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He was grateful to Fang Yuan for creating obstacles for him, for giving him suffering and hardships. These were all wealth that helped Fang Zheng grow to what he was now. If it were not for the hardships during the continental war in Lang Ya blessed land, how could Fang Zheng have merged the various cultivation experiences of the past Demon Judgment Board Lords and created the killer move blood-kin heart revenge?

Fang Zheng had once dreamed of a day where he could fight Fang Yuan and take revenge with his own hands. But now that the moment really came, Fang Zheng felt a lot different from…

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Saul invited Ernest to come to the island and fight against Yagor. It could’ve been a tough battle. Although Saul had more help on his side, he was still somewhat nervous. As an archmage himself, Saul understood how tremendous the damage could be if an archmage was pushed too far and tried to die with his enemy. However, he could not avoid Yagor either, as it would backfire on the Maho Empire if Yagor partnered with an enemy empire. Saul heard that Yagor was practicing dark magic alone on a deserted island. No wonder countless monsters from the Evil Abyss came to Tumen and rushed to the border of the Maho Empire. What happened to Tumen and the Maho Empire made Saul worried.

Saul was relieved after feeling the intense flow of fire element at Yagor’s tomb, which assured him that Yagor had died. Saul’s defensive mode was turned off after experiencing the tension and relief. Anfey stubbornly…

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