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Then, her body began to spin in the air at high speed, as she continuously smashed apart the Ice Flowers.


This led to her being completely surrounded by pieces of ice. “Arcane – Collapse – Earthshatter!”

After the spinning ended, Masha swung her heavy hammer upwards, her body flipped up due to the momentum, and then, her hammer ruthlessly smashed downwards!


A large amount of energy was infused into the ground, and probably because the energy could not be dissipated, the large impact caused the floor to shatter instantly. The initially well-marbled floor was instantly turned into a pit stacked with pebbles.

Pieces of ice and various substances brought about by the shattered rocks filled the air, causing our visions to become unclear in an instant.

“You bastard, where are you hiding!?”

Masha shouted as she swung her heavy hammer about. However, it was futile, as I had already used Accelerate and Charge to flee from the affected area.

Looking at Masha from afar, I smiled as I aimed at Masha’s position. I then summoned two Ice Falls in the air, and immediately after, they started descending right towards her!

“Arcane – Blue Seas – Tearing Hurricane!!!”

A large hurricane was produced from the center of the field of ice and ash, instantly blowing away them away. Masha then carried her weapon as she charged towards me!


The weapon in her hands was no longer a heavy hammer, but a huge sickle! The weapon had two pointed edges on opposite sides, just like a ship’s anchor,

but it’s actually a giant dual-edged sickle.

[Tender Blue Anchor]huh?

So that’s what the title means. But why doesn’t the network have any related intel about this?


Masha brandished it about as she charged right over, as though after the heavy hammer changed its form, Masha’s control over her weapon had increased by a level!

Did her weapon become lighter after changing its form?

Strengthen! Restrictor of the Frozen Earth!

Cold air instantly enveloped Masha’s body, but she once again renewed her charge after pausing for only a moment!


Her sickle slashed onto my Demonic Blade, producing a loud bang, which even caused my jaw to numb.

“This strength… doesn’t correspond to your stature at all, huh.” “Your abilities don’t correspond to your class either!”

“It doesn’t hurt to learn more than a single type of skills!”

As I said that, I controlled the descending Ice Falls to fly towards us, by changing their descending direction.

And then, an ice totem ruthlessly shot out from behind me, grazing past my body, and directly colliding with the blade in my hands!

The impact pushed Masha two steps back!

“As I thought, the way a Magician uses his sword is really strange… But do you think a small trick like this will fool me!?”

The moment the Ice Falls were about to fall on her, Masha forcefully swung her sickle upwards, and the sword wave produced immediately sliced the two giant icebergs into halves!

As expected of a LV 35 Heavy Mace Wielder, to actually be able to slice apart a spell like Ice Fall so easily, and two at the same time at that…

No, there’s something wrong with her sickle as well. A normal weapon that could slice apart a spell but not receive magical side-effects should not exist… Unless her sickle is made of mithril?

And even though she uses a sickle, why is she a Heavy Mace Wielder? Unless you’re telling me a sickle is also a type of mace?

“Where are you looking at!?”

Her sickle once again swept towards me, and with a back-flip, I dodged that attack. Immediately after, I used an ice totem to blast me high up.

“I’m wondering what’s your weapon made of. Even though you’re a Heavy Mace Wielder, you’re actually using a sickle.”

“Sickle? Isn’t this just a long hammer with blades attached?” “……”

Looking at her skeptical expression, it seems what she said was the truth.

“Alright, I understand now. It’s not something that can’t be comprehended, if you put it that way.”

I laughed, and waved my hand. Countless ice arrows started pouring down from the sky like raindrops.

However, this time, she did not dodge, rather, she stood firmly at her position, and began to swing her sickle!

“Arcane – Blue Seas – Tearing Hurricane!”

The countless wind edges instantly blew the descending ice arrows far away. She actually borrowed the force produced by her skill to interfere with the spell’s flight orbit!

No, because the ice arrows have physical forms, they can thus be interfered with? “I already told you, these small little tricks are useless against me, didn’t I!?”

After deflecting my attack, she forcefully swung her sickle, and countless wind edges came assaulting me who was still in the air.

I laughed, and instantly used an ice totem to push me away from my original position. Right after, I pointed downwards, and a giant Frozen Light was shot directly towards her.

You’re able to deflect physical attacks, but as for attacks which are completely magical in form, you won’t be able to do it, right?

“” [Blue Thunderclap]Magic Defense Barrier α, four types of barriers against magic, open.”

Masha raised her weapon upwards, and on the two sides of her hammer, another four metal rods protruded out. Immediately after, a grey magic formation actually appeared at the center of the rods!

This girl’s weapon… isn’t normal at all!

[Frozen Light]landed on her weapon, and a four-layered light spherical barrier actually extinguished my Frozen Light completely.

Three seconds later, my spell ended, and she still stood there completely unscathed.

After that, she once again reverted her weapon back to a sickle, and smiled at me.

“How’s that! Do you now know how incredible I am!? I’m the natural enemy of all Magicians!”

“Eh… I can see that.”

I wiped off my sweat and laughed.

‘Fir, can you hear me? I have investigated Masha’s weapon. It’s name is [Blue Thunderclap], and it’s an anti-army and anti-magic weapon. It’s origin is

unknown, and the earliest records state that the fourth member of the true

[Knight of the Blue Seas]Squad once used this weapon. It’s rumored to be an ancient relic.’

Hearing Dale’s message, I could not help but reveal a bitter smile.

‘Is that so? An ancient relic? And here I thought that Gundam Deathscythe’s weapon somehow crossed over and was reconstructed.’

Looks like… This battle definitely isn’t as simple as I thought it would be… Chapter 25: Ghostify


After a loud bang, the ice wall erected in front of me once again collapsed.

I helplessly revealed a bitter smile. My MP had already been drained near empty from the spells I used earlier, so currently, I have no choice but to wait for my MP to slowly recover.

Although the recovery effects from my MP potions have never stopped being active, my MP recovery speed is still not fast enough for a MP-draining battle like this one.

Initially, I had wanted to take my time battling her, but, I did not expect her weapon to actually be so overpowered. If I had known this from the beginning, I

would have immediately cast [Millennium Frozen River]or [Eternal Frozen

Grief]to freeze her. However, currently, I no longer possessed the MP to use such large-scale magic spells.

Right now, I have no choice but to dodge, avoid, and occasionally use my blade to block her attacks.

But, this girl is using a heavy hammer, it’s impossible to block it completely with a blade. At most, I’m able to block against its sickle-form attacks, but I will still receive some damage from them as well.

“What happened!? Where did all that vigor earlier go!? Why don’t you be a good boy and surrender, and treat me to dinner after this!”

Realizing that I have become powerless, Masha began to attack ruthlessly without rest, continuously swinging her sickle towards my body.

“You still dare to say something like that while using such an overpowered weapon!? Evidently, that’s no longer an average weapon, but a weapon of the ancient-grade, right!? To actually be absolutely resistant to intermediate-grade spells, even if you were to allow me to fight against it, I won’t be able to defeat it at all!”

“How did you know this is an [Ancient Weapon]?”


I forcefully took a step back, and said. “Because you just said it yourself.” “…Ah! You idiot!”

Realizing that she exposed it herself, Masha carried her giant hammer and fiercely

charged straight towards me. A silhouette flashed past, and I felt as though my blade was struck head-on by a demolition machine. All the bones in my body trembled, and I was sent flying away!

Not good. This weapon is no longer strong enough to fend against her. Although I don’t really like the idea of it… But I have no choice but to change my weapon.

Tapping on the hotkey to switch my weapon, the [Bloodmoon]in my hands was instantly swapped with [Ghostbreak]!


Without using the Warrior’s Strengthen skill, I’m incapable of wielding this weapon freely, in other words, this weapon requires me to use my MP to wield. This was one of the reasons why I did not want to use it.

However, the bigger reason was, this weapon gains in strength according to the number of people killed by this sword. When the ownership of this weapon was transferred to me back then, the count was reset to 0. In other words, although the weapon in my hands is strong, it’s currently nothing more than decoration.

Oh, where’s the justice in the world…

“Oh, so you finally decided to give up on that thin sword of yours. But as a Magician, is it really alright to use a broadsword?”

Masha looked at me with interest, or should I say, she was looking at the weapon in my hands.

“Well, I don’t really have a choice. I’m basically unable to defeat you unless I have more skills at my disposal. A battle barrier with such a small size is disadvantageous for Magicians in the first place. A Magician requires time to cast spells, and a Magician only cast them after judging the situation of the entire

battlefield. This battle barrier is made to completely suppress the actual strength of Magicians in mind, so it’s impossible to use magic to battle in this situation. Look, your Magician had been lying there for quite a while now.”


Masha frantically turned to look. When she saw the Wind Magician lying on the ground, she immediately leaped back out of caution, and carefully observed the surrounding situation.

On the other side, Aliyah and that Spear Knight was having a hot-blooded exchange. Probably because out of pure fun, the area over there was completely enveloped with sword waves and silhouettes.

And Oyado’s figure had already disappeared a while ago.

Don’t worry, I only told her to hide at the side and rest after accomplishing her mission.

It’s my own battle, so I have to deal with it myself! “But as for you, your opponent is me!” Accelerate! Extreme Shadow! Quick Steps!

After learning Quick Steps from Bai Yueguang, I used it to replace [Elf of the

Wind]. After all, it’s a Wind Magic spell, so when I use it, my body will be surrounded by a green glow. If someone were to find out that I’m able to use

Wind Magic as well, the things that will happen after that isn’t going to be interesting!

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