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If the Gu clan had an Emperor level master, their position in Middle Three Heavens would have been completely strengthened. Gu Miao Ling’s guardedness would have been ignorable.

“Ji clan only has two elders, probably not too different from the stranger in blue. However, they are definitely not as scary as him.” Ji Mo said reluctantly.” Well honestly, that is a secret.”

” Luo clan also has two, but they are no match for the stranger.” Luo Ke Di answered fluidly. He winked a few times and said cheekily, “That is also a secret.”

Gu Du Xing and Chu Yang turn to look at each other. They both already knew about the Gu clan’s situation.

It is no surprise that the Gu clan reacted so aggressively when Gu Miao Ling stole the herbal medicines. As it turned out, the state of the Gu clan was truly not ideal.

Both the Ji and Luo clans had Emperor level masters! It could be inferred that the other clans like Hei Mo or Mo clans were also not too far off. They definitely also concealed some secret Emperor level masters.

There was no other explanation for why they were unable to maintain the balance of power. They were all in the rank of super clans, but the Gu clan’s highest level was only a ninth-grade King level! While that was only a short and small step from the Emperor level, this step was said to be of equal standards of a thousand mountains and ten thousand rivers. Needless to say, this gap was truly too great.

“In that case, is it safe to say that the person in blue was not from Middle Three Heavens?” Chu Yang asked contemplatively.

“That’s right. If that person came from the Middle Three Heavens, he would have caused a big commotion a long time ago. He would not have been able to keep his anonymity for so long.” The four nodded in agreement simultaneously. If such a person appeared in Middle Three Heavens, given their information network, they would not have been able to ignore it at all! All four of them were sure of this conclusion they came to.

“Then he must have been from Upper Three Heavens!” Upon hearing that, Chu yang had a sudden epiphany. He lifted his head up and quietly looked at the snow that was floating in the air. However, his mind already drifted to a peculiar and unknown place.

Upper Three Heavens… My ancestors and creators…were they from Upper Three Heavens? Chu Yang was suddenly livid with anger! ” All of you live in Upper Three Heavens and you tossed me down to Lower Three Heavens? Emperor level master? Huh! There is an abundance of resources in the Upper Three Heavens and they still could not find me in Lower Three Heavens? That is ridiculous! Why was there not even a little bit of news in seventeen years?” Chu Yang muttered quietly under his breath.

Seeing something unusual with Chu Yang, Gu Du Xing and the others did not dare to say another word.

After a long while, Ji Mo broke the awkward silence by sticking his head out and said with a smile, “In a short while, I am going back home.” He paused and laughed hesitantly, not knowing if what he did was apt for the current tensed atmosphere. He scratched his head in embarrassment and continued, “My birthday is on the ninth of the twelfth month. (2)”

“Oh…” Luo Ke Di said helpfully, “I see.”

(1) It’s Ji Mo’s gift for gibberish.

(2) Ji Mo is basing his birthday on the lunar calendar. “Haha…” Ji Mo laughed awkwardly as he was clueless about the hidden meaning. His face reddened as he continued in a lower tone, “It’s crucial that I spend my birthday with my mother. I was told that she fell seriously ill giving birth to me.”

After listening to what Ji Mo had to say, the four people seemed very forlorn. When it came to topics regarding the elders especially someone so thought highly of like mothers, no one dared to fool around. They shared the common consensus that parents were the most respected people in this world. Anyone who was unfilial to their parents would greatly be despised. Among a hundred kinds of good deeds, filial piety definitely came in first, being the core moral in the Nine Heavens.

“Haha, big brother Chu yang, when is your birthday?” Rui Bu Tong joked harmlessly and said, “We must have a grand celebration that day.”

Rui Bu Tong’s words immediately touched Chu Yang deeply. He was at a loss of words to say as his heart wrenched up, a feeling Chu yang had not felt in a long time. “I, I don’t know when my birthday is.” Chu Yang’s voice remained very calm although he stuttered slightly initially. Everyone could tell that behind this calm was a fierce storm brewing up. The edge of his eyes twitched subconsciously as his voice became hoarse, “My master was the one that found me…” After saying that, he immediately fell silent. He then looked up letting the icy snowflakes in the air fall on his face and continued, “To be honest, I don’t even know who my parents are and needless to say, I have no clue what their names are.”

“Also, I never had a birthday.” Chu Yang let out a faint smile and let out two dry coughs. Pausing for a moment, he continued softly saying, “I also do not know how birthdays feel like. I definitely do not know about my mother’s birthday… the kind of feeling… ahh!”

His voice began to falter but he tried his very best to keep cool. He even managed to smile a little. However, it was obvious that within that enduring voice, Gu Du Xing and the others could clearly sense that Chu Yang’s heart was bleeding in excruciating pain.

It was as if his heart was slowly breaking apart into smithereens.

“Big brother, don’t worry! You still have us!” Luo Ke Di became anxious as he could not handle the sight of their leader falling apart. For some reason, he felt tears welling up in his eyes gradually. Rui Bu Tong, along with Ji Mo and Gu Du Xing’s eyes were also glistening with tears that they tried to hold back. As they tried to stay strong for their leader, they turn to look at Chu Yang and shouted reassuringly, “Yes! Don’t feel alone, you still have us.”

“Yes, I still have all of you.” Chu Yang managed to crack a genuine smile and said, “I mean, you could say that a birthday is just honestly another day right?”

“No! All of our birthdays will also be your birthday!” Gu Du Xing exclaimed emotionally, “This way, you will have at least five birthdays in a year! All of us will make it up to you!”

“No! Six of you!” Chu Yang smiled gratefully and continued saying, “There is another junior martial brother under me. His name might seem truly strange; he is called Tan Tan.”

“What are you talking about?” The other four were astounded and surprised as they could not figure out why would anyone would have such a peculiar name.

“The word ‘Tan’ represents an Epiphyllum flower.” Chu Yang smiled warmly and said, “All of you have not met him yet but trust me, he is a very interesting person.” He laughed as he introduced Tan Tan to them, “I can guarantee you that if anyone of you happens to meet him, you would definitely befriend him almost immediately.”

“His ultimate charm point would be his personality. What makes his stand out is the fact that he is very narcissistic and that usually drives people away.” As he spoke, Chu Yang pondered on Tan Tan’s demeanors and could not help but let out a grin.

“Oh really! Hahaha… We must meet him then! A well-liked person with such a personality is indeed a rare sight.” Gu Du Xing and the others immediately took interest in meeting Tan Tan.

In the Nine Heavens, it was snowing heavily in Lower Three Heavens. Amidst the funeral in Iron Cloud, Chu Yang and his brothers were chatting among themselves to pass time while Cheng Yun He was battling the chilling wind and snow. Diwu Qing Rou was still in the minister mansion planning and waiting for a response from the others.

The battle at the border came to a halt for the time being.

In Middle Three Heavens, it was very cold, but there was not snowing.

It had already been seven days since Mo Tian Ji had returned to the clan with Mo Qing Wu. During these seven days, the Mo clan seemed to have put on a new facade. Mo Tian Ji sat cross-legged in his abode. In front of him was a miniature delicate tea table. Steam was rising up and the brewing of tea filled the entire room with a pleasant aroma. At first glance, he seemed to be very laid back. However, under scrutiny, it would have been obvious that Mo Tian Ji was just putting on a facade as he displayed a slight hint of restlessness and anger.

Mo Tian Ji had never displayed any joy or anger as he always had his emotions under control. His composure was a sign that the situation had gone way beyond his control and there was nothing he could do about it.

Recalling the day he returned back to the clan, Mo Tian Ji felt an uncontrollable rage growing in him that he almost burst out in anger.

It surprised him that his eldest brother, Mo Tian Yun, who was supposed to be traveling in Lower Three Heavens was also home on the day of his return. As he held his little sister’s hand and walked in, he bumped right into Mo Tian Yun.

Mo Tian Ji’s original intention was to quickly return to the clan and avoid Mo Tian Yun. He would then be able to explain his sister’s situation without the judgment of his eldest brother and his clan. Everyone would be more lenient and understanding towards the predicament he was facing with his sister. At the very least, he would have been able to stall some time for himself.

However, he never thought that he would run into Mo Tian Yun the moment he entered the gates of Lower Three Heavens. Judging the looks of it, it seemed to Mo Tian Yun was actually anticipating for his return.

“Oh, you’re back! That was quick.” Mo Tian Yun’s mouth curled up, revealing a charismatic smile. Compared to a calm and composed Mo Tian Ji, Mo Tian Yun had supple face complexion with slender eyes which tend to be narrowed. The unintentional menacing gaze in his eyes usually sends shivers down people’s spine. In fact, this was what Mo Tian Ji hated most.

Mo Tian Ji thought to himself, “It is alright if you are terrifying to people. You already know that you are terrified but why must you try to exude the vibe to others that you are dangerous all the time? Are you afraid that people wouldn’t know how dangerous you are?” Mo Tian Ji never failed to look down on this flaw of his elder brother.

“How long have you been back?” Mo Tian Ji asked collectedly. Mo Qing Wu diffidently held onto her second brother hand and retired behind him. With a timid and soft voice, she greeted her eldest brother out of respect.

“Hey little sister, welcome back.” Mo Tian Yun looked at Mo Qing Wu and smiled genuinely. He immediately looked up at his younger brother and continued casually, “Yes, I’ve already been home for seven to eight days.”

“Hmm, you must be tired from waiting at the door for these seven or eight days.” Mo Tian Ji replied spitefully. Anger rose from the depths of his eyes as the rage inside him grew. He did not want to engage in any conversation with Mo Tian Yun but at this moment, he could not control and hide the anger inside himself.

There was no way that he would take it lying down given that his little sister was the only person he cared about most and she was hurt.

Mo Tian Yun revealed that he had returned seven or eight days ago which meant that he was in Lower Three Heavens for less than a month before immediately returning back. This was something Mo Tian Ji could not comprehend.

Mo Tian Ji pondered to himself, “During this entire time, how could he be unaware that his little sister and I were viciously attacked? He still had the audacity to act as if he knew nothing about it! What is even more infuriating was the fact that he was already waiting for our return at the door acting as if he is concerned about our wellbeing.”

Brooding over this issue made Mo Tian Ji think of some things truly terrifying as evil as menacing thoughts started to emerge, accompanied with fiery anger.

“Is it exhausting waiting at the door every day? Definitely not.” Mo Tian Yun said softly. “In order to see second brother and little sister return safely, I would be willing to wait at the door for the rest of my life.”

“Thank you eldest brother! I would never be able to repay your massive love for us.” Mo Tian Ji gently breathed in as he replied Mo Tian Yun sarcastically. He was trying his very best to suppress the heavy emotions inside him.

Mo Tian Yun took a glance at Mo Tian Ji’s expression and the only thought that came to his mind was that he wanted to beat him to a pulp! Mo Tian Ji had always been like this. No matter what happened, he would still remain a straight face and would never show the slightest bit of emotion. Now that he was showing an expression of gratitude, it was hard to tell if it was genuine or fake.

“I heard that little sister was injured?” Mo Tian Yun asked with concern.

Mo Tian Ji nodded his head in shame, “I am useless! As her older brother, I am no better than an animal. I have the heart of a wolf and stomach of a dog. I did not try my very best to protect her with all I have and allowed her to get injured. This older brother deserves to be chopped into a million pieces by a thousand blades!”

Mo Tian Yun was very triggered by Mo Tian Ji’s words. Mo Tian Ji seemed as if he was scolding himself for his wrongdoings but in actual fact, he was cursing at Mo Tian Yun.

“Second brother, you don’t need to blame yourself like that. Good and bad things happen all the time, it is all heaven’s will and that something we cannot alter.” Mo Tian Yun said matter of factly, “Even if the little sister was injured, it is not necessarily a bad thing for her. She will not need to roam around in Jiang Hu anymore and risk her life in the process anymore.”

Mo Tian Ji smiled and replied somberly, “Yes, eldest brother is right. Even leaders in this world will change periodically and there is no say as to when their empires might fall into chaos and confusion. It is heaven’s will. There is no way anyone could have predicted all that.”

After Mo Tian Ji was done speaking, the two brothers did not bother to engage in any conversation any further. One of them stood from the inside of the door while the other stood from the outside and stared at each other intently. The two pairs of eyes were filled with belligerence. However, they continued to smile at each other intimately as if they were loving brothers who had not seen each other for an eternity.

Mo Qing Wu hid behind her second brother in fear. Her small and delicate face was completely pale, as white as a sheet of paper. When she was younger, the two older brothers having confrontations like this terrified her the most. This time, the two big brothers were smiling lovingly to each other while having lively discussions every now and even praising each other at times. Although she seemed to comprehend what they were saying, she felt as if she did not understand anything as she could feel an intimidating and chilling aura around them. She could not help but shudder in fear as she could not assess the situation she was involved in.

At that point in time, the two King level masters stood behind Mo Tian Ji did not utter a word. There were also two King level masters behind Mo Tian Yun that stood as still as statues.

“Oh, I must have been oblivious!” Mo Tian Yun smacked his own forehead in embarrassment, “My little brother and sister are home and I am blocking the front door. If outsiders were to see this, they would think that I am picking on you two. Second brother and little sister, come in quickly! Father has been talking about you nonstop for the past few days. He even said that you two are bright and if we three were to work together in the future, the Mo clan would really flourish and prosper in victories. He even said second brother’s intellect is second to none in this entire world and you would be the best assistant I could ever ask for in the future!” Mo Tian Yun was full of praises and it was hard to say if he meant every word he said.

“Big brother is right. Standing at the door like that definitely looks as if you are blocking the way. If anyone were to see this, they would think that this little brother is being arrogant and won’t let big brother pass through.” Mo Tian Ji joked intimately.

However, Mo Tian Ji was secretly thinking, “With me here, don’t even think for a second that you can pass!”

The two brothers proceeded to walk side by side and headed in. The two brothers were genuinely and sincerely beaming from ear to ear. Anyone who witnessed this would definitely be envious. The two Mo brothers had a close and intimate relationship. From the looks of it, it would not be surprising if they were to share their pants. (1)

No one would know that in the mind of these two brothers, they had already made each other mortal enemies.

The bodyguards that were standing outside the door tried to avert their gazes as they stole quick glances at the two young masters walking in and shuddered in fear. If anyone were to lift up their sleeves, they would see that even their arms were covered with goosebumps, let alone a commoner.

The two young masters seemed so kind and amicable on the surface, but no one was aware of the uncountable murderous intents that were brewing within. It was truly appalling and bone-chilling.

Those two brothers continued to talk amiably with each other as they walked away.

“Second brother, how is Xiao Wu’s injury now?” Mo Tian Yun questioned with concern, “Who is the culprit?”

“Her injury is very grave!” Mo Tian Ji squinted his eyes with killing intentions as he answered, “It was all the Hei Mo clan’s fault! Those heartless bastards deserved to be chopped to a million pieces! I cannot believe that they had the audacity to damage Xiao Wu’s Three Yin Meridian! I am very mad about this! Rest assured, big brother. I have it all under control. I swear that if they try to make another move on little sister again, I would not hesitate to drag these heartless bastards to hell myself even if it means leading myself to my own death!”

There was no hiding of the gravity of Mo Qing Wu’s injury. It would have been easily discovered either way so it was better to come clean that his little sister’s Three Yin Meridian was damaged.

“Those heartless bastards…” Mo Tian Yun murmured under his breath in agreement. His eyes flashed with rage and shouted, “Yes! Hei Mo clan ranks below ours and yet they dared to make such an offensive move! They are truly ruthless and there is no way I will forgive them. If I run into them, I will not hesitate to chop them into pieces!”

The two brothers coincidentally smiled and looked at each other at the same time. The four King level masters that were walking behind the two brothers all felt their palms dripping with perspiration from all the nervous chills they were getting from their conversation.

Tagging along with the two young masters was a test of their hearts’ endurance! They were so close to losing it and they felt that it seemed almost like torture to them.

Mo Tian Yun suddenly paused in his tracks. With his arms akimbo, he said with a slightly changed attitude and tone, “Uncle Cheng Yu, do you know what is your crime?”

Mo Cheng Yu’s stance diverted and he became even more hostile. He bowed and said, “Yes, I definitely know my crime!”

“You know your crime? Do you know that you are little miss’s bodyguard? I cannot believe that you actually neglected your responsibility and allowed little miss to suffer from an irrecoverable injury! Mo Cheng Yu! Have all these comfortable years made you daft?” Mo Tian Yun stared at Mo Cheng Yu in utter disbelief.

“I am sorry! I know I have sinned!” Beads of perspiration trickled down Mo Cheng Yu’s forehead profusely. He wanted to justify himself but there was no denying that Mo Qing Wu was indeed gravely injured. To make matters worse, Mo Tian Yun was clearly using him to deal a blow to Mo Tian Ji! If he has the audacity to argue, Mo Tian Yun would probably have someone beat him to death right there and then.

Mo Tian Ji wanted to say something, but he stayed silent.

Earlier on, Mo Tian Yun was talking to him as a brother. However, it was different now and the tables have turned. He was using his position as a young master to support his argument. If Mo Tian Ji said anything, he would have been charged with insubordination!

“Wait, so do you also know that you have done wrong? I will announce the clan’s decision later on!” Mo Tian Yun remained a straight face and kept a calm composure throughout the entire talk.

“Mo Cheng Yu had neglected his responsibilities and definitely cannot be forgiven! However, due to his former merits, he shall not be punished. In exchange, he is to be removed from his guardian position and relocated with his family to Cang Lan battlefront to assist in the contributions to the clan!”

Mo Cheng Yu’s whole body trembled with fear. Is this their plan to get me away from little miss?

“Isn’t eldest brother pushing his limits?!” Mo Tian Ji furrowed his brows.

“If it was not for Mo Cheng Yu risking his life to protect her, little sister would have been dead by now. Mo Cheng Wu might have sinned but such a punishment is too adverse!”

“This is the decision among the clan’s elders!”

Mo Tian Yun sighed and said, “Second brother, I also do not want this to happen. However, in any case, I am not the leader of this clan at this point in time. I have no power in altering their decisions. The leader of this clan is, of course, father! Do you have something to say about father’s decision? Who are you to argue with him?”

“I will explain it properly to father later.” Mo Tian Ji said sincerely.

“I hope you will be victorious in your feats of war so that Uncle Cheng Yu would not have to suffer hardships at the battlefront.” Mo Tian Yun exclaimed sarcastically.

“I don’t want Uncle Cheng Yu to go!” Mo Qing Wu insisted.

“It’s alright, be a good girl. This is an adult issue, do not interfere, understand?” Mo Tian Yun smiled and gently rubbed Mo Qing Wu head, comforting and consoling her.

Mo Qing Wu’s body trembled in fear. Her face subconsciously let out an expression of dismay as she took half a step back.

A trace of gloominess flashed in Mo Tian Yun’s eyes but he immediately regained his composure and smiled saying, “Let’s go! Father is still waiting for all of you. Father and the others are very concerned about little sister’s injury.”

Mo Tian Ji’s demeanor faltered slightly as he recalled that little sister was still gravely injured. He gritted his teeth in anger tightly and kept silent.

A meeting was held immediately upon their arrival back home. Mo Cheng Yu was sentenced and the morning after, he left with his family to Cang Lan battlefront. No matter how intelligent Mo Tian Ji was, there was nothing he could do but face punishment as he was facing the entire clan’s power.

The elders did not give him a chance to even explain himself. They immediately checked his little sister’s body. The whole grouped sighed in utter dismay and most of their eyes welled up in tears.

Mo Tian Ji still had that memory fresh in his mind. At that point in time, his little sister was holding tightly onto the saber Chu Yang gave her and she sauntered to the main hall. Her lively eyes looked like those of a woeful rabbit. His heart wrenched in pain from recalling that scene.

He still remembered his little sister running towards their father with tearful eyes. He stretched out his arms for a hug with a conflicting look on his face and retracted them back with hesitation.

At that time, his little sister halted in her tracks. She turned and look at her father in surprise and at that instant, tears started pouring down her cheeks.

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