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“By then, big brother won’t be seen as inhumane, but instead, he’ll be seen as someone who’s righteous and he kills second uncle because he’s forced to do so. Isn’t pardoning second uncle and giving him chances time and again a testament to this? At that time, big brother’s reputation in the prestige will definitely override that in second uncle’s heyday… How can a master… who kills his own people without thinking of their past relations… be trusted? Their thoughts to leave the clan will then be formed!”

Chu Le’er looked at Chu Feiyan, smiled quietly and said, “Fourth uncle, you’re an honest person, I advise you… to not think too much on this matter.”

Chu Feiyan heard his cold sweat dripping down his body as he widened his eyes. His body was ice-cold, and his heart was overwhelmed with fear.

At this moment, he truly understood what’s… Machiavellian!

Chu Le’er’s layered analysis had torn apart all the fantasies in Chu Feiyan’s heart! The reality was too cruel.

Such cruelty made Chu Feiyan stunned.

“Fourth uncle, big brother… is a very good person,” Chu Le’er said, “But big brother… is also a very horrible person.”

Chu Feiyan felt his throat become dry, and asked, “Why?”

Chu Le’er said, “For people whom he cares for, big brother is somebody who’s better than all the gods and deities in the world. He’ll risk whatever it takes to ensure the happiness and safety of these people; But for his enemies, he’s also a very cruel, despicable, shameless, and even unscrupulous person! He’ll use whatever noble or despicable means to make his enemies fall into doom… In big brother’s heart, he’ll never let go of anything, even if he has to… So, if he starts to deal with someone, he will deal with him till that person dies, or until he himself dies!”

Chu Feiyan swallowed a few mouthfuls of saliva and said, “This makes sense.”

Chu Le’er frowned and revealed a puzzled look, “But… fourth uncle, there’s one thing that I don’t quite understand…”

Chu Feiyan closed his eyes, seemed to have guessed what she’s going to ask. He asked, “What?”

“Why is the conflict this time so intense?” Chu Le’er asked miserably, “I don’t understand this. Second uncle has held authority over the clan for so many years, and he has already gotten used to it; While I can also see that big brother is not someone who has a lust for power, let alone big uncle… If second uncle didn’t engage in these matters, big brother and big uncle wouldn’t have fought with him.”

“As for other people, you, fourth uncle, have no intention to fight for power; my father wasn’t at home for so many years, and he also couldn’t meddle into this… Second uncle is absolutely an intelligent person. So why would he want to establish such a strong opponent?”

Chu Le’er asked puzzledly, “And, on the first day that big brother came back home, I heard that it was second uncle who suggested big brother to cut his fingers to test his identity…”

“I’m more confused over this. As a younger brother, when the child of his big brother, who has been missing for 18 years, was found, he should be extremely happy! Why would second uncle behave this way?”

“And the attempt to snatch away the Purple Crystals Huichun Hall was obviously done by second uncle… Why did he do this? Fourth uncle, second uncle gives me this feeling: As long as my big brother is here, he’ll feel uneasy… I really don’t understand…”

Chu Le’er looked at Chu Feiyan.

Chu Feiyan felt that a pair of sparkling eyes shot on his face like two sharp arrows. Instantly, his face twitched once.

“Argh… I only guessed a bit for this matter…” Chu Feiyan said with some hesitation, “I guess, he probably has some relations… with the disappearance of your big brother eighteen years ago…”

Chu Le’er took a huge gasp of cold breath, “Fourth uncle, you’re saying…”

“Hush!” Chu Feiyan covered Chu Le’er’s mouth, looked around and said, “This is only my guess…”

Chu Le’er screamed two sounds and struggled away from his hands, saying, “But he’s your second brother… If you don’t have deep suspicions, why do you suspect him?”

Chu Feiyan’s face turned ugly. Not only he had such speculations, but Old Master Chu also had the same speculation. It’s only that they didn’t say it out.

Not many people knew that Chu Feiling brought his wife back to her clan. And Chu Feilong wasn’t as steady in doing things as he’s now. The most important thing was… Once Chu Feiling had any accidents, the biggest beneficiary would be Chu Feilong.

But so what if Chu Xiongcheng knew or suspected him?

He couldn’t execute his son after he had just lost his grandson. Wouldn’t he be tearing the entire Chu clan apart?

“I see… Then, it’s no wonder…” Chu Le’er muttered, “If that’s so, then… Not only second uncle intends to deal with big brother, but big brother has also the intention to deal with second uncle. This shows that big brother has been planning for this for a long time already. This is also why he took second uncle a notch down after he had just woken up… This wasn’t something that an ordinary nephew would do to his uncle after they’d just reunited after a long time…”

Chu Feiyan thought about this and involuntarily felt his hair standing on ends.

Chu Le’er’s words had exactly hit the nail on the head!

Yes, this was very obvious. Chu Feilong’s counter to Chu Yang was definitely not what an uncle would do to a nephew, while Chu Yang’s reaction to Chu Feilong was definitely not what a nephew would do to his uncle after reunion!

But everyone thought that Chu Yang was making a helpless counterattack at that time… No matter what, how could a nephew who had just returned home lay such heavy hand on a blood-related second uncle?

A little girl actually had perceived better than everyone else! Chu Feiyan felt embarrassed.

“If this is so, I’m afraid big brother and second uncle will put up a cruel fight,” Chu Le’er said as he started to look worried.

Chu Feiyan lowered his head and felt as if his chest was loaded with a heavy stone. Thoughts of fratricidal fighting inundated his mind, making him breathless.

“Fourth uncle, if big brother and second uncle really put up a real fight, which side will you stand on?” Chu Le’er asked as she slightly tilted her head and looked at Chu Feiyan. Her small, young face revealed a look of deep significance.

“Where should I stand?” Chu Feiyan was baffled.

One side is my blood brother, the other side is my nephew that I admired the most, the son of my big brother whom I respected the most. Which side should I stand?

Chu Feiyan was dumbstruck, and after a long time, he said dryly, “If that moment really comes… I… I should well die first. I don’t want to see the scene of fratricidal fighting.”

“But… even if you die, you can’t prevent it from happening!” Chu Le’er said as she looked at Chu Feiyan with clear eyes, which even looked a bit compelling.

“Then, which side would you stand on?” Chu Feiyan asked.

“I? …” Chu Le’er smiled and responded, “In terms of interests, second uncle once helped me to buy medicines with his own purple crystals, and big brother also helped me to treat my illness.”

Chu Feiyan was stupefied.

“From the emotional aspect, other than my father and mother, even my own blood brothers keep me at a distance. Ever since I became sensible, second uncle has never hugged me before, but big brother often holds me in his arms. Second uncle views me as a bottomless hole that can’t be filled with money, but big brother looks at me warmly and affectionately, just like the way my father does. He allows me to indulge in his warmth, and gives me a sense of support and happiness.”

Chu Le’er turned around and said softly, “Fourth uncle, you shall guess, which side I’ll stand on?”

There was no need for Chu Feiyan to guess because the answer was already laid clearly before him.

“If big brother wants to go through the jungle of swords, I’ll back him up. If big brother wants to be pirates, I’ll make clear of the obstacles that’re in his ways. If big brother becomes a devil, I’ll definitely turn myself into a monstrous,” Chu Le’er said and smiled, continuing, “This has nothing to do with gratitude, fraternal love, or my illness, because other than my parents, he’s the only one who treats me sincerely. Fourth uncle, you’re good to me too, but you have qualms. But big brother has no qualms at all! So, I also have no qualms at all in being nice to him!”

Chu Feiyan’s face turned red, then pale. He stood in sorrow and didn’t speak for a long time. As if the breeze that had brushed past the Earth also carried a trace of bleak chillness.

It was autumn.

Chu Feilong didn’t return in the afternoon that day. Chu Feilong finally couldn’t wait any longer. He knew that Chu Yang was waiting for his own news. If Chu Feilong didn’t lay his hands on that three families, Chu Yang would probably not bring back his sons.

Under the urge of his wife, Chu Feilong drank three bowls of spirits in a shot, and with red eyes, he carried his big knife and off he went.

But just as he was about to start his murders, he ‘coincidentally’ bumped with Chu Feiling. Chu Feiling successfully saved the three innocent families from Chu Feilong’s knife.

Chu Feilong was almost driven insane!

Because of one sentence by Chu Feiling, the entire matter became irremediable, “Second brother, you’ve already killed all the three people. Are you actually planning to exterminate their families?”

This was what Yang Ruolan taught to Chu Feiling, and she gave a deadly command:

If you don’t say it, we shan’t have sex forever…

Chu Feiling was honest and had deep emotions. She knew that if she didn’t force him to a certain extent, he wouldn’t be able to say these words.

Seeing all the three families being saved by Chu Feiling and they were now casting hatred looks at himself, Chu Feilong felt a fit of uneasiness in his chest and abdomen, and he spat out another mouthful of blood. Shuddering all over his body, he landed his ass solidly on the ground, and he muttered in a low voice: I will definitely… definitely… kill your family with the cruelest methods! Definitely!!! Chu Yang brought Chu Tenghu and Chu Tengjiao back.

Looking at the two badly-wounded people following Chu Yang, everyone’s looks changed completely.

This eldest young master really had the ability to make law-enforcement officers lower their heads!

Of course, as usual, Chu Yang poured out his grievances regarding how he pleaded the law-enforcement officers and even threatened them that he was willing to die to save out the two of them…

In short, Eldest Young Master Chu had only saved his beloved younger brothers after enduring many hardships…

As for Chu Yang’s speech, all the members of the Chu clan, with no exceptions, sneered at it…

This creature is really addicted to boasting about himself…

Chu Yang personally sent his two brothers to Chu Feilong’s small courtyard, and as usual, he spoke of his hardships again. Before he left, he still told Chu Feilong, “Second uncle, if the two brothers don’t have anywhere else to go, they can continue to be shopkeepers in the Purple Crystals Huichun Hall… We shall work with one heart and build up a reputable Purple Crystals Huichun Hall.”

Chu Feilong gritted his teeth and said, “Thank you for your concern.”

Chu Yang smiled radiantly, “Second uncle, what are you saying? We’re from a clan.”

Chu Feilong’s face blackened on the spot…

Divine Doctor Chu continued his business at the Purple Crystals Huichun Hall. Of course, his business started to become better again.

Then, good news came one after another like snowflakes. Chu Yang felt so pleased in his heart that he almost wanted to sing out loud.

Among the nine great clans, the Xiao clan and Li clan had already started a war. Amidst the Xiao clan’s territory, all the businesses which belonged to the Li clan were suppressed. The two clans had constant frictions with each other, and it was said that there were members who died on both sides. Now, the tension was gradually escalating to the extent that both clans were about to come to blows with each other.

Zhuge Yunwu, the seventh master of the Zhuge clan, was gradually moving towards the most Southern region on the land and placing pressure on the Li clan.

The Shi clan was also starting to take actions.

The Ling clan gradually extended its movements too.

The same went to the Yè clan.

Other than the Night clan and a few other clans, a storm was already brewing above the entire mainland.

The law-enforcement officer sat aside as bystanders and didn’t meddle themselves in it.

This was one of the good news.

The second good news was that the elixirs that Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan needed would be here in another three days. These made the two of them very excited.

Of course, Divine Doctor Chu was even more excited.

The third good news was, all the tasks that Fourth Elder Chu had sent to the Blood-Payers Hall were received, and the whereabouts of Nine-Leaves Flower, one of the six poisonous medicines, was already known. It’s also estimated that in another few days, the other few medicines would also have their whereabouts known.

This news made Chu Yang heave a deep sigh of relief.

However, it was said that the Nine-Leaves Flower was found by the Jinjian Organization, a reputable blood-payers organization. Although the whereabouts of this medicine was known, the medicine still needed another one month before it could be delivered, and the cost that the blood-payers requested for made Chu Yang want to curse God!

Looking at that expensive cost, Divine Doctor Chu all the more felt that he was a bit slow in earning money: the Nine-Leaves Flower alone cost 30,000 purple crystals!

After being busy for so long, Divine Doctor Chu only earned a little more than 10,000 purple crystals…

This made Chu Yang gnash his teeth:

Damn Jinjian Organization, are you planning to butcher me like a pig?

He finally understood:

In this world, even death… also need money. Such poison also requires 30,000 purple crystals to be bought. I’m really speechless…

After Divine Doctor Chu scolded that black-hearted blood-payers and Blood-Payers Hall to his own content, his eyes sparkled and his heart jerked at the same time: It seems that blood payers also earn money very quickly… If one receives five or six tasks in a year, then he basically doesn’t need to do anything else…

There’s another good news: The law-enforcement master of the South-East region was on the way here. Firstly, it’s because the South-East region was more chaotic now; Secondly, the Xiao clan of the South-East region and the Shi and Li clans from the North-West region were in a great mess now, so he had to come to personally attend to these clans; Thirdly, Sha Xinliang had been hastening him to come every few days, and he really didn’t know what this capable assistant that he had was up to. He had no choice but to come and take a look.

The Xiao clan also started to deploy soldiers in this period of time. They had been diverting manpower and horses from various clans in the South-East region, and sending them to the potential battlefront in batches.

Fortunately, the Flat Mountain Ridge was situated in a remote area, and the Xiao clan hadn’t started their work here yet. But there was already jittery among the three great clans…

Chu Yang was quite anticipating of the past, after all… the fifth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword was still in his mind. As he thought, he sighed: He only remembered the whereabouts of the first five fragments of the Nine Tribulations Sword. As for finding the whereabouts of the remaining four fragments, that would be like dredging for needles in the ocean…

As Divine Doctor Chu collected purple crystals while he attended his patients when he was free, he would take a stroll to the Blood-Payers Hall to take a look at the tasks and reward offers there. Then, he would shake his head and return back to the Purple Crystals Huichun Hall like a defeated cock, remaining speechless for a long time.

Among the reward offers for assassination, the minimum level of cultivation that a requested assassin needed was actually an eighth stage Martial Monarch! The reward for that task was not quite low; As long as the assassin took back the person’s head, 2 000 purple crystals would be given, and this didn’t include all sorts of other fees, including administration fees and a good deal of other fees…

But, Chu Yang felt powerless and frustrated:

Originally, I’ve thought that I’ve found another source of income, but… an eighth stage Martial Monarch is really kidding.

If I recover, I’ll still be a first or second stage Martial King… It’s of course okay if I allow the sword spirit to do the assassination; But if I allow the sword spirit to take actions even after I recover my cultivation… How is it even proper? Till when can my cultivation truly improve?

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