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“Of course. You don’t know how cute you looked there.” After saying this, Wu-Shuang laughed out again. Her bright eyes, white teeth, and her poised aura, together with the purple dress she was wearing as a Protector, she exuded an intoxicating charm as she walked.

“Cute?” Qing Shui was speechless since this was first time he received a compliment by a peerless beauty. He would prefer if she called him a beast.

“We haven’t seen each other a month. Do you miss me?” Qing Shui grinned.

“I don’t. Why would I miss you? You left for a month and did not even come to visit me.” Wu-Shuang said while looking at the mountains in the far distance and smiled.

“I missed you a lot. It’s because that you’re here that I feel that this place is also familiar, amiable and a little bit warm!” Qing Shui looked at Wu-Shuang’s slender figure which was as elegant as ever. It was just that the peerless beauty had an additional melancholy which he could not decipher.

Wu-Shuang trembled as she turned back to look at Qing Shui. She revealed a slight smile and said, “I missed you too and I am so happy to see you. I couldn’t get used to it when I would not see you for the past month. I don’t even know when I started feeling this way.”

“Hehe, you’ll be my woman in the future after all. I will come back and spend some time with you for two days each month. During that time, you can torment me as you like. What do you think?” Qing Shui held onto Wu-Shuang’s tender hands.

“Nothing good comes out from your mouth! Don’t you dare be rude to me, unless I allow it!” Wu-Shuang said coquettishly.

“Alright, alright. In the future, I will definitely wait until our lady says ‘Qing Shui, I want it. Quickly be rude to me’ before I do anything.” Qing Shui grinned and said.

“Pfft! When did you become such a scoundrel?”

“If I wasn’t a scoundrel, would I be able to see this smile of yours that can cause the destruction of cities? Wu-Shuang, I like to see you smiling without a worry.” Qing Shui lightly held onto her hand and said.

Time passed by very quickly. It was already noon when he came up, and now, the sun was slowly setting!

“Qing Shui, the snakeskin of the Golden-Ringed Snake King that you gave to that Skysword Sect had already been made into 320 pieces of light armors. Other than the 20 pieces which were left for your disposal, the rest had been used to form the 300 Golden-Ringed Snake Guard!

“This name sounds quite suitable. Did you get one?” Qing Shui asked.

“Protectors have no need for them, so they were mostly given to guards. Now, the guard’s powers should increase by quite a lot. The Golden-Ringed Snake Guards are all formed by the guards.”

“It’s late. Let’s go back!” Wenren Wu-Shuang said when she realised that they had been walking for quite some time.

Qing Shui nodded and headed back slowly towards the way they came from.

“Qing Shui, do you miss home? I miss my elder sister.”

“I do, but a man should set his aspiration high. I want to become a good man.” Qing Shui purposely sounded casual.

“What an honorable phrase. I’ll meet this good man here today!” A resounding voice broke the silence in the vicinity!

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AST 177 She is Lonely, Lonelier than Fireworks

“What an honorable phrase. I’ll meet this good man here today!” A resounding voice broke the silence in the vicinity!

Qing Shui was chatting happily with Wu-Shuang and didn’t expect to be unaware that someone had come close to them. He was being too careless!

He raised his head to notice that there were three people who seemed to be youths. Each of them seemed to be below the age of 30. They all seemed well-trained and held sharp gazes. The one in the middle was especially calm. His eyes were not only sharp, but also flickered with intelligence.

Qing Shui squinted his eyes. The three were all similarly dressed in purple, a color that only the Protectors of Skysword Sect were allowed to wear. Moreover, the aura that seeped out of them had a mysterious feel to it. Even Huo Nan, the 10th reserved candidate for the position of the Elder, did not compare to these three people. It was likely that Qiao Chu, another reserved candidate for the position of the Elder, was amongst them.

“Sorry, I’m not free today. You guys can come another time, but only in the next three days. If not, I’ll be leaving again!” Qing Shui tugged on Wu-Shuang’s hand and said softly as he lifted his legs and prepared to leave.

The three of them were the top three reserved candidates for the Elder position in the Skysword Sect. None of them were present when Qing Shui arrived. When they heard that Qing Shui had arrogantly challenged the Protectors of the Skysword Sect, they were infuriated. It was too bad that Qing Shui had left the mountain before they could find him.

Today, they were told that Qing Shui was back. Therefore, they wanted to fight for their dignity, even if Qing Shui had also become a Protector of the Skysword Sect.

“What are you being so arrogant for? I, Hai Xing, was not around the other time. If I was, do you really think that you would have be able to have your way with your puny skills?” The skinny and taller youth on the left said with disdain.

“Haha, I’m not being arrogant. I didn’t think that my abilities would allow me to throw my weight around. However, your lousy skills are not even more worth mentioning.”

“Tomorrow morning at the arena, I want to challenge you fair and square!” The firm youth in the middle with bushy brows and big eyes smiled and said. He held back Hai Xing who was about to explode with anger.

“Alright. Actually, you don’t have to do this!” Qing Shui held onto Wu-Shuang and said when he took his leave.

“Sometimes, there are things that one needs to insist on even if he knows that it is wrong!” A strong will to fight flashed in the determined youth’s eyes as he said.

“Qing Shui, he is the top reserved candidate for the position of the Elder, Tie Songshan. It’s said that he is at the pinnacle of the 2nd grade of Xiantian, and is the strongest amongst all the other reserved candidates.” Wu-Shuang said as she walked beside Qing Shui.

She was not worried for Qing Shui, since she knew that Qing Shui would be able to win. However, it was always better to know your opponents!

“It’s fine. I should be able to settle someone of his level. It’s just that I wanted to keep a low profile. Now, it seems like it’s impossible!” Qing Shui acted helpless and said.

“Hmph, when have you ever tried to keep a low profile? What low profile?” Wenren Wu-Shuang was full of melancholy. Were Qing Shui’s words on the arena the other day considered low profile?

Qing Shui: “…”

“You should head back. You won’t be able to pass through here.” Wu-Shuang smiled prettily and said before she entered Zhu Qing Peak!

When Qing Shui returned to the hall of Skysword Peak, it was already fully dark. Although there were high-class light stones lighting up the surroundings, it was very quiet in front of the hall.

Qing Shui saw a familiar lady standing there by herself.The wonderful figure that could cause the fall of countries and cities was like a bag of bones.

“She is lonely, lonelier than fireworks!” This was what Qing Shui had felt.

It was late, and it felt good to have a woman waiting for him. It would be even better if this woman was his wife, but it was too bad that she was his master. He felt a bit jealous, but touched!

“Master!” Qing Shui broke Yiye Jiange’s stream of thoughts.

Yiye Jiange turned her head, smiled gently, and said, “You’re back!”

Qing Shui looked at this extraordinarily, outstanding lady and her smile that transcended the human world. He felt very jealous. “Master, let’s go back to Cloud Mist Peak. I feel warm there.”

Accompanied by the familiar call of the Snow White Crane, Qing Shui and Yiye Jiange were carried into the air as the crane flew towards Cloud Mist Peak!

“Qing Shui, how did you feel being outside for a month?” Yiye Jiange walked alongside Qing Shui as they headed up the long flight of stairs to Cloud Mist Peak.

This was what Qing Shui had requested. If not, they could have stayed on the Snow White Crane and reached the summit directly.

“Haha, it felt good. Only through experience from the outside world could one train his heart to be even more rigid. When one’s mind was not calm, it was easy to cause the training to stop and be stuck at the end of a bottle. The strong required extreme determination and an unfaltering heart.” Qing Shui smiled gently and said.

“Do you have something to tell me?” Yiye Jiange turned her head and smiled.

“Mmm… Master, I think you would be able to break through the 4th grade of Xiantian and attain the 5th grade if you were to fall in a love with a guy for once.” Qing Shui said seriously.

Yiye Jiange threw Qing Shui a weird look, causing him to feel flustered. He had merely thought of a method of transfer which was similar to alternating one’s practice. However, it would require one to take the risk to try.

Qing Shui felt that a goddess like Yiye Jiange would probably have the biggest effect when she would properly fall in love for once.

“Can one even force for this to happen? Rascal, you even dare to tease your master now,” Yiye Jiange smiled and said, without many changes in her expression.

“Sigh, it’s not possible to force it. I don’t even know which guy would be compatible for an esteemed Elder like you. This is a trouble in itself.” Qing Shui smiled bitterly and said.

“Are you asking for a beating? You’re really asking your master to find a guy and get married?” It was rare that Yiye Jiange was speaking in such a coquettish tone.

“Haha! Actually, I hope that master will never get married. If that’s the case, I would be able to see the esteemed Elder every day, stay by your side every day, listen to your teachings every day, and give a massage to my magnificent Elder every day!” Qing Shui grinned, his eyes were extremely clear.

“Rascal, I said that you’re not allowed to call me old. How am I old?” Yiye Jiange said coquettishly as she looked at Qing Shui’s seductive and elegant face.

What Qing Shui wanted was for her to have more “emotions and pleasures”. Only then would she feel mentally free!

Looking at Qing Shui’s happy smile, Yiye Jiange smiled in relief. “Thank you, Qing Shui. I realised that I became happier ever since I met you.”

“There is no thanks required between us. I’m completely willing to do anything for you. You are my master. Other than by blood kin, you are the closest person to me. Would Master ignore me when I’m in trouble?”

“Your master is alone. Other than my master who had passed away and my martial siblings, I only have you!”

Yiye Jiange and Qing Shui gradually reached the front of the hall of Cloud Mist Peak!

“Qing Shui, I’ll go make some food and let’s have a meal together. My culinary skills have improved a lot recently!” Yiye Jiange’s words made Qing Shui fall into a daze.

We are all humans living in the human world!

Qing Shui ran to take a look at Yiye Jiange who was cooking. No matter what a goddess-like lady did, her actions would all still seem graceful!

After the meal when Qing Shui just got ready to leave!

“Qing Shui, don’t injure them too much in the battle tomorrow.”

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After the A.I. Chip’s scan, Leylin understood Jayden’s strength a little more.

Leylin was considered to have a considerable amount of battle experience amongst the level 2 acolytes. As long as his opponent did not have a magic artifact, he would have a very high chance of winning.

Jayden had a magic artifact but was still slightly inferior to him. This meant that his battle strength was lower than Leylin’s. Even though he had some battle experience, it was not much.

Of course, these were only rough estimations from the A.I. Chip. In reality, fighting has to be viewed from many aspects.

“Jayden, I haven’t seen you in such a long time!” Leylin greeted.

Jayden naturally did not know that his stats had been found out by Leylin in just a second. He adjusted his robes and sat by Leylin’s side.

He revealed his pale, white face as he raised his head to meet the sunlight.

“I haven’t basked in the sunlight for so long. Ever since I started following my mentor, my schedule has revolved around…… meditation, experiments and my studies!”

Jayden stretched his body, looking contented.

“I heard that you are doing pretty well under Kroft!” Jayden said suddenly.

“It’s alright; I’m basically just brewing potions and exchanging them for resources!” Leylin was extremely modest.

“However, you recently went on a mission with Kaliweir, are you going to join that side?” Jayden suddenly smiled, but a cold glint seemed to flash in his eyes.

Leylin was a little speechless. He never thought that this conflict between groups that these kids had formed before was still ongoing. However, he had forgotten that he himself was only a boy of 14 years at this moment.

“We’re all acquaintances, we just did a mission together since we met by coincidence. That’s all!” Although Leylin was not afraid of Jayden, he still felt that it was better to avoid any trouble as much as possible.

Jayden looked at Leylin several times and the A.I. Chip even informed Leylin that his brain waves had been scanned several times. It seemed as though Jayden had actually used a spell to determine if he was speaking the truth.

After some time, Jayden gave a radiant smile.

“I think highly of you! Intelligent! Prudent! Being with Kaliweir and the others will only drag you down. Only by joining a higher circle of friends can you obtain more resources, glory, and even life!”

Jayden got up and continued in an indifferent tone, “Let me give you some advice, hurry up and leave the school!”

“What? Could you clarify that?” Leylin’s heart tightened as if had grasped something, and he hurriedly asked.

However, Jayden only smiled, walking away without taking a single glance behind him.

After Jayden’s figure had completely disappeared, Leylin sat back on the bench, a little lost for words.

“Pretending to be mysterious, as if he was a very powerful person, and even trying to convince me to join under his wing. Is that even fun? Does he really think of himself as the main character of a novel?”

“However! Jayden is a fifth-grade acolyte and is deemed highly likely to advance to a Magus. He would definitely be able to obtain news faster than me. I’m afraid that something has really happened!” Leylin’s face darkened.


In a dark room, the fire was dimmed, and a promiscuous atmosphere permeated through the room.

The moaning and shrill cries of a woman sounded, blending together with the constant low panting noises of a man.

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