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On top of that, Fei diluted the half bottle of [Normal Healing Potion] that was left and gave it to the doctors to heal the wounded soldiers. Except for the poor ones who had lost their limbs and became disabled, the severely injured soldiers were recovering quickly while lightly injured soldiers could already go home and unite with their families.

Everyone treated King Alexander as equals to the omnipotent God of War in many people’s minds.

The final outcome of the war made some people who had ulterior motives anxious. Head Minister Bazzer and his son Gill returned to their mansion quietly after the battle ended. The gate was shut and not a single sound came out of the mansion; no one knew what was happening in there.

Warden Oleg on the other hand had lucky survived in battle. Maybe it was because he felt that Chambord was about to change, but the former flatterer didn’t hide in his home, but rather changed his superiority complex that he used to have. It didn’t matter who it was-even if it was a beggar on the street, he would smile at them and was very amiable. He firmly supported Fei’s every decision and used a hundred times his effort to execute them tirelessly while wildly flattering Fei and proving his loyalty.

“Look! There’s a rainbow!”

Someone suddenly yelled. No one was sure when but when everyone looked up, they found a colorful rainbow in the blue sky. What was more surprising was that the sky surrounding the rainbow turned misty red as if the whole sky was ignited by someone. Looking from afar, it appeared as though there was a mythological bridge standing on a red ocean.

“Lord! This is a miracle! The great God of War is blessing our King Alexander, blessing our Chambord Castle!”

Because there weren’t any rain when the rainbow appeared, many people linked the cause to their king and the God of War. In a brief moment, there were people kneeling down and praying sincerely at every corner of Chambord.

Fei stood in front of the King’s Palace and smiled.

He knew it was due to the prior battle. Numerous corpses fell into Zuli River and created many splashes of water and blood. When they evaporated into water vapour and blood mist under the hot sun, it had caused this magnificent view.

It was at this time that war exposed its rare beauty.



“Big sis Tanasha, how can that sketchy dude be a glorious and graceful king? He is a reckless and rude savage……He dared to ignore us and didn’t even give a damn about the majesty and dignity of our parent Zenit Empire……”

Little prince Tropinski fearfully arrived at the north bank of the Zuli River as he travelled through the temporary bridge that was made from ropes and wooden plates. When he entered the gates of Chambord, he was still bad mouthing Fei continuously. No matter if it was the first impression of knocking him and his followers off of their horses or the unreasonable behaviour of him ignoring the Royal Coronation Legion on the south bank of the river, Tropinski was very dissatisfied with the King of Chambord.

In fact, Tropinski wasn’t the only one who was resentful. To the superior knights of the Zenit Empire, going to a remote countryside with the Royal Coronation Legion was already a huge honour to Chambord. But the pity uncrowned king of a level 6 affiliated kingdom put up his mucky pride and didn’t welcome them fervently, and that attitude had made a lot of the knights in the legion made. If it wasn’t for the calmness of Princess Tanasha, they wouldn’t be able to wait to rush into the King’s Palace and teach the rude king an unforgettable lesson.

“Jimmy, the Knight’s Code tells us that when blaming others for their rudeness, we should reflect on our actions first.”

Tanasha didn’t listen to her little brother’s complaints at all. She still spoke with a weak and moderate tone. As the ambassador that represented the Zenit Empire to host the Coronation Ceremony, it was surprising that the Oldest Princess Tanasha didn’t mind the cold treatment. No one knew what her royal highness was thinking; she was in the carriage the whole time and didn’t make any appearances.

Below the gate of Chambord Castle.

Bast had changed into a luxurious black robe from his coarse navigator robe. Bast who now had an even more elegant temperament was waiting respectfully with two servants beside the gate.

After seeing the arrival of the princess’s carriage, Bast quickly saluted and explained, “Her royal highness, his royal highness. Our king was severely injured during the battle and couldn’t welcome you both personally; he is very sorry about this. However, we have already prepared a feast and residence for the Royal Coronation Legion.”

Honestly, this old handsome man had been extremely busy for the past three to four hours.

The young and energetic King Alexander was only thinking and focusing on showing concern for and rewarding his soldiers and citizens. Bast had to concentrate on dealing with the Royal Coronation Legion. He was the one who organized people to quickly repair the collapsed bridge. Bast’s prestige was an all-time low after he “ran off with treasures”, and not many people were willing to listen to this sly and greedy “old bastard”. However, an old sly fox was indeed an old sly fox. All he said was, “If the bridge isn’t repaired in time, the Coronation Legion will draw back the crowning of King Alexander.” The soldiers and citizens of Chambord instantly put in their complete effort into repairing the bridge. Even some lightly wounded soldiers voluntarily participated in the operation. Quickly, many ropes connected the two sides of the bridge and firm wooden plates were paved over them; the horses and the carriage were able to get across.

Bast smacked his tongue in his mouth when he was watching.

The whole process took two hours less than he thought. Alexander’s prestige in Chambord was unparalleled; it was far greater the old king’s. It looked like if necessary, the soldiers and citizens were willing to die for the king.

“Lead the way.”

After hearing Bast’s excuse, Princess Tanasha who was still in the carriage spoke. The voice still sounded weak, yet apathetic and cold. No one could get any kind of information from this kind of voice. This oldest Princess of the Zenit Empire seemed like she only had one kind of mood.

Bast nodded and bowed gracefully. He turned around and led the way.

He wasn’t surprised. Since they had left the capital of Zenit Empire – St. Petersburg, the mysterious oldest princess always had this attitude. Bast had been very curious about it in the beginning, but now he had gotten used to it.

After they entered the castle, the Royal Coronation Legion held residence in the formal Military Judge Conca’s mansion.

Because Conca was guilty of treason and was executed by King Alexander himself, the huge luxurious mansion had become the king’s property. Bast had already picked and ordered a ton of servants to clean up the mansion; he went even further and re-decorated it. This kind of arrangement had even satisfied the picky knights and prince Tropinski.

The Royal Coronation Legion had brought a lot of their own servants and maids, so Bast didn’t have to worry about that. However, this old handsome man had utilized his strength in administrative tasks; no matter how coldly these arrogant knights treated him, he treated them fairly and didn’t display any disrespect or negligence.

“Her royal highness and his royal highness, King Alexander will be hosting a celebration party at the King’s Palace tonight to celebrate the success of Chambord’s defensive war. It would be our honor if both your highnesses could show up.”

Before he left, Bast invited both Tanasha and Tropinski.

Actually, Fei didn’t mean to invite anyone who was in the Royal Coronation Legion, but Bast felt like the party would be a place for both sides to get to know each other and resolve the prior conflicts, so he decided to invite them.

“What celebration? Ha, he has the guts to celebrate? All of the black armoured enemies were wiped out by our cavalry on the plain……If it wasn’t for the brave and skilled Zenit Cavalry, the king would already be captured and imprisoned by the enemies. Haha, alright, tell your retarded king that I will go for sure. I want to see how that cheeky guy claims someone else’s credit!”

Little Prince Tropinski responded grumpily.



The sunset was as red as blood.

The mountains surrounding Chambord Castle was showering in gold light. The castle appeared quiet and peaceful under the contrast of the surging river. It felt like an aesthetic landscape painting, intoxicating and addicting.

On the stone paved road in the castle, there were many pedestrians.

Although the kingdom succeeddc in their defense and King Alexander had done many things to counter the aftermath, there were still many tasks for the citizens of Chambord to help complete. Many wooden boards, stones and heavy items that were temporarily dismantled to be used as defense tools and weapons had to be moved back. The corpses of their fellow soldiers had to be honored, and the enemy soldier’s corpses had to be burned to prevent diseases like the plague that would arise from rotting and decomposing corpses……The ending of a war meant the beginning of other complicated operations.

No one noticed the new guest on the street.

A mysterious woman whose face was under a black veil was walking casually under the protection of a fully armoured female knight. Behind them, a smiling tall blonde warrior followed them in silence.

“Your highness, the scenery of this little castle is not bad and the streets are spacious and organized. Although it can’t compare to St. Petersburg, this is rare for a level 6 affiliated kingdom.” The female knight was observing the buildings on the street curiously. But when she spotted the King’s Palace further away, she frowned, “But I think that King Alexander must be a greedy and luxurious man. If not, why would he build himself such a magnificent palace?”

“Susan, I see the exact opposite……”

The mysterious black veiled woman shook her head and spoke slowly, “There were rumors in the Imperial City saying that King Alexander was a retard who only had the intelligence of a three year old. Looking at it now, the rumors were false. If you look at the pedestrians on the street who had just went through an intense war, with some people even losing their loved ones, the smiles on their faces represent their inner happiness. Did you hear them say “Hail the king” when they greeted each other? Could a retarded king receive loyal support of this many civilians? About that magnificent palace……If you look at the color of the stones on the palace closely, you can tell that the palace was built more than eighty years ago; it’s seems unrelated to this King named Alexander……”

The mysterious black veiled women took a pause and then said, “Susan, I’m suddenly interested in the celebration party tonight. Let’s go back and prepare ourselves, you should come with me tonight.”

“Hehehe, your highness, it seems like it’s the first time you’ve participated in these kinds of parties. I will notify that butler named Bast and tell him to send someone to lead……” The young female knight was surprised.

“No need to notify him, we can go quietly…… Didn’t he say that there are no invitation cards for this party and anyone including the rich and the poor can go? Let’s go as ordinary civilians.” The mysterious woman said.

“Ha, that’s even better! At least we won’t have to deal with those annoying noblemen, hehe…… Wait, your highness. What about this annoying guy?” The female knight pointed at the blonde warrior who was following them silently as she spoke.

“Knight Captain Romain, how about you come with us.” It sounded like a recommendation from the black veiled women, but at the same time felt like an order.

The smiling blonde knight nodded, “My honor, your highness.”



The sun lowered on the west side of the sky and night embraced the land.

Lights were burning and looked like stars in the dark castle. The King’s Palace was brightly lit. More and more citizens started to crowd into the palace. In less than half an hour, except for the soldiers who were guarding the defensive wall, almost everyone at Chambord was in the King’s Palace.

The Celebration party was about to begin. Chapter 58: The Accident at the Party

When talking about the magnificence of buildings, Chambord’s King’s Palace would be placed in the top three among all of the 250 affiliated kingdoms that Zenit Empire controlled. All the structures were made by collecting and assembling huge white stones. An extremely spacious stone square was right in the front of the palace. On the east, west and north sides of the square, there stood many thirty or forty yard (m) tall huge stone pillars and ten yard (m) tall statues of all the gods. The majestic King’s Palace was behind all of these pillars and statues. The gates were at the south side of the square where the citizens and soldiers could enter through.

The celebration party would be hosted at the outdoor stone square.

The celebrating crowd was gathering together at the square. Six huge bonfires burned and lit up the dark sky. There were ten giant wooden towers the citizens and soldiers had created. and they were located in the middle of the square. They were all six or seven yards (m) tall and the corpses of all the soldiers and citizens who died in the war were placed on the layers of the towers.

The soldiers in the King’s guards wore clear armour and patrolled the square and the King’s Palace with lances in their hands. The citizens were dressed in white robes and were singing and dancing. Some acrobats were tumbling back and forth on the floor, and beautiful women were held their hands together and danced around the bonfire. People held up green tree branches that represented life and hope and laughed happily.

The night wore on.

Making “clip-clops” sounds, the prince of the Zenit Empire Tropinski had arrived with his cavalry guards. The old handsome man Bast led the prince and his henchmen to the VIP seats under the god’s statues on the west side of the square. Because Zenit was their parent empire, the citizens and subjects of Chambord showed warm welcome to the prince’s arrival. Many fragrant petals and clear water were sprinkled at them.

Tropinski quite enjoyed that welcome.

At this time, Tropinski had surprisingly showed the style and grace of an empire’s prince. He smiled gently and waved continuously at the surrounding citizens. However, the cavalry behind the prince had unfavorable attitudes towards these low class people in this small kingdom. After seeing the smiles and hearing the cheers, they kept their lofty and arrogant attitude as if they were watching their dogs wave their tails at them flatteringly.

Seeing that Prince Tropinski was the only one who was here to join the party, Bast was a little disappointed. The Eldest Princess Tanasha was the leader of the legion and she controlled everything; however, he couldn’t read her attitude nor intentions. This party was a great opportunity for him to observe her, but she didn’t come……Although that was the case, Bast didn’t neglect anyone at all; he ordered the servants to watch their own manners and take care of the guests properly.

After a more than ten minutes, the crowd gradually calmed down from all the cheering and dancing. The square was quiet.

At this moment, two squads of fancily armoured soldiers walked out of the huge stone palace on the north side of the square and formed two straight lines on both sides of the path. Then under everyone’s attention, King Alexander appeared on the high stairs in front of the palace while holding the hand of his beautiful fiancĂ©e Angela.

Fei was dressed in an azure king robe. The robe was fluttering in the wind and was perfectly framed for his slim and muscular body. He was also wearing a golden leaf-shaped crown. His ink-like black hair, crystal clear eyes, stalwart figure, unparalleled temperament that he had acquire throughout his cold killings and his natural affinity had perfectly combined together. Looking from afar, he was like a god that was high up in the sky and vividly represented the monarch of the kingdom.

Beside him, the beautiful Angela was in an azure colored dress. A thin gold belt hung around her waist; her skin was finer and whiter than snow on the highest mountains. She was wearing a crown that was made from numerous kinds of flowers. With the wind fluttering in her hair, she looked like a goddess that had landed in the mortal world; pure and mighty, people couldn’t stare at her straightly, nor could they find any fault in her.

Both of them smiled as they appeared on the highest steps to the palace and they stole away the spotlights on the square instantly. Even the crystal like stars that were embedded into the dark sky suddenly lost their brightness.

The citizens and soldiers of Chambord all kneeled down and cheered, “Hail King Alexander!”

Many people had found out for the first time that their king was so extraordinary and powerful. At this moment, no one could link the perfect image of a king currently in front of them with the dumb retarded Alexander. They humbly kneeled on the square and cheered with their lives and souls.

Prince Tropinski who was sitting down in the VIP seats on the west side of the square couldn’t help but stand up. During the day, he was very dismissive about the rumoured king. He was only here to participate in the party because he wanted to make trouble and tease the king. He didn’t question his own looks and temperament before, and he thought that if he stood up on the square, he would be the center of attention and would steal the spotlight from everyone else……But now, the prince of the Zenit Empire suddenly felt a bit ashamed about his appearance. Seeing the couple in front of the palace who looked like a match made in heaven, he surprisingly realized that his disdain and dissatisfaction towards this kingdom, this castle and this king were quickly disappearing.

But what he didn’t notice was that his henchmen didn’t feel the same way. Behind the prince, a buff knight wearing a full suit of armour and a red cape stared at Angela who was still on the stairs. Greed and obscenity filled his eyes, and the dozens of cavalry and guards behind him didn’t hide their lust either.

On a side of the square.

No one noticed that at the rear of the crowd under the shadow of the huge god’s statues, three people covered in black cloaks stood there quietly. When they saw the appearance of King Alexander and Angela, the figure in the very front made a sound, “Huh?”. The voice sounded weak, as if the person was just recovering from an illness. The person sounded surprised; this reaction made the two people behind stare at each other in unison; they’d never seen that reaction out of the person in front of them before.


After the King and the future queen arrived, the carnival on the square had gradually stopped.

The atmosphere became formal and solemn. The crowd voluntarily made a path, and Fei and Angela slowly walked down from the high stairs and approached the ten temporarily crafted wooden towers.

The atmosphere was becoming more solemn.

Wars never ended on the Azeroth Continent, and numerous soldiers would die on the battlefield every day, every hour and every second. Burying all these soldiers’ corpses became a huge and time consuming operation, in addition to taking up a lot of land. To prevent these situation from arising, the custom of cremation of dead soldiers was formed a long time ago. No matter if it was the king, nobles, citizens or even the slaves, if they died in battle, they would be placed in one of these wooden towers and be cremated. The people of Azeroth believed that the souls of the warriors would be redeemed and they would stay with the God of War in the Empire of Gods.

According to the knowledge that Fei had crammed into his head about the traditional customs and etiquette with help from Angela, he climbed up the towers and took pieces of gold coins from Angela’s hands and placed them individually on the eyes of the dead soldiers – this was another custom on the Azeroth Continent. People believed that placing gold coins on the eyes of dead soldiers would help them re-open their eyes in the burning fire and find the correct path to the Empire of Gods.

It was a complicated and long process.

Chambord had lost one hundred and thirty one brave soldiers in this defensive war. There were supposed to be special personnel to place these gold coins for those dead soldiers, but Fei unexpectedly insisted on doing it himself. According to the custom, only high nobles or heroes who contributed greatly to the kingdom had the honor of having gold coins placed on their eyes by the king; Fei’s action granted unprecedented honour for these ordinary soldiers.

Obviously, it was his intention to win his people over.

It was quiet on the square; no one said a word. The wind seemed to stop as well. Only a few women dressed in black robes who were equal to temple priests sung an ancient song on the stairs in front of the palace. The song didn’t have any lyrics, but it was still spread far across the continent; it was song for saying farewell to loved ones.

Fei patiently covered every dead soldier’s eyes with gold coins under everyone’s attention, and then he lit up the herbs that the bodies were lying on. The rapid fire soon devoured the bodies of the dead ones, and the families who lost their loved ones broke down and cried out loud……

The whole process took about an hour.

After the fire turned the corpses and ten wooden towers into ashes, the atmosphere on the square finally eased up. The crying gradually stopped and the doctors carefully collected the ashes and placed them in a huge black coffin. After twelve days, this coffin would be carried onto the highest mountain to the east of Chambord and be buried there. That way, the souls of the warriors would be the first ones to see the beautiful sunrise – it was the custom of Chambord.

After all of that, the square returned to its previous cheerful and lively atmosphere.

People started to sing and dance to celebrate their victory in the war. The crazy atmosphere became even more heated under the burning bonfire. Regardless of age, gender, and social class, people held their hands together and danced. Even the soldiers who were patrolling were dragged into the crowd, as well as Fei and Angela. At the celebration, everyone was equal. Prince Tropinski and his guards were invited as well.

Some women laughed as they carried plates full of fruits and barbeque into the crowds.

Prince Tropinski was influenced by the happy atmosphere. At this time, he put down his arrogance and coldness and returned to being a kid who was 17 years old. He held hands with other young boys and young girls and formed a big circle and danced around a bonfire; he was like a bird who had just gotten out of his cage, free and delighted.

But what Tropinski and the others didn’t notice was that his guards and that red caped knight laughed and pushed their way into the centre of the square. They all had a malicious grin on their face; their eyes shined as they felt kinky.

The direction they were squeezing to in the middle of the square was where the pure goddess Angela and blonde Emma and their girlfriends were dancing joyfully. The girl smiled happily; her beautiful face was filled with laughter and happiness, like a little Angel. Chapter 59.1: Kneel Down and Kiss My Shoes!

The celebration party was entering its climax.

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