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Upon hearing this, the whole gang was excited. They were not accustomed to the lifestyle in the temple as there were a lot of rules. If they head back to ES city, they would be free to do anything, maybe even get completely wasted.

Qingfeng Li finished packing what little things he had. Actually, it was just the meteorite blade he had obtained from Hell King. This sword was a powerful weapon. Qingfeng Li decided to temporarily keep it for himself, because his Life-Reaping dagger had been taken by Hell King.

Qingfeng Li, Xue Li, Ruyan Liu and the rest of the gang all left Wudang mountain. Before they left, Daozang Lu brought Monk and Xuan Miao to personally see them off.

Monk was originally supposed to head to ES city, but Qingfeng Li asked him to stay at Wudang mountain to tend to Daozang Lu’s injuries. Xuan Miao was too young, Monk was the best candidate for the job.

Qingfeng Li led the group of people onto cars, triumphantly driving towards ES city. Chapter 621: Four Women, One Drama

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Qingfeng Li led the gang back to ES city, first arriving to his own home.

Normally, only Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin resided in mansion number 13. Now with the additional amount of people like Ruyan Liu, Ziyi Miao, Alice, Death God, and Bald Man, the living room seemed a bit crowded.

As hosts, it was natural for Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin to provide hospitality. The snow had come down hard and the gang didn’t want to eat out. Instead, they called for delivery and Qingfeng Li also cooked a few dishes.

While eating, Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu went at each other again. And as if the fight between the two women weren’t bad enough, Alice joined in.

Alice had took care of Ruyan Liu during their stay at Wudang mountain, so they developed a bit of a friendship. Additionally, Xue Lin was Qingfeng Li’s wife. As Qingfeng Li’s other women, who’d all slept with him, it was natural that they saw Xue Lin as their common love rival.

This was evident even in the way they were eating. Whenever Xue Lin put food onto Qingfeng Li’s plate, Ruyan Liu and Alice would do the same thing.

Xue Lin was clever, she could sense the seemingly close relationship between Alice and Ruyan Liu. She wasn’t going to back down, immediately pulling Ziyi Miao to her side of the fight.

“Ziyi, add some food to Qingfeng Li’s plate as well.” Xue Lin said to Ziyi Miao, who was sitting next to her.

Ziyi Miao nodded her head. She could tell that Ruyan Liu and Alice had formed a clique. Since Xue Lin was nice to her, she should naturally team up with Xue Lin. So, Ziyi Miao began adding food onto Qingfeng Li’s plate as well.

Bald Man and Death God were both next to them, trying hard to hide their laughter in this situation. It was the first time they had seen their boss look so pitiful.

Qingfeng Li was at a loss of what to do. They were all his women. If he refused anyone’s food, that person would be upset.

But now that Qingfeng Li had mastered skin-breathing, his appetite seemed to have increased a lot. He actually managed to eat the food given to him by all four women.

Seeing Qingfeng Li’s empty plate, Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu were both startled. Would he get sick from eating this much food?

However, Qingfeng Li’s next sentence sent them into hilarity. He said, “Darlings, don’t you enjoy adding food to my plate? Please keep going, I’m still hungry.”

“Eat eat eat, what are you going to eat?.” The women rolled their eyes vigorously. Both the delivered food and the cooked food had been mostly finished by Qingfeng Li. The rest were eaten by Bald Man and Death God. What was he going to eat now that only empty plates were left?

Qingfeng Li rubbed his belly and laughed: “I’m actually still hungry.”

He was telling the truth. Ever since he became an ancient martialist, Qingfeng Li felt his appetite grow considerably, at least doubling his previous appetite.

The women all had a look of bitterness on their faces, with their heads turned away, ignoring him. They were a bit unhappy. They were too busy with their grudges, racing to add more food onto Qingfeng Li’s plate, they had forgotten to eat themselves.

After the fulfilling dinner, the gang naturally had to leave. Xue Lin’s mansion had limited rooms. It was impossible for everyone to live there.

Bald Man and Death God went to a hotel. Qingfeng Li had asked them to stay in ES city for a while in order to protect Ruyan Liu.

As for Alice, since she’s a woman, Ruyan Liu brought her directly back to her own mansion. This was for Alice’s protection, and also for their united front against Xue Lin.

When everyone left, the mansion became quiet.

Seeing Xue Lin’s exhausted face and dark circles, Qingfeng Li’s eyes appeared worried. He walked forward and embraced Xue Lin’s tiny waist.

“Baby, thank you.” Qingfeng Li’s voice was laced with gratitude.

“Hm.” Xue Lin hummed. She leaned against Qingfeng Li’s shoulders, feeling warm and comfortable.

Slowly, Xue Lin fell asleep on Qingfeng Li’s shoulders, even beginning to lightly snore.

Xue Lin was truly exhausted. She worked for the whole previous day and had not slept for the whole night, driving to Wudang mountain. She also hadn’t slept today.

Even people who were made of iron couldn’t survive days without sleep, not to mention Xue Lin had never fully healed from her previous injuries.

Watching Xue Lin deep in sleep, Qingfeng Li felt warmth in his heart.

Every time he looked at Xue Lin’s beautiful face, he felt a peace of mind, he felt comfort, maybe this was the feeling of home.

Qingfeng Li took Xue Lin into his arms and headed for the second floor bedroom. He laid her onto the bed and covered her with the blanket.

Xue Lin looked beautiful in deep sleep. Her face was lovely, skin porcelain, like Snow White.


Qingfeng Li planted a kiss on Xue Lin’s forehead and quietly left the room.

“Ziyi, thank you for taking care of her this past while.” Qingfeng Li went down to the first floor living room to thank Ziyi Miao.

“Master, you don’t need to thank me, I’m just doing my job.” Ziyi Miao said, nodding.

“You’ve also worked hard in the past couple of days, go rest.” Qingfeng Li said to Ziyi Miao.

Ziyi Miao nodded her head and disappeared into darkness. She had a secret room in the mansion, a place for her to rest, and for convenience to protect Xue Lin.

Everyone had left. The living room entered dead silence.

Qingfeng Li returned to his bedroom. He was also exhausted from the past couple of days, needing a good rest. He lied down on his bed and not long afterwards, he entered dream land.


-Tianjing City, within a room in Ghost King Palace-

Black Impermanence was in the middle of practicing ancient martial art techniques, a layer of black fog surrounding him. His phone suddenly began to ring.

“Guinsoo, it’s late, what do you want?” Black Impermanence pressed the accept button, slightly annoyed. He had just reached the important part of the practice. Being disrupted by the phone call, he was irritated.

“Master, Qingfeng Li left Wudang mountain and has returned to ES city.” Guinsoo said through the phone. He had gotten Black Impermanence’s instructions to watch Qingfeng Li’s movements for the past couple of days.

Black Impermanence was the second disciple of Ghost King. He was also one of the four Protectors of Laws at Ghost King Palace. Guinsoo naturally had to follow his orders to a tee.

Hearing news of Qingfeng Li returning to ES city, his expression changed, his eyes flashed a hint of coldness. In their last encounter, he failed to kill Qingfeng Li due to Daozang Lu’s interference and was even scolded by Ghost King. He had held a grudge ever since.

This time, Black Impermanence had to kill Qingfeng Li. However, he had reached the most important stage of his ancient martial arts practices, he was about to make a breakthrough in the first-order level. He had no time to head to ES city and kill Qingfeng Li.

“Guinsoo, you are an elite ancient martialist, head to ES city and kill Qingfeng Li. After you succeed, I will award you with a Body-Cultivation Pill.” Black Impermanence ordered through the phone.

Although Black Impermanence had no time to kill Qingfeng Li himself, he thought that by sending a master ancient martialist, the job would easily be done.

“Yes master, I will bring his head to you.” Guinsoo said, excited about the reward of a Body-Cultivation Pill.” 16-41. [Judicial Nation] Sheriffald (5)

Satou here. Things that are right to you may not necessarily apply to everyone. Self-righteousness sure can easily run wild, surprisingly enough.

“To reiterate, you claim that the people on this list have created a fictitious crime syndicate known as Dujii to be a cover to conceal their criminal activities?”

The Chief of Judicial Bureau sighed as he looked at the list.

After we were done with preparations, I got to the Central Judicial Bureau through the Main Urion Temple’s miko’s connection.

The Chief’s name isn’t on this list.

“However, I only have evidence for around half of them–“

“And those evidence are?”

“That will be for the Trial before God.”

After I told the Chief that, the henchmen who had their names on the list all began to verbally abuse me.

Well, I pay them no heed so I’ve got not clue what they’re saying.

“Why not, we should accept it, Chief. It will be a good chance to prove our innocence in front of God and other members of diet.”

The man who said that was the one whose name is on top of the list, the handsome vice-chief.

The Chief turned a dubious look at the guy’s unexpected remark.

“Our innocence will be guaranteed by the [Golden Scale].”

The lackeys open their mouth all at once after the confident remark of the vice-chief.

“T-that’s right! Those participating in the Trial before God are our cohorts, ladies and gentlemen with judicial qualification!”

“They will surely believe in our innocence!”

“The Scale is always on our side!”

I’m sure they know about the Golden Scale’s mechanism too.

“Sir Pendragon, we will acknowledge the exercise of Trial before God. However, I assume you are aware that if you were to lose in this trial, that is the same as throwing mud in the honored faces of your country administrative?”

“Yes, of course. Whether it’s a fine in the number that rivals national budget, or the magic sword Demon Slayer that’s slain a demon lord, we would yield you any item you so desired as a reimbursement if it ever comes to that.”

Oh crap, Deception skill went haywire for a bit there.

There’s no such thing as magic sword Demon Slayer, I’ve gotta make one later.

“Very well–“

The Chief gave his agreement after looking at my face for a while.

The flow of events so far happened exactly like we had arranged last night.

“–Vice Chief Bupa and you guys, you are fine with it, correct?”

“Yes, everything under the just law.”

The vice-chief replied sarcastically at the Chief.

[Arisa, they acknowledged the trial here. How’s the preparation for the guest over there, ready to go?]

[You betcha! I got it under control quick.]

I’m talking with Arisa through space magic [Telephone].

The Grand Elementalist:Twilight Faith Even though it was a sudden visit on her part, looks like Arisa cleared it with her charm.

Zhanxian [Coming too fast would throw a wrench in this plan, make sure to match the timing okay.]

[OK, wanna match our clock so there won’t be any [margin of error]?]

Arisa was seemingly referencing something but since I couldn’t recall what it was from, I gave her some random “Yeah let’s”, and changed the call to the next person.

[Satou-san, her highness Sistina’s golems are helping with the installation over here, we should be able to make it in time.]

[Thank you, Sera-san.]

Looks like they’re done with installing a device that telecasts video at the plaza.

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