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With this thought in mind, Shi Xiaobai looked at Heartless and loudly said, “Try taking on This King’s strike!”

Heartless felt Shi Xiaobai was filled with oddness. He was in a completely passive state after using Kun Peng Sword Technique that he prided himself with. After hearing Shi Xiaobai’s declaration of attack, Heartless immediately perked his focus.

“Come on!”

Heartless was waiting alert.

Shi Xiaobai prepared slightly before slashing forward!

This strike contained a tiny hint of sword intent he obtained from observing Sunless’ swordplay.

It changes into Peng, winds arise at a flap of its wings!


A fart-like sound resounded as Shi Xiaobai slashed out a sword beam that fell apart immediately, turning into a gentle breeze.

This breeze blew for a meter or two and was extremely weak. There was no need to talk about giving Heartless any trouble, it probably could not blow up the hair strands of a girl.

Shi Xiaobai had ended up in failure with his first use of the Peng Sword.

Shi Xiaobai’s face turned slightly red as he coughed and said, “An accident, purely an accident!”

Heartless stared confounded as he cried out, “Middle form of the Kun Peng? Why do you know the middle form of the Kun Peng?”

Although this strike had failed, Heartless was able to tell that this strike was the middle form of the Kun Peng. This was because Sunless had failed countless times in her practice of the middle form of the Kun Peng when she was young. Every failure produced such a weak breeze.

Heartless had seen it countless times, so he could tell that Shi Xiaobai was currently producing the middle form of the Kun Peng!

Heartless was feeling extremely perplexed. Why was Tu Dahei able to execute a Kun Peng Sword Technique, which countered his Kun Sword, that he had never seen before? Also, why was he able to use the middle form of the Kun Peng?

Suddenly, Heartless thought of a possibility as he shouted, “My sister taught you!?”

When Shi Xiaobai heard this, he was taken aback. Sunless was not good with words, so she did not know how to express her thoughts. She could only let him observe using her swordplay. It was not considered teaching. But in all seriousness, this was probably a method of imparting swordsmanship?

Shi Xiaobai hesitated for a moment before he nodded.

Heartless immediately gave a wry smile and said with a sigh, “I never believed the saying that girls have their thoughts outside the family, but I have finally understood it. This Kun Peng Sword Technique is a secret technique of the Kun Peng Sword Sect that is not to be imparted. Yet, Little Sun has imparted it to you…”

If Heartless knew that Sunless had handed the Kun Peng Sword Manual directly to Shi Xiaobai, he would probably vomit blood on the spot.

Shi Xiaobai did not plan on explaining. All he had on his mind was the Kun Peng Sword Technique. Seeing Heartless looking depressed, he took a few steps back and began brandishing his sword around in the corner.

“Pu… Pu… Pu… Pu…”

Shi Xiaobai constantly slashed out Peng Sword, but suffered repeated failures. It was apparently not that simple to grasp its quintessence.

Seeing Shi Xiaobai ignore him while practicing his swordplay in the corner, Heartless immediately felt bitter.

Hey, aren’t we supposed to be battling now?

Heartless recalled the entire process of this duel and immediately found it absurd.

In the first half of the duel, he had been tortured by the black sword, resulting in constant defeat. Tu Dahei’s proficiency of his left hand also gradually increased.

In the middle of the duel, he had held back to fight with Tu Dahei for three hundred rounds in order to return the favor. As such, Tu Dahei completely grasped the use of his left hand.

In the second half of the duel, he used the lower form of the Kun Peng, but was countered by Tu Dahei’s mysterious sword technique. He was immediately at a disadvantage. Then Tu Dahei began ignoring him and practiced the middle form of the Kun Peng himself.

What did this mean?

This duel was him clearly being a sparring partner. Tu Dahei was not satisfied just training his left hand in the way of the sword, this was the precursor of him continuing to practice the middle form of the Kun Peng!

Holy shit, I’m a super rookie, a sword prodigy that defended the title of champion at the National Secondary School Swordplay Tournament for three consecutive years. And now, I’m a free sparring partner?

Heartless even felt like dying!

Seeing Shi Xiaobai’s back facing him as he slashed out the middle form of the Kun Peng again and again at a corner, but failing time and time again. He did not feel it was right to sneak up on him, nor did he bear to interrupt him. However, he finally could not help but taunt, “Stop trying. The middle form of the Kun Peng is not a sword technique that can be mastered by brandishing the sword a hundred or two hundred times. Even my sis took three years to barely succeed!”

Just as Heartless finished saying his sentence, Shi Xiaobai slashed out another time. This time, the sword wind did not instantly dissipate like before. It howled towards a wall!

When the sword wind crashed into the wall, it issued a harsh sound. Densely packed sword streaks were left instantly on the wall!


Heartless gaped. He did not dare to believe the scene in front of him.

Tu Dahei had managed to use the middle form of the Kun Peng!

Although the strike was extremely immature, it was the middle form of the Kun Peng that had properly manifested. Heartless remembered that his sister had failed for three years. During those three years, she had practiced slashing thousands, if not millions of times before finally being able to slash out a strike Tu Dahei had managed.

His sister was labeled as a rare sword fanatic, but now, what sort of monster was Tu Dahei?

After Shi Xiaobai managed to produce the strike, he was pleasantly surprised. He had yet to comprehend the Sword of Earth, but he never expected to grasp the quintessence of the Sword of Wind so quickly.

From the looks of it, he had an affinity with Wind and Fire?

What was his affinity with Water?

How long would he take to learn the Sword of Water?

Shi Xiaobai’s eyes glowed as he turned towards Heartless. With a strong desire in his tone, he said, “Come on, quickly use your Kun Peng Sword Technique. This King is unable to endure the thirst!”

Heartless fell silent. He could clearly tell from Shi Xiaobai’s expression three words-“want to learn!”

In the short span of an hour, Tu Dahei had used him as a sparring partner, grasping the ability to use his left hand and learned the middle form of the Kun Peng. Now, he even fucking wanted to steal from him the learnings of the lower form of the Kun Peng?

Heavens, how can you be this shameless!?

Heartless could not tolerate it further as he said angrily, “Tu Dahei, I want to battle you!”

Shi Xiaobai was slightly surprised as he said out of curiosity, “Aren’t we battling?”

Heartless went silent for a moment before he involuntarily cried towards the heavens!

So you fucking know we are battling!

Heavens, quickly take this bastard back!

… Chapter 286: Failure is the mother of success

This was a duel, a duel that determined who could go further in the mass selection. It proved who was stronger. It was even an important duel that determined the honor of an organization!

This duel was supposed to be abnormally fiery, with both sides pushing hard at it, fighting a desperate battle, constantly exceeding their limits and surpassing each other. A battle of the century in which no one would be willing to lag behind. Finally it would end with a narrow margin that would be regretful.

But, why did this scene imperceptibly change?

Why did the duel transform into the present state?


Heartless sighed as his eyes gradually turned icy-cold.

“Tu Dahei, I will no longer hesitate or show any mercy. This is a duel. Sword is our only form of exchange. Using your full strength is the best form of respect.”

Heartless raised his psionic sword and his face was without expression. A Lifetime of Longing His gaze was keen, as surging sword intent churned around him. He had a dominating aura as he said coldly, “Sword techniques are split into five levels. Sword Technique, Sword Intent, Sword Truth, Sword Soul, and Sword Domain. Typical swordsmen would only be able to use sword techniques that are empty in nature. After practicing swords for several years, they would acquire Sword Intent through a honing process. But extremely few swordsmen are able to create their own Sword Truth. As for Sword Soul and Sword Domain, those are things only the top swordsmen in the world are able to comprehend.”

“Tu Dahei, your sword already possesses sword intent, but that is all to it. Compared to an expert with Sword Truth, you are still a great distance away. I have practiced swords for more than ten years. At the age of fourteen, I gained insight into the Sword Truth, and this Sword Truth of mine is known as [Heartless]”.

“So I regret to tell you that you will be defeated by Sword Truth, [Heartless]!”

After Heartless said this, his eyes turned cold, as though he had abandoned all his emotions.

Shi Xiaobai slowly wiped away the overwhelming excitement filled him when fully immersing himself in the study of the Kun Peng Sword Technique. He could sense the cold aura exuded by Heartless. It was as though he was an ice sculpture which had frozen all his emotions, thoughts, and ‘burdens’.

Heartless had ‘activated’ his Sword Truth, [Heartless], making him enter a realm of emotional voidness.

Sword Truth seemed like a vague term, but in fact, its existence was very real, real and powerful.

Shi Xiaobai had previously understood Sword Truth from Sunless. Her Sword Truth was [Fanaticism], with swords being the only thing in her head. She only had eyes for the sword, and even her heart was for the sword!

Sunless was a sword fanatic. She was constantly having her Sword Truth [Fanaticism] ‘activated’. She did not ‘deactivate’ it when she was sparring with Shi Xiaobai in their subconsciousness. Sunless’ Sword Truth had already become ‘one with the sword’ with her body itself.

Therefore, Shi Xiaobai had suffered an abject defeat in the consciousness sparring. At the beginning, he only knew sword techniques and lacked sword intent. Hence, he could not even last a strike. Rebirth in Bleach Gradually he gained insight into sword intent, allowing him to use Beginner Sword to enter a deadlock with Sunless for more than ten rounds.

The power of Sword Truth was obvious.

The reason why Heartless was considered to be the second best sword prodigy among rookies was because he had managed to create his Sword Truth at the age of fourteen. The possession of a Sword Truth was the benchmark criteria if a swordsman was excellent or not. For example, whether one possessed Sword Truth, or if the Sword Truth was strong, or if the Sword Truth could allow the person to become one with the sword, etc.

“Come on, let This King experience your Sword Truth!”

The fighting spirit in Shi Xiaobai’s eyes ignited again!

Heartless had a deadpan expression as he silently walked towards Shi Xiaobai with sword raised. The stance he had was a heaven and earth difference from before.

Shi Xiaobai put aside all the distractions in his heart. Sword techniques were never his most powerful skill. It was even the combat skill that he had only just begun practicing. However, he would only use a sword for this battle.

Just as Heartless said, swords were their only way of communication!

Heartless closed the gap and suddenly slashed over!

This strike was simple. It was not even in the form of a sword technique, it was just a simple slash!

But this strike was as domineering as fire and as fast as lightning!

Instead of retreating, Shi Xiaobai advanced and slashed out in a similar manner!


This was a clash of swords, the explosive skirmish of sword beams. It was a competition between sword intents!

There was no victor from this clash, but Shi Xiaobai was completely at the disadvantage.

Heartless slashed out once again!

No, it was not a single strike this time. In this strike that appeared like a single strike, it contained three sword intents!

Shi Xiaobai managed to parry the first two sword intents, but was no match for the third sword intent. He had not choice but to retreat!

Heartless’ attacks would not take a break because of Shi Xiaobai’s retreat. He slashed out with a stronger strike!

Heartless did not use the Homecoming Sword or the Heaven Shrouding Eclipse, nor did he use the lower form of the Kun Peng. He just simply slashed forward, but such simple strikes seemed to contain the shadows of the three sword techniques.

This was the concentration of Heartless’ sword techniques!

His Sword Truth, [Heartless], froze all his emotions. Hence, his every strike did not give him excitement, fear, nervousness or softheartedness or other emotions that would affect him. His every strike was simple and direct, directed straight at vital body parts!

Shi Xiaobai faced with with the sword, but the battle became more and more taxing on him. He could only retreat again and again.

Finally at the thirteenth round, Shi Xiaobai’s psionic sword was shattered. He retreated in time, but a gash had appeared across his clothes. It had nearly slashed out a gaping bloody wound.

However, Shi Xiaobai did not feel fear during this period of time. Nor did he have time to feel frustrated or disheartened from every failure in each clash. This was because Heartless’ next strike was already slashing at his throat!


Heartless’ sword was blocked!

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