「 Is that so? If I recall, Mana-chan also took a lot of chances from him, right? 」

Nagisa smiles.

「 That’s right but 」

Mana had taken various twists and turns before she became our family.

「 Besides, we need to make it clear too 」

Nagisa looks at me

「 To me? 」

「 Yes. Once the revenge is over, you have to part ways with Yukino-san already 」


Shirasaka Sousuke will receive his final punishment.

Yukino will never forgive us who will destroy her father.

Yukino and my relationship will also break there.

「 Yeah, you’re right 」

「 Geez, don’t make that face 」

Nagisa smiles at me.

「 To be honest, we don’t ‘like Yukino-san. We have no sympathy for her. We don’t even feel pity 」


「 I know that she has no sin from being just Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter. But, the anger won’t go away. We have no choice but to make a move on Shirasaka Sousuke’s family to corner him down to the limit 」


No, Minaho-neesan and Katsuko-nee too.

They were separated from their family because of Shirasaka Sousuke.

Minaho-neesan and Megu had their families killed.

The damage and grudge from robbing away their family can only be dispelled by hurting Shirasaka Sousuke’s family in front of his eyes.

「 I know that this is messed up. But we can no longer stop. This is the base of Minaho-san’s revenge plan.

Minaho-neesan planned this revenge for over ten years.

It’s too late to change it now.

If we change it now, there will be regrets.

As long as regrets remain, Minaho-neesan’s revenge will not be over.

All that is planned has to be finished as scheduled.

「 Therefore, we’re okay to sacrifice Yukino-san. We have the resolution for a long time. But 」

Nagisa looks at me.

「 You won’t be satisfied with that, right? You hugged Mana-chan lovingly, and you even did your best to open up Agnes’ heart 」


「 We gave Yukino-san her last opportunity so you won’t feel regrets. But, it seems that we see Shriasaka Sousuke behind Yukino-san that we can’t think calmly, so we asked for Seki-san’s help 」

I see.

True, the members for today are;

Reika, Edie, Ruriko, Agnes.

They’re people who don’t have a deep sense of grudge on Shirasaka Sousuke.

「 Well, we have gotten some extra out of it 」

Shou-oneesan said.

「 I’ve done all I can, what’s left is for her to do. If that still didn’t work, that’s when we’ll make a clear decision. Okay? 」

「 Yeah 」

I answered.

I can only resolve myself.

It’s about time my relationship with Yukino reaches the crossroads.

1. She died in her estate, not in a mental hospital.

2. t’s overdose of barbiturates at her home though it’s found to be strange Chapter 110: Time for Action

The outcome of the battle had went against many of the onlookers’ expectations. As they gazed at the sorry figure of Song Qing as it slid down the wall, the two old managers of the Thousand Gold Association were first shocked before their facial expressions quickly turned a little ugly. Moments before, they were speaking about how adequately competent Song Qing was. Never did they imagine that the duel would end this way.

“Hehe, my choice is not bad right, you two?” Xuan Su smiled. Right now, she had concealed the shock in her heart. Meanwhile, her beautiful eyes peculiarly glanced at Lin Dong. The latter’s Mental Energy seemed to be more powerful that an ordinary 1st Seal Symbol Master. If not, he would not be able to easily dispose of the Heavenly Yuan Middle Stage Song Qing.

The two old managers released a hollow laugh and could not help but nod their heads in agreement: “These two old men admire Manager Su’s excellent judgement…”

When she saw that these two elderly men had stopped interfering, Xia Zhilan gently heaved a sigh of relief. Promptly, her gaze quickly swept across the sorry figure of Song Qing as the expression on her beautiful face suddenly changed and she hurriedly shouted out: “Song Qing, what are you doing?!”


Before Xia Zhilan’s shouted could fade away, Song Qing, who now had a hideous expression on his face, once again dashed forward. A sharp dagger appeared in his hand as he viciously stabbed at Lin Dong.

When he saw that this fellow still refused to give up, Lin Dong’s eyebrows furrowed. Just as he planned to make a move, a figure suddenly appeared before his eyes. Promptly, a mature and lovely figure appeared in front of him. With a wave of her jade-like hands, a Yuan Power shockwave, akin to a hurricane emerged and directly flipped Song Qing away.

“Such might!”

As he gazed at Xuan Su, who had appeared in front of him, Lin Dong’s heart was slightly moved as he stared at the former’s alluring figure with a peculiar gaze. He never expected that the lovely Manger Xu was actually this powerful. Based on her previous move, it seems like she would not lose out to Wei Tong from the Blood Cloth Sect.

“The Thousand Gold Association is indeed remarkable…” A glint flashed in Lin Dong’s eyes. For the first time, he finally acknowledged this faction which was one of the top three powers in Yan City.

“Song Qing, this place belongs to my Thousand Gold Association, not your Song Family. Right now, Lin Dong is a guest of our Thousand Gold Association. I hope that you can show some respect!” Xuan Su’s eyebrows knitted together as she stared at Song Qing. A slight chilliness was mixed into her usually delightful and gentle voice. Evidently, Song Qing’s actions had enraged her a little.

“Leave now. I will tell your father about today’s matter.”

When he heard Xuan Su’s words, Song Qing’s face turned green and pale. However, he did not have the guts to stand up against Manger Su. Instantly, he hatefully looked at Lin Dong before he departed.

“Elders, it is getting late. It should be time for us to leave.” After she chased away Song Qing, Xuan Su’s tone was still slightly ugly as she turned and spoke to the two elders with an indifferent manner.

Upon hearing these word, the two elders had no choice but to reluctantly nod their heads as they stood up and left.

“Snort, these two old fellows must have accepted quite a few benefits from the Song Family. That’s why they kept insisting on him.” As she stared at the elders’ departing shadows, Xia Zhilan softly snorted.

“The Song Family are opportunists. On the surface, they appear close to our Thousand Gold Association. However, they also have quite a few secret dealings with the Blood Wolf Sect and the City Governor. Therefore, how can we let that Song Qing take advantage of us so easily this time.”

After finishing, Xuan Su’s beautiful eyes turned towards Lin Dong, who was standing to one side. With a smile that seemed to hold a deeper meaning, she said: “Little one, it seems like you have hidden much of your talents.”

“Manager Su is generous. My skills are inferior compared to yours.” Lin Dong let out a hollow laugh as he replied.

“Alright, let’s stop with the flattery. It’s time to leave…” Xuan Su rolled her eyes at him. Without further ado, she waved her jade-like hands and led them towards the out of the Thousand Gold Association.

“At least you have some ability. If you cannot even defeat Song Qing, then even if you participate the competition, you will be nothing but an eyesore.” Xia Zhilan walked up to Lin Dong as she uttered in an indifferent tone.

Lin Dong spread out his hands and declined to comment.

“Don’t worry, we will do our best to attain two consecutive victories. That way, there will be no need for you to do anything.”

“In that case.. I won’t get to enjoy the Celestial Dan Pool too right?” Lin Dong smiled as he said.

Upon hearing these words, a enrapturing smile emerged on Xia Zhilan’s beautiful face: “Good answer…” After finishing, she did not linger any further as she suavely turned around and swiftly followed behind Xuan Su.

“Lets hope so…” Lin Dong smiled as he followed them.

When Lin Dong walked out, there were already several dozen fine horses awaiting them outside the Thousand Gold Association. As he scanned his surroundings, he saw that in the middle of a crowd, was a rather handsome young man smiling and conversing with Xia Zhilan.

“This is the person replacing Song Qing. His name is Lin Dong and is somewhat skilled. He just managed to defeat Song Qing…” As Lin Dong walked forward, Xia Zhilan began to introduce him.

“Oh? Hehe, it’s no wonder I just saw Song Qing stomp out wearing a hideous expression. It turns out he had been beaten by brother Lin Dong…” Upon hearing these words, the handsome young man was slightly taken aback. Promptly, he cupped his hands and smiled at Lin Dong. Compared to Song Qing, this young man seemed several times better.

The other party’s politeness gave Lin Dong a favorable impression as he cupped his fists and returned the greeting.

“Besides the two of us, he is the final member representing the Thousand Gold Association for today’s Celestial Pool Battle, Liu Yi. However, he is a more dependable person. Just like me, he is at Heavenly Yuan Late Stage.” Beside them, Xia Zhilan interjected.

“Hehe, brother Lin Dong, please don’t listen to her nonsense.” After hearing Xia Zhilan’s words, Liu Yi hurriedly smiled as he said.

Lin Dong chuckled. He was already used to this woman’s vicious tongue and could not be bothered to lower himself to her level.

“Alright, let’s not waste time talking, it’s time to leave…” To one side, Xuan Su leaped onto a fine horse. With a light shout, she led the group as they travelled towards the outskirts of Yan City.

“Brother Lin Dong, let’s go. Our destination is deep in the mountains to the east of Yan City. The journey will take approximately one and a half hours.” Liu Yi informed Lin Dong, before the former promptly leapt onto a horse and swiftly caught up to the main convoy. Behind him, Lin Dong likewise quickly mounted his horse and followed them.

The place that Lin Dong and the rest were travelling to, was a spot deep in the mountain located at the east side of Yan City. As the rights issue over the “Celestial Dan Pool” was still unresolved, the Thousand Gold Association and the Blood Wolf Gang had sent several men to stand guard there. Both factions were vigilantly monitoring each other, neither party daring to relax.

As such, the location of the Celestial Pool Battle was set nearby the “Celestial Dan Pool”. Therefore, once the victor was decided, they would be able to claim it immediately.

As they travelled rapidly for about an hour, the group in front began to gradually slow down. Lin Dong lifted his eyes as he stared at that thick mountainous forest before him. Faintly, he could hear the roars of some beasts. This place was the lair of Demonic Beasts. Therefore, only factions like the Blood Wolf Gang and the Thousand Merchant Associations dared to station themselves in this kind of place.

“Let’s go. Everyone be careful as we head up the mountain. Even though we have already chased away most of the Demonic Beasts here, there were still quite a number that slipped through the cracks…” Xuan Su leapt off the horse, without further ado, she straight away dashed towards the deep mountains. Behind her, a large body of troops swiftly followed as the sounds of breaking through the wind continuously rang out in the forest.

Lin Dong was situated approximately in the middle of the convoy. As he vigilantly observed his surroundings, he could sense that there were indeed several Demonic Beasts in this mountain. Though this crew was powerful, it would still be troublesome if they were attacked. Thus it was best to remain cautious.

Thankfully, Lin Dong’s fears did not become a reality. Around ten minutes later, the dense forest began to open up. Soon after, Lin Dong began to feel his vision widen. It seems like they had successfully reached the mountain peak.

Just as Lin Dong and the rest appeared at the mountain peak, the sounds of bows being drawn was heard from all around them. Before Lin Dong could hastily retreat, a shout immediately rang out from the front.

As Lin Dong lifted his head and looked at the top of the mountain, he realized that on the top of the mountain were two groups, both already in a state of high alert. Situated at the edge of the mountain, was a towering rock formation that soared towards the heavens. Below it was a tiny crystal-clear pool slightly over three meters long. The water in the pool seemed extraordinarily magical as one half of it continuously boiled and bubbled, while a bone-chilling mist hovered above the other half. These two parts were obviously of contrasting elements yet they were able to coexist inside this tiny pool.

“I guess this must be the so-called Celestial Dan Pool…” Lin Dong eyes swept across the tiny pool as he softly muttered to himself.

“Manager Su, you’ve really taken your time…” Just as Lin Dong’s gaze was attracted by the Celestial Dan Pool, an icy voice suddenly echoed out. He turned to look, only to see that in front of that huge group was a tall and well-built middle-aged man with a giant blood wolf tattoo on his body who was staring straight at them.

No particularly strong Yuan Power undulated on that man’s body. However, as he stood there, he felt like a giant mountain. No one would dare to underestimate him.

Lin Dong’s eyes met briefly with the giant man before he immediately retracted his gaze. From the latter’s body, he could feel an immense pressure. This immense pressure was something he had not felt even from Wei Tong.

“That man is the head of the Blood Wolf Gang. People call him Mountain Hand Yue Shan. He is a Perfect Yuan Dan Stage elite. In this entire Yan City, there is hardly anyone who can match up against him also known as the tyrant of Yan City!” Beside Lin Dong, Liu Yi softly said.

Lin Dong gently nodded his head. Perfect Yuan Dan Stage. Upon reaching this stage, one was merely one step away from reaching that so-called three stages of ‘Seize, Create and Transform’. If Yue Shan could reach that stage, notwithstanding Yan City, even in the entire Tiandu Province, he would be considered as a legendary figure…

“Hehe, Gang Chief Yue, why so impatient….” Just as Yue Shan spoke, on the Thousand Gold Association’s side, a man dressed in silk robes, who seemed like a merchant also gently smiled. He was the only one who was not affected by the former’s formidable aura.

“This man… I am guessing he must be the leader of the Thousand Gold Association, Xia Wanjin…”

This time, even without Liu Yi’s aid, Lin Dong was able to deduce the man’s identity. In Yan City, the only people who dared to speak with Yue Shan in such a manner was probably the Thousand Gold Association’s leader, Xia Wan Jin, and Yan City Governor, Shi Haotian…

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