「Wha… idiot! That’s not something you should be talking about right now!」

「You see? The one who spilled it is you, Nee-san! Not my problem!」

Ellen suddenly says, causing the men to panic.

Well, we had passed each at that time, so I knew.

Oh, and it seems that bath culture exists here… I’m planning on building a bath house in this city, as well.

That aside,

「You say you investigated that cave, but for what reason?」

Doesn’t seem like they came for treasure, in any case.

While shaking his head, and with a sigh,

「Since we mentioned it, we have no choice.

The thing is, as Ellen mentioned, the black dragon’s presence suddenly vanished, and…」

I see.

I couldn’t have known, but Veldora’s disappearance caused quiet an uproar among the humans.

He was supposed to have been sealed, but his disappearance causing such chaos.

What to say, he was an amazing dragon. He liked to talk-a great guy all around…

However, isn’t his influence too great?

To have sent someone to investigate…

Building a city this close to the cave-was that a mistake?

「To say nothing of the fact that the cave’s previously abundant magical energy had decreased. An unusual phenomenon we couldn’t understand. Right now, it’s magic levels are average, and is no more than a normal cave.」

「Well, it’s filled with strong monsters, so it’s best not to enter it. No treasure in it either, and not a single ore to be found! Powerful monsters, and no benefit to be gained!」

「If you search around, you might find a thief’s gear drop, but nothing major.」

Doki. (Heartbeat).

The ore… the cause of that particular predicament is none other than the one in front of you!

Well, it should be fine. They won’t know if I don’t tell them!!!

But their story continued.

“Ah! Since we mentioned it, we might as well tell you!” With such phrases, they discussed many things.

Maybe these guys are just good people.

With the cave’s worth declining, there was no reason to investigate around here.

I thought that we’d have to move the city, but should be fine, then.

In any case, since no country has rights to this land, they have no right to complain.

For now,

「By the way, as you see, we are amidst constructing a city here; would that cause any trouble with the guild?」

I tried asking.

「No… should be fine, I think?」

「Yeah… it’s no skin off the guild’s back. But, countries…」

「Yeah… no idea about them.」

That was their answer.

And it’s not like I expected guild members to know how countries would react.

When I thought that,

Shizu, who had been quiet until now, groaned loudly.

Gu, guaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

It suddenly began! “I declare that Gan Ru Yan is no longer the Sect Leader of Fire Worship Sect from today onward!” Li Bing’s words and intention to remove Gan Ru Yan from her position as the Sect Leader of Fire Worship Sect shocked everyone.

“Ancestor!” The expression of Qing Huo, Gan Ru Yan’s master, changed drastically. He was the first one to speak up. “I wonder what my disciple did to warrant her being removed from her position as sect leader?”

“What did she do? That’s a fantastic question.” Li Bing narrowed his eyes when he heard Qing Huo’s words. He sneered before he said, “Gan Ru Yan, as the Sect Leader of Fire Worship Sect, you dare to go against our ancestor’s legacy and reconcile with the Seven Absolutes Sect. This act is disrespectful toward all the ancestors of the Fire Worship Sect. The ancestors from the sect who were killed by the members of the Seven Absolutes Sect would turn in their graves if they know about this.” He spoke in a self-righteous manner, but it seemed as though he had forgotten that the Fire Worship Sect had killed many people from the Seven Absolutes Sect, the number was much higher compared to the Seven Absolutes Sect. The only time where many people from the Fire Worship Sect were killed was during Sword Saint Feng Qing Yang’s time. Moreover, it was three great sects that had started this war by provoking the Seven Absolutes Sect. It was clear that his words were unreasonable.

Nevertheless, no one dared to speak up even if they felt Li Bing’s words were unreasonable. After all, how could they oppose Li Bing who was their ancestor?

After Li Bing finished speaking, he looked at Qing Huo pointedly as he asked, “So do you still think your disciple is innocent?”

Qing Huo was rendered speechless by Li Bing’s words.

When Li Bing saw Qing Huo’s lack of response, he said coldly, “It seems like you agree with me as well since you can’t refute my words. You’re not entirely blameless since you’ve failed to properly educate your disciple!”

Qing Huo’s expression changed dramatically when he heard Li Bing’s words.

“You should die today to atone for your mistake!” Li Bing said icily as a wave of terrifying energy rolled off his body. This energy was none other than the Celestial Origin Energy. As soon as the energy surged out of his body, it shot toward Qing Huo quickly, looking like a wyrm dragon. There was no doubt Qing Huo would die if the attack landed on him.

“Master!” Gan Ru Yan cried out with a horrified expression on her face.

Li Bing was a Four Tribulation Bodiless Celestial after all. Even a casual strike from him was not something Qing Huo, a cultivator at the Seventh Form of the Saint Celestial Stage, could withstand.

In just a blink of an eye, before Qing Huo and the onlookers could react, the energy that was shooting toward Qing Huo was less than twenty meters away from him!

‘Am I going to die?’ Qing Huo felt the terrifying force that was targeted at him and thought he would meet his death today. He did not even have time to mobilize the Saint Origin in his body before the destructive energy had shrouded him.


An explosion that seemed capable of causing an earthquake rang in the air.

A more powerful force shot out from where Gan Ru Yan was standing and collided with Li Bing’s energy before nullifying it.

“Who’s that?” Li Bing’s expression darkened. He did not expect that someone would be bold enough to stop him, let alone expecting someone with the ability to do so. He quickly lifted his head to look at the person who had stopped him.

Qing Huo who just had a near-death experience looked at the old man standing next to his disciple and quickly expressed his gratitude. “Thank you for saving my life, Senior Chen.”

“Chen Yi Ru!” Li Bing’s expression turned even worse when he saw Chen Yi Ru. “Why are you here?!” He was no stranger to Chen Yi Ru. 4,000 years ago, when he was still a Guardian in the Fire Worship Sect, he was ranked third on the Supreme Saint Ranking. However, Chen Yi Ru was ranked second on the Supreme Saint Ranking even though he was a mere sectless cultivator.

Chen Yi Ru did not deign to answer Li Bing’s question. Instead, he mocked him. “Li Bing, the dragon clan sent you out on a mission, but you actually returned to the Fire Worship Sect. If the dragon clan finds out about how you returned to the sect to flaunt your status as an ancestor and put on air, it would probably not bode well for you, right?”

Li Bing’s expression turned gloomier when he heard this.

“The dragon clan?”

The four Guardians and high-ranking officials of the Fire Worship Sect were confused by Chen Yi Ru’s words. They learned about the existence of Bodiless Celestials when Duan Ling Tian returned to the sect and found it strange that there was no Bodiless Celestial in the Fire Worship Sect. They wondered where all the Bodiless Celestials had gone. They became even more confused when they heard Chen Yi Ru’s words. The dragon clan sent their ancestor on a mission? Was the dragon clan’s strength not inferior to the Fire Worship Sect?

Before they could ponder on the matter any further, Li Bing began to say scornfully, “Chen Yi Ru, I don’t know why you’re in the Fire Worship Sect, but it would do you good to stay out of my sect’s businesses!”

“I’ll stay out of the Fire Worship Sect’s business…” Chen Yi Ru said indifferently.

Li Bing’s expression eased slightly when he heard this. However, he was furious when he heard the latter part of Chen Yi Ru’s words.

“If you apologize to Miss Ru Yan and Guardian Qing Huo and ask for their forgiveness.”

Chen Yi Ru’s angered Li Bing so much that energy began to roll off his body again, causing tiny cracks to appear in the void.

Many cracks in the void that looked like tiny snakes continued to appear one after another.

The people from the Fire Worship Sect who were present were, naturally, gasping in shock when they saw the many void tears that looked like tiny black snakes appeared in the void one after another.

“He managed to tear open the void. T-this means he’s definitely a Four or Three Tribulation Bodiless Celestial!”

“4,000 years ago, he failed his Heavenly Tribulation and became a Bodiless Celestial. Based on the time, he must be a Four Tribulation Bodiless Celestial now!”

“However, Senior Chen is also a Four Tribulation Bodiless Celestial, right?”

The onlookers’ eyes darted back and forth between Chen Yi Ru and Li Bing.

“Chen Yi Ru, you’re seeking death!” Li Bing cried out as he charged toward Chen Yi Ru like a cannonball.

“What perfect timing!” Chen Yi Ru did not fear Li Bing who was charging toward him. Back then, Li Bing had never once won they fought. Therefore, he did not think Li Bing was a threat to him.

Both Li Bing and Chen Yi Ru charged toward each other at break-neck speed. No one could see their movements, apart from Duan Ling Tian, since their cultivation bases were too low.

Meanwhile, Feng Tian Wu who was standing next to Ke’er and Duan Ling Tian was in shock. ‘Four Tribulation Bodiless Celestial? That old man is actually a Four Tribulation Bodiless Celestial?!’ She had met Chen Yi Ru half a month ago and thought he was Duan Ling Tian’s follower since he addressed Duan Ling Tian as master. However, it was really beyond her expectation that he was a Four Tribulation Bodiless Celestial!

As the successor of the Blazing Phoenix Progeny, the Fifth Absolute of the Seven Absolutes Sect, Feng Tian Wu was made aware of the existence of Bodiless Celestials. Naturally, she knew about the strength of a Four Tribulation Bodiless Celestial as well. ‘Brother Duan is only an Eminent Celestial, why would a Four Tribulation Bodiless Celestial acknowledge him as master? A Three Tribulation Bodiless Celestial is already stronger than Eminent Celestial, let alone a Four Tribulation Bodiless Celestial.’ She was extremely baffled by this.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of loud explosions that seemed capable of shaking heaven and earth rang in the air.

Feng Tian Wu regained her senses when she heard the explosions. When she heard the noise, she knew that Chen Yi Ru and Li Bing had begun to fight.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A shockwave spread out, forcing everyone from the Fire Worship Sect, including the four Guardians, to retreat. The only one who was not affected by the explosions was Duan Ling Tian. At some point, his Celestial Origin Energy that was mixed with Saint Origin had shrouded him in the form of a Black Turtle. It was obvious he had cast the number one defensive Divine Ability in the Fire Worship Sect, the Black Turtle Barrier.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Shockwaves that seemed capable of destroying heaven and earth continued to roll out and crashed against the Black Turtle’s Barrier, causing it to tremble slightly. However, in the end, it still failed to break the defense of the Black Turtle’s Barrier! Flame Giant

Silence was suddenly broken.

Cracks ran along the surface of her mask, and magical power gushed from within.

Slowly, Shizu rose, and began to mutter.

“Summoning magic?!”

Ellen exclaimed in surprised.

“Oi oi, seriously? What rank she going to summon?”

“…., Uh, looking at the scale of the magic, it’s going to be monster with rank “B+” or higher.”

“Dan’na-kata, do not say things so leisurely, it can’t be stopped!!!”

As expected from skilled Adventurers.

They ended the conversation in instant, and then spread out.

“First! Refrain her! Mud Hand”

“Uoooooooo—-rya!!! Heavy Collision (Knock Down)”

Ellen makes rope to tie her, while Cabal launches a technique with his body.

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