it sounds, this is a normal wire with thorn attached to it.”

But, Kurono bends forward and puts the barbed wire on the table.

“Against a human, it will definitely work as a hindrance. Though it might not have any effect on lizardman and golem or any other race with hard scales and skin.”

Not only Kurono, but every person living in modern era had seen barbed wire on daily basis.

It is placed on the fences around the private properties or off-limit areas to prevent intruders from entering. This thing can be understood by this world’s people if they saw a barbed wire, without explaining it to them.

First of all it is made from iron, so maybe even if it had been developed, the popularization might have been slow.

“Fumu, I see, really if we lay this out, we can cover more extensive range without having the trouble of creating fence of trees.”

Along with that, if it is wrapped around the fence already made, it will definitely give more defensive effect and no one would touch it without thinking twice.

“If only we have iron, we will can make them and use them by wrapping them. Tomorrow the previously requested bundle of iron might come, we will make use of it and use the barbed wire as a barricade.”

“Got it, let’s complete it fast.”

Bean who understood its effectiveness, nods.

“But, will it be able to block those wearing thick whole body armor?”

“The normal attire of Crusaders is chainmail under a white surcoat. This will be able to block many cavalrymen and foot soldiers.

But even barbed is not all-purpose. They might have people who can jump over them, aren’t I right?

but dealing with people like those is the job of us adventurers.”


While Kurono was near some steps from the construction of fortress, on the other side the members of ‘Vulcan Powered’ were roaming through the Fairy Garden.

“It is hot……”

Vulcan grumbles.

But that is not because of him being weak. It is natural for a beat man to complain about heat walking under the sunlight during mid-summer while wearing natural thick fur as surcoats.

As all the party members are beast men, so they have got no choice but to keep on walking while having the same problem as Vulcan.

“Will it really……go easily like this?”

The other main reason for them to to be sweating from head to toe was because they are wearing the Crusader’s cross and white surcoats. In short, disguise.

As for what reason this was needed. Kurono ordered them that this was a continuation of scorched earth tactics. The Plan Part 2 a.k.a ‘MPK Plan’. [ET: Should I say Kurono became a Chuuni][SK: He always was a chuuni.]

In this world which doesn’t has any english alphabets, the words ‘MPK’ were being misunderstood by everyone as a single word except Kurono.

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