True Ancestor, Eternal Arms Mastery, Knight of Owner, Electromaster Lv5


Gate of Babylon (C Rank)


Misaka Mikoto, Katsura Hinagiku, Ikaros, Astrea, Flandre Scarlet, Shokuhou Misaki, Kinuhata Saiai, Takitsubou Rikou, Misaka Sisters

Equipment points:


Item Points:


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About 1000 D rank swords did the trick of raising Gate of Babylon’s Rank by one. However, Wu Yan is a bit disappointed with the result.

Rationally speaking, the swords which had been converted into noble phantasms performed within the expected range of raising Gate of Babylon to C rank. But, Wu Yan still had a little bit of hope that it would reach B rank.

According to the System’s analysis, Gilgamesh’s Gate of Babylon is at B rank, or a Gold armament by this world’s standard. But, since there are various levels within the Gold armament tier, even if Wu Yan managed to amass a lot of D rank equipment to raise Gate of Babylon to C rank. It would probably not beat Goldy’s Gate of Babylon.

Goldie had equipment that is at least D rank and even more that are C rank. Goldie even had Ea which is an equipment that is B rank but very close to A rank.

His Gate of Babylon is severely lacking compared to the original one but it beats having a Gate of Babylon that is empty, being used only as a storage item.

Stretching his back, he went for the door. When he opened the door, a small fist hit his chest much to his surprise.


Wu Yan looked at Hinagiku who was surprised as well. Her fist stayed on his chest like she was planning to knock on the door.

“Hey now, did I do something to offend you?”

Hinagiku retracted her fist and she replied with a slightly embarrassed look.

“No, I was going to knock on the door, I didn’t know you were coming out, it’s an accident…”

“Knock on my door? Is something going on?”

His questions caused Hinagiku to recall her purpose of coming here.

“It’s not me, it’s the people from the enforcement brigade.”

“The po-po enforcement brigade?”

Wu Yan crossed his arms.

“I don’t steal, I don’t plunder and I certainly don’t go around flipping skirts, what could the enforcement brigade want with me? Certainly, I don’t think they wanted to ask me out for a drinking session.”

Hinagiku got a bit angry Wu Yan can still spout nonsense at a time like this. She fisted the guy in his chest, knocking out the air in his lungs.

“Look at the time and place before you fool around!”

Seeing as Hinagiku prepared the other hand to do the same thing, Wu Yan decided to give up.

“Alright alright alright! My bad, please don’t hurt me!”

Hinagiku rolled her eyes at Wu Yan. She frowned in a helpless manner.

“The people from the enforcement brigade said they are not here to cause trouble, they just said that the directors on the council would like to meet with you.”

“The council?!”

Wu Yan is astonished.

The Council is the highest authority in Silvaria World Institute, it is formed by 3 deans and 9 elders. Each of them had tier 9 strength.

Those old fogeys want to see me?

Wu Yan frowned just like Hinagiku.

“Did the people from the enforcement brigade state why the Council wants to meet me?”

Hinagiku replied.

“I did and they said they hadn’t a clue.”

Hinagiku hesitated.

“Yan, are you goin?”

Wu Yan lowered his head and he thought about it.

“I think I should go. I don’t know what they want but since they are the ones governing Silvaria World Institute, I should at least go meet them.”

Hinagiku immediately shouted.

“We are going with you!”

Wu Yan laughed while he caressed her Hinagiku’s pink hair.

“No need, the Council sent the enforcement team to invite rather than arrest, I think I should honor their intention by going alone.”


Hinagiku lowered her head out of worry. Wu Yan smiled and he reached his arms around her to give her a big hug.

Hinagiku instantly blushed, she pushed her hands against his chest while roaring in both anger and bashfulness.

“I can’t believe you have the nerve to do this at a time like this!”

“What’s wrong with hugging my wife?”

He said that while gluing his forehead with hers, Hinagiku turned deep red. She swallowed her protest unwittingly.

Wu Yan laughed.

“Since the Council is calling, If I don’t go it might spell trouble for us. The enforcement brigade is annoying according to sister Fei Fei. Since they only mentioned my name, they probably won’t let you girls tag along.”

Hinagiku became silent. But, she did voice her opinion in the end.

“Take care then.”

Wu Yan rolled his eyes at her.

“I am not going to the Giant beasts forest, why do I need to take care? I doubt those old fogeys would try anything with me.”

Wu Yan interrupted Hinagiku before she could say anything.

“Okay, you girls wait here while I go see what’s up.”

He held Hinagiku’s hand as he they made their way downstairs.


Mikoto who had her eyes on the staircase saw them coming down and she greeted them. This attracted the attention of the members of the enforcement brigade.

The middle-aged man examined Wu Yan and he plainly asked him.

“Are you Wu Yan?”

“In the flesh!”

Wu Yan held Mikoto’s hand and he silently signalled for her not to worry before he approached the middle-aged man.

He glanced at all 20 members of the enforcement brigade before he silently praised them. The members are all composed of tier 7 peak members except for the middle-aged man, this guy is at tier 8. But, then again, only with a team like this can they suppress the boisterous youngsters and upstarts.

“The Council wishes to meet with you, follow us…”

Wu Yan nodded. Ikaros tried walking to Wu Yan’s side but Hinagiku stopped her. She could only watch as Wu Yan followed the enforcement brigade.

Mikoto hesitated for a bit before she asked Hinagiku.

“Hinagiku, are we going on the run?”

Hinagiku rolled her eyes.

“Yan said those guys are probably not here to mess with us. We are probably just over-reacting.”

“But, I feel so awkward.”

Mikoto bitterly laughed.

“Jeez, Shokuhou Misaki, I wonder where that woman ran off to? I don’t want to admit it but if she were here she would probably be able to think our way out of this one…”

Mikoto’s words caused Hinagiku to frown with a helpless look.

“You’re right, it’s already been a few days. We haven’t heard a word from them in the past few days, I wonder where they are…”

“Probably up to no good, that’s for sure!”

Mikoto really had an ax to grind with Shokuhou Misaki. Hinagiku wryly laughed her off. Wu Yan shrugged as he walked with the 20 members from the enforcement brigade. These people are not very chatty nor does he have any common topics of interest with them.

Wu Yan decided not to probe the enforcement brigade for information. He had more interest in the Council than these guys.

12 tier 9 individuals who represent the twelve coveted seats of position within Silvaria, among them are the 3 emperors. Of course, he had to meet them to satisfy his curiosity, any denial would be a lie on his part.

Aside from Flandre-chan, he hadn’t met any other tier 9 individuals. He also didn’t know just how far the 12 old fogeys of power had gone in their pursuit of power.

They probably aren’t much of a match for Flandre-chan. Even if they had higher levels, Wu Yan seriously doubt they could stand a chance against Flandre-chan’s power of the Eyes.

If he had her ability, he wouldn’t need Gate of Babylon or Knight of Owner to challenge Sylph, Caah, or Jaafar.

As time went on, Wu Yan started frowning. He looked in front of him

Didn’t they say they are going to meet with the Council? Isn’t this road heading towards the arena tower?

As Wu Yan had suspected, the enforcement brigade brought him to the arena tower.

The enforcement brigade had no intention of bringing Wu Yan into the tower. They surrounded Wu Yan and escorted him towards the back of the arena tower.

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