At the same time, there were several gashes left behind that carried blood, left behind by the dog paw.

Everyone was stunned. None of them expected a little dog to have such a vicious temper, smacking Wang Family’s eldest grandson flying.

One had to understand that this was a long life family’s eldest grandson! He looked easygoing, but he possessed terrifying divine force. Once he took action, there weren’t many who could match him.

He was Immortal Wang’s very own grandson. After being fostered for so many years, rarely making an appearance outside, his strength became extremely powerful!

There were some who found this hard to believe. They had just clashed, yet his face was already smacked by a little dog paw until it was bloody, sent flying.

There were some young ladies whose small mouths widened in shock, looking stunned. They released a cry of alarm.

This was too inconceivable!

Many people became a bit stupefied.

“You dare?!” The two gray-clothed elders were about to throw themselves over. One person went to grab the dog, another grabbed at Cao Yusheng’s neck, wishing to quickly capture them.

It had to be said that taking action like this carried an intent to humiliate, after all, they were grabbing at a person’s neck.


A cold snort sounded. The two elders’ bodies trembled intensely, their pupils widening, looking towards another youngster. They were horrified, bodies trembling uncontrollably.

It was just a cold snort, yet they felt as if they were struck by lightning, bodies shaking, unable to help but kneel down.

“Who are you all trying to capture?” Shi Hao asked coldly.

The others could also tell that something wasn’t right, staring at this in shock, looking towards that youngster. What kind of background did he have, to actually shock those two gray-clothed elders stiff?

There were some people who knew that these two gray-clothed elders had personally served Immortal Wang. They were his servants!


The two were terrified, shaken from the innermost depths of their soul.

In the end, with two putong sounds, they couldn’t control their bodies, kneeling down before Shi Hao.

This was their bodies’ instinctive action, moving against their wills. As if they were common beasts before a beast king, an instinctive fear.

“Who are you?” At this time, Wang Tian stood up. He looked at this scene in shock. While walking over, the expression on his face was incomparably ugly.

He was actually smacked in the face by a small dog and sent flying, leaving him feeling incomparably humiliated.

Right now, even though he knew that Shi Hao’s status was extraordinary, he still couldn’t help but shout out, filled with rage, really wanting to kill. However, he wasn’t that worried, because there were members of Wang Family’s nine dragons overseeing this fort.

“Who am I? Hah!” Shi Hao was extremely cold, standing there.

Wang Tian was horrified. When his body was swept by Shi Hao’s gaze, even someone as powerful as him, at the Self Release Realm, felt his legs weaken, his heart tremble, directly kneeling.

This was a type of biological instinct, an innate servitude to the most powerful. He couldn’t control himself at all, kneeling just like that, his entire body shaking uncontrollably.

Everyone was stupefied.

Some people from long life families began to feel apprehension.

There were Immortal Domain youngsters here. Right now, they also revealed shocked expressions.

Some young ladies covered their mouths in shock. This was Wang Tian, Wang Family’s eldest grandson! However, with just a single berating, a single look, he kneeled, it was too shocking.

“Haha… Wang Family’s eldest grandson, weren’t you putting on airs? Why did you kneel down? I really ended up being correct, kneeling to welcome me.” Cao Yusheng roared with laughter, feeling incredibly happy, finally venting out a bit of resentment.

“Heng!” Right at this time, a cold snort sounded, descending like thunder, making everyone’s souls tremble.

“You dare cause disorder in my Wang Family’s territory?” The instant this voice sounded, a large hand reached over from the fort, covering the restaurant, wishing to capture and kill Shi Hao.

“Wang Da, you really believe yourself infallible. You even want to take action against me?” At this time, Shi Hao also took action.

With a peng sound, he didn’t release his aura, but reached out his right arm, spreading his five fingers, gripping that large hand in the void, and then pulled.

A roar sounded from the fort, carrying shock and rage, as well as a hint of fear!

Wang Da really was horrified. Someone gripped his arm in place, directly pulling his body out from the fort!


Shi Hao loosened his hand, throwing a gray-haired person on the ground, the impact making this place tremble intensely. It was precisely Wang Family Nine Dragons’ Wang Da.

Right now, everyone was stunned, completely stupefied.

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Next Chapter “Ye Jue, I know you are capable. But if you dare to bully Little Wu Xie in the future, I will make sure you pay for it!” Jun Gu took a deep breath and looked at Jun Wu Yao sternly. .

Jun Wu Yao didn’t have a smile on his face and looked at Jun Gu seriously: “Please rest assured that I will not break her heart in this life, my father-in-law and mother-in-law, .”

With that said, his hand on Jun Wu Xie’s shoulder tightened.

Jun Gu just nodded with satisfaction. Although he didn’t want his daughter to marry so early, it had already happened. He heard of Ye Jue’s conduct before so he also knew that this person was hard to find and never bowed down to anyone. Since he made this promise, it would be sincere.

“Well, I think Ye Jue is true to Little Wu Xie. This is not the time to worry about it. Please rest assured.” Han Zi Fei witnessed Jun Wu Yao’s love for Jun Wu Xie on the island. Of course, it was to bless the couple.

Jun Gu nodded, his expression was still distressed.

It seemed that Jun Wu Xie understood her father’s concerns. But she felt a little embarrassed and warm at the same time.

It turns out that the existence of parents was like this.

No matter where and when, the first thing to consider was always for your own child …

In the previous life, Jun Wu Xie’s parents died early and she didn’t have the chance to experience the feelings of having parents before she was trapped in hell. In this life, the heavens seemed to have intentionally made up for everything and brought happiness to her bit by bit, making up for all that she had lost before.

“Now that my father has regained his mind, it is better to leave the place soon. Grandfather and uncle are still waiting for you in the Lower Realm.” said Jun Wu Xie, looking at Jun Gu.

Jun Gu did not speak and looked at Han Zi Fei.

Jun Wu Xie had almost stated the purpose of this trip to the two of them. They understood that even if they left the Upper Realm now, Jun Wu Xie would not leave.

The life and death worm in Jun Wu Yao’s body had not been lifted. His Lord’s plan for the Blood Sacrifice of Three Realms still continued. She could not leave at this time.

“My mother and I … don’t want to go back now.” After exchanging glances with his wife, Jun Gu smiled at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie froze slightly.


Han Zi Fei smiled and stretched out her hand, rubbing Jun Wu Xie’s head.

“If I didn’t know you had encountered all these before, we may ignore everything and escape to the Lower Realm and continue living. But these years, you have undertaken everything by yourself. As your parents, how can we leave you in this danger and run away ourselves?”

“But …” What else did Jun Wu Xie want to persuade further?

However, Jun Gu agreed with Han Zi Fei’s words: “Your mother is right, this is pertaining to the Blood Sacrifice and for the safety of the Three Realms. This should not be borne by you alone. I didn’t have that strength in the past, but now that I am blessed with this power and position, why would I not stay to fight with you? “

Jun Wu Xie looked at Han Zi Fei and Jun Gu. Her inner shock could not be calmed for a long time.

“I am now one of the Knights of Destruction and your mother is the Sacred Maiden of The Sacred Maiden Tribe. The two of us were personally chosen to be married by His Lord. Our status in the Upper Realm is very important. It is to destroy the plan of the Blood Sacrifice in Three Realms. The two of us will be able to contribute in putting down His Lord’s Plan. You can rest assured that as long as the two of us are alive, we will not let others bully you!”Jun Gu said firmly. They had missed Jun Wu Xie’s growing stages. They did not want to miss it again! In fact, Jun Gu and Han Zi Fei’s considerations were right. Their status in the Upper Realms were almost incomparable. If they could join forces, Jun Wu Xie’s actions in the Upper Realm would be much smoother.

Jun Wu Xie knew in her heart that she had just found her parents. Subconsciously, she knew she wanted to keep her parents away from danger.

“Dear daughter, just give up. No matter what you say, your father and I have already decided. Two days later, your father and I will get married. It’s such a good opportunity, I don’t want to miss it!” Han Zi Fei apparently noticed Jun Wu Xie’s mind and smiled.

Jun Wu Xie looked at her parents for a long time and finally nodded in silence.

Han Zi Fei smiled with satisfaction, took a few steps forward, picked up the copper ball that had been thrown in the snow again. She handed it to Jun Gu.

“Take it, Knight of Destruction.” Han Zi Fei teased.

Jun Gu’s face became red again after trying so hard to look serious. He hurriedly reached out to take the copper ball and hung it on his waist.

“Oh, gifts given by other girls are so precious?” Han Zi Fei raised an eyebrow slightly in taunt.

Jun Gu’s fingers froze and looked at Han Zi Fei in shock.

“No … No, that Yan Xi was assigned by His Lord to control me with this thing …” Jun Gu replied and he wanted to take it off.

Han Zi Fei couldn’t help laughing. She waved her hand and said, “I won’t tease you anymore, I understand, but that little maiden is not as simple as you think she is. Today, I can see that her eyes are spewing fire at me. “

Jun Gu said rightly, “In my eyes and heart, you are the only one.”

“Fool.” Han Zi Fei chuckled.

Jun Wu Xie silently looked at her parents showing affection. Suddenly she understood Qiao Chu’s feelings.

“But now you can’t let anyone know about your recovery including Yan Xi. Before you think of a way to deal with her, you can act like how you usually do.” Han Zi Fei said with grievance and sighed.

Jun Gu was anxious again as he started to show his loyalty and affection to his beloved wife.

Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao had both calmed down. Jun Wu Xie had restored peace in her heart. Suddenly, she said, “I’ll take care of Yan Xi’s affairs.”

“Oh?” Han Zi Fei glanced at her own daughter and a suspicion came to her mind. She couldn’t help laughing.

“Then I will leave her to you.”

Jun Wu Xie nodded decisively.

In order not to interrupt Han Zi Fei and Jun Gu’s reunion, Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao decisively left the Sacred Maiden Hall, leaving this enchanting moonlit night to her long-lost parents.

Out of the Sacred Maiden Hall, Jun Wu Xie looked at the bright moonlight, as her lips curled up in happiness. Jun Wu Yao looked at her quietly, and his heart was warmed by her smile.

“Come with me, let me bring you somewhere.” Jun Wu Xie suddenly said.

Without a word, Jun Wu Yao nodded.

He thought that the reunion and affection of his father-in-law and his mother-in-law, his little wife would finally stroll with him under the moonlight. Jun Wu Yao was full of hope and came to the residence of another maiden with Jun Wu Xie. The smile on his face disappeared without a trace.

Jun Wu Xie even took him to Han Shu’s residence!

Han Shu’s room was lit with lights. From the figure falling from the window, it could be seen that a guest was sitting in Han Shu’s room at the moment. Chapter 234: Three Thousand Year Old Blood Sun Flower

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

Unlike Ye Chen’s expectation, when he entered the valley of the Wang family, no one tried to stop him or even question him.

In front the giant fancy-looking lobby, Ye Chen stood still.

Wang Heng was full of smiles, but it all was clearly forced. He walked out of the lobby, “I am Wang Heng, the leader of the Wang family. I wonder what your name is.”

“Ye is my last name.” Ye Chen said lightly.

“Young warrior Ye, my fourth brother tried to assassinate you which was his fault. And you killed him which made it kind of even. Then, my third sister tried to hunt you down without reasoning. I, Wang Heng, am willing to pay the price.”

Ye Chen smiled meaningfully, “I seem to recall that leader Wang and your sister had paid a visit to a desert island. Is that true?”

Cough! Cough! Wang Heng seemed to be a little bit embarrassed, “Indeed.”

“Never mind. I don’t want to play word games. Wang Snake and Zhou had entered your Wang family, they should be counted as your Wang family members. I don’t want to make things worse, which would not be good for the future. But your sister tried to kill me is a fact, and so far most of the people who tried to kill me are dead. I wonder if leader Wang can save your sister.”

Wang Heng answered honestly, “Not with my power.”

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