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Even if they were, the bond between dao partners was bound to be stronger. Yan Qingzhi was a most talented and beautiful girl, but it was unlikely for her to marry any of the top geniuses. Meanwhile, there were signs showing that Shao Yuan would one day become an extraordinary man. Thus, Yan Wanyou was experiencing a spontaneous change of heart.

He’d instinctively disliked and rejected Shao Yuan only because the young man had been brought into the family by Yan Wanjun’s descendent. But there was no point in rejecting Shao Yuan now. Why not change…

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Never had they thought, these weapons had also broke away from the dragon island along with them. Keke had never thought of this possibility before. At this moment, it was so excited that it was squeaking randomly.

Xiao Chen was also very shocked. Two divine artifacts were actually hidden in the rainbow-colored sacred tree. That was too unexpected. After the golden divine halberd and jet-black metal engraving rushed into the sky, the…

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Cai’er immediately complied. Then at this time, Zhao Hai’s staff vanished. Zhao Hai could also feel the a force from the Dao Lotus inside his body, it now has the energy from the Space. A great amount of energy was integrated into the Dao Lotus. Upon internal examination, Zhao Hai found that the Dao Lotus had become different compared to before. In the past, the Dao Lotus only had the eight trigrams, looking very mysterious. Now, the eight trigrams below the Dao Lotus became a Yin-Yang pond, rotating non-stop. Along with the pond’s rotation, the power of the heaven and earth seem to be sucked into Zhao Hai’s body. In the skies above the Dao Lotus was a black void littered with stars. Starlight would occasionally fall from the void and into the Dao Lotus. When this happened, the Dao Lotus’ petals seem to sway gently.

Zhao Hai felt that his spirit form became more tangible as it began show signs of breathing. At the same time, Zhao Hai felt his mental power being strengthened. The Gold Core in his dantian…

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