He fell down on the ground holding the boy. At this moment his hood came off and hi face was openly visible.

「Just realize your own position already~. Naah, Hero-sama~?」(Kuro)

Really, the person wearing the robe marked with a square picture was Aoyama Taishi, the hero summoned to this world. ((Surprise, surprise.))


More and more citizens gathered there.

「Hey, a [Humas]!」(Person A)

「It’s true!」(Person B)

「You don’t say, this is the work of the [Humas]!」(Person S) ((← intentional.))

Seeing the figure of Taishi, they began to flutter about it one by one. Taishi hastily fixed his hood.

「Kehaha! Uh oh~, now they’ve seen your true character~」(Kuro)

Kokurou speaks with joy.

「Isn’t our work already finished? In that case we should leave quickly…….」(Tai)

「Ah, you can go ahead~. I’ll return after I enjoyed myself a little more~.」(Kuro)

He feels a shiver running down his spine as the guy licks his lips with his tongue.

「I-I think it is good already! You don’t need to kill any more…….」(Tai)

「Shut uuup」(Kuro)


Having his neck grabbed firmly, he isn’t able to breathe anymore.

「Who gives the orders, huh?」(Kuro)


He couldn’t afford to loosen his own grip as he was still holding the child. As Kokurou throws Taishi to the ground –

「I say it the second time~. Leave quickly~.」(Kuro)

Taishi softly lays the boy he held in his arms to the ground even as he himself coughs violently.


His gaze meets the boy’s.

「………I’m sorry. But……….」(Tai)

Taking in the mortifying words, he silently starts to walk away. As soldiers try to chase him –

「Whoops~、Let me entertain myself with that scum! Kehahahahaha!」(Kuro)

「Haah, haah, haah……」

Straight after Taishi left the region, his knees bend as he feebly leans on a tree.

「Damniiit…… I’m sorry …… I’m sorry …….」(guy)

He repeats the words of apology many times as he holds his head.

(I’m not doing these things because I like it! I…… I…….!)

He hits his head on the wood.

「…………Chika…….」 ((btw her name can be read as Kazuyo, Chika or as Chiyo… says my names dictionary. However, I guess she was given special readings in one of the first chapters.))

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